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. This page is about Corporate English Teaching in Bangkok Thailand and teachers in Thailand - and work teaching English in Thailand.

Normally we devote our information pages to an overview of the subject at hand and a list of the products, services and the names of the companies that provide them.

However I am devoting this page to only one language training company in Bangkok. The best company with the best courses and the best teachers - How do I know? well English at Work is my company!!

Welcome to English at Work!

This website provides you and your company with the necessary information to choose the right teacher and the right English language training courses for your employees.

Looking for a job teaching English in Thailand?

Looking for an English teacher in Thailand?

Looking for The right English course for your company?

Our Mission is to give guidance and support to companies in choosing the appropriate language training courses for their employees and to deliver these courses through the use of experienced, native-speaking teachers. We also aim to provide excellent materials and resources carefully tailored to match the special needs of each client.

English at Work provides the following services -

  • In-house Language Training – we come to your company and teach your employees at times that suit you.
  • Course Designing - we consult with you to provide the best course content to suit your company's needs and your staff’s language abilities. Click here for more information about how we design courses.
  • Testing and Assessment - It is necessary for your employees to be tested and for their language ability to be assessed so that they can be put into groups before starting training. Click here for more information on 'Testing and Assessment'.
  • Progress Evaluation – Our teachers write mid-course and final reports, with detailed individual student evaluations, to show how your staff are responding to training. The performance of your staff in their jobs is also a useful way to measure the effectiveness of our training.
  • Additional Resources – Our website contains useful resources for your employees to improve their English independently and our teachers actively encourage their students to take full advantage of this opportunity.

We have posted resumes and cv's of teachers as a service to companies in Bangkok looking for a corporate English teacher and for teachers in Bangkok looking for permanent teaching positions or for part time contracts with Thai companies and individual Thai students in Thailand. If you want to submit resume or you have a teaching job in Bangkok or elsewhere in Thailand then please send to 

Our Courses

General Business English (40 hours)

This course is designed to stimulate participants to share ideas, opinions, and experiences with each other in an English language business environment. The topics are practical and interesting, the kinds of things that one wants to talk about in any language and the aim of the course is to improve the participants English in a way which will allow them to achieve more in their jobs. The participants spoken English will be improved through "Communication Activities" which simulate real-life business situations such as negotiating, describing processes and making appointments. This is a structured and systematic course but also a fun course designed to bring a smile into the work environment. The course can be taken at three different levels - elementary, intermediate and advanced.

English for Import-Export Companies (40 hours)

Dealing with foreign companies in an international environment inevitably involves communicating in 'their' language which is usually English. Modern forms of communication have given rise to the immediacy of cheap and reliable ways of doing business. Being able to communicate by telephone, fax, letter and especially e-mail is imperative in the global market place. Our basic course is adapted to your own company situation, using real-time and real situations. Subjects covered include financial transactions - billing and collecting payments and how to get your message across in Import-Export directories and web trading sites.

English for the Hotel and Tourism Industry (40 hours)

In order to provide a high level of service, employees of hotel and travel companies must be able to communicate effectively and politely in the language of their customers. This module recognises the particular language needs of hotel and tourism employees and trains them to respond appropriately to the situations which arise in their professional lives.

A wide range of topics are covered which are relevant to all employees in the hotel or tourism industry. If employees from the same departments study in the same groups then special attention can be given to the situations that they encounter in those departments. This is done by spending more time on certain parts of the textbook and by using additional materials when required. If employees from different departments study together then the module will be more general and will cover all areas but in less detail. This module can be taken at elementary to advanced level.

English for Trade Fairs (40 hours)

For many companies, trade fairs are the most effective way of finding new customers. Being successful at a trade fair does not just depend on having a good product. It also depends on dealing with potential customers effectively. This involves having the necessary language and sales skills. This module, unique among language schools in Bangkok, focuses specifically on preparing employees to be more effective at trade shows. It covers topics such as greeting guests; describing products; explaining sales procedures, such as trial orders; making small talk; feeling confident; dealing with difficult customers and sales techniques.

Business Writing (20+ hours)

A new approach to English business writing which will help participants to improve and develop business communication skills as well as the recording of their business ideas in the writing of letters, memos and reports in English. The participants will have a chance to practice both writing and reading skills. Students are encouraged to use real life business communications that they use every day in the format that is applicable. Sample material on computer disc is provided to give students easy access to their study materials. Checking of homework and class work by e-mail is a new feature of this course which is proving very popular with students and teachers alike.

Complete E-mail (20 hours)

This is one of the newest and most popular of our courses. Certain elements are covered in the Business Writing course. However this course covers much more and goes into detail about using e-mail and the most popular e-mail programs like Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora.

Office English (40 hours)

This is a general course encompassing many of the skills needed by office staff: telephoning; greeting customers; taking care of foreign staff members; dealing with paperwork and correspondence. Two levels are offered on this course (elementary and intermediate).

Telephone English (20 hours)

This course is designed to help participants to understand and practice good English telephone skills. The pre-planning of calls whether they be incoming or outgoing is an essential skill which staff need in order to communicate effectively on the telephone. Confidence gained on this course should lead to a significant increase in staff productivity and a reduction in wasted time due to misunderstandings and wasted re-contacts.

Keyman (20 hours+)

Business English for senior management and executives. At last a course that recognises the special needs of the busy executive. There is no set course syllabus. A lengthy pre-course interview ensures maximum effectiveness in targeting the important language areas to be improved and the situations in which it will be used. Flexibility in class scheduling allows for the easing of that age old problem 'how to fit in the time for study.'

Business Presentations (20 hours)

Presenting your product or service, whether to a large meeting or in an office situation, needs special skills. Often these are the same skills required of a teacher. Preparation of your presentation and preparation of the language you will need will give you that extra confidence to make a good job of your next important showing.

Business Meetings (20 hours)

Conducting or participating in important business meetings are often daunting tasks. Even more so when one is doing it in a second language. Preparation is all important. Knowing what you are going to say and anticipating what will be said by the other parties. This course deals in with both preparation and execution and involves lots of role playing of different types of meetings.

Sales & Marketing (40 hours)

Marketing and Sales are two aspects of the corporate world that have great influence and indeed serve to control almost every part of a company’s activities. In an ever increasing English speaking business environment getting the message across and closing sales is more important than ever. This course comprehensively covers various aspects of marketing and sales: Market research - Planning a market research campaign - Designing questionnaires - Analysing results - Applying marketing principles - Promotion and advertising - Sales meetings - Arranging and conducting sales meetings and sales demonstrations.

Customer Service (40 hours)

This course is designed to familiarise staff of all levels with the concepts of customer care. Identifying who the customers are and what their needs and expectations are allows companies to not only satisfy these needs but to excel. Dealing with complaints is given a totally new approach - how to deal with problems so effectively that the complainant turns into a loyal and repeat customer.


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