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Thailand Leasing Companies, Thai Leasing Businesses


Thailand Leasing Companies
are doing quite well, so a recent report says. Major companies are going the leasing route rather than all out vehicle purchase.

Leasing arrangements are also made for other company assets and uses such as for industrial equipment and expensive machinery.

A new concept, which is growing fast, is aircraft leasing. This can be for airliners or cargo planes. However a recent trend is for the leasing of executive aircraft leasing and corporate jet rentals.

A mainstay will always be car leasing. Either as an individual one vehicle agreement or as a fleet leasing arrangement.

I have some good contacts in the leasing business in Thailand so if you are looking for long term lease or a short term hire  can probably find a Thailand company that can help you. Please email with your requests.


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Featured Thailand Leasing Companies
G.E. Capital (Thailand) Ltd Thailand American Company in Thailand operating financial services businesses auto financing, Auto Leasing; credit cards and personal loan services; and customer installment financing
Q.C. Leasing Co.Ltd. Thailand Thailand based vehicle rental and car leasing service providing Car rental, vehicle leasing, passenger car, pickup, van, sports utility and pick-up truck

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