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Thailand Jewelry Boxes , Thai Jewelry Packaging Materials


Jewelry is one of Thailand's major exports. The jewelry is either packed loose in plastic bags or mounted on display cards. Expensive jewelry pieces are however individually packaged. For the jewelry trade wholesale or retail their is a huge demand for point of sale packaging. Jewelry is displayed and sold in individual boxes often with the jewelers name and logo printed or embossed on the box.

These jewelry boxes are made from a number of materials mainly plastic, acrylic, cardboard, corrugated board or paper. The sturdier boxes for fine jewelry are made from wood and covered in velvet or velveteen cloth. More expensive jewelry boxes are covered in leather or calf skin.

Other point of sale products of interest to jewelers are jewelry trays, ring trays, display stands and window display sets. Also jewelry display rolls for storage and transportation of gems and jewelry.

Another related but different sector are jewelry boxes for home storage of jewelry. These jewelry boxes come in a whole range of styles, sizes, finishes and of course prices.


If you are selling jewelry boxes then Thailand is a great place to source your products. If you are a private buyer and are looking for that very special jewelry box then we can help too. Send us a picture of your required boxes and we will be happy to find the right manufacturer from our list of contacts.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your jewelry box   jewelry needs please email with your requests.



Heart Shaped Jewelry Box Acrylic Ring Box Velvet Flock Jewelry Boxes
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Multi Drawer Jewelry Boxes Wooden Jewelry Boxes Silk Jewelry Boxes
Featured Thailand Jewelry Box Manufacturers
L-Box Co.,Ltd Thailand Japanese Company in Thailand Manufacturer and Assembly of Jewelry Boxes, Jewelry Accessory Cases and Jewelry Display Cases, Acrylic Jewelry Boxes, Wooden Jewelry Boxes, Flocked Jewelry Boxes, Plastic Jewelry Boxes, Paper Jewelry Boxes, Cardboard Jewelry Boxes

Following you will find lists of jewelry boxes produced and sold by companies involved in the jewelry boxes business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a jewelry boxes company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Acrylic Display Box
Acrylic Display Case
Acrylic Display Rack
Acrylic Display Stands
Acrylic Displays For Jewelery Shops
Acrylic Jewelry Box
Acrylic Jewelry Chest
Acrylic Jewelry Display
Acrylic Jewelry Display Case
Animated Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box
Antique Silver plated Jewelry Box
Ballerina Jewelry Box
Ballet Jewelry Box
Ballroom Dancers Musical Jewelry Box
Beige Leather Jewelry Box
Bespoke Jewellery Boxes
Birds Eye Maple Jewelry Box
Black Jewelry Boxes
Blue Jewelry Boxes
Body Jewelry Display Stand
Bow Tie Boxes
Boxed Jewelry Sets
Bracelet Box
Bracelet Boxes
Brass Jewelry Box
Briarwood Locking Jewelry Box
Burlwood Cherry Jewelry Box
Burlwood Oak Jewelry Box
Calf Leather Wood Jewelry Box
Calf Leather Jewelry Box
Cardboard Jewellery Boxes
Carnelian Jewelry Boxes
Cherry Jewelry Box
Cherry Jewelry Boxes
Cherry Stained Jewelry Box
Cherry Wood Jewelry Chest
Children's Jewelry Boxes
Cigar Humidors
Classic Cherry Jewelry Box
Clear Top Jewelry Boxes
Clear View Jewelry Boxes
Collector's Jewelry Box
Colored Jewelry Boxes
Corrugate Boxes
Corrugated Boxes Packaging
Corsican Jewelry Box
Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes
Crystal Clear Bracelet Box
Crystal Clear Pendant Box
Crystal Jewelry Box
Crystal Ring Box Hinged
Crystal Style Jewelry Boxes
Cufflink And Jewelry Box
Custom Made Jewellery Boxes
Demi Jewelry Box
Draw String Packaging Pouches
Earring Box
Earring Holders
Engraved Silver Jewelry Box
Fan Shaped Jewelry Box
Fancy Box
Fancy Boxes
Fancy Boxes Packaging
Faux Leather Jewelry Boxes
Flock Velvet Box
Flocked Packaging Trays
Flocked Pouches
Flocked Pouches Packaging
Gem Jewelry Box
Gemstone Jewelry Box
Gent's Jewelry Boxes
Genuine Leather Jewelry Box
Gift Packaging
Gift Wholesale Packaging
Glass Jewelry Boxes
Gloss White Jewelry Boxes
Gloss White Ring Boxes
Glossy Black Jewelry Boxes
Gold Foil Jewelry Boxes
Handcrafted Jewelry Boxes
Hand-Crafted Jewelry Chest
Hat Boxes
Heart Trinket Box
Heirloom Jewelry Boxes
Incolay Boxes
Intra-Compartment Jewelry Box
Japanese Motif Jewelry Box
Jewellery Boxes In Wood
Jewelery Packaging
Jewelry Box
Jewelry Box - Pyramid
Jewelry Box - Teakwood
Jewelry Box - Walnut
Jewelry Box Assortments
Jewelry Box Cherry
Jewelry Box Cherry Finish
Jewelry Box Chestnut
Jewelry Box In Faux Suede
Jewelry Box Mahogany
Jewelry Box Manufacturer
Jewelry Box Solid Oak
Jewelry Box Table Clock
Jewelry Box With Clock
Jewelry Box With Felt Lined Drawers
Jewelry Box Inlaid Marquetry
Jewelry Boxes For Men
Jewelry Boxes For Women
Jewelry Boxes Manufacturer
Jewelry Boxes With Locks
Jewelry Case
Jewelry Chest
Jewelry Display Tray
Jewelry Displays
Jewelry Locking Box
Jewelry Music Box
Jewelry Organizer
Jewelry Packaging Boxes
Jewelry Pouches
Jewelry Presentation Cases
Jewelry Rolls
Jewelry Safekeeper
Jewelry Trays
Jewelry Wall Cabinet
Keepsake Jewelry Boxes
Kraft Jewelry Boxes
Ladies Jewelry Box
Ladie's Jewelry Boxes
Ladys Jewelry Box
Leather And Hide Jewelry Box
Leather Boxes
Leather Boxes Packaging
Leather Cufflink Case
Leather Jewelry Box
Leather Jewelry Boxes
Leather Stacking Jewelry Box
Leather Travel Case
Leather Travel Jewelry Roll
Leather Valet Tray
Leather Zippered Jewelry Box
Leatherette Jewellery Boxes
Leatherette Packaging Boxes
Locking Jewelry Box Safe
Locking Leather Jewelry Box
Magnetic Packaging Boxes
Mahogany Jewelry Box
Mahogany Jewelry Boxes
Mahogany Locking Jewelry Box
Mahogany Wooden Jewelry Chest
Man's Valet Tray
Maple Burl Locking Jewelry Box
Melody Music Box
Mens Valet Jewelry Box
Metallic Jewellery Cases
Moon Shaped Wood Jewelry Box
Mother Of Pearl Inlay Jewelry Box
Mother Of Pearl Jewelry Box
Music Box Dancer
Music Boxes
Musical Jewelry Box
Musical Trinket Box
Natural Oak Jewelry Boxes
Necklace Box
Nutcracker Suite Jewelry Box
Oak Jewelry Box
Oblong Jewelry Box
Octagonal Jewelry Box
Octagonal-Shaped Jewelry Box
One-Piece Jewelry Boxes
Onyx Jewelry Boxes
Optical Packaging Boxes
Outer Gift Box
Packaging Boxes
Painted Whitewood Jewelry Box
Paper Packaging Boxes
Paper Packaging Trays
Pen Case Boxes
Pendant Box
Pendant Earring Box
Personalised Jewellery Boxes
Pewter Jewelry Box
Plantation Jewelry Box
Plastic Box
Plastic Boxes
Plastic Boxes Packaging
Plastic Jewellery Boxes
Plastic Packaging Trays
Polyform Packaging Trays
Portable Jewelry Display Case
Prima Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box
Pvc Boxes/Bags
Pvc Packaging Bags
Pvc Packaging Boxes
Pvc Pouches
Quartz Jewelry Boxes
Rattan Jewelry Box
Ring Box With Bag.
Ring Boxes
Rotating Racks
Round Jewelry Box
Salesman Presentation Cases
Salesman Trays
Salesman's Stackable Trays
Sapphire Jewelry Box
Showcase Trays
Silk Jewelry Boxes
Silver Foil Jewelry Boxes
Silver Jewelry Box
Silver Jewelry Boxes
Silver plated Jewelry Box
Six-Drawer Jewelry Box
Solid Oak Jewelry Chest
Stacking Jewelry Box
Stained Glass Jewelry Boxes
Standard Jewelry Box
Stationery Box
Sterling Silver Deco' Jewelry Box
Sterling Silver Jewelry Box
Stone Jewelry Box
Storage Chest
Suede Green Jewelry Box
Suede Valet Tray
Tan Leather Jewelry Box
Teak Jewelry Boxes
Teak Wood Jewelry Box
Teakwood Jewelry Box
Thai Silk Jewelry Boxes
Three-Drawer Jewelry Box
Tooled Leather Jewelry Box
Travel Jewelry Box
Tray Collections
Tray Collections Packaging
Trinket Box With Crystals
Utility Chest
Velour Jewelry Boxes
Velvet Boxes
Velvet Boxes Packaging
Velvet Bust Leather Finish Stands
Velvet Jewellery Boxes
Velveteen Jewelry Boxes
Victorian Jewelry Chest
Walnut Jewelry Boxes
Watch And Jewelry Cases
Watch Boxes
Watch Collectors' Box
Watch Packaging Boxes
Watch Packaging Pouches
Watch Packaging Stands
Watch Stands Packaging
White Jewelry Boxes
Women's Jewelry Boxes
Wood And Leather Jewelry Box
Wood And Silver Jewelry Box
Wood Jewelry Box
Wood Jewelry Boxes
Wooden Gift Boxes
Wooden Jewelry Boxes
Wooden Jewelry Chest

If you are looking to source or sell jewelry boxes products in Thailand then please complete the request form for more information or visit our main site Bangkok-Companies

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