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Please don't think twice about renting an automobile, car, or motorcycle in Thailand. Think three times!!! I have considerable experience with cars, driving cars and renting automobiles back in the UK. I was a driving instructor and ran many driving school operations back home before I made the move to Bangkok.

Driving in Thailand has many pitfalls as well as potholes. Then there are the pitfalls of actually renting a car. There is no doubt that the famous international automobile rental companies like Avis are above board, if a little expensive. However the standard of business practices amongst Thailand's auto rental companies is often described as somewhere between horrendous and a nightmare.

Consider alternative forms of transport. Some cheap, some expensive. Some pretty ordinary some certainly extra-ordinary.

Go by plane - Thailand although not a large country when compared to The States, Canada or some European countries like Spain or France is long from north to south 2,000 Kilometers.


The three main tourist areas of Chiang Mai in the north, Phuket in the south and Bangkok in the middle are interconnected by a domestic airline service run by Thai airways and nowadays by local low cost airlines like Nok Air and AirAsia. An internal flight from the Bangkok hub takes about an hour to most destinations.

Take the train - there is a limited train service to the north, northeast and to the south. Journeys are long but choosing an overnight trip can save money for the budget minded, backpacker type of traveler. Don't forget your Lonely Planet guide - it can serve as an uncomfortable pillow on a long journey. Come to think about it this is probably the most useful purpose of the Lonely Planet guide that I can think of.

Hire an elephant - The only way to travel around Thailand two or three hundred years ago. The history books tell us it took about three months and four elephants to travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Nowadays you can hire an elephant by the hour or by the day to go elephant trekking in the northern forests. Just fine for the adventurous traveler. Don't forget to pack a big bucket and spade

Charter a yacht - for you millionaires out there this has got to be the way to go. Hire a yacht, sailboat, motorized cruiser or catamaran and sail the southern islands. I have some breaking news about yacht chartering in Thailand that is going to bring the cost down to accommodate the budgets of more normal tourists. Contact me for more details

Captain a Kayak - a low cost alternative but I think just as pleasurable activity as chartering a yacht.

My Choice - Take the bus - Thailand is blessed by a network of reasonable highways that connect all the major cities and small towns. Two or three major bus operators ply these routes transporting millions of passengers a year at very reasonable costs. A ten hour bus journey in a VIP tour bus, air conditioned, on board movies, fully reclining seats for less than 10$US. They even stop once or twice at roadside restauarants and the food is included in the ticket price.

Still want to rent a car? OK the choice is yours. Bangkok Companies can put you in touch or arrange your rental car at prices much cheaper than Avis. With or without a driver. Oh and arrange the insurance.

Want to rent a motorcycle? - Again up to you. I want nothing to do with this. Just keep my mobile number 09 884-0014 for reference. I can arrange a good doctor, and emergency hospital treatment. Please take out a good medical or holiday insurance that covers you for repatriation by medivac or returning your remains home for burial. You have been warned!!

If you require any information on this sector please email with your requests.

Rent a car (Medium cost - Medium risk) Rent a motorcycle (Low cost - High risk) Rent a forklift truck (Medium cost - High low carrying Capacity)
Kayaking round the islands Cramped but cute Hire an elephant
My Choice tour by Rot Tour GT or ET Practical Auto Rentals
BTS - The best in Bangkok Yacht charter (High cost - but what a way to travel!) Take the train - slow but sure
Featured Thailand Automobile Rental Companies
Q.C. Leasing Co.Ltd. Thailand Thailand based vehicle rental and car leasing service providing Car rental, vehicle leasing, passenger car, pickup, van, sports utility and pick-up truck

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