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Thailand is a great place to source luggage of all types such as: Leather Luggage, Aluminium Cases, Genuine Leather Bags, Backpacks, Camera, Medical Carrying Case, Travel Accessories, Briefcases, Laptop, Notebook carrying bags, Childrens Backpacks & Bags, Luggage Parts & Components

Traveling light for me was always a small piece of hand luggage or backpack packed with just the essentials. No long waits at the baggage carousel at the airport. I traveled many times to Thailand for a holiday before I settled down here in Bangkok.

Once ensconced in the hotel I would spend the next couple of days buying new clothes, t-shirts, shorts, socks and underwear. During the last few days I would stock up with polo shirts, tracksuits and football shirts for the return trip. Then the disposable suitcase. Specifications - huge interior space, cheap price, wheels and the ability to survive a one way trip back to the UK. A couple of hefty luggage straps to avoid spillage when the inevitable happened and the zips burst and I was set. The contents of the case once sold to my friends down the pub would pay for my next ticket back to The Land of Smiles.


Nowadays I don't travel so much and a long lasting lockable and compact sized suitcase has served my needs for many years now for that occasional business trip to Honk Kong or Singapore.

If you are looking to source luggage, suitcases, bags of any type then please email with your requests. If you are looking for polo shirts, tracksuits and football shirts to put in your suitcase then please be aware that I only deal nowadays in factory lots or wholesale quotas and all the Thai products I deal in are 100% legal no fakes, no copy designer labels, no knock offs - sorry!!

  • Leather Luggage
  • Aluminium Cases
  • Genuine Leather Bags
  • Backpacks
  • Camera, Medical Carrying Case
  • Travel Accessories
  • Briefcases
  • Laptop, Notebook carrying bags
  • Childrens Backpacks & Bags
  • Luggage Parts & Components

Travel Luggage Sets Crocodile Leather Briefcases Antique Suitcases
. .
Leather Pilot Bag Aluminum Camera Bag Wheeled Luggage
Leather Motorcycle Saddle Bags Hard Shell Luggage Crocodile Leather Hold all
Following you will find lists of luggage products from companies involved in the luggage business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a Thailand luggage company or simply supply a database of these luggage companies then please email
4-piece luggage set
5-piece luggage set
6-piece luggage set
abs attache case
abs luggage
accessory cases
aluminum attache case.
aluminum attaches
aluminum carrying cases
aluminum cases
aluminum pilot case
antique suitcase
ata cases
ata shipping cases
atlantic luggage
atlantic suitcase
attache cases
audio carrying case
backpack suitcase
backpack with lunch box
bag & luggage accessories
bag fittings
bag leather luggage
bag parts
bag shoulder pads
bangkok luggage
barbie suitcase
baseline luggage
basic toiletry carry-all
batman suitcase
bentley luggage store
betty boop suitcase
beverage tote
blow-molded carrying cases
blow-molded cases
blue wheeled suitcase
bob the builder suitcase
body packs
bottle guard
briefcase laptop
briefcases - leather
briefcases & attaches
brown ladies shoulder bag
brown leather ladies bag
burrbury suitcase
business case
camcorder bag
camera bags
cardboard suitcase
cardboard suitcase box
cargo bag
carlton suitcase
carry on luggage
carry on suitcase
carrying case leather
carrying cases
carrying cases for computers
carry-on bags
carry-on rolling flight bag
cases & bags
cat carrier
cat suitcase
cd holder
champion luggage
cheap luggage
cheap suitcase
chemically resistant bags
chemically resistant luggage
child luggage
child suitcase
childs suitcase
coach luggage
compact toiletry kit
computer backpack
computer briefcases
computer cases
cool wine bag
cooler bag
cosmetic bag
cosmetic cases
couture leather diary
cowhide luggage
crocodile wallet
custom carrying cases
custom computer cases
custom foam inserts
custom foam interiors
deluxe garment bag
deluxe mobile traveler
deluxe shoe satchel
designer knockoff luggage
designer luggage
diaper backpack
discount luggage
disney luggage
disney princess suitcase
dj shoulder bag
doctor bag
doctors bag
dog carrier
doll storage suitcase
doll suitcase
double expander 3-piece set
dowel briefcase,
drop handle organiser briefcase
duffel bag suitcase
duffel bags
duffel bags & more
dugout bag
electronics carrying case
electronics carrying cases
equipment bag
essentials organizer
eva luggage
eva molded
executive deluxe case
executive leather notebook carrying case
executive organiser briefcase
expandable upright suiter
expanding attache case
expanding attache case.
fabricated cases
fanny packs
fashionable ladies bag
first class roller
flapover briefcase
flapover leather briefcase
flapover polyester briefcase
flight bag
fly rod cases
fresh water crocodile bag
game bag
garment bags
garment cover
genuine crocodile luggage
gladstone bag
gps cases
graphic cases
grooming organizer
gucci luggage
guide bag
guitar cases
gun cases
handbag luggage
handbag luggage wholesale
hanging toiletry kit
hanging travel kit
hard side suitcase
hard sided suitcase
hard suitcase
hardside luggage
hardside suitcase
hello kitty suitcase
hero luggage
innovation luggage
instrument cases
jewelry roll
kid luggage
kid rolling suitcase
kid suitcase
kids gear
kids luggage
ladies leather bag
laptop briefcase
laptop carrying case
laptop cases
laptop computer bag
laptop sleeves
laptop stand suitcase
large carry-on
large uprights
leather attachable carry-all
leather attaches
leather bags
leather briefcases
leather carrying case for palm
leather carry-ons
leather covers
leather deluxe mobile traveler
leather dual-access rolling computer
leather duffles
leather expanding attache case
leather garment bags
leather goods
leather handbags
leather luggage
leather luggage best sellers
leather luggage purse
leather madison avenue handbag
leather motorcycle luggage bag
leather purse
leather suitcase
leather tear drop bag
leather toiletry kits
leather totes
leather wine tote
leatherette briefcases
letter pads
lightweight luggage
lingerie case
locker bag
locker stand bag
locker travel kit
louis vitton luggage
louis vuitton luggage
louis vuitton suitcase
luggage accessory
luggage alarms
luggage backpack
luggage bag
luggage belt
luggage buckles
luggage carrier
luggage carriers
luggage cart
luggage cart parts
luggage carts
luggage fittings
luggage handles
luggage lock
luggage locking components
luggage manufacturer
luggage padlocks
luggage parts
luggage pierre cardin
luggage rack
luggage racks
luggage set
luggage sets
luggage stand
luggage stands
luggage strap
luggage straps
luggage suitcase
luggage tags
luggage travel
lunch bag
magic suitcase
medical carrying case
medical carrying cases
medical equipment cases
medium pet carrier
medium uprights
messenger bags
messenger diaper bag
metal suitcase
milan carrier
mini suitcase
mobile laptop business trolley
mobile office trolley case
mobile traveler garment bag
mobile traveler with garment sleeve
modern briefcase
motorcycle luggage
mp3 player case
multifunction office suitcase
musical equipment carrying case
musical gear cases
old fashioned duffel bag
one night suiter garment bag
organiser briefcase
ostrich leather bags
overnight bags
overnight garment cover
overnight luggage
p.e. molded
p.p. molded suitcase
packaging carrying cases
packing accessories
pack-it sac
passport case
passport cases
pattern luggage
pattern sets
personal kit
personalized child luggage
personalized luggage
personalized luggage tag
pet carriers
pet tote
petite backpack
picnic backpack
picnic bag
picnic basket
picnic box
pierre cardin bags
pierre cardin luggage
pilot case
pilot cases
pink suitcase
plastic cases
plastic suitcase
polyester pilot case
portable roller carrying case
prada bag
prada handbag
prada luggage
product cases display cases
pucci emilio cosmetic bag
pvc attaches
pvc briefcase
ralph lauren luggage
ready-to-ship cases
rear organiser briefcase
roll bags
rolling back pack
rolling backpack w/ wheels
rolling computer cases w/ wheels
rolling duffel bags w/ wheels
rolling garment bags
rolling gear bag
rolling luggage
rolling notebook case
rolling suitcase
round suitcase
rugged golf bag cover
samsonite luggage
samsonite suitcase
samsonite wheeled luggage
scooby doo suitcase
see product details
sensitive electronic equipment carrying cases
shave kit
sherpa on wheels
shipping cases
shoe caddy
shopping cart
shopping luggage
siam extreme travel gear
small camera bag
small travel bags
soft calf leather luggage
soft sided polyester pilot case
soft travel satchel
softside luggage
soft-sided bag
specialty bags
sport bag
sport cases
sport duffels
sporting carrying cases
stacking suitcase
strong backpack
stylish ladies bag
suitcase for kid
suitcase handle
suitcase hard
suitcase luggage
suitcase luggage strap
suitcase manufacturer
suitcase stand
suitcase straps
superlight carry-on
swiss army luggage
swiss army werks cargo duffel
synthetic leather notebook carrying case
tapestry luggage
tapestry original carrier
tennis duffle
thai luggage product
thai suitcase manufacturer
thailand luggage
thailand luggage product
thailand suitcase manufacturer
thermoformed cases
thinkpad carrying case
tie case
toiletry kits
tool cases
top-zip travel bag
tote bags
tough plastic equipment case
tourist luggage
transit cases
travel accessories
travel bags
travel bar
travel kit
travel luggage
travel luggage suitcase
travel set
travel suitcase
travel tech suitcase
travel trio
travel wallets
traveling bags
trolley backpack with flap
tulse luper suitcase series
tumi luggage
twin handle executive briefcase
universal notebook carrying
urban bags
urban travel roller
us luggage
useful briefcase
vacuum-formed cases
victorinox luggage
victorinox swiss army werks traveler
vintage suitcase
wallet crocodile
watertight bags
watertight luggage
weekend business trolley case
weekend duffel
wheeled backpacks
wheeled bags
wheeled briefcases
wheeled duffel
wheeled duffles
wheeled garment bag
wheeled luggage
wheeled luggage best sellers
wheeled luggage by samsonite
wheeled upright
wholesale handbag luggage
wholesale luggage
wine case
wine tote leather
womens laptop satchel
womens luggage
woven leather hobo
woven leather tote
zip top leather briefcase


If you are looking to source or sell luggage products in Thailand then please complete the request form for more information or visit our main site Bangkok-Companies

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