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Thailand News Agencies, Bangkok News Agency


Thailand is a hub for the major news agencies and press bureaus in South East Asia. Reuters maintains a large staff in Bangkok with a suite of offices in the higher floors of a central tower in the business district.

It is quite common to bump into some well known news correspondent from CNN or the BBC in Bangkok. Usually this happens in some bar or night club. "Just doing some research my good chap" Yeah - I believe you.

Bangkok is well situated to receive and report on the news in the neighbouring countries of Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Malaysia. Bangkok is often seen to be home for the armchair roving reporters. Those guys and gals seen on the front line wearing steel helmets and flack jackets with the word "PRESS" emblazoned all over. I am sure the bad guys and terrorists can't read English or if they can maybe they think Press is short for President.


A recent example of 'armchair reporting' is the crisis in Burma. Television interviews for the BBC show the intrepid reporter reporting on the shootings and killings in Myanmar. In the background the view is of he Royal Thai Sports Ground and behind the camera, which you don't see is the bar of the Foreign Correspondents Club.

The The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand  in Maneeya Center is a particular favourite of mine. Cool, cheap beer and with all the foreign newspapers and magazines you could possibly hope for, it is a pleasant place to spend a hot afternoon between appointments. Just outside the Correspondents Club is a large enclosed space near the lifts with a fine view over the Bangkok skyline. Watch for the BBC and CNN reporters giving a news report from Bangkok. Often they use this space. Handy for the film crews to nip in and have a quick beer between takes. Life is hard for foreign news reporters in Bangkok!

Bangkok Companies maintain a database of all the large and most of the smaller news agencies in Thailand. Useful if you need to get your news out fast.

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  The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand  
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