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The Thailand rubber industry is strong, maybe too strong for it's own good. Two disturbing things are affecting the rubber industry in Thailand one natural and the other political. There is major civil unrest in the south of Thailand where the majority of Thailand's rubber plantations are situated.

Religious tensions between the Muslim communities and the generally pacifist Buddhist villagers have started to spill over into the fields and forests. Latest reports are that military and police protection is being given to the rubber tappers. I am not sure if this is a solution or just a stop gap measure.

Another worrying trend is the introduction of rubber trees as a cash crop to the North East and South East regions of the country. I am sure that the Agricultural Department and the Forestry Department have done their homework but from my past geography and environmental studies I saw the problems that happened when they introduced eucalyptus to these areas. I have friends and family in the North East (Isaan) who have invested considerable sums, with Thai Government assistance to turn over much of their Cassava production to rubber. I wish them well.


With a readily available cheap local source of natural rubber and latex it is obvious that Thailand Rubber manufacturers will endeavor to produce many rubber related products. The Automotive industry is growing strongly in Thailand and the manufacture of automotive components and especially rubber automotive components is a major sector. Rubber Hoses, tyres, exhaust parts and suspension dampers and mountings all of these and more are used in local auto factories and available for export.

There are other sectors also. Medical devices, tubing and of course condoms are produced in Thailand. Rubber gloves and latex gloves for medical purposes are also popular. I worked with a producer of latex gloves a couple of years ago. The gloves were excellent and with Japanese managers controlling the quality control process their products are first class.

There are numerous rubber products manufactured in Thailand, Some of these are exported. Automotive rubber products are used extensively in the local, and growing, automotive sector.

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Featured Thailand Rubber Companies
A.M. Latex Co., Ltd. Thailand Thailand manufacturer of Rubber Latex Concentrate and Rubber Skim Block
CPR Gomu Industrial PCL Thailand Thai manufacturer of Rubber Automotive Parts, Rubber Engineering Parts.
I.C. Tools Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Rubber Stamps Manufacturer, Rubber Molds Manufacturer
N.C.R Rubber Industry Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Industrial Rubber Hoses, Automotive Rubber Hoses, Mandrel Built Hoses, Pvc Products, Rubber Engineered Products, Air Barriers, Wall and Corner Guards, Rubber Fuel Piping, Process Air and Gas Piping, Industrial Process Piping, Rubber Mold & Dies
W.A. RUBBER MATE CO., LTD Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Non-Sterile Latex Examination Gloves, Latex Exam Powder Gloves, Latex Exam Powder Free Gloves and Latex Exam High Risk Gloves
WATTANASUK INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD Thailand Manufacturer of Industrial Rubber Hose, Automotive Rubber Hose, Marine Fender, Mandrel-built Hose and Rubber Moulded Parts, Expansion-Joint, PVC hose, Poly-urethane Tube and Silicone Sealant

Following you will find lists of rubber products and companies involved in the rubber business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a rubber company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

ads (air dried sheets)
air conditioner hoses
air conditioning hoses
all heavy duty truck tyres
all light truck tyres
anit-vibration rubbers
arm bushings
athletic mats
auto accessories
automobile parts
automobile spare parts
automotive floor mats
automotive molded rubber parts
automotive molding rubber
automotive radiator hoses
automotive rubber parts
automotive tires & tubes
ballistic tiles
basket and volley balls
bath toys
bearing pad
bicycle inner tube
bicycle tires and tubes
bicycle tyres
body cab. gasket
bounce back safety surfacing
bracelet/bangle costume jewelry
brown and blanket crepes
bush rubber
butyl rubber
cables high pressure hose
cargo containment & friction mats
commercial flooring
compound latex
compound rubber
concentrated latex
concentrated rubber latex
conductive-rubber keyboards/pads
cover footrest
covered rubber products
crepe rubber product
custom molded rubber parts
dinghies & rubber rafts
disposable bedding
door weather-strip & trunk lids
drain thru modular tiles
duct hoses
elastic rubber
electronic industrial rubber parts
engine mounting
engine mountings
epdm (ethylene~propylene rubber)
exercise rubber products
exhaust connectors
exhaust gas recycling tubes
extruded rubber thread
fitness flooring
fitness mats
flake lining
flec sport mats
flec sport rolls
flexible braided hose
flexible ducts used for heating, ventilating
floor tile - rubber
fluorocarbon elastomers
foam mats
freon hose
garden hoses & hose reels
gaskets, oil seals & o-rings
glove latex examination
gloves-latex surgical
golf mat
heavy truck and bus innertubes
heavy truck and bus tires
high temperature rubber tips
hnbr (hydrogenated nitrile rubber)
hose and belting
hose assembly
hose rubber
household gloves
hydraulic brake hoses
hydraulic part
hydraulic hose
industrial & machine hoses
industrial rubber products
industrial tire & tube
inner tube
inner tubes
insulator engine mounting
latex exam high risk gloves
latex exam powder free gloves
latex exam powder gloves
latex examination gloves
latex foam
latex gloves for medical & industrial uses
latex household gloves
latex medical gloves
latex pet toys
latex rubber
latex thread
light truck innertubes
light truck tires
long-length rubber hose
low pressure rubber hoses
mandrel built industril rubber hose
mechanical seals
michelin sheets
molded & extruded rubber products
molded, extruded and fabricated rubber products
monster mat truck bed mats
motorcycle inner tube
motorcycle tire
motorcycle tire & tube
motorcycle tires and tubes
motorcycle tyre & tube
motorcycle tyre & tubes
natural latex condom
natural rubber
natural rubber adhesive tape
natural rubber latex
natural rubber skim block
neoprene (polychloroprene)
nitrile gloves
nitrile rubber (acrylonitrile)
oil seal
on-deck circles
o-ring kits
other rubber products
otr innertubes (off the road)
otr tires (off the road)
pale crepe
passenger innertubes
passenger tires
pedal pads
piston rubber cup
plastic & rubber
plastic/rubber/leather/metal patches & labels
playground / mulch
plumbing hoses & accessories
polybutadiene rubber
power steering hoses
power transmission belt
radiator and heater hoses
radiators hoses
rain boots/shoes
rear engine mouting
reclaimed rubber
recycled rubber flooring
replaceable rubber tip
rss (ribbed smoked sheet)
rss (ribbed smoked sheets)
rubber & foam toys
rubber balloon
rubber balls
rubber band
rubber bands
rubber bands & tubes
rubber bathmat
rubber bushings
rubber car mat
rubber carmat
rubber carpet
rubber chemicals
rubber chip block
rubber connector (conductive)
rubber conveyor belts
rubber conveyor belts.
rubber corsets
rubber cushion
rubber expansion joints
rubber fabrication & processing machines
rubber fetish fashions
rubber flexible joint
rubber floor mat
rubber floor tiles
rubber foam
rubber foam toys
rubber footballs
rubber footwear & clothing
rubber forming parts
rubber gaskets, seals and spacers
rubber gloves
rubber gloves (industrial)
rubber golf tee
rubber hose
rubber hoses
rubber industries
rubber insole
rubber keypads
rubber latex
rubber lining
rubber mat flaps
rubber mats
rubber molded products
rubber moulded parts
rubber o-ring
rubber outsole for shoes
rubber parts
rubber parts (electronic components)
rubber parts for electronic equipment
rubber pet toys
rubber products
rubber roller
rubber safety flooring
rubber sheet and matting
rubber sheets
rubber sinkmat
rubber smoke sheets
rubber soles
rubber stamps
rubber stamps & stamp pads
rubber tip holder
rubber tubing
rubber v-belts
rubber, metal & plastic molds
rubber/laminate ball
sbr (styrene~butadiene rubber)
shoe soles
shoes components
silicone rubber
skim block
skim block rubber
skimmed block
smoked rubber sheet
sole crepes
stabilizer shaft rubber,
steering boots
str (standard thai rubber)
surface protection
surgical rubber-natural
surgical/medical examination gloves
suspension parts
suspension ruber
synthetic rubber
tire & rubber recycling
tire flaps
tires for vehicles and aircraft
torque rod bushings
toy balls
transmission belts
transmission v-belts
tread rubber compounds
truck tyres
tsr (technically specified rubbers)
tubes & flaps
tubular tyres
turbo charger oil drain
vibration isolator
walkway roof pads
windscreen & rear window weather-strip
workplace safety footwear
workplace safety gloves

a. yang thai rubber factory co,LTD.
a.c. rubber co,Ltd.
a.c. rubber outsole products co.,Ltd.
a.m. latex co.,LTD.
a.n. rubber limited partnership,
a.p. rubber co,Ltd.
a.r.p. international co,Ltd.
accord business group,
acushnet (thailand) limited,
agape (bit) co.,Ltd.
ajin thai reclaimed factory ltd,PART.
allied-signal laminate systems (thailand) co,LTD
ansell (thailand) ltd,
apec petrochemical co.,Ltd.
armstrong rubber & chemical products co,Ltd.
asia industry fiber & tyre cord co,Ltd.
asia rubber latex (1988) co,LTD.
asia rubber ltd,PART.
asian group of companies,
asta foam and rubber co.,LTD.
auto sport co,LTD.
auto tex manufacturing co,LTD.
automotive products import-export center
b. right rubber co,Ltd.
b.a. industry co.,LTD.
b.b. home design co,Ltd.
b.g.f. industry co.,LTD.
b.k. latex product co,Ltd.
b.k.p. plastic industry co. ltd.,
b.k.-trading (t) co,LTD.
b.n.s. wood industry co,Ltd.
b.s.t. elastomers co,Ltd.
baaeco co.,Ltd.
bamco (thailand) co,Ltd.
bangkau rubber factory ltd,P.
bangkok chareonmit (1972) co.,LTD.
bangkok companies,
bangkok industrial gas co ltd.,
bangkok jai saeng yont industry ltd,PART.
bangkok metropolis motor co,Ltd.
bangkok pnc ltd.,PART
bangkok rubber industry ltd,P.
bangkok rubber land engineering co.,Ltd.
bangkok rubber public co,LTD.
bangkok rubberland engineering co,LTD.
bangkok siam products ltd,Part.
bangkok supplies enterprises co.,LTD.
bangkok synthetics co,LTD.
bangkok wooden business co,LTD.
bangkua rubber factory co,LTD.
bangpakong wood co,LTD.
bangplee inter rubber co,LTD.
barbe (thailand) ltd.,
bayer thai co,LTD.
beauty thai rubber chemical co,LTD.
bell t.s.m. corporation co,LTD
ben-trading co,LTD.
bever medical industry co,Ltd.
big rubber co,Ltd.
bird's eye view co,LTD.
blucher co,LTD.
blue & white 1989 ltd,PART.
boon prasit kollakarn co,LTD
boonprakorb rubber latex industry co,LTD.
bottcher (thailand) gmbh,
bridgestone ncr co,LTD.
bridgestone sales (thailand) co,LTD.
bst elastomers co.,LTD.
c. rubber co.,Ltd.
c.b. tact (thailand) co,LTD.
c.f.i. (siam) co,Ltd.
c.h. star co ltd,
c.i. inter corporation co,Ltd.
c.p.r. gomu industrial co,LTD
c.t. industry co,LTD.
calcium products co,Ltd.
camel industries co,LTD.
candidthai co.,Ltd.
cargill siam limited,
centasia co,Ltd.
central rubber ltd,PART.
chai yong rubber industry ltd.,PART
chaimongkol rubber parts (thailand) co.,LTD.
chaimongkol rubber tile ltd,PART
chainat rubber co,LTD.
chair maker co,LTD.
chaiseri metal & rubber co.,LTD.
chaiyaphon rubber co,LTD.
chaiyaporn latex co,LTD.
chalyaporn latex co.,Ltd.
chan rubber co,LTD
chinteik brothers trading co ltd,
chintiek hygiene product co,LTD.
chok chai rubber factory ltd,P.
chumphon rubber industry co.,Ltd.
chunhavat rubber co,LTD.
city rubber industry co,LTD.
civilzed lawana co,LTD.
clariant masterbatches (thailand) ltd.,
cometa design co.,LTD.
complete auto rubber co manufacturing,LTD.
complete autoparts co,LTD.
computer label co,LTD.
connell bros co (thailand) ltd,
continental rubbers technic co.,LTD.
cosan (thailand) co,LTD.
cosma company limited,
cosmo one co,Ltd.
d.s. rubber & latex co.,LTD.
dee rubber co,LTD.
deestone co,LTD.
dexon corporation co.,LTD.
dr. boo co,LTD.
e.c.i. international co.,Ltd.
east coast design co,LTD.
eastern polymer industry co ltd,
eastern polypack co.,Ltd.
eastern thaipipe co,LTD.
e-pat design ltd.,PART.
erawan rubber co,LTD.
e-web solutions ltd.,
excellent rubber co.,LTD.
famil co.,LTD.
fancy wood industries public co,LTD.
first rubber co,LTD.
flexibands co,LTD.
flowline co.,Ltd
fortune parts industry co ltd,
fuji poly (thailand) co,LTD.
fukui kasei (thailand) co.,LTD.
g. doulatram & sons (t) ltd.,
g. premjee co ltd,
global chemical co,LTD.
golden rubber parts co,LTD.
goodyear (thailand) public co ltd,
grand rubber co.,LTD.
hah shung heng rubber co,LTD
hang hah heng international rubber co.,Ltd.
hayakawa eastern rubber co,LTD.
hi-tech rubber products co.,LTD.
hong kong rubber mfg co.,LTD.
housewares 2000 co.,LTD
hua fong rubber (thailand) co.,LTD.
hua heng rubber factory co,LTD.
huay chuan co,LTD.
hwa fong rubber (thailand) co,LTD.
inaba (thailand) co.,LTD.
innovation group,
inoue rubber (thailand) public co,LTD.
inter parawood (thailand) co.,LTD.
inter rubber latex co,LTD.
interpoint marketing co.,Ltd.
k.h. auto parts factory,
k.t. thai local products co,LTD.
k.u. nomura thai limited,
kangwan industry ltd.,
karnjanaburi rubber co.,LTD.
karstadt quelle (thailand) ltd.,
key thai rubber co.,LTD.
kittiwatana hose industry co,LTD.
kraithip rubber co.,LTD.
kuriyama - ohji (thailand) ltd.,
l.r.t. industries co,LTD.
l.t.r. trading co,Ltd.
lin shing enterprise co,LTD.
lion tyres (thailand) co. ltd,
london royal consumer praducts (thailand) co,LTD
longtex rubber industry co,LTD.
lor.charoen rubber parts co.,LTD.
louis tape co.,LTD.
m & p world associated ltd,PART.
m.r.i. co,LTD.
mac w corporation co. ltd.,
mason industries co,LTD.
matchplay industry (thailand) co,Ltd.
mcwhorter technologies (thailand) co,LTD.
medigloves ltd.,
megacell international co,LTD.
michelin siam co,LTD.
michelin siam group co ltd,
michelin siam marketing sales co ltd,
micro-mechanics (thailand) ltd.,
mimi pet toys co,LTD.
min an latex industrial co.,LTD.
mitsiam international ltd.,
mm an latex industrial co.,Ltd.
mobile tyres center co.,Ltd.
monterey decor co,Ltd.
mould mate co,LTD.
n.c.r rubber industry co.,LTD.
n.c.r. rubber industry co.,LTD.
n.c.r.-trb industry co.,LTD.
n.o.k. industry co ltd,
n.y. rubber co.,Ltd.
naeslund international co.,Ltd
nakashima rubber (thailand) co.,Ltd.
natakorn rubber factory co.,LTD.
nattakorn rubber,
nawaplastic industries (saraburi) co.,LTD.
neo-flex inter co.,LTD.
nichirin (thailand) co.,LTD
nine dragon thao rubber co.,LTD.
nishikawa tachaplalert rubber co.,LTD
nitto denko (thailand) co.,LTD.
nitto denko materials (thailand) co.,LTD.
num hong rubber industry co.,LTD.
o.t. chemical & plating jigs ltd.,PART.
opanayikul co.,Ltd.
oriental ace fiber co.,LTD.
oriental siam (1978) co.,LTD.
p.c. hose co.,LTD.
p.p.k. trading co.,LTD.
pacific rubber co.,LTD.
pacific rubber works co.,LTD
paratire lp.,
pathumthani rubber co.,LTD.
performance rubber co.,LTD.
pholdhanya co.,Ltd
phuket thong sin trading co,Ltd.
pin international co.,LTD.
pin interwood co.,LTD.
plan creation co.,LTD.
pongpara codan rubber co.,Ltd.
pongpara polymer co.,LTD.
posh co.,LTD.
premier multipart co.,LTD.
press craft (thailand) co.,LTD.
q & q holding co.,LTD.
r.d.d. holdings co. ltd.,
r.k.y. rubber factory co.,LTD
r.s. radcoflex (thailand) co.,LTD.
r.s. rubber co.,LTD.
rayong bangkok rubber co.,LTD.
rayong t.t.rubber ltd.,PART.
revertex (thailand) ltd.,
roadstone tyre & rubber (1986) co.,LTD.
royal rubber co.,LTD.
rubber intertrade co.,LTD.
s. chaiyo rubber co.,LTD.
s. kijchai co.,LTD.
s.a.s. rubber products co.,LTD.
s.c. winner rubber ltd.,PART.
s.k. polymate co.,LTd.
s.k. polymer co.,LTD.
s.k. rubber part co.,LTD.
s.t.p. rubber co.,LTD.
s.v.i. elastomer co.,LTD.
sadtakij wattana karnyang co.,LTD.
saeng thai rubber factory co.,LTD.
safe glove co.,LTD.
safeskin industries (thailand) ltd.,
sahakij rubber industry co.,LTD.
sanby (thailand) co ltd,
sanda industry co.,LTD.
sankei giken (thailand) co.,LTD.
sawanun rubber industry co.,LTD.
sawasdee syndicate co.,LTD.
scale-concept living co.,LTD.
sealtec industries co.,LTD.
seikenhei co ltd,
seikenhei mark co.,LTD.
sermphan para latex co.,LTD.
shimoda trading (thailand) co.,LTD.
shun thai rubber gloves industry co.,LTD.
siam ball sport factory co.,LTD.
siam conveyor co.,LTD.
siam michelin co. ltd.,
siam neo ltd.,PART.
siam parawood co.,LTD.
siam rubber ltd.,PART.
siam rubber prapadang co.,Ltd.
siam synthetic latex co.,LTD.
siam trading and industry co.,Ltd.
siamball sport factory co ltd,
siamese bando rubber industry ltd,
siamese rubber co.,Ltd.
siamese-bando rubber industry ltd.,
siamount plastic corporation ltd.,
siamthanee furniture co.,LTD.
sin charoen rubber factory,
sintanachote co.,LTD.
sirikamol rubber parts co.,LTD.
sirithana furniture co.,LTD.
south east asia impax trading ltd.,Part.
speedway transport co.,LTD.
sri thep thai latex co.,LTD.
sripara product co.,Ltd.
srisurat latex co.,LTD.
srisuwan conveyerbelt and rubber co.,LTD.
srithepthai rubber co.,LTD.
srup anan plastic co.,LTD
srupanan plastic co.,Ltd.
standard rubber ltd.,PART.
star light auto parts co.,LTD.
star rubber industry ltd.,PART.
sup product co.,LTD.
suretex ltd.,
t. n. j. marketing co.,Ltd.
t.c. rubber industry co.,LTD
t.d.a. rubber co.,LTD
t.p. rubber industry co ltd,
t.r.k. bangkok industry & the exporter co.,Ltd.
t.s.a. rubber product co.,LTD.
t.v.n. rubber co.,LTD.
taesam long co.,LTD.
testing instrument co.,LTD.
thai arai co ltd,
thai bridgestone co.,LTD.
thai bridgestone sales (thailand) co.,Ltd.
thai carbon product co.,Ltd.
Thai Center Rubber Parts co.,LTD.
thai centri (1995) co.,Ltd.
thai chuan rubber ltd.,PART.
thai dainihon rubber co.,LTD.
thai fuji latex co ltd,
thai fukoku co.,LTD.
thai hua rubber public co.,LTD.
thai kokoku rubber co.,LTD.
thai nature rubber corporation ltd.,
thai nippon rubber industry co.,LTD.
thai okawa co ltd,
thai pipe industry co.,Ltd.
thai rubber band industry co.,Ltd.
Thai Rubber Association
thai rubber city co.,Ltd.
thai rubber hose industrial co.,LTD.
Thai Rubber Industry co.,LTD.
thai rubber latex corporation (thailand) public
thai rubber products lp.,
thai sulphites and chemicals co.,LTD.
thai synthetic rubbers co.,LTD.
thai tokai carbon product co.,LTD.
thaigem rubber mfg. co.,LTD.
thailand anthracite co;ltd,
thaisin anant rubber factory (2516) co.,LTD
thaisin rubber industry ltd.,PART.
thanasap rubber co.,Ltd.
tia hong sing ltd.,Part.
tiger rubber industrial (thailand) co.,Ltd.
tigerpoly (thailand) co.,LTD.
tnj marketing co.,LTD.
tokai eastern rubber (thailand) ltd.,
towa seisakusho (thailand) co.,Ltd.
toyoda gosei (thailand) co.,LTD.
toyoda gosei rubber(thailand) co.,LTD.
tozen (thailand) co.,Ltd
twoway intertrade co.,LTD.
udom pipatmongkol (upm) ltd.,PART.
union chai rubber co.,LTD.
union pioneer public company limited,
union rubber gloves co.,LTD.
union rubber products corp.,LTD
unitop rubber co.,Ltd
unity interbusiness co.,Ltd.
uthai bangkok rubber co.,LTD.
vanapac co.,Ltd.
vee rubber international co.,Ltd.
veerubber co.,Ltd.
vega balls manufacturing co.,LTD.
virayont group co.,LTD.
voravat rubber ltd.,PART.
w.a. rubber mate co.,LTD.
watap (thailand) co.,LTD
wattanasuk international co.,LTD.
wechem co.,LTD.
welltech rubber co.,LTD
wiwit import-export company limited,
wong plastic & rubber co.,Ltd.
world pigment chemical co.,LTD.
world wide resource trading co.,LTD.
yokohama rubber (thailand) co.,LTD.
yong thai rubber industrial co ltd,
yongheng rubber co.,LTD.
zeon advanced polymix co.,LTD.
ziplas international co.,Ltd.

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