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Always finding new products. Bowflex - great descriptive name for some outstanding home gym fitness equipment. I was impressed with the innovative flexible rods that replace the conventional weight & pulley system.

Expensive here in Thailand. These products are imported and will be sold using direct TX marketing by TV direct. How do I know? - an insiders view of the fitness sales and marketing business in Thailand coming soon.

Fitness centres are springing up all over Bangkok. Equipped with imported gym machines and domestically produced fitness equipment these modern 'Bangkok sweat shops' cater to the overweight expat, foreign tourists and surprisingly a growing number of normally sedentary Thais who throng to burn off a few kilos in a lunchtime or after work workout.

The fees for these fitness establishments are not cheap. Monthly or yearly subscriptions are only for the well heeled Thai executive and not for the ordinary office worker.


Years ago I was asked to source fitness equipment for a foreign buyer. He wanted a whole range of equipment from training benches and dumbbells to commercial multigyms, treadmills and rowing machines. In my search I found only one Thai company that manufactured such machines and the quality was not good. 90% of fitness equipment was imported and very very expensive.

The scene has changed very much. Nowadays Thailand is a net exporter of fitness equipment. Many foreign companies now have their exercise machines manufactured here in Thailand for sale at a premium to American fitness centers and for home gyms to the general consumer of fitness gear.

Maybe you are looking for exercise machines or other general gym equipment. You have the needs - we have the suppliers please email with your requests.



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Following you will find lists of fitness equipment from Thailand companies involved in the fitness equipment business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a fitness equipment company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email
3 tier dumbbell rack
3kg medicine ball
ab & back equipment
ab bench
ab board
ab slings
abdominal training equipment
adjustable chrome dumbbell
adjustable dumbbell set
aerobic steps
aerobics equipment
air rower
ankle and wrist weights
ankle weights
anti burst gym ball
aqua weights
aquatic fitness equipment
arm curl & tricep extension
arms & shoulders equipment
ascent climber
baby joggers
back & arm machine
back exerciser
bangkok fitness equipment
bars & collars
basic power centre
bench rack system
bench system
best selling fitness equipment
bi-angular home gym
body building home gym equipment
body check scale
body fat analyzer
body fat monitors
body fitness equipment
body gym
boxing equipment
boxing fitness equipment
boxing gloves
brand name fitness equipment
butt blaster
cable attachments
cable crossover machine
cam pulleys and hydraulics fitness equipment
cardio accessories
cardio bikes
cardiovascular monitors
cardiovascular training
cardiovascular training equipment exporters
cast iron barbell
cast iron dumbell set
cheap fitness equipment
cheap gym equipment
cheap home fitness equipment
childrens boxing set
chin dip leg raise
chinning bar
chrome doorway chin up bar
chrome dumbbell set
chrome dumbbells
chrome dumbells with ergo handles
commercial fitness equipment
commercial gym equipment
commercial low row machine
commercial multi-press rack
commercial rowers
commercial treadmill
commercial treadmills
commercial water rowers
compact home gym
compact sled
cross trainer
cross trainers
crunch trainer
curl bench
curl machine
cycle rower
dip station
discount fitness equipment
discount gym equipment
dual stack gym
dumbell kit with stand
dumbells and accessories
elevation treadmill
elliptical cross trainers
elliptical crosstrainer
elliptical fitness equipment
elliptical mat
elliptical trainer
elliptical trainers
enforcer bench
equipment exercise gym
equipment exercise gym home
equipment fitness
equipment fitness gym
equipment fitness gym home
equipment fitness home
exercise and fitness equipment
exercise bike
exercise bikes
exercise bikes & cycles
exercise cycles
exercise equipment fitness
exercise equipment home gym
exercise equipment total gym
exercise fitness equipment
exercise gym equipmen
exercise mat
exercise products
exercise steppers
exercise steps
factory home gym equipment
family trampoline
fat testers
fit balls
fitness accessories
fitness and exercise equipment
fitness ball
fitness center equipment
fitness clothing
fitness equipment
fitness equipment and gym equipment
fitness equipment apparel
fitness equipment bangkok
fitness equipment exporters
fitness equipment for home
fitness equipment gym
fitness equipment home gym
fitness equipment manufacturer
fitness equipment part
fitness equipment store
fitness equipment thailand
fitness equipment warehouse
fitness equipment wholesale
fitness exercise equipment
fitness gym
fitness gym equipment
fitness mats
fitness products
fitness trampolines
flat bench
flat incline decline bench
flex gym
flexibility ball
foldaway weight training bench
folding exercise mat
free standing dip station
free weights
freeweight systems
gear & more
gravity inverter
gym accessories
gym and fitness equipment
gym boxing equipment
gym equipment
gym equipment abs
gym equipment bangkok
gym equipment commercial
gym equipment companies
gym equipment company
gym equipment manufacturer
gym equipment thailand
gym equipment used
gym exercise equipment
gym fitness equipment
gym home equipment
gym options
gym systems
gym with flat bench
gym with incline bench
gymnasium equipment exporters
gymnastic mats
gymnastic training equipment exporters
gymnastics equipment
hand weights
health and fitness equipment
health fitness equipment
heart rate monitor
heart rate monitors
heart rate watch
heavy duty rubber mat
hex dumbbells
high impact protective matting
hip abductor
hoist fitness equipment
home cardio trainer
home fitness equipment
home fitness equipment thailand
home fitness exercise equipment
home gym
home gym equipment
home gym equipment manufacturer
home gym fitness equipment
home gym leverage system
home gym mat
home gym with leg raise
home gyms
home multi gym
home multi gyms
hr monitors
hydraulic fitness equipment
hydraulic stepper
hyper extension
incline bench
indoor cycles
interlocking foam mats
iron weight plates
jolie weights
jump ropes
kick bag
kid gym equipment
lat blaster bar
lat machine
lat pulldown machine
lat pulley
lateral raise machine
leather jump rope
leg & hip equipment
leg curl
leg curl extension
leg extension
leg extension machine
leg machines
leg press calf raise attachment
leg press machine
leverage gym
leverage lat pull
leverage multisystem
leverage shoulder press
leverage vertical training system
life fitness equipment
life fitness exercise equipment
life fitness gym equipment
lower body machines
magnetic rowing machine
martial arts equipment
medical gym equipment
mini trampoline
multi gym equipment
multi-function gyms
multigym pro
multigym training equipment
multi-purpose bench
multisystem home gym
muscle shaping system
neoprene dumbbells
neoprene mat
new commercial fitness equipment
new treadmills
olympic & standard weight sets
olympic bar holder
olympic barbell set
olympic plate tree
olympic plate weight set
olympic weight tree
outdoor fitness equipment
pec dec machine
pec deck
pectoral fly machine
personal dumbbell set
personal pulse monitor
personal trainer
physical fitness equipment
power cage
power center olympic bench
power rack systems
power strider treadmill
powerline home gym
preacher curl bench
precision fitness equipment
pro multigym
professional gym equipment
program exercise bike
programmable elliptical trainer
programmable exercise bike
programmable rowing machine
programmable stroller treadmill
programmable treadmill
prone leg curl machine
protective floor mat
pulse chest strap
pulse heart rate monitor
pulse monitor
punch bags
punch ball
push up stands
recumbent bikes
recumbent leg press
reebok floor guards
reebok step
refurbished commercial fitness equipment
refurbished fitness equipment
refurbished gym equipment
rehabilitation treadmill
remanufactured bikes
resistance training
reverse pec deck
roman chair
rowing machine
rowing machines
rubber coated dumbbells
rubber dumbbell set
running machines
sauna suit
school gym equipment
seated calf disc loading
seated calf raise
seated calf raise machine
seated leg curl rls
seated row
selectorized cable crossover
selectorized home gym
semi-recumbent cycle
shoulder back fitness equipment
shoulder press
showing weight benches
sit up bar
skiers and air gliders
slimmer belt
smith systems
sparring system
speed rope
spin lock dumbbell sets
sports equipment
sports recreation fitness apparel
squat rack
stair climbers
standing calf
starter gym
starter home gym
stationary bikes
stepper mat
strength training equipment exporters
strength training sets
strength training system
super trainer
swiss balls
t-bar row platform
thailand fitness equipment
tier dumbbell rack
total body exerciser
total trainer
training aids
trampoline & safety net
travel bench
tricep equipment
triceps machine
tummy trimmer exerciser
universal fitness equipment
uppercut bag
upright bike
used commercial equipment
used commercial gym equipment
used exercise bikes
used fitness equipment
used gym equipment
used stair climbers
used treadmills
utility bench
vertical knee raise
vertical leg press
vinyl dumbell set
weighing scales
weight bench
weight benches
weight lifting benches
weight lifting machines
weight machines
weight scales
weight sets
weight training bench & curl bar
weight training equipment
weight trees & racks
weight vest
weighted gloves
wholesale fitness equipment
wholesale gym equipment
workbench multi press
workout equipment
workout stool
wrist weights
yoga and pilates
yoga equipment
yoga kit
yoga mat


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