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Thailand Fire Protection Equipment Companies, Thai Fire Safety Equipment Manufacturers


Thailand Fire Protection Equipment Companies
supply not only the domestic market for safety equipment like sprinklers, standpipes and fire hose cabinets, heat and smoke detection, and fire control centers, but also export these products worldwide.

Some fire safety equipment and fire safety systems are still imported. A case in point are fire fighting vehicles. There was a recent controversy over the supply of these fire engines and other equipment destined particularly for the new airport. One intrepid reporter for the Bangkok Post hinted about the affair when asked if bribes had been paid. "I can't say for certain but where's there is smoke there's fire"

ON visiting a major Thai company I was hanging around by the lift, as one does on the 32nd floor, when I noticed the fire escape directions. I was intrigued because not only were the detailed instructions of what to do in the event of a fire - well detailed. What also surprised me was that the English was perfect. I mentioned this to the Office manager and asked her who made the signs. I was informed that the signs came from head office in Singapore.


She was surprised that the signs were in good English also. She had not read them, neither had her staff because as with most Thais - they cannot read English well enough to understand.

Thailand is a good place to source fire protection and fire safety equipment. Many foreign manufacturers have set up factories to make and export to their home countries, Japan especially.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your fire protection products please email with your requests

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Featured Thailand Fire Protection Equipment Companies
F.B. (Thailand) Ltd Thailand Safety Cabinets, Safety Equipment, Safety Services, Fire Fighting Equipment, safety and Security Equipment, Fire Protection Equipment
Fire Engineering Services Co.,Ltd Thailand American Consultants providing Fire protection design, Fire engineering, Safety Surveys, NFPA Consulting, Training, Investigation, Fire Systems, Security Systems, Testing and Commissioning
L'aquatech Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Built-Up Bituminous Waterproofing , Built-Up Bituminous Roofing, Insulation Materials, Passive Fire Protection Materials

Bangkok Alarm System Co.,Ltd.
We are installer of security systems, access control systems, auto gate control systems, fire alarm systems located in Thailand. With over 30 yrs experiences, we strongly believe we can meet your requirement. Our brands of product: Honeywell ( intellisense, ademco)
Products: Surveillance equipment, alarm, locks, security product agents

Global Link Tec Co Ltd
Global Link Tec Co., Ltd. (GLT) is providing the patented Your GUARD Fire Extinguishing Ball, Security Systems and IT telecommunication technologies. We are also expert in Networking systems and have skillful teams for Network consulting, Network management, System integration and Software development to help our clients obtain the best potential of all technologies. Global Link Tec Co., Ltd is the sole distributor and marketing agent for the Your GUARD Fire Extinguishing Ball.
Products: Fire Extinguishing Ball, Patented Fire Extinguisher Ball

NP International Co., Ltd.
We are a leading manufacturer of fire-retardant chemical in Thailand. Our fire retardant is an inorganic salt and is applied to woods and wood panels, such as plywood, particle board, medium density fiber(MDF)to prevent the spread of fire.
Products: Fire retardant for wood and wood panel

Siam safety premier Co., ltd. (ssp) is only one leading manufactory in fire extinguishing ball product in Thailand. Fire extinguishing ball product is produced under the us patent no.6,796,382 b2 thai patent no.18966 Kingdom of Thailand and patent cooperation treaty PCT/us2002/025158 of fire extinguishing ball product, international patent PCT wo 2004/014489 a1 with protection coverage in 115 PCT contraction countries and the owner of copyright, drawing, trademark, literary work, and confidential trade under agreement on trade related aspects of intellectual property rights (world trade organization)
Fire extinguishing ball is a ball shaped fire extinguisher. Simply thrown into a fire, it will activate within 3-10 seconds (upon fire activated) and effectively disperse fire-extinguishing chemicals. When a fire occurs and no one is present, fire extinguishing ball will self-activate when it comes into contact with fire and give a loud noise as a fire alarm. Because of this feature, it can be placed in any fire prone area such as above electrical circuit breaker or in a kitchen. There is no need to face the dangers of the fire. No inspection and maintenance are required for the product life span of 5 years.
Products: Fire extinguishing ball

Versatile Electronic Co., Ltd.
We are a system integrator that supply security (CCTV, Intrusion, Fire System, Access Control) & communication system (PA system, Conference, MATV), Audio and Visual systems to satisfy customers' requirement.
Products: CCTV system, Intrusion system, Fire system

Wj 2006 Engineering Trade Co., Ltd.
Wj 2006 engineering trade Co., ltd. Is the trading company selling valve and the likes for sanitary, air-conditioning, and fire fighting system in building and factory construction. We are the dealer of many products selling in Thailand.
Products: Brass valve, fire hose reel, fire hose rack

Following you will find lists of fire protection equipment products that are available from companies involved in the fire protection equipment business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a fire protection equipment company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Abc Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers
Afff Foam Fire Extinguisher
Air Respirator
Aluminum Fire Extinguisher Containers
Aluminum Fire Extinguishers
Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Control System
Anti-Chemical Fire Fighting Suit
Anti-Chemical Fire Fighting Suits
Automatic Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers
Automatic Fire Extinguishing System
Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems
Automatic Fire Pump Set
Automatic Fire Suppression Systems
Automatic Powder Fire Extinguishers
Automatic Sprinkler Systems
Baby Protective Wrap
Brass Fire Hydrant
Canvas Fire Hose
Car Fire Extinguisher
Carbon Dioxide Automatic Fire Extinguishing System
Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers
Cctv Systems
Ce Certified Conventional Fire Detectors
Ceramic Fiber Gloves
Chemical-Proof Suit
Child Protective Wrap
Co2 Cartridge For Fire Extinguisher
Co2 Fire Extinguishing System
Color Single-Jacket Fire Hoses
Compressed-Air Breathing Apparatus
Connector Hose For Fire Fighting Spray Systems
Cylinder For Fire Extinguisher
Disposable Gas Mask
Double-Jacket Fire Hose
Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher
Electric Bell
Electric Fire Bell
Electronic Fire Resistant Safe
Emergency Escape Breathing Device
Emergency Fire & Bacteriological Evacuation Hood
Emergency Lamps
Emergency Lights
Escape Ladders
Escape Smoke Hood
Evacuation Smoke Hood
Exterior Steel Fire Doors
Fiberglass Fire Blanket
Fire Alarm Bell
Fire Alarm Button
Fire Alarm Control Panels
Fire Alarm Strobe Siren
Fire Alarm Systems
Fire Alarm Valve
Fire Axe Heads
Fire Control Box
Fire Control Hose
Fire Damper
Fire Detection Links
Fire Detection Systems
Fire Door Board
Fire Door Closer
Fire Doors
Fire Emergency Light
Fire Equipment
Fire Escape Hoods
Fire Escape Mask
Fire Exit Lights
Fire Extinguisher Cabinets
Fire Extinguisher For Kitchen
Fire Extinguishers
Fire Extinguishing Ball
Fire Extinguishing Gauge
Fire Extinguishing Systems
Fire Fighter Boots
Fire Fighter Clothes
Fire Fighter Glove
Fire Fighter Gloves
Fire Fighting Blankets
Fire Fighting Boat
Fire Fighting Boots
Fire Fighting Caps
Fire Fighting Costume
Fire Fighting Equipmen
Fire Fighting Equipment
Fire Fighting Helmets
Fire Fighting Pump
Fire Fighting Sprinklers
Fire Gauges
Fire Helmets
Fire Hose Cabinets
Fire Hose Coupling
Fire Hose Couplings
Fire Hose Nozzle
Fire Hose Nozzles
Fire Hose Reel
Fire Hose Reels
Fire Hoses Fire Blankets
Fire Hydrant
Fire Monitor
Fire Partitions Doors
Fire Prevent Emergency Exit Lock
Fire Proof Blanket
Fire Proof Shirt
Fire Protection Control Valves
Fire Protection Equipment Suppliers
Fire Protection Geomembrane
Fire Protection Industrial Door
Fire Protection Shell
Fire Protection Systems
Fire Protective Suit
Fire Pump
Fire Resistance Aluminum Composite Panels
Fire Resistant Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel
Fire Resistant Cabinet
Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt
Fire Resistant Glass
Fire Resistant Life Boat
Fire Resistant Packing Materials
Fire Resistant Safe
Fire Resistant Silicone Rubbers
Fire Resistant Silicone Sealant
Fire Retardant Coverall
Fire Retardant Fabric
Fire Retardant Mattress
Fire Retardant Nomex Metal Zipper
Fire Retardant Resin
Fire Retardent Blackout Fabric
Fire Retarding Fiber
Fire Rope
Fire Rope Ladder
Fire Safes
Fire Security System
Fire Signs
Fire Sprinkler
Fire Sprinkler Camera
Fire Sprinkler Components
Fire Sprinkler Frame
Fire Sprinkler Systems
Fire Valve
Fire-Control Products
Fire-Fighting Equipment
Fire-Fighting Products
Fireproof Board
Fireproof Roller Shutter
Fireproof Safe
Fire-Resistant Fleece Jacket
First Aid Equipment
Flame Retardant Fire Resistant Cable
Flexible Hose For Fire Fighting
Foam Fire Extinguishers
Frp Fire Extinguisher
Frp Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
Full Face Respirator
Garment For Fire Fighting
Garments For Fire Fighting
Gas Fire Extinguishing System
Gas Masks
Handheld Nuclear Radiation Detector
Heat Detector For Fire Alarm Panels
Home Fire Extinguisher
Home Security Intruder Burglar & Fire Alarm
Hose Reels
Indoor Sounder For Fire Alarm Systems
Industrial Gloves
Industrial Safety Helmet
Inergen Fire Suppression Systems
Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Box
Intumescent Fire Seal
Kevlar Gloves
Kitchen Fire Extinguisher
Low Pressure Co2 Fire Extinguisher
Luminous Stickers
Manual Fire Bell
Marine Fire Extinguishing System
Marine Safety Equipment
Mini Portable Fire Extinguishers
Multipurpose Fire Extinguisher
Multipurpose Fire Extinguisher For Home
Nbc Protective Suit
Nomex Flame-Resistant Suit
Nomex Suits
Outdoor Siren For Fire Alarm Systems
Personal Escape Mask
Personal Poison-Gas-Protecting Respiratory Apparatus
Personal Respiratory Protective Device
Pet Photo Luminescent Film
Photo Luminescent Tape
Photoelectric Smoke Alarms
Photoluminescent Fire Safety Signs
Pom Evacuation Mask
Portable Escape Ladder
Portable Water Extinguishers
Powder Fire Extinguisher
Powder Fire Extinguisher Valve
Pressure Stored Fire Extinguisher Valve
Protective Fire Fighting Suit
Protective Nbc Suits
Pu Lining Fire Hose
Pushing Fire Extinguisher
Pvc Fire Hose
Pvc Fire Protection Box
Quick Escape Mask
Radiation Detectors
Radiation Suits
Reflective Safety Light
Reflective Armbands
Reflective Fire Resist Tape
Respiratory Protection
Rubber Lined Fire Hoses
Safety Clothing
Safety Gloves
Safety Products
Safety Vest
Single-Jacket Fire Hoses
Small Size Fire Extinguisher
Smoke Alarms
Smoke And Fire Alarm
Smoke Escape Mask
Smoke Mask Kit
Sms Fire Retardant Nonwoven Fabric
Stainless Steel Fire Extinguisher
Steel Fire Door
Survival Poncho
Thermal-Resistant Gloves
Transparent Cylinder For Fire Extinguishers
Trolley Fire Extinguisher
Underground Fire Hydrant
Underground Fire Hydrant Valve
Water Mist Suppression Systems
Water Spray Auto Fire Extinguishing System
Wheeled Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher
Wheeled Foam Fire Extiguisher
Wireless Fire Detector
Wireless Home Security System
Wireless Smoke Detector


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