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Thailand is a good place to source Acrylic & Lucite products such as: acrylic, lucite, nails, aquarium, painting, whirlpool, tub, bird, cage, latex, paint, displays, awards, sheets, frame, lipstick, holder, Thailand Acrylic Companies etc...

Years ago I met a guy who had just come to Thailand to live. He contacted me on the Internet and was looking for a condo to rent. I helped to fix him up with a unit in the same building as me. We spent many hours in the small swimming pool and over a beer chatting about life and work. Later I was to find that his story is not so unusual.

He had a successful business manufacturing acrylic and lucite products in Germany. An established business with many customers in the acrylic gifts, promotions and in the shop display and shop fitting business. Costs were escalating in his home country so he ventured east to look for some acrylic manufacturers who could manufacture some of his production. 

His first port of call was Taiwan. Here he found a Taiwanese lady who was very helpful and found him some factories that could make his acrylic products cheaper than in Europe.


This lady although adept at product sourcing had no idea about quality control. My friend then spent several months, and several thousand dollars,  commuting between Germany and Taiwan to oversee production and ensure that the quality was going to be up to his teutonic standards.

He made good business, the prices of his acrylic products even with shipping costs were cheaper than he could produce back home. He however made one very major mistake. He fell in love with the oriental charms of the Taiwanese girl. Things looked good on the business front but his personal life was now complicated by the fact that he had a wife and children in Germany and a lover in Taiwan. Even though production was now up to standard and his acrylic drawers and display shelving was now flowing nicely to Germany he needed to make more and more (business) trips.

He needed more money. So he sold his factory, keeping an interest in it as marketing manager. Now he had cash in hand and flew back to the far east. On his way to Taiwan he called in to Bangkok to explore the Thai market. He was introduced to a beautiful Thai girl who showed him around and sourced some acrylic manufacturers for him. He now made another very serious mistake. He fell in love with the oriental charms of this Thai girl.

So sitting by the pool with his beautiful Thai lady he was flying out the next day to check on things in Taiwan before flying back to Germany to be with his kids for their birthday....the story continues



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Featured Thailand Acrylic Manufacturers
L-Box Co.,Ltd Thailand Japanese Company in Thailand Manufacturer and Assembly of Jewelry Boxes, Jewelry Accessory Cases and Jewelry Display Cases, Acrylic Jewelry Boxes, Wooden Jewelry Boxes, Flocked Jewelry Boxes, Plastic Jewelry Boxes, Paper Jewelry Boxes, Cardboard Jewelry Boxes

Following you will find lists of acrylic products and companies involved in the acrylic business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with an acrylic company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

acrylic nail
acrylic aquarium
acrylic paint
acrylic painting
acrylic whirlpool tub
acrylic bird cage
acrylic latex paint
acrylic display
acrylic award
acrylic paints
acrylic sheet
acrylic frame
acrylic lipstick holder
acrylic tongue body jewelry
acrylic furniture
acrylic displays
acrylic picture frame
acrylic blanket
beauty cosmetic acrylic brush
cotton acrylic yarns
cotton acrylic heather yarn
acrylic fish tank
acrylic body jewelry
acrylic purse handles
acrylic blankets
acrylic computer case
acrylic paints for sale
acrylic shower
thailand lucite manufacturers
thai lucite manufacturers
bangkok lucite manufacturers
thailand acrylic manufacturers
thai acrylic manufacturers
bangkok acrylic manufacturers
acrylic fiber
acrylic dinnerware
acrylic nail design
acrylic wine glasses
acrylic paint brush
acrylic sign holder
acrylic box
acrylic nail care
acrylic rulers
acrylic nail supply
acrylic fish tanks
acrylic podiums
acrylic nail art
acrylic product
nail acrylic
acrylic shower stalls
acrylic bathtubs
clear acrylic computer case
acrylic aquariums
acrylic business card holder
acrylic mirror
acrylic paint by number
acrylic art landscape painting
acrylic gifts
acrylic cake stands
acrylic brochure holder
acrylic shelf
acrylic signs
acrylic cabinet knob
acrylic fibre
acrylic coatings
acrylic plastic
acrylic tube
acrylic jewelry box
abstract acrylic painting
acrylic stamp
acrylic tableware
acrylic tip
acrylic plaque
acrylic barware
acrylic aquarium tank
acrylic drawer knobs
acrylic reef tanks
acrylic drawer knob
acrylic knob
acrylic photo frame
acrylic trophy
acrylic antique knob
acrylic knobs
acrylic field latex paint
acrylic adhesive
acrylic wine glasses wholesale
acrylic acid
acrylic cube
acrylic landscape painting
lucite cube
lucite embedments
lucite furniture
lucite box
lucite tombstones
lucite towel bar
lucite award
lucite fiber
lucite jewelry
lucite luggage tag
lucite coffee table
lucite table
corporate award lucite
lucite reading glasses half frame
model airplanes lucite crystal
lucite cane
lucite chair
lucite frame
lucite toilet seat
lucite desk clock
strappy clear lucite heels
acrylic & lucite
acrylic and polyester
acrylic awards and incentives
acrylic awards for golf
acrylic bathtub
acrylic blocks
acrylic boxes
acrylic canister
acrylic chairs
acrylic chairs & barstools
acrylic clocks
acrylic coated fiberglass fabric
acrylic cup
acrylic display cubes
acrylic display stands
acrylic embedment of pills
acrylic embedments
acrylic fabric
acrylic files
acrylic food display unit
acrylic gift & premiumware
acrylic glass blocks
acrylic golf trophies
acrylic key rings
acrylic lamps
acrylic logo blocks
acrylic nails
acrylic occasionals
acrylic paper weight
acrylic paperweights
acrylic paperweights & plaques
acrylic pedestals
acrylic photo frames
acrylic picture frames
acrylic plastic sheets
acrylic poster stands
acrylic presenter
acrylic profiles
acrylic promotion articles
acrylic recognition awards
acrylic resins
acrylic rods
acrylic sand timer oil drops
acrylic sculptures
acrylic sculptures & pedestals
acrylic shelving
acrylic shop displays for jewelry
acrylic socks
acrylic souvenirs
acrylic square globes
acrylic staple fiber
acrylic stockings
acrylic tables
acrylic tins
acrylic trophies
acrylic tubes
acrylic walking canes
acrylic yarn
acylic case
acylic cutting boards
acylic golf trophy
acylic latex
acylic pc case
acylic signs
acylic tubes
acylic turntable
advertising and promotional gifts
advertising gifts
basic plastic keychains
basketball displays
bath enclosures
booth promotion materials
brochure box
brochure displays
brochure holders
brochure stands
bullet-resistant acrylic
business advertising
business card holders
cd displays
cd racks
cell cast acrylic sheets
champagne cooler
clear acrylic
condiment container sets
cosmetic cases
counter displays
crystal globe
custom art stands
desk clocks
desk sets
dining sets
displays for glasses
displays for spectacles
drawing boxes
drinking glasses
egg timer
embedment in acrylic
etched glass awards
eyewear shop displays
french acrylic nails
fruit plates
gift items
golf awards
key fobs
key rings
letter openers
literature displays
lucite advertising gifts
lucite awards
lucite gifts
lucite key rings
lucite museum cases
lucite pen stands
lucite pulpits
lucite pyramid globes
lucite sand timers
lucite sculptures
lucite sport trophies
lucite trophy
name card holders
name display
name signs
odd size holders
optic displays
outdoor brochure
pen stands
pharma displays
pharmacy industry promotion
picture frames
plastic dinnerware
plastic mugs/cups/tumblers
plastic sheets
plastic wall clocks
pos displays
presents and souvenirs
product pages
promotion gifts
promotional gifts
r-cast acrylic sheet
resin clock stand
sales displays
sand timers
sand timers,
sandwich frames
shaped paperweights
shop displays
shop window decoration material
shower bases
shower doors
shower walls
souvenir and paperweights
sports displays
stands for glasses
styrene - acrylic
synthetic yarn-acrylic
tape dispensers
wall clocks
water lamps
windows and skylights
wine bottle holders
wine cooler
wine shelves
wrist watch displays
writing instruments

a.p.c. industries co,LTD.
acron plastic industry co,LTD.
advance polymers & chemicals co,LTD.
artchariyatamrong co.,Ltd.
asia thailand knitting co,LTD.
chayakorn inter group co.,Ltd
comment group co.,LTD.
crecer corporation ltd.,
diaglas company ltd,
diapolyacrylate co,LTD.
gowell co.,LTD.
ho thai spinning co,LTD.
jong stit co,LTD.
laserworld products & crafts co.,LTD.
mass product co,LTD.
paoka industry co.,LTD.
r.j. london chemicals industries co.,LTD.
r.p.t. asia ltd,
siam acrylic co.,LTD.
siam chemical industry co.,LTD.
siam synthetic latex co.,LTD.
sign design co.,LTD.
silpfa plastic industry co.,LTD.
thai acrylic co.,LTD
thai acrylic fiber co.,LTD.
thai poly acrylic public co.,LTD.
vianova resins ltd.,
vithit factory group co.,LTD.

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