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Massage Parlours in Bangkok, Soapy Massage Parlors in Thailand

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A Bangkok Soapy Massage has got to be top of the list for any visitor to the city of angels. There are so many Massage Parlours in Bangkok, or should we say Sexy Soapy Massage Parlors in Bangkok. This section was written by a friend who appears to have been a busy happy chappy on his visits to Bangkok. There are two spellings of parlor - parlour to suit the tastes of our British English visitors and American English visitors. As this account has been compiled over a number of trips (and years) some of this information may well be out of date. The names of the massage parlours may have changed or they may even have gone out of business. Nevertheless like most types of businesses in Thailand they tend to congregate in areas close to each other. So if your chosen massage parlour is not there any more you shouldn't have to go far to find another.

Of course quite often the sexy Thai massage girls also move on to another massage position either to a new massage parlor in Bangkokor maybe into retirement when they meet that special customer who takes her for the ultimate long time massage experience.

If you find some data is out of date or you have some new 'experiences' to share then please send me an email:

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Services on offer at Bangkok Massage Parlors and Bangkok Soapy Massage Parlors

  • Full Body Massage
  • Sensual Massage
  • Soapy Massage
  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Tora Body Massage
  • Erotic Massage
  • Herbal Oil Massage
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Oriental Massage
Traditional Thai Massage Bath Oil Massage Oil Thai Spa Treatments

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This area is now accessible by subway. Go north on the subway from Asoke station. Mona Lisa is near Petchaburi station and for the majority of the massage parlours get off at Huay Khwang station.

To get to this area head north on Asoke road from the New Petchaburi road intersection, near Mona Lisa massage, or that is in the opposite direction to Sukhumvit Road (and Soi Cowboy). When you reach the major intersection where the Fortune Hotel is situated; if you turn left this is Asoke-Din Deang Road where the Cleopatra Massage & Turkish Bath is located. While if you turn right this is the beginning of Rama IX road where a number of massage parlors are located including the Honolulu Love Boat Club, Juliana’s, Catherine and Victoria’s Secret. If you keep going straight instead you would end up at the many places on Ratchadphisek road, near the Emerald Hotel at the Huawy Kwang junction. Note that there has been reports on the internet that some of these places double-charge farangs and other non-locals.

New Cleopatra Massage

New Cleopatra is on Asoke-Din Deang road, about 300 yards from the intersection with Asoke Road where the Fortune Hotel is, the large gaudy neon sign cannot be missed.
phone #: 246-6680
Comments: An upscale massage parlor, with some of the most expensive Thai girls (supposed Thai supermodels) working in any of the Bangkok massage parlors. The fishbowl at Cleopatra’s is on the left when you walk in, it is quite large with some quite attractive Thai massage girls. The cost of the fishbowl girls is 1,900 baht. If you turn right at the entrance instead, you will see a sign saying ‘members lounge’, you don’t need to be a member to enter this area. In the members lounge, you will find the sideline girls and ‘Thai models’ the cost varies from 2,700 baht (sideline), 3,500, 4,500 and 5,500 for the VIP models. The girls sit in a lounge area and can be summoned over for a drink, talk etc. The attendants here are very personable in helping you make a choice. At the bar they also have photo albums with pictures of ‘Thai super models’ that are also available, the attendant highlighted a picture of one supposed Thai Penthouse magazine model that was available for 5,500 baht. Russian girls were also available for 3,500 baht.

New Cleopatra Massage Experiences: I was introduced to Nok - one of the sideline girls. We had chance to get to know each other on the sofa before going upstairs to do the business. Nok showed me some of her publicity clippings. She had appeared in many Thai supermodel type magazines and showed me some more pictures that left me in no doubt as to her 'other' activities. This was not some budding movie star hopeful. This was a hot x rated seasoned star.

Champs Elysee Massage

Champs Elysee is on Asoke-Din Deang road, at the corner with Ratchadpiskek road or that is the Rama IX junction. It is located directly across the road from the Fortune Hotel and shopping complex.
phone #: 642-0300
Comments: An upscale massage parlor/entertainment complex targeted at the hi-end market. There is no fishbowl at the Champs Elysee just a lounge with sideline girls.

Honolulu Love Boat Club
Honolulu Love Boat Club is at 555 Soi Soon Vijai, Rama IX road. Honolulu is close to the Rama IX hospital (follow the signs) and is right next door to the Radison Hotel. So if coming here by taxi, tell the driver to go to the Radison Hotel at Rama IX.
phone #: 641-5757
Comments: Another upscale massage parlor, the building is quite distinctive as part of the front is shaped like a boat. Honolulu has a large fishbowl with about 40-50 Thai massage girls, the girls in the bowl cost 1,800 baht. Also you will find here a fairly lavish restaurant, a kararoke club and a lounge bar with sideline girls costing between 2,500 to 3,500 baht. Note that the original Royal City Avenue (RCA) is just around the corner, for those who may be interested in checking out the bars and restaurants in this much hyped local entertainment area.

Honolulu Love Boat Club Experiences: Got to be the wierdest shaped hotel in Bangkok. There were lots of Japanese customers there when I arrived, must have been a coach tour as they soon departed without trying out the delights of the house speciality - Soapy massage. I have had many soapy massages in my times here in Bangkok but this was the best. There didn't seem to be any time constraints and the massage girl (number 69) lucky for me was experienced and excellent. I gave her a good tip. I will be back Tom - Toronto

Juliana’s Massage
Juliana’s is located on Rama IX road, next to the Royal Pacific hotel. It is approximately 1 mile from the beginning of Rama IX starting from the Ratchadaphisek intersection where the Fortune hotel is located.
Phone #: 319-4645
Comments: A semi-lavish place with a Japanese restaurant, karaoke lounge and health centre.

Catherine Massage
Catherine is located behind Juliana’s and the Royal Pacific hotel, approximately 100 yards down the soi.
Phone #: 719-6672
Comments: A largish bowl with about 60-70 girls, divided into 2 sections. Cost 1,700 and 1,900 baht.

Victoria’s Secret Massage
Victoria’s Secret is at 555 Soi Soon Vijai 4, Rama IX road, on the interconnect road to Hwuay Kwang. The soi to Victoria’s Secret is the first soi on the left off Rama IX road after Juliana’s, there is a small neon sign on this corner pointing down the soi for ‘massage club’. It is about a 12 minute walk to Victoria’s Secret from Rama IX road, for non-walkers a taxi would be recommended to get to this massage parlour.
Phone #: 318-8370
Comments: Part of the Davis Group of Massage Parlours along with Honolulu, Emmanuelle and Hi-Class. A semi-lavish place that is set back from Rama IX road amongst suburban houses and apartments, it features a restaurant, kararoke, snooker area, a lounge lobby as well as a mid-size fishbowl with about 20-30 girls, divided into 3 groups, 1,600 baht for standard massage girls, and 1,800 baht for superstars and body massage girls. Sideline girls in the lounge area across from the fishbowl are available for 2,200 baht. I was informed by the papasan that standard service for the massage girls was 2 hours, while the service for the body massage girls was only 1.5 hours.

**** CHINATOWN ****


Now easily accessible by subway. Get off the subway at Hua Lampong (the main Bangkok railway station) China town is a little north and west of the station.

Texas Cafe and Massage
Texas Cafe and Massage is located across the road from the Chinatown Hotel, in lane (Trok Srai) next to McDonalds on Yarowrat Road.
Phone #: 223-3521
Comments: Smallish place. Cost is 1,000 and 1,200 baht for girls in fishbowl. Or 1,700 baht for younger sideline girls in the Cafe. Chinatown (Yaowarat) is not on the tourist trail when it comes to looking for massage parlours. Do expect in these places to find that English is not the preferred language and that Asian customers predominate.

Texas Cafe and Massage Experiences: I found this area of Bangkok extremely depressing and was reluctant at first to enter the massage parlour. I had been recommended by several friends that this was a good place to get value for money. I could immediately see why. The place was small and decorated in what I can only describe as 'Titanic' style. A style that has not seen light of day for many decades. The choice of massage girls in the fishbowl was limited probably the time of day - mid afternoon. However I really would not feel safe wandering these streets at night. I declined to choose a girl. There really was not much there that took my fancy
Dave - London

Harlem Massage
Harlem is located on Maichai Trit Road, next to the Sri Kung Hotel and across the road from a Chinese Temple. It is in between Hualongpong railway station and the Wongwien 22 Karakada (22nd July) but closer to the station.
Comments: Does not have a sign in English, but there is a welcome sign in English on the door. Smallish place with about 20 girls. Cost 800 baht for girls in the fishbowl or 1,200 baht for sideline girls.

Harlem Massage Experiences: A very small yet cozy massage parlour. I found the mamasan very pushy. I ignored her advice and picked my own sexy massage girl. All I can say is that she was an expert and did the business - Highly recommended from a highly satisfied (more than once) customer
Greg - New York

**** NEW PETCHABURI ROAD - near Sukhumvit Soi 3 ****

The first 5 places are near the Sukhumvit Soi 3 junction (Mit Saphan) with New Petchaburi Road, but on the other side of the road starting from the Prince Hotel near the Makassan Road intersection.
Plaza is an entertainment complex that is located (back entrance) at the soi that leads to the Prince Hotel on New Petchaburi Road, across from the Soi 3 (Soi Nana). The main entrance is at the L-bend on Makassan Road. Within the Plaza there are 3 places (Cupidy, Sherbert and Delia) that offer girls sitting in fishbowls and/or sideline girls sitting in a lounge.
Phone #: 253-1502

Cupid’s Massage (Cupidy)

Cupid’s (Cupidy) is located on the ground floor of the Plaza, you will directly pass the entrance to Cupidy if you enter via the Petchaburi back entrance to Plaza. There is usually a portable neon sign on Petchaburi road advertising this place.

Comments:  A largish bowl with 50 or more girls, the price being 1,900 baht (Dec 1999). The price in March 2000, was 1,500 and 1,700 baht for massage girls, and 500 baht for girls in the traditional massage section. Similar to its neighbours Vilunda and Atami you probably should avoid coming here with a taxi or tuk-tuk driver. The staff here are quite aggressive to the point of being somewhat obnoxious.

Cupid’s Massage (Cupidy) Experiences:
Got to be one of the best selection of massage girls in Bangkok. Shame the staff up front are not a match for the talent in the fishbowl. Mike - San Francisco
Took 2 new friends to Cupidy yest. As we approached the place we discussed the merits of visiting the other 2 Soapy's inside Plaza Entertainment. They were all for it. However after about 5 mins inside Cupidy all those plans were forgotten - especially since these 2 mongers like to squeeze the most possible fun from every stang. I was disappointed at the number of girls on offer. We hit it at what used to be the prime moment 6:15 pm. There were about 10-12 girls in the fish bowl & about 20 sideliners. We had a good look up close & personal. I was totally falling in love when some German grabbed the object of my affection. Number 435 I think she was. I told the boys that if they could wait 2 hours she would be back sitting in the same place. By the time they had made their selection we counted about 10 girls sitting in the fish tank applying make-up (late comers). Tiger said that prime time is now closer to 8 pm but I tell you those young tourists were cutting heifers out of the herd rapidly.
Yes Posiedon has the name but value for money Cupidy is a 4 star place with loads of nice looking mid 20's cuties to while away 2 hours. According to Tiger 1800 for fish bowl & 2200 for sideliners gets you 2 hours in the room.
Cupidy Plaza is very convenient near the corner of Soi 3 & Petchburi Rd. Biggest knocking shop I have ever seen.
I've been to Cupidy my first trip lovely girl good time, but I was taken for the only newbie ride. Annies just doesn't compare to them, but Ive had more fun at annies, the girls don't come near to cupidy but great fun factor. i'm a fan.

Sherbert Massage
Sherbert is on the 2nd floor of Plaza and is advertised as a kararoke place, if you enter Plaza via the main entrance you will enter into this place.

Comments: At Sherbert you will find a mid-size fishbowl with about 30-40 massage girls, cost 1,900 baht for massage girls and 2,000 baht for body massage girls. There is also a lounge area near the entrance with sideline girls, cost 2,700 baht. Unlike at Cupidy’s the staff here are quite civil. However, there is a surcharge of 1,000-1,500 baht for non East-Asians at Sherbert.

Delia’s Massage

Delia’s is on the 6th floor of Plaza and is a member’s type club, although you don’t need to be member to enter.

Comments: At Delia’s you will find some very attractive sideline girls (supposed ‘models’, students, office workers) sitting in the lounge area, costing 3,500 for locals, Asians and 4,500 baht for non-locals. The staff at Delia’s are very personable.

Embassy Massage

Embassy is on Soi 39, and is part of the better known Embassy Karaoke establishment.
Phone #: 252-0393
Comments: The Turkish Bath and Massage part of Embassy appears new as of 2000. The entrance to the massage parlor is at the end of the soi. The bowl is small with about 15 girls. Cost was 1,200 baht, although after I showed no interest the attendant lowered the price to 1,000 baht. The price in February 2001 was 1,200 baht for girls in the fishbowl and 1,500 baht for the sideline girls in the cafe lounge area.

Vilunda Massage

Vilunda (also known as Angara) is on the soi 41 just before Atami. It appears this place may have changed it’s name to Oscar massage.
Phone #: 251-6222

Comments: The girls here are in 3 sections traditional (500 baht), body and massage (1,500 baht) and superstar (2,000 baht). Similar to Atami, it is also a favoured place by taxi drivers and street touts. In Dec, 1999 the price was 1,500 baht for all girls of the soapy variety. When I was there in August, 2000 the price was 1,500 and 2,000 baht for the massage girls but after showing no interest and was heading towards the door the attendant lowered the price to 1,000 baht for any of the fishbowl girls regardless of star class. In February, 2001 I was quoted 1,500, 2,000 and 2,500 baht but after showing no interest the papasan asked me to name my own price. 

Halem Massage

Halem is located on Soi 41, opposite side of the soi to Vilunda (Angara) massage. It is owned by the same group who run the nearby upscale Plaza Entertainment complex.
Phone: 625-7926
Comments: The fishbowl is fairly small (20 girls), the cost being 1,500 baht. Sideline girls sitting in the cafe were available for 2,500 baht.

Atami Massage

Atami is at 1573 New Petchaburi Road (after Soi 41), and quite close to the corner with Nana Soi 3 but on the other side of the road.
Phone #: 252-8907-8
Comments: Atami is a favourite with taxi drivers and touts on the streets and hence the price is variable depending on whether you go by yourself or are taken by a tout and probably your bargaining skills. The girls (~80) are in 4 sections, traditional massage (500 baht), massage only and tora body massage (both 2,000 baht) and superstar massage (2,500) one Monday night in early April 99. A week earlier, the price was 1,500 and 1,700 baht respectively ! In Dec, 1999 the price was 2,000 baht for all girls of the non-traditional massage variety. The last time I was there February, 2001 the massage girls in the fishbowl were 1,500 baht, while sideline girls seated in a lounge area across from the fishbowl were 2,500 baht.

**** NEW PETCHABURI ROAD - Asoke to Soi Soon Vijai ****

The next 9 massage places on New Petchaburi Road starting from the Asoke junction to Soi Soon Vijai ( Bangkok General Hospital ) are located fairly closely together and constitutes the (in)famous ‘soapy’ section of New Petchaburi Road.

Mona Lisa Massage

Mona Lisa is next to the Siam Hotel on New Petchaburi Road, near the corner with Asoke Road and across the road from the Japanese Embassy.
Phone #: 252-3955
Comments: Quite a well known place. There is no sign in English but there is a picture of da Vinci’s masterpiece on the neon sign. You should not go here with a taxi driver or else you will be paying extra. A mid-size bowl with 50-60 girls, divided into body massage girls costing 1,700 baht and non-body massage girls for 1,800 baht. Sideline girls are also available in the lounge area for 2,000 baht. The last time I was here (Feb, 2001) the price was 1,300 or 1,500 baht for fishbowl girls and 1,800 baht for sideliners. About 6 Russian girls were seated in the cafe and were available at 2,500 baht.

Monika’s Massage

On the 2nd floor there is another boutique massage parlor called Monika’s, the entrance is on left of the main entrance.

Comments: Girls in the bowl cost 1,300 baht and 1,600 baht, sideline girls were 1,900 baht.
I was told by the papasan that farangs and other non East-Asians may not be welcome at Monikas, however it was up to the discretion of the papasan based on criteria that included physical body size and Thai language skills. This discriminatory policy is not practiced downstairs at Mona Lisa.

The next 5 establishments are after Mona Lisa on New Petchaburi Road (outbound side), in order

Christina Massage

Christina - 2115 New Petchaburi Road, just before the entrance to Royal City Avenue (RCA).
Ph: 314-3590
Comments: Sign in English at entrance. A smallish place with about 40 girls at a very cheap 650 baht. There was no hassle from the staff. Sign in English at entrance. A smallish place with about 40 girls at a very cheap 650 baht. There was no hassle from the staff. I enjoyed a relaxed coffee in the coffee shop but did not spot a girl to my liking at this time

Pornphet Massage

Pornphet - 2235 New Petchaburi Road, about 100 yards before Soi Soon Vijai where Bangkok General Hospital is located. There is a 7-Eleven store on the corner of New Petchaburi Road and Soi Soon Vijai. If coming by taxi get out here.
Ph: 318-2982

No sign in English. 20-30 girls in the bowl. Girls are divided into 2 sections, 800 and 1,000 baht. This is no massage parlor for the faint hearted or for those who can not speak Thai. One of the few places where even the papasan can not communicate in English. Most guys who are looking to visit these out of the way massage places usually can speak a little Thai nowadays. If you can't then this is certainly a place to take a buddy who can then there can be no danger of any misinterpretations with regard to price, schedule and of course what is 'on the menu

Pornphet Massage Experiences: Always fun to find a new place and new girls of course. It was a refreshing change to find some fresh faced beauties rather than the stale ashen faced bunch I usually come across in most Bangkok massage joints. Although the girls seemed new they certainly new how to take care of business. Well at least the one I chose did. There was nor rushing the action and a one and a half hour session was well utilized in every respect. Certainly a place I will re-visit on my next trip to the Land of smiles. David - Stevenage, England

Riviera Massage

Sign in English as well as Thai. Quite a luxurious place with night-club type facilities, including a Japanese club. There were approximately 40 girls sitting in the fishbowl at the time of my visit. Cost is 1,500 or 1,700 baht. Note this place may not allow farangs from recent reports on the internet.

Riviera Massage Experiences: Well absolutely nowt to report except the comments above were spot on. Showed up and was promptly shown the door. Sorry no foreigners here I was told in no uncertain terms. Never mind plenty more just down the street. Their loss not mine.

Hawaii Massage

Hawaii - 2293 New Petchaburi Road, at the corner of Soi Soon Vijai and next to the 7-Eleven store.
Ph: 314-3451
Comments: Sign in English as well as Thai. A smallish place, with about 20-30 girls. The cost is low, 650 or 750 baht although the quality of the girls was not high. The last time I was there (Feb, 2005) the quoted price was 1,000 baht. The price is quite low but certainly reflects the size of the place and the number of girls on offer.

New Stella Massage

New Stella - 2351 New Petchaburi Road, about 50 yards past Soi Soon Vijai and across the road from the Morakot Hotel on New Petchaburi Road.
Ph: 318-1673
Comments: Sign in English as well as Thai. A smallish place with about 25 girls in the bowl, costing 1500 baht. Also there were a small number of attractive young sideline girls sitting in the cafe, for 1,700 baht. Last time I was there (Feb 2005), the price was 1,000 for fishbowl girls and 1,300 for sideliners.

The following 3 establishments are on the inbound side of New Petchaburi Road, or the same side as the Japanese Embassy, and are listed in order outbound (going against the traffic).

New York Massage

New York Massage - 1882 New Petchaburi Road next to the Amari Atrium Hotel and a 7-Eleven store.
Ph: 314-4157
Comments: No sign in English. Smallish place with about 15-25 girls. Cost is 800 Baht.

Saiphon Massage

Saiphon Massage - 2152 New Petchaburi Road, across the road from the large Royal City Avenue (RCA) entrance sign and Christina’s massage parlour.
Ph: 318-1094
Comments: No sign in English. Small place with about 25-35 girls. Cost is 700 or 800 Baht

Bangkok Cozy Massage

Bangkok Cozy Massage - 2368 New Petchaburi Road, next to a Toyota dealer. It is across the road from Soi Soon Vijai and the Hawaii and Riveria Massage parlours.
Ph: 314-0731
Comments: Sign in English as well as Thai. A mid-size place of about 40-50 girls in the fishbowl. It is fairly luxurious and also has large karaoke bar attached. The girls are divided into 3 sections, cost is 1,200, 1,500 or 1,700 baht. Sideline girls in the lounge area are 2,000 baht, while girls in the VIP room are 3,000 baht.

**** NEW PETCHABURI - at the end ****

The next 4 establishments are near the end of New Petchaburi Road or on Pattanakan Road (what New Petchaburi eventually becomes).

Meree Massage

Meree - New Petchaburi Road, near the Ekami Expressway and across the road from the FoodLand Supermarket. It is also about 100 yards from the Deluxe Place hotel.
Ph: 318-1786
Comments: A mid-scale entertainment complex, with massage parlor, kararoke, restaurant and the Hot Model bar. The fishbowl has about 50-60 girls, including some quite attractive girls divided into 2 sections with the cost being 1,300 and 1,600 baht. Sideline girls are available in the lounge area for 2,100 and 2,600 baht.

Evita Massage

Evita Massage - New Petchaburi Road, just past the Foodland supermarket and directly across the road from Meree Entertainment.
Comments: A new establishment, that was open in late 2000. A smaller size massage parlor, the fishbowl has about 20-30 girls divided into 2 sections costing 1,300 and 1,700 baht. Sideline girls are available in the lounge area for 1,900 and 2,200 baht.


BIWA Cafe - at the end of New Petchaburi Road, near the Petcharavej hospital and across the road from the Deluxe Place Hotel.
Comments: A smallish place, with a mid-size bowl of approximately 50 girls divided into 2 sections. The cost being relatively cheap at 1,000 and 1,300 baht.

Osaka Massage

Osaka Massage - is on Pattanakan Road on the inbound side between Sois 44 and 46. It is located across the road from the Neo kararoke and lounge bar. Apart from taking a taxi to Osaka, you can also get to Osaka via bus routes #11 or #92 that run along New Petchaburi and Pattanakan road.
Ph: 321-0345
Comments: An oldish place that could do with a new coat paint, it has a restaurant and a fishbowl with about 30 girls divided into two sections. The cost being 800 and 1,500 baht.

*** PETCHABURI ROAD (at Uruphong Junction) ****

At the Uruphong junction, where (old) Petchaburi Road intersects with Rama VI road there are two low-end massage parlors that cater to locals.

Bacara Massage

Bacara Massage is located at Petchaburi Soi 4 about 25 yards into the soi on your left.

Comments: A small and slightly rundown place that is about 25 yards into the soi on your left, no sign in English but there is a small neon sign (not lit) in English on the side of the 7-Eleven store that is on corner of Petchaburi Soi 4. A small fishbowl with about 20 girls, cost is cheap at 600 baht and 240 baht for traditional massage girls.

S.Botan Massage (PP Cafe)

S.Botan (PP Cafe), is located on Rama VI road at Soi 13, which is approximately 250 yards away from the Uruphong junction, past the bridge over Klong San Saep, and a similar distance from the intersection with Rama I road. The nearest hotel is Sol Twins Towers.
Comments: A mid-size place with about 40-50 girls, including some relatively attractive girls considering the low all-inclusive price of 800 baht. S.Botan is arguably the ‘best’ low price (below 1,000 baht) soapy massage parlour in Bangkok.

**** PIN KLAO (at Arun Amarin Road) IN THONBURI ****

How to get to Pin Klao ? The easiest way to get to the Pin Klao area in Thonburi, on the other side (western) of the Chao Phraya river to Bangkok is to get a taxi to the Pata Department store at Pin Klao, it is the major landmark in this area. Pin Klao is one of the major shopping and entertainment areas in Thonburi. If you are going to Pin Klao via crossing the Pin Klao bridge then Arun Amarin road is the first intersection, you cannot miss it as there is a major flyover here. The Pata Department store is the next block away from this intersection. Two massage parlours (Chao Phaya 3 and Valentine) are located at the intersection of Arun Amarin and Phra Pin Klao roads.
Although, Pin Klao may appear far away from Sukhumvit (or Silom), a taxi from Pin Klao to Sukhumvit Soi 3 is approximately 70 baht. An alternative method of getting to Pin Klao is to get the river ferry to the Pin Klao pier, if you are staying in the Banglamphoo area, eg Khao San Road, you can also catch the 2 baht cross-river boat from the Phra Artit/Banglamphoo pier.

Snow White Massage

The Snow White massage parlour is very close to the Pin Klao pier. Snow White is located at Somdet Phra Pin Klao Road, Soi 5 (also known as Soi Suwichai Damri). Soi 7 with a sign to the Police Station is right next to Soi 5. Somdet Phra Pin Klao Soi 5 (and 7) is approximately 100 yards from the Pin Klao Ferry Pier. Mahidol University’s Administration Office is next to the pier in the background as another landmark.
Phone #: 435-3523
Comments: Snow White is about 50 yards into Soi 5. As this soi is relatively quiet, you cannot really miss the place and its shimmering yellow and green neon signs (in Thai only) at night. The place has a mid-size bowl with about 40-50 girls. Cost is 1,300-1,500 baht. Sideline girls dressed in uniforms sitting opposite the fishbowl cost ~1,800 baht.

Valentine Massage (Star Cafe)

Valentine Massage (Star Cafe). On Arun Amarin road, Pata Department store side, near the corner with Phra Pin Klao road and the large flyover.
Phone #: 424-4570
Comments: There is no sign in English, but there is sign in English for the attached Star Cafe. This place has a mid-size fish bowl with about 40 girls, divided into 2 sections. The cost being 1,600 and 1,800 baht respectively.  

Chao Phaya 3 Massage

Chao Phaya 3 is next to Valentine Massage on Arun Amarin road.
Phone #: 433-4667
Comments: Next door to Valentine massage is the 3rd branch of the Chao Phaya Turkish Bath and Massage. There is a large neon sign in English similar to it's better known sister branches on Sri Ayyuthaya road. The Chao Phaya 3 is very similar in design (but smaller) and atmosphere ‘ no hassle' to the Chao Phaya 2. But prices are ~200 baht cheaper than the Chao Phaya 2, body and star massage girls cost 1,400 baht and traditional massage girls are 400 baht or 1,200 baht for full-service. There is also a little ‘newbie’ bowl with young girls for 1,500 baht. The main bowl is probably half the size of that at the Chao Phaya 2.

Chao Phraya 3 Massage Experiences: CP3: mostly older, definitely more 5-7s, although a fair number of big boobs with an occasional 8 thrown in. And all about the service ... 1900 + 500 tip


Venus Massage

Venus Massage is across the road from the World Trade Centre in the Rajadamri shopping area. It is located across the soi from the Bangkok Inn.
Comments: The cost here is 1,500 baht, the place is fairly small (20 girls) and mainly attracts a local clientele. Have only ever wandered in.

**** RATCHADAPHISEK ROAD at Huay Kwang Junction ****

Another major area for massage parlours is on Ratchadaphisek Road near the Huay Kwang junction, this area is commonly referred to as ‘Ratchada’. Ratchada is a major entertainment area catering mainly to better-off locals and other Asian business and tourist groups. Four upscale entertainment complexes are located here, Cesar’s, Emmanuelle, Mirage and Posiedon. However it should be noted there have been postings on the Internet that farangs and other tourists may get doubled-priced at these places. To get to Ratchada, catch a taxi to the Emerald Hotel (Sparks disco/kararoke) or other nearby hotels such as the Merchant Court and Siam Beverley Hills hotels.

Ceasar’s Entertainment Complex

Ceasar’s Entertainment Complex is located across the road from the Emerald Hotel. The massage parlour is on the ground floor located within the restaurant.
Phone #: 692-5063-65
Comments: This place is somewhat akin to dining at a luxurious seafood restaurant with a large aquarium, except the aquarium here has girls rather than fish. The bowl is very large, however when I was there the number of girls available was small. They claim that their VIP rooms are equipped with the largest bath tubs ever made in Bangkok. Cost is 1,900 baht.

Emmanuelle Massage

Emmanuelle is an upscale entertainment complex next to Nataree massage parlour on Ratchadaphisek Road.
Phone #: 275-7474
Comments: The massage section of Emmanuelle is on the floor above the entrance, the massage area is quite lavish with a large fish bowl, with the standard and body massage girls costing 1,900 or 2,100 baht. There is also a ‘VIP model’ section which was empty the time I visited, cost from 3,000 baht plus.

Hi-Class  Massage

Hi-Class is part of the Emmanuelle complex. It is located in a side building next to Emmanuelle.
Phone #: 275-7474 Ext. 212
Comments: Mid-size to largish place with 40-60 girls. Cost is 1,500 baht. There is also section with traditional massage girls, cost 300 baht. Sideline girls are available in the VIP lounge for 1,800 and 2,100 baht.

Mirage Massage

Mirage is an entertainment complex, next to the Plazzo hotel, it is approximately 150 yards down the soi (street) between the Emerald Hotel and Nataree massage.
Phone #: 276-5016.
Comments: Another lavish entertainment complex, the massage section is on the floor above the entrance. The fishbowl is mid-size with 40-50 girls. Cost is 1,900 or 2,100 baht. Sideline girls in the lounge area are 3,200 baht.

Nataree Massage 

Nataree is located next to the Emerald hotel on Ratchadaphisek Road.
Phone #: 692-9144
Comments: Mid-size place with 50-70 girls. Cost is 1,300 and 1,700 baht. Sideline girls sitting in the cafe lounge are available for 1,900 or 2,200 baht. On a few accessions that I have been, there have been also Russian girls sitting in the cafe, costing 3,500 baht. At the entrance (Emerald hotel side) of the traditional massage area of Nataree, there are also sideline girls that are advertised by the staff as ‘body’ massage for ~1,500 baht.

Poseidon Massage

Poseidon is a 10 storey entertainment complex, it is about 200 metres up the road from the Emerald Hotel and across the road from the Grand Hotel.
Phone #: 693-8222
Comments: The Poseidon massage parlour (Venus showroom) is on the second floor and can reached via the stairs (or elevator) from the lobby. The fishbowl has about 50 girls. The cost is 1,900 baht. Sideline girls seated directly outside the fishbowl are 2,400 baht. Sideline girls and ‘models’ are also available on the 3rd floor (Modeling lounge/Bunny bar), costs varies from 3,300 to 5,300 baht. At the bar are photo albums of models that are available, including some Thai edition Penthouse models.

Poseidon Massage Experiences: Poseidon: all about the looks, not so much the service. ISTR 2700 (inclusive of falang surcharge) + I may be a sucker but always tip the girls 500, then again the one place in LOS I know I can get an 8-9 without even TRYING to look around and the service is always good.

Copa Cabana Massage

Copa Cobana is a new entertainment ‘resort’ complex on soi 17, Ratchdaphisek Road. It is located directly behind the Poseidon Entertainment and is a part of the Davis Group of massage parlours along with Emmanuelle, Hi-Class, Honolulu and Victoria’s Secret.
Phone #: 693-9393
Comments: Copa Cobana is an upscale complex featuring a restaurant, lounge, kararoke and a massage parlour. The fishbowl and sideline lounge is near the main entrance. The fishbowl has about 30-50 girls costing 1,800 baht. The sideline lounge is on the left of the fishbowl and the girls here cost 2,300 for sideliners and 3,200 or 4,200 for VIP ‘models’. An album with photos of other models is also available for viewing.

Barbara Massage

Barbara is a part of the Copa Cabana complex and is located right next door to the main Copa Cabana building.
Phone #: 693-9393 Ext: 333, 334 or 335
Comments: Not as lavish as Copa Cabana, Barbara is a mid-size massage parlor with approximately 40-60 girls in the fishbowl costing 1,600 and 1,800 baht. There is also a small section with traditional massage ladies. 


In Patpong itself there are 3 small massage parlours that I am aware of, one place in Patpong 1 itself (Tikara near the King's Castle 3 bar) and the other two in Patpong 2 (Plaza Onzen and La Costa) near the FoodLand supermarket and Rififi's bar.
Comments: Never been to any of these places so cannot make any comments here.

Versailles Massage

Versailles is located within the Galaxy No Hands Restaurant complex along Rama IV between Suriwongse and Si Phaya Roads and is across the road from the Red Cross Snake Farm. It can also be reached by a soi from Suriwongse that leads to the Rose Hotel.
Phone #: 237-7077
Comments: Versailles is a smallish place with about 20 girls with the price 1,500 baht.

Sahara Sauna Massage

Sahara Sauna is located on Rama IV, near the corner with Sathorn (nua) road.
Phone #: 233-7915
Comments: Sahara is a small place with about 15 girls. The cost is quite cheap at 600 baht.

Helen Massage

Helen is located on Rama IV, near the Khlong Toei junction, that is the T-junction of Sunthon Kosa and Rama IV roads. Helen is located in the first soi off Rama IV after Sunthon Kosa road. If you are coming from Sukhumvit via Asoke Road, at Rama IV turn right and the Khlong Toei junction is about 100 yards further down Rama IV. The Khlong Toei junction is where you will find the well known Khlong Toei markets, quite an interesting area in itself although it may get dangerous (a slum area) late at night if you stray down the wrong soi but it should be OK if you stay on Rama IV road.
Phone #: 249-1548
Comments: Helen is a smallish place with about 20-30 girls in the fishbowl, including a couple of quite attractive girls. The cost is 1,500 baht for girls in the bowl and 1,600 baht for the sideline girls who are seated in a bench area directly on the left hand side of the fishbowl.


Along Sri-Ayuthya road there are 3 massage parlours. These places are within walking distance of the Phya Thai SkyTrain station which is situated on the corner of Phaya Thai and Sri Ayuthaya Roads. Turn right at Sri-Ayuthaya road and then walk about 200-300 yards.

Chao Phya 1 (J-One Cafe)

Chao Phya 1 (J-One Cafe) is located next to Phaya Thai 1 hospital.
Phone #: 245-3381
Comments: The fishbowl (40-50 girls) is relatively small compared to the bowl at the Chao Phya II across the road. The girls in the bowl are available for either 1,800 or 2,000 baht. Sideline girls sitting in the cafe are available for 2,500-3,000 baht. The last time I went (Sept 2000) the price was 1,700 baht for girls in the fishbowl and 2,000 baht for the special (sideline) girls. Note the Chao Phaya 1 is owned by different management to the Chao Phaya 2 across the road, and pays a finders fee to touts and will double-price tourists if given the chance.

Chao Phaya 2 Massage

Chao Phaya 2 is across the road from the Europa Inn near the T junction with Rajadaprop road, and next to a Toyota Dealership.
Phone #: 245-5740
Comments: The girls are divided into 4 sections, traditional massage at 500 baht, special body massage (1,500 baht), star massage (1,600 baht) and superstar massage (1,700 baht). Newbies (1,600 baht) are seated behind the body massage girls in the main bowl. There is also a small fishbowl on the right of the main bowl with ‘special’ sideline girls (2,300 baht).

Chavalla Massage

Chavalla is just down the road from the Chao Phaya 2 and across the road from the Phaya Thai 1 hospital via an overhead crossing.
Phone #: 245-3003
Comments: 300 baht per hour (minimum of 2 hours) for semi-private cubicle. In cubicle area normally a BJ is provided for a tip. Private VIP rooms are 500 baht per hour, minimum of 2 hours.
As of May 2001 the Chavalla appears to have undergone a renovation and the cubicle area has been closed and only VIP rooms are available with the cost now a standard 1,200 baht for 2 hours.


Annie's Massage

Annie's is located in the Raja Hotel, close to Soi 2 entrance but can also be easily reached from the Soi 4 entrance to Hotel car park.
Phone #: 251-5680
Comments: A farang favourite at 1,000 baht (plus tip ~500 baht) but have never tried. Place is a bit small with about 12-15 girls.

Grace Massage

Grace Massage is located in basement of the Grace Hotel, Soi 3. The entrance is located across from the Hotel coffee shop, down the staircase.
Comments: 500 baht per hour but have never tried. As the hotel clientele is primarily Arabic, the girls tend to be a bit plump.

Darling Massage

Darling is located on Sukhumvit Soi 12, there is a BlockBuster Video store on the corner of Soi 12 and Sukhumvit Road.
Phone #: 229-4652-4
Comments: Relatively expensive at 2,500 baht, or 4,000 baht for a 2 girl sandwich. I believe Darling does not pay taxi/tuk-tuk drivers and touts a commission and hence many taxi drivers/touts will try to More....

Chavalla II Massage

Chavalla II is located on Sukumvit Road, near Soi 34 and the Rex Hotel. It is located about 100 yards before the Thong Lo SkyTrain station.
Phone: 258-5374
Comment: Chavalla II operates similar to the original Sri Ayutthaya branch, although it is smaller and there are no fully private VIP rooms. The cost is 300 baht per hour in a semi-private cubicle area, no full-service but extra service is available for a tip. As of November 2000, the minimum time was 2 hours, that is 600 baht



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