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Thailand Industrial Gas Companies, Thai Industrial Gas Businesses


Thailand Industrial Gas Companies
supply industry with a vital component in the manufacturing process. These companies also supply a variety of gasses for domestic and medicinal use.

Household gas, propane, is widely used in Thai households and businesses. There is, as far as I know, no organized piping of natural gas for household or industrial use as there is for example in The UK. This means that all gasses need to be transported usually by road.

This is where the major problems occur. Thai drivers receive a minimum amount of training, if at all and accidents involving vehicles transporting gas if not frequent are nevertheless potentially deadly.

About 15 years ago a truck carrying propane cylinders lost control and careered into a line of stationary vehicles in a main thoroughfare in Bangkok. Scores of passers by and vehicle occupants were incinerated and in the ensuing explosions and fires many shop houses lining the street were destroyed.


No doubt stricter regulations were brought into play after this horrific accident. However nowadays you can still see motorbikes flying around Bangkok with multiple propane cylinders strapped precariously to their luggage racks. When I say 'flying' I do mean that in a literal sense. It is a common sight of course to see Pizza delivery drivers 'flying' around speeding to deliver that hot pizza in a 30 minute time span. If you have not seen it - just imagine the scene of these guys on mostly old but powerful motorbikes 'flying' around Bangkok with potential bombs strapped to their backs.

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Featured Thailand Gas Manufacturers
L'air Liquide (Thailand) Ltd Thailand Foreign Manufacturer of Industrial Gases, Air Liquide Thailand is a part of Air Liquide Group, a global provider of industrial gases and medical gases and related services

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