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Thailand Brush Companies, Thai Brush Manufacturers

Brush companies in Thailand
manufacture a whole range of brush products from industrial brushes and household brushes to personal care brushes and pet care brushes. Here are some of the popular products: Rotary Styling Brushes, Body Brushes, Nail Brushes, Shaving Brushes, Make-up Brush Set, Toilet Brush and Holder, Children's Toothbrushes, Baby Brushes, Pet Grooming Brushes

There are really three types of brush manufacturer in Thailand. Major brush manufacturers produce huge quantities of brushes. Some are for use in the domestic market. Thailand has over 50 million people so there is a not insignificant demand for brushes for personal use like toothbrushes and hairbrushes and household use such as mops, brooms and other cleaning brushes.

Medium sized brush manufacturers produce mainly for the domestic market. Small sized producers make specialized brushes, some for use in Thailand but many special bush products find their way abroad. Special bushes like shaving brushes and high quality beauty care products are in huge demand around the world. We have selected just a few Thailand Brushes Companies.


Here at Bangkok Companies we can source any brush products from any size manufacturer. However in practice the larger sized brush factories in Thailand already have an established base of customers and distributors abroad. It is the SME's, small and medium sized businesses that show more promise. These smaller brush companies often do not have the sales and marketing needed to secure export orders. In addition these small brush companies often have interesting and innovative products.

Looking for brushes then send us your ideas and we can source the right brushes for you at a competitive price. Please email with your requests.



Rotary Styling Brushes Body Brushes Nail Brushes
Shaving Brushes Make-up Brush Set Toilet Brush and Holder
Children's Toothbrushes Baby Brushes Pet Grooming Brushes
Following you will find lists of brush products available from companies involved in the brush business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a brush company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email
Abrasive Brush
Acrylic Brush Set
Acrylic Handled Paint Brushes
Air Brush
Aluminum Back Pool Brush
Angle Radiator Roller
Animal Hair Brush
Antistatic Brush
Art Brushes
Artist Brushes
Auto Wash Brush Set
Automatic Cleaning Brush
Automobile Brush
Baby Brush
Baby Combs And Brushes
Baby Hair Brush
Baby Tooth Brush
Badger Hair Shaving Brushes
Bamboo Brush
Barbecue Brush
Bath Brush
Bath Brushes
Bathroom Brus
Battery Operated Shoe Brush
Bbq Brush
Bear Boot Brush
Beauty Brush
Beauty Brushes
Bevel Brushes
Billiards Table Brush
Blush Brush
Boar Bristle Shaving Brushes
Body Brushes
Body Care Brush
Boiler Brush
Bore Brush
Bottle And Nipple Brush
Brush And Dustpan Set
Brush Bag
Brush Bristles
Brush Cutter
Brush For Artist
Brush Manufacturing
Brush Massager
Brush Pen
Brush Set
Brush Set For Children
Brush Washing Balls
Brushes In Blister Card Packaging
Bubble Removing Roller Brush
Calligraphy Brush
Car Brush
Car Brushes
Car Washing Brush
Car Washing Brushes
Car Window Brush
Car-Cleaning Brush
Carpet Brush
Ceiling Brush
Cervical Brush
Cervical Cyto Brush
Chamber Brush
Chlorhexidine Brush
Circular Brushes
Cleaning Brush
Cleaning Brushes
Closestool Brush
Cloth Brush
Cloth Brushes
Coloring Hair Brush
Combination Oven Brushes
Computer Brushes
Computer Dust Brush
Computer Keyboard Brushes
Cooking Brush
Cosmetic Brush Set
Cosmetic Brushes
Cosmetics Brushes
Cup Brushes
Curling Brushes
Cytology Brush
Deep Dish Brush
Dental Brush
Dental Brushes
Detergent Brush
Dish Brush
Dish Brushes
Disposable Surgical Hand Brush
Dog And Cat Grooming Tools
Double Sided Pet Brush
Double-Sided Grill Brush
Dust Brushes
Dust Pan With Brush
Dyeing Brush
Eco Tooth Brush
Electric Brushes
Electric Hair Dyeing Brush
Electric Revolve Brush
Electric Shoe Brush
Electric Shoe Brushes
Electric Silicone Brushes
Electric Steam Brushes
Electric Tooth Brush
Electric Tooth Brushes
Electrostatic Brushes
Endocervical Cell Brush
Eye Brushes
Eye Shadow Brush
Eye Shadow Brushes
Eyelash Brush
Eyeliner Brush
Facial Brush
Facial Brushes
Facial Clean Brush
Feeding Bottle Brush
Feeding Bottle Brushes
Fixed Rotary Brush
Flat Paint Roller
Floor Brush With Squeeze
Floor Brushes For Vacuum Cleaner
Floor Scrub Brushes
Foldable Lint Brush
Food Processing Brushw
Foot Brush
Foundation Brush
Golf Brush
Golf Club Brush
Gourmet Brushes
Grass Broom
Gum Brush
Gun Brush
Hair Brush Set
Hair Brush Sets
Hair Brushes
Hair Brushes Set
Hair Care Products
Hairbrush Manufacturer
Hardbroom Brush
High-End Hand Brush
Horse Brush Kit
Horse Brushes
Horse Grooming Brush
Horse Hair Brushes
Household Brushes
Household Cleaning Brushes
Industrial Brush
Industrial Steel Wire Brushes
Interdental Brushes
Ionic Cleaning Brush
Keyboard Brushes
Kid's Tooth Brush
Lapping Brush
Latex Brushes
Lint Brush
Lip Brushes
Long Handle Art Brushes
Long Handle Brush
Loofah Bath Brushes
Magic Brush
Magnetic Brush
Makeup Brush Set
Make-Up Brushes
Manual Brushes
Mascara Brush
Massaging Hair Brush
Medial Brushes
Medical Brush
Medical Brushes
Men's Hair Brushes
Micro Brush For Dentist
Mini Air Brush Kit
Mini Facial Brush
Mini Facial Massager
Mop Brushes
Multi-Purpose Brush
Nail Art Brush Set
Nail Brush
Natural Badger Shaving Brush
Natural Bristle Shaving Brushes
Natural Palm Fiber Brush
Natural Wooden Hairbrush
Negative Ion Hair Brush
Nylon Brushes
Nylon Shaving Brushes
Oem Brush
Oil Painting Brushes
Oil-Painting Brush
Outdoor Cleaning Brush
Oval Paint Brush
Paint Brush Set
Paint Brushes
Paint Brushes With Soft Grip Handle
Paint Brushes With Wooden Handle
Paint Roller Brushes
Paint Rollers
Painting Brush
Parquet Brush
Pastry Brush
Pet Brush Kit
Pet Brushes
Pet Cleaning Brush
Pet Combs
Pet Grooming Gloves
Pet Grooming Items
Pet Slickers
Pipeline Brushes
Plastic Bath Brushes
Plastic Brush
Plastic Brushes
Plastic Hair Brush
Plastic Hair Brushes
Pocket Hair Brush
Polyester Paint Brush
Polyresin Boot Brush
Pool Brush
Pool Table Brush
Portable Tooth Brush
Powder Brush
Professional Cosmetic Brush
Professional Hair Brush
Professional Make-Up Brush Set
Pumice Brush
Pvc Coated Wire Brush
Pvc Mobile Phone Brushes
Pvc Paint Brush
Pvp Iodine Brush
Rechargable Hair Brush
Replacement Brush Head
Revolving Hair Brush
Rotary Brush
Rotary Brush For High Pressure Washers.
Rotary Car Brush Cleaner
Rotary Feeding Bottle Brushes
Rotating Hair Brush
Roto Hair Brush
Roto Styler Hair Brush
Round Hair Brushes
Rubber Brush
Sable Hair Brush
Sable Hair Nail Brush
Sauce Brush
Scouring Pads
Scratch Brushes
Scrub Brushes
Scrubbing Brush
Shaft-Mounted Brush
Shampoo Brush
Shaving Brush With Leather Holder
Shaving Brush With Plastic Handle
Shaving Brush With Wooden Handle
Shaving Brushes
Sheepskin Rolling Brush
Shoe Brush And Polisher
Shoe Brushes
Shoe Brushes In Horsehair
Shoe Brushing Machine
Shower Brushes
Shutter Brush
Silicon Brush
Silicon Brushes
Silicone Basting Brushes
Silicone Bath Brushes
Silicone Beauty Brush
Silicone Bristles
Silicone Brush
Silicone Cosmetic Brush
Silicone Pastry Brush
Silicone Shower Brush
Skin Beautify Brush
Smoothing And Winding Brush
Snooker Table Brush
Snow Brushes
Sofa Brush
Soft Bath Brushes
Spa Shower Brush
Spiral Coil Brush
Sponge Brush
Sponge Car Brushes
Sponge Cup Brush
Sponge Scourers
Spouting Mops
Spray Brush
Spray Brush Kit
Spraying Brush For Automobile
Squeegee Brushes
Stainless Fine Wire Brushes
Stainless Steel Algae Brushes
Stainless Steel Pet Brushes
Steam Brush
Steam Iron Brush
Steel Wire Brush
Strip Brush
Styling Hair Brushes
Suede Brush
Surgical Brushes
Surgical Scrub Brush
Swimming Pool Brush
Test Tube Brush
Tint Brushes
Toe And Nail Brushes
Toilet Brush
Toilet Brush Holders
Toilet Brush With Holder
Toilet Brushes
Tongue Brushes
Tooth Brushes
Tourmaline Hair Brush
Tracheostomy Brush
Tunnel Vent Brush
Twisted Bowl Wire Brush
Twisted Cup Wire Brushes
Tyre Brush
Ultrasonic Tooth Brush
Vacuum Cleaner Brush
Vegetable Brush
Wall Brush
Wash Hand Brush
Wash Up Brushes
Washing Brush
Water Feed Car Brush
Watercolor Painting Brushes
Water-Through Brush
Wave Shaped Brushes
Wheel Brushes
Whisker Brus
Whisker Brush
Whitewash Brush
Window Brushes
Wire Brushes
Wooden Bath Brushes
Wooden Bristle Brushes
Wooden Brush
Wooden Brush & Massager
Wooden Brush Handle
Wooden Brush Sets
Wooden Clothes Brushes
Wooden Curl Brush
Wooden Cushion Pin Brush
Wooden Foam Brush
Wooden Hair Brushes
Wooden Handle Brushes
Wooden Handle Slicker Brush
Wooden Hot Curling Hair Brush
Woolen Brushes


If you are looking to source or sell brush products in Thailand then please complete the request form for more information or visit our main site Bangkok-Companies

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