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Business in Bangkok, Business in Thailand


This whole website is about doing business in Bangkok or rather business in Thailand. Our task here at Bangkok Companies is twofold:

  • To help companies from abroad make contacts with Businesses in Bangkok and across Thailand.
  • To help established companies here to do business domestically and internationally

Doing business in Bangkok is not so daunting. Many foreign businessmen tell me they spend hours and hours studying the local customs and business etiquette before traveling here.

Even so they are often filled with trepidation about doing business in an 'alien culture' Well rest easy, Thai business people are not 'aliens' at all. They do however think that us westerners are 'aliens' so that is why they have a special word for us - Farang.

So plan your trip well. Learn a little about Thai culture. Leave a day free at the beginning of your trip to Bangkok to get over the jet lag and acclimatize to the hot steamy atmosphere. Also leave a day or preferably two days at the end of your trip. Often meetings either run longer than scheduled or one simply succumbs to the Thai culture of hospitality where your host will insist on taking you to his favourite restaurant or club to savor some Thai food and relaxation.


How can you guarantee success? easy email me tell me about your plans and let me arrange your schedules and transportation.

Prepare - Research Thailand Plan your Itinerary Let Bangkok Companies Arrange your Transportation
Bring Lots of Business Cards Learn about your Contacts Stay in a first class hotel
Do some Business Enjoy Thai Hospitality Play a little Golf
Take in the Thai culture Do a little sightseeing Let the experts take care of business in Bangkok
Enjoy a massage Buy some gifts Don't forget your credit card!!


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