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Thailand Silk Companies, Thai Silk Manufacturers

Thai silk - one of the most famous fabrics known worldwide as a cloth of quality. Silk cultivation, weaving and the design and manufacture of Thai silk cloth and a myriad of other products is an ancient art with a very modern marketplace.


Tourists to Thailand make a beeline to snap up often overpriced and sometimes inferior quality cloths and products sold under the guise of genuine Thai silk. Many inferior cloths are imported made not from Thai silk but Chinese silk. At a recent meeting of world leaders in Bangkok the Prime Minister of Thailand  presented everyone with a silk shirt which they dutifully donned for the photo shoots. A great advertising stunt and a great advertisement for Thailand. I wonder if the silk shirts were supplied by his wife who runs the biggest Thai silk operation in Thailand.


Thai silk is now used successfully to embellish a great many Thai handicraft products from Thai silk tissue boxes to candle holders and pure silk napkins. Silk is also used to make exquisite and expensive artificial silk flowers.



Nowadays courtesy of the Prime Minister Thailand has embarked on what is called a 'one Tambon one product' scheme' A noble idea to focus the talents of local artisans to produce a single product for each local village. Many of the handicrafts on sale in Bangkok and exported to the corners of the globe come from these simple rural projects


Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your Thai Silk needs please email with your requests.


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Featured Thailand Silk Companies
Ae Weal Company Limited Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Thai silk Fashion Accessories, Silk furnishings and Home Accessories, Silk Scarves, Silk Shawls, Silk Ties, Silk Table Runners
Bulliontex Co.,Ltd.  Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Textiles, Textile Machinery, Interlining, Pongee, Polyester Fabrics, Satin, Curtains, Silk, Chiffon and Taffeta.
E-PAT DESIGN LTD.,PART. Thailand They have a beautiful range of Thai handicrafts, sandstone sculptures, ceramics, wood handicrafts, glassware, souvenirs. bamboo handicrafts, Flower from rubber tree and Thai Silk
Thailand Bridal Thailand Thailand manufacturer of Thai Silk Bridal Gowns, Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaids Dresses, and online wedding dress wholesaler of Bridal Wear, Prom Dresses and Thai Silk Evening Gowns.

Following is a list of some of the silk shops, silk manufacturers and trading companies who deal in Thai silk and some of the silk products that they offer. If you would like Bangkok Companies to help you find the right silk company for you  then please e-mail me

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a.e. weal company limited
able ltd, co.,ltd.
acme apparel co, ltd.
aim to success ltd.,part
alexandra thai silk ltd, part.
almeta company limited
alpreeda thaisilk co.,ltd.
anchalee (nakornphanom thaisilk)
andaman dreams corporation ltd.
anita export ltd, part.
anna thai silk ltd, part.
arachnes co.,ltd.
aree mai thai silk
aree thai silk intertrade co., ltd.
arena exports co, ltd.
aretorn thai silk co, part .
aroma house co., ltd.
arporn thai silk
art of living co, ltd.
arti-flora corporation ltd.
artorn thai silk ltd., part.
asia business alliance co ltd
asian motifs co., ltd.
atsource (thailand) co ltd
b. silk company limited
b.t.f. international co ltd
bangko corporation ltd.
bangkok companies
bangkok corp, ltd.
bangkok florist centre co, ltd.
bangkok siam products ltd, part.
bangkok silk co., ltd.
bangkok silkscreen lp
benjachemi supply ltd.,part.
betty thai silk & jeweler co, ltd.
bogies co, ltd. (bogies thai)
brandish living co, ltd.
brickwall associates co.,ltd.
bualoy thai cotton and silk co.,ltd
c. sim co., ltd
c. thai roong
c.p.c. decal co, ltd.
cha ba and silk route co., ltd.
chabatik at mingmuang co., ltd
chaiyaboon brothers co, ltd.
charoon thai silk ltd, part.
chelae (thailand) co.,ltd.
chitika garment co., ltd.
chonnabot thai silk factory co, ltd.
chul thai silk co., ltd.
daonapa services company limited
darat thai sourvenir co., ltd.
design thai a dividion of jack chia industries (th
design-siam ltd.,part.
dhanu hand paint thai silk co., ltd.
diamond leathercraft co ltd
e.g.g. enterprise co.,ltd.
eagle speed garment mfg. (thailand) co, ltd.
elegant gems & thai silk ltd, part
ella design co., ltd
engreat (thailand) co, ltd.
excellente59 co., ltd
fafon thai silk co., ltd.
fedura co, ltd.
first siam products co.,ltd
floral art & home decor limited partnership
florapassion co ltd
florist design co, ltd.
flower international co, ltd.
fu-gu silkscreen import export co., ltd.
g.h. industries co, ltd.
g.i. holding co.,ltd
general silk design co.,ltd.
global alliance marketing co., ltd.
golden silk co., ltd.
golden thai industries co, ltd.
green leather craft export import co, ltd.
h.m. factory for thai silk co, ltd.
hah heng long thai silk factory ltd, part.
handmade center co, ltd.
hanetech (thailand) co., ltd.
heart and mind florist co.,ltd.
home textile industry corp,. ltd.
infinity allance import export co.,ltd.
inter silk screen
interior centre co.,ltd
inter-krai co, ltd.
jagtar international r.o.p. co, ltd.
january export co, ltd.
jatupol ltd., part.
jidapa thaisilk co.,ltd.
jim thompson's thai silk co, ltd.
joile asia co.,ltd.
jutik co, ltd.(house of jute)
k.m. silkscreen co., ltd.
k.s. green co ltd
kaithong co, ltd.
kamnuankarn co., ltd
kasorn thai silk
khanitha international co, ltd.
khonkaen silk reeling co., ltd
king power international group co, ltd
kitchai silk co., ltd.
kolob intertrade co, ltd.
l.s.n/chicagojeans inc
lina thai silk ltd., part.
m.d.i. homeproduct industry co, ltd.
mahakit overseas co, ltd.
mana patana ltd, part.
manapatana ltd., part.


marathon international co, ltd.
mirth executive co.,ltd.
m-one international co, ltd.
mongkolsutthi co, ltd.
montip 1991 co, ltd.
moonlight arts co.
mulberry co, ltd.
muse art design co., ltd.
nantinee thai silk ltd.,part
narayana phand co., ltd.
natural silk ltd., part., the
necktie siam inter-trade co., ltd.
new farmers co., ltd.
nicks international boutique house
nita's boutique & thai silk
nova system co., ltd.
nutapanit intertrade 2001 limited partnership
o.t. group co., ltd.
p.c. wyne excel fabric group
p.s.p. overseas co., ltd.
padding (thailand) co.,ltd.
pahn-chuen co., ltd.
panadda household co.,ltd.
paradisa designs
patrizia thai silk design co., ltd.
phantana pusa ltd., part.
phil thai silk & gem ltd., part.
piya interior fine arts co ltd
pomsilp silk screen co., ltd.
porn phen thai silk
praewa thaisilk
precious associate ltd., part
prosperex co.,ltd.
quality assembly (thailand) co., ltd.
quality products square limited
raja tailor & thai silk
rama fabrics ltd., part.
rangmai baimon ltd., part.
royal silk holidays co., ltd.
s.d.e.g. co., ltd.
s.d.r. international limited partnership
s.k.k. manufactureing co., ltd.
s.t. embroidery
sai chon thai silk co.,ltd.
satin textiles co., ltd.
satwin export co., ltd.
scala silkscreen co., ltd.
shinano kenshi (thailand) co., ltd.
shinawatra fashion house ltd., part.
shinawatra thai co., ltd.
siam superior silks corporation ltd
siam taj co ltd
sign & silk screen services co.
silco garment co., ltd.
silk avenue co., ltd.
silk corner co., part.
silk cut
silk cut partneeship
silk master co.,ltd.
silk road
silkidol limited partnership
silkroad design co ltd
silkroad publishers agency
singthong neckties co.,ltd.
sirichaikiat co.,ltd.
somporn industries co., ltd.
sritong name plate co., ltd.
style and technology 2000 co.,ltd.
sukanya thai silk
sunny fashions
sunworld trading co ltd
suttipant (thonburi) ltd., part.
t. shinawatra thai silk (thailand) co., ltd.
takahashi plastic co.,ltd
tassie international co ltd
team tec worldwide public company limited
thai decal co.,ltd.
thai eastern industry co., ltd.
thai flute co.,ltd.
thai industrial standards institute
thai living pleasures co., ltd.
thai pan ltd., part
thai panjab co.,tld.
thai printers and finishers co., ltd.
thai silk association
thai silk co ltd, the
thai silk co.,ltd., the
thai silk industries co., ltd.
thai techno plate co., ltd.
thai textile industry public co., ltd.
thai tracks
thailand textile institute
the natural silk ltd.,part
thong seng ltd.,part.
thongseng ltd.,part.
tre-atthaboon industry co.,ltd.
u.d. silkscreen ltd.
vanson (thailand) co., ltd.
vanzon sing thong trading ltd., part.
veronica and associates co ltd
videoart group co.,ltd.
view and c.s. co., ltd.
vipa fashion
v-wizard co.,ltd.
w.o.a. advertising
world sticker lp
yawalagi thai silk (yawalagi co., ltd.)
yeuantong weave co., ltd.
zia international co ltd

Bangkok Companies can help you find the right silk shop to supply your requirements - just send me an email or fill in our  request form for more information or visit our main site Bangkok-Companies

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