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Thailand is a good place to source batteries of all types such as batteries for Cars, batteries for motorcycles, batteries for laptops and computer notebooks and PDA batteries.

Bangkok Companies has experience sourcing the following products: Automotive Batteries, Sealed Lead Acid Batteries, Motorcycle Batteries, Battery Chargers, Alkaline Batteries, Battery Components, Car Batteries, Mobile Phone Batteries, Calculator Batteries, Laptop Notebook Batteries, Electric Bikes, Clock Batteries, PDA Batteries, Electronic Equipment, Electronic Alarms, Digital Camera Batteries, Electronic Toys, Watch Batteries.

More and more battery products are being produced for an ever increasing range of portable personal electronic devices like MP3 players, iPods, handheld computers and telecommunication devices like PDA's and mobile phones. I just bought a digital camera, followed by an extra set of rechargeable batteries, followed by a battery charger to charge the new batteries.

Most of these batteries come from China. However there are a number of major manufacturers of batteries in Thailand as well as hundreds of companies who produce specialized batteries. In addition Thailand is home to literally thousands of factories large and small who produce products that need batteries. From large items like cars, trucks and electric powered vehicles like electric Tuk Tuks and electric golf carts to smaller consumer items like electric shavers and electronic toys.


One of the main problems that is encountered when sourcing popular products is that the manufacturers often have a customer or distributor in place already in your location. There is a solution however. We source not only from the main producers but also from the large number of medium sized factories or new enterprises that are eager to do business with you.

If you require any information on this sector or indeed are looking for batteries, battery related products or electronic goods that use batteries then Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your battery needs please email with your requests.



Automotive Batteries Sealed Lead Acid Batteries Motorcycle Batteries
Battery Chargers Alkaline Batteries Battery Components
Car Batteries Mobile Phone Batteries Calculator Batteries
Laptop Notebook Batteries Electric Bike Clock Batteries
PDA Batteries Electronic Equipment Electronic Alarms
Digital Camera Batteries Electronic Toys Watch Batteries
Featured Thailand Batteries Companies
ZIN SIAM CO., LTD. Thailand Thailand Exporter of Dry Charge Automotive Batteries and Motorcycle Batteries

Following you will find lists of batteries products from companies involved in the batteries business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a battery company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

A Batteries
Aaa Batteries
Agm Batteries
Alkaline Batteries
Alkaline Battery
Alkaline Battery Products
Autometer Testers
Automotive Battery Terminals
Battery Appliances
Battery Chargers
Battery Checkers
Battery Clips
Battery Equaliser
Battery Holders
Battery Jumper Cables
Battery Pack Modules
Battery Packs
Battery Snaps
Battery Tender
Battery Testers
Battery-Operated Fans
Battery-Operated Hand Tools
Battery-Operated Lanterns
Battery-Operated Toys
Bb Batteries
Button Batteries
Button-Cell Batteries
Camcorder Batteries
Camcorder Chargers
Camera Batteries
Camera Battery Chargers
Camera Battery Packs
Car Batteries
Car Battery Chargers
Car Battery Savers
Carbon Earth
Carbon Rods For Dry Battery
Carbon Zinc Batteries
Cell Phone Batteries
Cell Phone Chargers
Coin Cel Batteries
Computer Batteries
Computer Power-Saving Devices
Concorde Batteries
Cordless Phone Batteries
Csb Batteries
Cylindrical-Type Lithium Batteries
Di Cans For Battery
Digital Camera Batteries
Digital Camera Chargers
Dive Computer Batteries
Door Lock Batteries
Dry-Cell Batteries
Dvd Batteries
Dynasty Batteries
Eaglepicher Batteries
Electric Cart Batteries
Electric Toothbrushes
Emergency Mobile Charger
Flash Lights
Fuji Batteries
Gauging Carbon
Gel Batteries
Golf Cart Batteries
Hawker Gates Batteries
Hearing Aid Batteries
High Voltage Batteries
Interacter Battery Chargers
Ipod Accessories
Ipod Batteries
Jet Ski Batteries
Kawata Batteries
Laptop Batteries
Lead-Acid Batteries
Lifecycle Batteries
Lifeline Batteries
Lion Batteries
Lithium Batteries
Lithium Coin Batteries
Lithium Ion Batteries
Lithium Ion Battery
Lithium Polymer Batteries
Manganese Batteries
Men's Electric Shavers & Trimmers
Mobile Phone Batteries
Mobile Phone Battery
Mobile Phone Battery Cases
Mobile Phone Battery Chargers
Mobile Phone Battery Packs
Motorcycle Batteries
Motorcycle Battery
Mp3 Batteries
Ni Metal Hydride Batteries
Nicad Batteries
Nicd Batteries
Ni-Cd Cells
Nightstar Flashlight
Nimh Batteries
Ni-Mh Batteries
Notebook Batteries
Notebook Computer Battery Packs
Notebook Computer Power Adapters
Optima Batteries
Panasonic Batteries
Panasonic Battery
Pda Batteries
Pda Battery Chargers
Phone Batteries
Portable Battery
Portable Dvd Batteries
Portable Jump Starters
Portable Li-Polymer Battery
Power Batteries
Power Connectors
Power Tool Batteries
Powertank Jump Starter
Pp3 Batteries
Razor Batteries
Rc Car Batteries
Rechargeable Batteries
Rotary Charger
Satellite Radio Batteries
Scanner Batteries
Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries
Sla Batteries
Solar Battery Charger
Solar Cells
Solar Chargers
Specialty Batteries
Standard Battery Chargers
Stationary Lead-Acid Battery
Storage Battery
Surge Protectors
Switching Power Supplies
Toy Phones
Train Sets
Two-Way Radio Battery Packs
Union Batteries
Universal Batteries
Ups Batteries
Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries
Vehicle Batteries
Watch Batteries
Wheel Chair Batteries
Yasai Batteries
Yuasa Sla Batteries
Zinc Chloride Batteries


If you are looking to source or sell batteries products in Thailand then please complete the request form for more information or visit our main site Bangkok-Companies

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