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Muay Thai Equipment , Muay Thai Boxing Gloves


We have a great selection of Muay Thai Boxing gloves manufactured by the best boxing glove manufacturers in Thailand and famous names in Muay Thai equipment in Thailand Your choice manufacturer brand or your own brand with your own logo. Why source from a boxing distributor when you can get the lowest prices direct from the factory.
Boxing Gloves for traditional boxing, kick boxing and Muay Thai boxing. Double layers of curved Latex pad inside. Velcro strap on wrist. Thumb attached. These gloves are surprisingly soft and elastic, as only premium quality cow leather can be. Double stitching, done by hand, ensures a much longer usage. The padded area covering the hand is made with soft Latex (not hard Latex, as commonly used), which better protects the knuckles at every impact. Available in RED, BLUE, BLACK and in combination of more colors. Sizes: 8 oz., 10 oz., 12 oz., 14 oz., 16 oz., 18 oz.  
Bag Gloves with curved Latex pad inside. Elastic band on wrist. Open thumb. Available also with covered thumb. Being cowhide very light and flexible, these gloves last much longer than the average ones. Available in RED, BLUE, BLACK, WHITE and combinations of more colors. Sizes: S, M, L, XL  

Bangkok Companies has set up a special department that is dedicated to the sourcing of the best quality Muay Thai products and more important - at the best prices.

To begin with we can offer you two main lines of Muay Thai Boxing Gloves:

  • Thai boxing gloves customized with your own logo and design, outsourced to local manufacturers (the same ones who produce for TWINS and other brands)
  • Muay Thai boxing gloves from the major brands (TWINS, FAIRTEX) or from other manufacturers such as THAISMAI, SBS, FBT, WINDY, KING, NATIONMAN.

If you are looking to source sports equipment from Thailand then email with your requests.

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Following you will find a list Boxing Gloves available from Thai sports equipment companies in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies help you source boxing Gloves or sports equipment of any kind then please email


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