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Thailand Safety Equipment Companies, Thai Safety Products Manufacturers


Thailand Safety Product Companies, Thai Safety Equipment Manufacturers produce a wide spectrum of safety related products for the domestic Thai market as well as for export overseas.

Safety equipment, Safety products and safety supplies are as essential to industry, companies and organizations around the world as having good employees to run the business.

Choosing the correct personal protection equipment (PPE) is a complicated job, even for the most experienced of safety professionals. Selecting and using proper safety equipment can dramatically reduce the number of accidents and injuries in the workplace. Not only is this selection a major cost exercise but it can mean literally the difference between life and death.

Most safety products and equipment available today address the need for comfort, durability and pricing but more importantly protect the most important asset of your company - The Staff.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your safety products please email with your requests.

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Work Wear Traffic Cones & Bollards Motorcycle Helmets
Respirators Face Masks Diving Gear
Firefighter Helmets Safety Gloves Smoke Detectors
Hard Hats Steel Toe Work Boots Safety Glass
Life Vests Riding Hats Medical Masks
Examination Gloves Janitorial Safety Signs Laboratory Fume Cupboards
Boxing Headgear Climbing Equipment Safety Tapes
Featured Thailand Safety Products Companies
F.B. (Thailand) Ltd Thailand Safety Cabinets, Safety Equipment, Safety Services, Fire Fighting Equipment, safety and Security Equipment, Fire Protection Equipment

Anusorn Products
Anusorn Products Manufacture, provide and distribute safety equipment for industries in Thailand and have done so since 1987. Every product is guarantee and pass Thailand and international standards.
Products: Leather Safety Shoes

Bangkok Safety & Sling Co., Ltd.
Our company is a safety-equipment distributor in Thailand. It was established in 1998 and was granted the registration number as a company limited in 1988 by the Department of Company and Partnership Registration, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand. Our company's registration number is 1010/2541. We have now over 500 regular customers in country. Our customers are factories and government's agencies. We need to import all safety products from aboard.
Products: Safety Gloves, Safety Shoes, Safety Harness, Safety Helmet And all personal safety equipment, Fire-fighting Safety Products

Euroasia Manufacturing Co Ltd
Brand new factory with high safety and control standards. We deliver to our headquarter in Germany or directly from our factory to agents, shipyards, ship-owners worldwide. With wide over 100. 000 suits delivered we are one of the biggest manufacturer for immersion safety suits worldwide. European and Asian customers prefer our suits by the reason of German standards and quality.
Products: Immersion suits, Survival suits, Diving suits, Military Equipment, Lifesaving Safety Products

Hg Apparel
We are newly established trading company based in Bangkok, Thailand. We provide safety garments and uniforms and work wear, and many kinds of shoes, also in big stock sales, and fashion apparel from the manufacturers to wholesalers.
Products: Safety wear, uniforms, textile stock, garment, apparel, wear, reflective vest, reflective jacket, Safety Work wear

Laohapat Co., Ltd.
We are an importer and distributor for industrial safety products and lifting products. Our main market is for local sales in Thailand. But our main suppliers will be worldwide. The company still be seeking for a dealership for a good product.
Products: Industrial safety products

New Kenta Co., Ltd
In 1987, the company is established as an industrials sewing machinery and parts importer in Thailand. The company is specialized in the field of industrial sewing machinery and further expanded the company into the manufacturing of Occupational Safety Wear. The company is specialized in the field of safety apparel for more than 5 years. The company do self design and also do custom made design.
Products: Safety Wear, Safety Products, Sportswear, Safety Jackets, Safety Coats

Rayong P. P. E Co., Ltd.
Rayong ppe Co.,ltd. Business is import and supply of safety equipments (e.g. Gloves, safety glasses, safety footwear) to corporate customers. Our business has been operating since 1999 and we now have all over country customer.
Products: Safety gloves, safety glasses, safety footwear, Safety Shoes & Boots

Reel Safety
We are a new company concentrating on supplying only top quality safety wear to the offshore oil and gas industry in Thailand. We are looking to supply a small number of branded items for example Dickies coveralls, Jallate & Red Wing safety boots. Msa hard hats etc. We are a small 2 man company concentrating on the Chonburi province in Thailand. We were established early in 2007 and have achieved relative success with sales to many major petroleum operators and oil service companies but due to the low standard of safety wear available locally our growth has been limited. We have identified that these companies are looking for top quality durable branded safety wear as this is the industry standard in most established oil producing countries. If you can supply these or very similar items then please contact us.
Products: Safety Boots, Coveralls, Hard Hats, Work wear, Work Uniforms, Overalls

Select International Group
Select international are a highly reputable forward thinking group that offers the ultimate professional ' source & supply ' service for procurement managers who wish to benefit from the extremely advantageous rates, quality and capacity that are only available from Asia.
Our main product focus is: Personal protective equipment Print solutions - full colour printing
Products: Safety products, Safety Work wear, Safety Shoes & Boots

Siam Safety Mart Part., Ltd.
SIAM SAFETY MART LTD., PART is a well established footwear manufacturer. The company initially operates as a hand-made safety shoe manufacturer, known as XTRA. Due to the high demand and business opportunity in the safety footwear market, we had upgraded it to become machine-oriented shoe manufacturing.
Products: Genuine Leather Safety Shoe, Safety Boots

Siam safety premier Co., ltd. (ssp) is only one leading manufactory in fire extinguishing ball product in Thailand. Fire extinguishing ball product is produced under the us patent no.6,796,382 b2 Thai patent no.18966 Kingdom of Thailand and patent cooperation treaty PCT/us2002/025158 of fire extinguishing ball product, international patent PCT wo 2004/014489 a1 with protection coverage in 115 PCT contraction countries and the owner of copyright, drawing, trademark, literary work, and confidential trade under agreement on trade related aspects of intellectual property rights (world trade organization) Fire extinguishing ball is a ball shaped fire extinguisher. Simply thrown into a fire, it will activate within 3-10 seconds (upon fire activated) and effectively disperse fire-extinguishing chemicals.
Products: Fire extinguishing ball, fire extinguisher ball, fire extinguishing device

We are a trading company from Thailand. We strive to offer our customers efficient, on time service packaged with competitive pricing. We offer every type of safety garment available from overalls, jackets trousers etc. To work boots, safety helmets, high visibility vests, high visibility jackets, safety glasses, safety goggles.
Products: Industrial clothing, safety clothing, safety equipment, safety work wear

Step 2 T-a-n-g Co., Ltd.
STEP 2 T-A-N-G Co.,Ltd. is a trading company. We are the first of distributor of all kinds of safety shoes with the best quality and lower price. We are pleased to offer on make to order or on your specifications. Moreover we are the professional in logistics, we can help to save the cost of them with delivery on time that you have never got it before.
Products: Safety shoes with the best quality is suitable for all kinds of industries.

Top Wholesome Enterprise Company Limited
We, top wholesome enterprise Co., ltd. Are the high quality producer of hygienic disposable protective products for healthcare industry as well as other industries that need protection on users or products. Our products have been distributed locally and throughout the world under the accredited well known standard such as us FDA 510 k, nelson laboratory's bfe test, ISO 9001:2000 and we are allowed by Thai government to mark "Thailand brand" on our products as a certification to our performance and quality. Our product line consists of several hygienic protectors such as, ear loop face mask, tie-on face mask, face mask for children, carbon face mask, bouffant cap, surgeon cap, isolation gown, underwear, shoe over, beard cover, apron, etc. With the smart packaging design, clean atmosphere and high standard of production process, we can reach the highest level of safety as a guarantee to your life.
Products: Face mask:2 ply,3 ply, children mask,3 ply-tie on, carbon (elastic string) bouffant cap round cap, round surgeon cap, isolation gowns, shoe covers

Win Win Always Registered Ordinary Partnership
Our products are based on personal safety products, road safety products that also involved with import products from upcountry such as Taiwan, China, Malaysia and also from our local factories in Thailand. We can give all local and oversea customers with competitive price with reasonable quality. We have established since Jan, 2006. And we will be expand our turn over and product lines by monthly.
Products: Personal Safety Products, Road Safety Products

Following you will find lists of safety equipment products and companies involved in the safety equipment business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a safety equipment company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Anti Drowsy Alarm
Anti-Slip Strips
Arc Flash Protection
Automated Safety Barriers
Baby Gates
Baby Safety Products
Back Protector
Barricade Tapes
Barrier Tapes
Bicycle Helmets
Bicycle Reflectors
Bicycle Safety Helmet
Biker Jacket Pads
Biology Safety Cabinet
Body Harness
Body Protector
Bouffant And Beard Restraint
Breath Alcohol Test
Buoyancy Aids
Car Safety Kit
Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Caution Tape
Caution Tapes
Chemical Protective Clothing
Child Door Safety Kit
Child Safety Alarm System
Child Safety Gates
Child Safety Products
Child Safety Vest
Child-Proofing Products
Children Reflective Safety Vest
Children Safety Vest
Children Yellow Safety Reflective Vest
Children's Safety Vest
Construction Safety Net
Construction Safety Nets
Cotton Gloves
Cycling Cap
Cyclist Safety Helmet
Danger Utility Sign
Disposable Safety Clothes
Distress Signals
Dog Safety Vest
Dogs' Safety Vest
Driving Sleep Alert
Dust Mask Respirators
Dust Masks
Ear Muffs
Ear Pods
Earthquake Safety Products
Elastic Rope For Bungee
Elbow Pads
Endless Round Sling
Engineer Grade Reflective Sheets
Engineering Safety Helmet
Eu Safety Reflect Vest
Eu Safety Reflective Vest
Eye Protection
Eye Protection Equipment.
Face Protection
Face Shields
Facial Protector
Fall Protection
Fall Protection Equipment
Fall Protection Products
Fire Detectors
Fire Escape Hood
Fire Extinguishers
Firefighters Helmets
Fireproofing Safety Products
First Aid Kits
First Aid Supplies
Fishman Gloves
Fluorescent Safety Vest
Folding Traffic Cone
Foot Protection
Football Helmet
German Style Safety Goggles
Glass Road Studs
Glow Safety Signs
Guardrail Reflector
Hand Protection
Hard Hats
Head Protection
Health And Safety Products
Hearing Protection
Hearing Protection Equipment.
Heavy Duty Safety Helmet
High Visibility Raincoat
High-Intensity Reflective Tape
High-Visibility Safety Vests
High-Visibility Two-In-One Parkas
Hi-Visibility Safety Vest
Industrial Safety Belts
Industrial Safety Curtains
Industrial Safety Harness
Industrial Safety Products
Kids' Reflective Vest
Knee Pads
Knee Protectors
Leather Garments
Leather Gloves
Leather Safety Jacket
Leather Work Gloves
Led Safety Cone
Led Safety Vest
Life Boats
Limited Use Apparel
Linesman Safety Belt
Machine Safety Products
Marine Safety Equipment
Marine Safety Signs
Material Handling
Motocross Safety Chest Protector
Motor Vehicle Safety Belts
Motorbike Apparel
Motorbike Sports Helmet
Motorcycle Leds
Motorcycle Safety Helmet
Motorcycle Safety Products
Multi-Function Safety Alert
Orange Safety Reflective Vest
Palm Pads
Parking Safety Products
Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray Pens
Personal Alarms
Personal Safety Products
Personal Security System
Personal Tracking System
Pet Safety Vest
Photo Luminescent Tape
Photoluminescent Safety Products
Pick-Up Safety Belt
Plastic Safety Barriers Mesh
Plastic Safety Mesh
Polyester Knitted Safety Vests
Polyester Safety Vest
Polypropylene Clothing
Pool Alarms
Protection Glasses
Protective Clothing
Protective Equipment
Protective Eyewear
Pvc Reflective Tape
Pvc Safety Vest
Pvc Traffic Cone
Pvc Warning Tape
Rain Suit
Reflective Back Pack
Reflective Bracelet
Reflective Clothing
Reflective Coat
Reflective Coats
Reflective Foil Tapes
Reflective Led Armband
Reflective Paint
Reflective Pants
Reflective Safety Armband
Reflective Safety Armbands
Reflective Safety Clothes
Reflective Safety Coat
Reflective Safety Sash
Reflective Safety T-Shirt
Reflective Safety Umbrella
Reflective Safety Vest
Reflective Schoolbag
Reflective Security Vest
Reflective Sheeting
Reflective Signs
Reflective Stripes
Reflective Tape
Reflective Trousers
Reflective Truck Tape
Reflective Vest
Reflective Work Clothes
Reflector Highway Safety Raincoat
Refletive Waistcoat
Respiratory Protection
Respiratory Protection Equipment
Retractable Traffic Cone
Riding Protector
Riding Safety Jacket
Road Marking Glass Beads
Road Safety Barrier
Road Safety Products
Road Safety Signs
Roadblock Warning Lamp
Roadway Safety Products
Safety Armband
Safety Armbands
Safety Bag
Safety Band
Safety Barricade
Safety Barrier
Safety Belt
Safety Belts
Safety Bollards
Safety Boots
Safety Bumpers
Safety Cans
Safety Cap
Safety Clothes
Safety Clothing
Safety Coats
Safety Collars For Children
Safety Equipment
Safety Face Shield
Safety Face Shield Visor
Safety Fence
Safety Flares
Safety Flashing Lights
Safety Footwear
Safety Garments
Safety Glass
Safety Glasses
Safety Gloves
Safety Goggles
Safety Harness
Safety Helmet
Safety Helmet Manufacturer
Safety Helmet With Ear Defenders
Safety Helmets
Safety Island
Safety Jacket
Safety Kits
Safety Lenses
Safety Light Curtain
Safety Lights
Safety Mesh Vest
Safety Net For Ski Routes
Safety Netting
Safety Padding
Safety Pants
Safety Parka
Safety Polo Shirt
Safety Products
Safety Products For Home
Safety Products For Industry
Safety Products For School
Safety Products For Work
Safety Racing Helmets
Safety Reflective Vest For Children
Safety Reflectors
Safety School Bag
Safety Shoes
Safety Shoes With Steel Toe
Safety Signs
Safety Spectacles
Safety Supplies
Safety Switches
Safety Tools
Safety Trousers
Safety T-Shirt With Reflective Stripes
Safety Vests
Safety Wear
Safety Work Gloves
Safety Working Glasses
Safety Working Gloves
Safety Workwear
School Safety Coat
Seat Belts
Security Coverall
Security Screens
Security Vest
Security Window Films
Self Defence Spray
Self Defense Hot Pepper Spray
Silicon Safety Ear Plugs
Skateboard Sports Helmet
Smoke Detectors
Smoke Alarms
Soccer Shin Guard
Solar Powered Flashing Beacon
Solar Road Stud
Sports Protective Equipment
Sports Safety Products
Steel Toe Cap Boots
Stun Baton
Survival Blankets
Traffic Batons
Traffic Cones
Traffic Road Block Lamp
Traffic Safety Batons
Traffic Safety Cone
Traffic Safety Materials
Traffic Safety Products
Traffic Safety Vest
Two-Point Safety Belts
Vehicle Safety Belts
Warning Band
Warning Tapes
Warning Triangle
Welding Goggles
Welding Helmets & Shields
Welding Mask
Work Boots
Work Gloves
Yellow Safety Reflective Jacket
Yellow Safety Reflective Vest
Yellow Safety Vest


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