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Thailand Bedding Companies, Thai Silk Bedding Manufacturers


Thailand is famous for Thai silk. This exquisite material is made into some wonderful Thai Silk bedding items. Whether you are looking for cheap bedding or high quality and high priced 100% Thai Silk quilts, Thai silk sheets, quilted bed covers and Thai silk pillow cases, Thailand is the place to find them.

Ten to fifteen years ago I was at a lost to find good quality and interesting products in Thai shops and department stores. Yes there were many very high priced imported goods to be found. However it puzzled me. I had already seen the fine goods that Thai bedding companies were producing. Where were they?

The mystery was solved when I worked doing some training for the Bangkok sourcing office of a major European Department store chain. The manager there was the key man - key in terms of he controlled the keys to the showroom stockroom. Manufacturers are scared. Scared of having their new designs on the local market. Scared of having these precious creations copied by local competitors.

Nowadays there are so many fine Thai bedding manufacturers and the local domestic market much more powerful that I know a few manufacturers who actually launch their products on the local market first as a consumer test before committing to export. Of course foreign buyers are still ordering OEM products which follow the usual strict secrecy codes.

Whether you are looking to have your own bedding designs made up or want to order existing items from manufacturers catalogs Thailand must be a sure fire choice. Textiles are easily available, and good quality. In addition their are other markets close by such as China, Vietnam and India where fabrics can be easily and cheaply imported. Bangkok Companies has close contacts with Thailand Bedding manufacturers as well as the fabric importers.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your furnishings and bedding needs please email with your requests.



Pure Thai Silk Fabrics Coordinated High Quality Bedding Nursery Bedding
Massage Table Covers Mosquito Netting 100% Thai Silk Bedding
Cotton Down Filled Quilts Folding Beds Traditional Thai Triangle Pillows
Lace Bed Valences Kid's Bedding Hotel Bedding
Featured Thailand Bedding Manufacturers
Ae Weal Company Limited Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Thai silk Fashion Accessories, Silk furnishings and Home Accessories, Silk Scarves, Silk Shawls, Silk Ties, Silk Table Runners
H & B Intertex Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Stuffed Toys Manufacturer, Soft Dolls, Home Textile Products, Baby Shoes & Children's Bedding, Nursery Bedding, Nursery Furnishings
T&C INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD Thailand Thai manufacturer of Baby Products, Bedding sets, pillows, educational toys and soft toys, Milk feeding bottles, baby accessories
U& A Home Decoration Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thai manufacturer and exporter of home textiles and furnishings such as: Kitchen Textiles, Bedding, Satin Pleat Bedspreads, Wave Bedspreads, Kids Bedspreads, Furnishings, Aprons, Chair Pads, Amenity Sets, Indoor Chair Pads, Garden Chair Pads, Curtains, Bathrobes, Canvas Cushions covers, Oven mitts, Woven Fabrics, Embroidery, Towels, Quilted bedspreads, Placemats, Cloths Table Runners

Bee House Co.,ltd.
We are buying agent of UK buyer. We supply all most all products to Hotel. Curtain, Pillow, Duvet, Electronic, Ceramic ware, Laundry, and etc. We are sourcing products from southeast asian. and gather all products inquired and ship to customers.
Products: Linen products, leather product, textile, Cotton Fabrics, Curtain, Towel & Handkerchief, Leather

Fashion Hometex
Have been established for 8 years for sewing house also have more than 66 years in Polyester plants; yarns, fabric, dyeing and printing. Our running items are Polar Fleece Blanket, Cushion, and bedding sets
Products: Polar Fleece Blanket, Cushion, Bedding set

Globalmattress Company Limited
We are wholesale bedding&mattress manufacture which has been in Thailand business for 30 years. We currently owned new technology. Which set high standard to our products and increase our products capacity. We also make products according to our customer requirements. We provide fine quality products and our price are competitive.
Products: Mattress, bedding accessories, Air Beds & Air Mattresses

Hotel Network Co., Ltd
Hotel network company limited is a professional and experienced operative in the hotel industry. Our principle activity is to provide essential services to owners and managers of hotels, tourist resorts, guest houses, and establishments offering visitor accommodations. The structure of our services focus on efficiency, cost effectiveness and the improvement of profit at all levels of such operations
Products: Hotel supplies, bedding set, Guest Amenities, Towel & Handkerchief, Hotel Furniture

Kvs Worldwide
We are Thailand based manufacturer and exporter of high quality all kinds of spring ,spring mattresses, bedding sets, massage chairs and pillows .We export in India ,and European countries.
Products: We offer best quality spring all sizes, spring mattresses, coir mattress, bedding sets massage chairs and pillows.

Mahasawas Textile
Mahasawas textile - Thailand, was established in 1979. The company manufactures various types of high quality t/c and cotton fabrics with modern machines. In 2005, the company was excited to announce its new division; high quality bedding products. We are looking to partner with agencies in expanding our business to the United States and Europe. We are very proud to produce high quality fabrics, keep promise to customer and deliver overall higher standard.
Products: Cotton fabrics, bed sheet & cover

Manufacturer of bedding line. Based in Samut Prakan, near Bangkok, Thailand. With over 20 years of experience. We have raw material for producing pillow. Such as waste fiber, kapok fiber. My products are all of pillows (sleep pillow, bolster, neck pillow, bedsheet, blanket)
Products Textiles and finished goods for bedding line. Bedding Set, Blanket, Pillows, Sheet & Cover

Siam Feather Products Co. Ltd.
Siam Feather Products Co., Ltd has been sourcing, processing and supplying the finest quality Duck and Goose Down and Feather for the international market since the 1940ís.

Silk Room Thailand
Specialist supplier of Thai Silk bedding and complete design and furniture options

Slumberland - Thailand
Slumberland - the most comfortable place in the world, check out all descriptions about mattress from England together with tips in choosing the right mattress.

Suriya Quilting
As a leading bedding manufacturer in Thailand, we produce bed sheets, quilts, comforters, mattresses, pillows, bolsters, and curtains.

World of Thai Silk
Welcome to World of Thai Silk Online Fabric Store. In addition to pure Thai silk fabric for a wedding dress, a bridal gown, upholstery, drape or curtain, we also supply finished products made from this wonderful fabric.

Following you will find lists of bedding products available from companies involved in the bedding business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a bedding company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

100% Cotton Bedding Products
100% Cotton Bedding Set
100% Cotton Bedspread
100% Cotton Blanket
100% Cotton Chenille Bed Linen
100% Cotton Duvet Set
100% Cotton Jacquard Bed Linen
100% Cotton Knitted Blanket
100% Cotton Knitting Towel Fitted Sheet
100% Cotton Pillow
100% Cotton Pillow Cover
100% Cotton Pillowcase
100% Cotton Printed Bed Set
100% Cotton Printed Bedding Set
100% Cotton Quilt Cover
100% Cotton Quilted Bedspreads
100% Cotton Towel Blankets
100% Polyester Acrylic Blanket
100% Polyester Mattress Pads
100% Polyester Mosquito
100% Pure Silk-Filled Quilt
100% Silk Bed Linen
100% Thai Silk Bedding Sets
Acrylic Blanket
Acrylic Thermal Blanket
Antibacterial Fiber Pillow
Babies' Comforter
Babies Cotton Bedding Quilt
Babies Crib Bed Set
Baby Basket Sets
Baby Bed In Bear Design
Baby Bed Linen
Baby Bedding
Baby Bedding Products
Baby Bedding Set
Baby Blanket
Baby Blankets
Baby Sleeping Bag Made Of Nylon Taffeta
Baby Sleeping Bags
Baby Support Pillow
Baby's Pillow
Bamboo Charcoal-Stuffed Pillow
Bamboo Fiber Bed Set
Bamboo Fiber Jacquard Bed Set
Beaded Neck Pillow
Bed Cover Made Of 100% Cotton
Bed Cover Sets
Bed Covers
Bed Skirt
Bedding Accessories
Bedding Set For Babies
Bedding Suitable For Hotel
Black Toile Quilt Bedding Set
Blanket Made Of 100% Silk
Blanket Made Of Polar Fleece
Camping Blanket
Child Bed Linen
Children Patchwork Quilt
Children Sleeping Bag
Children's Bedding
Children's Mosquito Net Fits Twin Bed
Comforter Made Of Cotton With Polyester Padding
Cotton And Polyester Patched Quilt
Cotton Bedding Flannel Sheet
Cotton Bedding Set
Cotton Bedding Sets
Cotton Duvet
Cotton Flannel Sheet
Cotton Jacquard Comforter
Cotton Jacquard Dyed Velvet Quilt
Cotton Pillow Filled
Cotton Quilt
Cotton Woven Dyed Blanket
Cvc Printed Bedsheet Set
Double Pillows
Down And Feather Quilt
Down Pillow
Down Quilt Sized With Lace
Down Quilt With Cotton Shell
Duckdown Quilt
Duvet Filled With 100% Mulberry Silk
Dyed And Woven Bedding Set
Embroidered Bed Cover
Embroidered Bedding Set
Embroidered Pillowcases
Embroidered Polar Fleece Blanket
Embroidered Quilted Bed Spread
Embroidery Bed Cover Set
Embroidery Bedspread Set
Embroidery Duvet Cover Set
Fashionable Mosquito Net
Feather Sleeping Bag
Fiber Pillow
Fitted Sheet Made Of 100% Cotton Knitting Towel
Fleece Blankets
Flower Patched Quilt
Foldable Baby Mattress
Four-Hole Fiber Pillow
Goose Down Duvet
Goose Down Quilt
Handmade Quilted Duvet
Hotel Bedding
Incontinence Underpads
Infant Bed Linen
Infant's Quilt
Jacquard Fabric Mosquito Net For Children
Jacquard Top Cover
Kid Bed Linen
King Size Bed Set
Latex Pillow
Lyocell Fabric
Machine Stitched Blankets
Machine Washable Quilts
Machine-Stitched Quilt
Memory Foam Pillow With Cotton Cover
Microfibre Printed Quilt
Mosquito Net
Mosquito Net Decorated With Butterflies
Multi-Colored Fleece Travel Blanket
Neck Cushion
Nylon Picnic Blanket
Oversize Printed Down Throw
Patchwork Quilt
Pillow With Memory Foam
Plain Down Quilt
Polar Fleece Baby Blanket
Polar Fleece Blanket
Polyester Bedding Sets
Polyester Coral Fleece Blanket
Polyester Filled Pillow
Polyester Quilt
Printed Baby Bedding Quilt
Printed Bedding Sets
Printed Bedsheet
Printed Design Blanket
Printed Quilt
Printed Satin Butterfly Pillow
Printed Squishy Pillows
Programmable Electric Heating Blanket
Pure Cotton Single Needle Quilt
Queen Size Bed Set
Queen-Size Bed Set
Quilt Cover Set
Quilt Made Of Cotton
Quilt With Patchwork
Quilt With Polyester Padding
Quilting Pillows And Bolsters
Quilts With Pure Cotton Cover
Satin Bedding Sets
Satin Jacquard Embroidered Bed Cover
Seamless Cotton Bedding Sets
Sheep Wool Quilt
Silk Comforter Filled With 100% Mulberry Silk
Silk Quilt
Single Needle Quilt With Jacquard Fabric
Single Needle Quilt With Pure Cotton Face Fabric
Soft Bolsters
Soft Bolsters With Fringes
Soft Quilt
Soy Bean Fiber Bed Sets
Stripe Satin Bed Cover Set
Striped Design Blanket
Tea Pillow
Thaisilk Design Bedding Sets
Travel Blanket
Twin Size Bed Set
Velour Sleeping Bag In Bear Design
White Goose Down Quilts
White Quilts


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