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Thailand Tyre Companies, Thailand Tire Manufacturers


Thailand Tire Companies
and Thai Tire manufacturers produce, manufacture and export a wide range of tyres of all types of vehicles. These include Automobile tires, bicycle tires, motorcycle tires and tires for heavy trucks and industrial vehicles.

Many well known tire manufacturers have factories here in Thailand. Michelin, Bridgestone and other famous brand names can be found dotted around the industrial estates close to Bangkok and further a field. However I have found that although I get many requests to source tyres in Thailand, and have a good list of tire manufacturers in Thailand, I have yet to strike a deal with one of these tire producers.

Tyre manufacturers produce almost exclusively for their own network of distributors in each country and they are loathe to spoil this relationship by supplying to competitors of their distributors. This notwithstanding. If you have a serious enquiry for tyres and have the money, and patience, required then I am more than willing to set up a new sourcing project for you.


Alternatively check out the list of Thailand tire companies below and contact them yourself. Just be prepared for many rejections and many unanswered emails.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your tire needs please email with your requests.



Agricultural Tires Forklift Tires Tractor Tires
Racing Tires Bicycle Tires Car Tires
Heavy Vehicle Tires Solid Tires Tire Franchises
Wheelchair Tires Bus Tires Golf Cart  Tires
Motorcycle Tires Alloy Wheels & Alloy Rims Aircraft Tires
Featured Thailand Tire Companies
Thai Carbon Black Public Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand manufacturer of furnace grade carbon black The major use of carbon black for production of automobile tires. Carbon black is a very fine powder, which is used in the rubber industry.

Bangkok Metropolis Motor Co., Ltd.
Established since 1963, we are at the forefront of making quality product in Thailand. Now
we have 3 manufacturing division: Plastic injection, aluminum die-casting, and rubber tire.
All products are certified by ISO 9000.
Products: Tire and tube for motorcycles and bicycles

Deestone International Co., Ltd.
Deestone International Co., Ltd. Commenced operations in 1995 amid attractive signs of
fantastic success and rapid expansion in the future. From the very start of producing
bicycle tires, we were just a small part of the renowned Deestone Limited, one of the
biggest tires and tubes manufacturers in Thailand. Our product ranges to include every
categories of bicycle tires and tubes. Our extensive portfolio of brands encompasses the
well-known DEESTONE, which have been enjoying wide and increasing popularity and
rapidly rising sales, both in Thailand and overseas markets which currently include the EU
and the US.
Products: Bicycle Tires

Dgt Informative Co., Ltd.
We are Kanchanakij Center Co., Ltd. Is a tire and mag wheel distributor that has been
established for 25 years. It is an appointed authorized dealer of Siam Michelin marketing
and sales co. Ltd. The manufacturer and retailer of high-quality tires under the brands
Michelin, bf Goodrich and Siam tyre, products that have achieved high sales levels. The
corporation has also imported the new km 4x4 BF Goodrich multi-purpose tires from the
United States.
Products: Automobile tires

Digithais Netwco., Ltd.
Better Choice Tire Net is the better alternative for Thai tire distributors. It recognizes the
independence of Thai tire retailers. The network aims to promote cooperation among
small tire retailers to enhance market potential and service quality, and develop
competitiveness. Such competitiveness is particularly significant when competition in the
market proves intense due to the significant number of foreign investors with great capital
advantages. The Better Choice Tire Net is a registered trademark of the Kanchanakij
Center Co. Ltd.
Products: Tires, Good Price, Many Brand And Size Tires

Inoue Rubber (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd
We are, Inoue Rubber (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd. a specialist in the design,
manufacturing, sales and marketing of Motorcycle tire and tube under the brand "IRC"
which is one of the leading manufactures of Motorcycle Tire and Tube in the world.
Recently we have launched the new tire product under brand "MAXING". Inoue Rubber
(Thailand) Public Co., Ltd was established since 1969. We therefore have 36 years of
experience in Motorcycle Tire and Tube Business. Inoue Rubber (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd
manufactures and sells various type of automotive tire part. We produce all kind of
Motorcycle Tire such as On Road, Off Road, Scooter, Racing Tire, Moped Tire and
Motorcycle Tube (Natural Rubber, Butyl Rubber, Tuff Up, Heavy Duty Tube), to industrial
elastomer products such as elastomer or rubber parts used in automobile and motorcycle
assembly, container seals, construction components and other products manufactured to
customer specifications.
Products: Motorcycle Tires, Motorcycle Tube, Industrial Elastomer

K. C. G. H. Company Limited
We are a general trading company based at Bangkok-Thailand. We are exporting
Automotive BIAS & RADIAL Tyres for Trucks, Buses & Cars.
Products: Truck & Bus , Light Truck and Passenger Car Tires, Truck & Bus Tyres, LCV
Light Commercial Vehicle Tyres, Passenger Car Radial Tyres, Tractor Tyres

Looking for distributors and wholesalers worldwide. We carry a large selection of tires and
rims and many accessories from Thailand at very low cost.
Products: Exporting tires and rims from a very large selection.

Krooz-Int. Thailand) Co., Ltd.
We are Thai's established company named Krooz Int. Co. Ltd. Joint venture with Japan.
We are specialize in supplying almost Japanese alloy wheel brand name such as, Enkei
and AME. We also supply tires under the name Kumho and triangle. As well as above
mentioned products, we could also supply Japanese accessories such as bulb, and body
kids named Wald.
Products: Alloy Wheel and tires

Mouldmate Co., Ltd.
Established in 1990, Mould Mate has been committed to becoming the best and most
reliable manufacturer of natural rubber solid tyres in Thailand. We have made full use of
available technology to train a highly competent workforce to produce and deliver high
quality "Best Buy Products" to meet the demands of our customers worldwide.
Products: Solid Pneumatic Tyres, Press N Band, Skid Steers

Oung Hua Seng
We, Oung Hua Seng Co. Ltd. As an agent of all type of tyres brand name and wheels
brand name in Thailand. Our company can offer the competitive prices to all requested
sizes. The brand names are such as Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin, BF Goodrich,
Falken, Dunlop, Yokohama, Toyo, Simtyres, Firenza, Firestone, Continental, Siamtyres,
Products: Tyres

Pat Tyre
Tyre wholesaler and distributor in Thailand. We sell different brands of tyre. They are
Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin, Siamtyre, Toyo, Dunlop, Pirelli, Superstone, Deestone,
Firestone, Kumho, Yokohama, Deestone, Deerubber. Type of tyre that are available are
passenger car, truck, bus, off-the-road, agricultural and industrial.
Products: Passenger car tyres, truck tyres, bus tyres, off road tyres, agricultural tyres,
industrial tyres

T & Son Import-Export Co., Ltd.
We are a dealer for large brands tyre, such as Michelin , Bridgestone, Goodyear, also
local brand such as Subrubber. Our main market are in south east Asia, but we also
looking forward for opportunity to expand our market to other region.
Products: Car and Truck Tyres

T&T International
We are leading exporter of tires from Thailand, brand Michelin, Bridgestone, Firestone,
Siamtyre, we can supply ranging from passenger, truck, light truck, etc.
Products: Tires, tyre, auto accessories

Texex B.V.
I'm exporting car tires in Thailand. I order straight from factories for low prices. E-mark
But also without e-mark. I'm already exporting to holland. Now want to aim on the rest of
the world. Large orders possible
Products: Goodyear and Bridgestone Car Tires

Thaiphetkasem Co., Ltd
We are exporter of tyre and wheels made in Thailand to the worldwide market. We are in
the business for more than 30 years. Our main products are Bridgestone, Michelin,
Firetone and other Thailand's brand.
Products: Tyres, tires, wheels

VeeRubber Corporation
Vee Rubber was formed in 1977 as a manufacturer of bicycle and motorcycle tires and
tubes, by CEO Vitorn Sukanjanapong. Its sales quickly spread throughout Asia, Western
Europe, USA, Canada, the Latin American countries, and other corners of the world.
Products: Tyre, radial tyre, bias tyre for passenger cars and trucks.

Vivat Service
Vivat service is a family company located at floating market, Damnoensaduak, Ratchabuir
province, Thailand not far from Bangkok. Our company has produced only one product
that is" Tire hot vulcanizing patch" in brand "Gold Tiger Tuck" for repair inner tube.
Products: Tire Hot Patch

Zafco Trading L.L.C
We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves that ZAFCO group is a major
importer, exporter, distributor and stockists of tires, tubes and batteries from China, Far
East, Asia & Europe. With head office and central warehouses based in Dubai, U.A.E.,
we house all kinds of tires, tubes and batteries ranging from Budget Based to high quality
and top of the line products like Siamtyre, MRF, Roadstone/Nexen, BF Goodrich, Pirelli,
Hankook, Dong-Ah tube, Trane batteries and lots, lots more. With our annual sales
exceeding well over 1.5 million units of tires, batteries and tubes per year.
Products: Comprehensive ranges of various brands of tires

Following you will find lists of tire companies involved in the tire business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a tire company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email



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