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are an essential piece of industrial equipment in many factories in Thailand. From the energy generating industry to food processing small, medium sized and massive boilers are a needed to keep the industrial process 'fired up'

Commercial Boilers and Domestic Boilers
Boilers are also used in commercial applications for example boiling water for coffee machines and steam boilers used for cooking and steaming large quantities of food.

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Domestic Water Boiler Egg Boiler Steam Boiler
Water-Tube Hot Water Boiler Steam Generator Industrial Boiler
Featured Thailand Boiler Companies
M. Paishan Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Automatic Semi Steam Boilers, Laundry Tables, Steam Irons

Advance Thermosolution Co.,ltd.
Ats was founded in 2003 in thermal engineering fields. Design and fabrication for shell&tube heat exchanger, chiller. Provide engineering, installation and services for chiller, heat exchangers both shell&tube, plate heat exchanger.
Products/Services We Offer: Refrigeration & heat exchange, boilers

Babcock-Hitachi K.K. has been supplying power boilers and their associated equipments for almost 50 years. The total number of plants which are equal to or more than 75MW has reached 191, this is equivalent to approximately 60,000 MW of plant output. Hitachi's Power Boiler types range from sub critical to supercritical fuel by oil, gas and coal.

Foster Wheeler Energy Oy
Foster Wheeler Service Thailand is major supplier of boilers, pressure parts for boilers, boiler plants, power plants and maintenance and modification services for those. We have our own workshop with ASME certification here in Thailand.

German-Thai Boiler Manufacturing LTD.
GETABEC group (German-Thai Boiler Engineering Cooperation Ltd.), founded since 1983, specializes in steam boiler, hot water boiler and thermal oil heater. We gain lot of experience from our well-known German cooperated partners such as LOOS International, SCHNEIDER, SAACKE Bremen and GEKAKONUS. We manufacture TUV certified boiler under license of SCHNEINER Berlin in the brand name of GETABEC. This makes us becoming Thailand leading manufacturer of fire tube boiler, water tube boiler, and thermal oil heater. We also cooperate with VYNCKE of Belgium who has experience in bio mass solid fire since 1912, in producing bio mass fuel boiler in the brand name of GETABEC-VYNCKE. German boiler manufacturing according to directive 97/23/ec annex I chapter 3, ad 2000-sheet hpo, din en 729-2, trd 201, certification body by tuv-nord Watertube boiler from 2t to 6t by 144barg, Tree pass boiler from 1t to 20t by 20barg, Thermal oil heater from 300.000kcal to 4.000.000kcal
Products: Watertube boiler, tree pass boiler, thermo oil heater

Nil Khosol Co., Ltd. is an engineering company providing fabrication, installation, repair and maintenance, and consultation services to various industries in and out of Thailand. Power plants, petro-chemical plants, pressure vessels, columns, storage tanks, silos, heat exchangers, steel structures and boiler plants are some of our products.

Steamaster Co., Ltd.
Our company are engineering company. We have experience more than 20 years in energy supplier such as steam boiler, hot water heater, heavy oil heater and instrument for industrial process. Now we extend our business To be the wood chip supplier for biomass boiler or widely use.
Products: Water heater, steam boiler

Following you will find lists of boiler products from companies involved in the boiler business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a boiler company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Boiler Control Systems
Boiler Controls
Boiler Efficiency
Boiler Feed
Boiler Installation
Boiler Maintenance
Boiler Manufacturer
Boiler Operator
Boiler Parts
Boiler Repair
Boiler System
Boiler Training
Boiler Water Treatment
Central Heating Boilers
Coal Boiler
Combination Boilers
Commercial Boilers
Condensing Boilers
Double Boilers
Electric Boilers
Electric Steam Boilers
External Boilers
Feed Water Deaeration Plant
Feed Water Deaerator Steam Boiler
Floor Standing Boilers
Gas Boilers
Gas Fired Boilers
Heat Exchangers
Heating Boilers
High Efficiency Boilers
High Pressure Boilers
Hot Water Boilers
Industrial Boilers
Low Pressure Boilers
Mobile Boilers
Oil Boilers
Pressure Vessel Boilers
Pressure Vessels
Rental Boilers
Reverse-Flow Combustion Steam Boiler
Solid Fired Steam Boiler
Steam Boiler
Steam Boilers
Steam Generator
Steam Header
System Boilers
Three-Pass Fire Tube Boiler
Used Boilers
Used Oil Boilers
Waste Heat Boiler
Waste Oil Boilers
Water Boilers
Water Tube Boilers
Watertube Boilers
Wet Scrubbers
Wholesale Boilers


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