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Thailand Forging Companies, Thai Forging Manufacturers


Thailand Forging Companies
, produce a wide range of metal parts for local use as well as for export. These include: Forged Automotive Parts, Forged Motorcycle Parts, Forged Truck Parts, Forged Farm Implement Parts and Forged Industrial Parts

Although I was brought up close to Sheffield in the UK, once a world leader in the production of steel and engineering, I know very little about the technicalities of metalwork and the production of metal parts. I will leave it up to the experts to describe the forging process and about the products they make.

I do know much more about business in Thailand and as a full service product sourcing company Bangkok Companies should be able to satisfy your requests for forged parts. Please email with your requests.

Forging is the process by which metal is heated and is shaped by plastic deformation by suitably applying compressive force. Usually the compressive force is in the form of hammer blows using a power hammer or a press.
Forging refines the grain structure and improves physical properties of the metal.


With proper design, the grain flow can be oriented in the direction of principal stresses encountered in actual use. Grain flow is the direction of the pattern that the crystals take during plastic deformation. Physical properties (such as strength, ductility and toughness) are much better in a forging than in the base metal, which has, crystals randomly oriented.

In order to make greater use of the technology for forging golf club heads, Endo Forging (Thailand) Co., Ltd. manufactures forged components for automobiles and other markets as well as forgings for golf club products. Further efforts are being made to actively deepen the technology of forging but still a new one at the same time. Endo has gained a very good reputation as a manufacturer of forged golf club heads.
Forging a product by striking the metal to temper it, makes the metal structure finer and stronger, and it is apparently these characteristics that give golf club heads a good feel on hitting the ball, and make ball control easier. For us, a golf club is not just a tool. It is a part of a player's body, transmitting his or her intentions and strength to the ball. We have always insisted that forging is the way to make the sort of head that can do that.



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Forged Motorcycle Parts Forged Truck Parts Forged Farm Implement Parts
Forged Industrial Parts    
Featured Thailand Forging Companies

Grand D. K. Co., Ltd
We are expert in manufacturing service valve used in air-conditioner for more than 10 years. Now, we are the main supplier of service valves in Thailand. The factory is located in samutsakhon industrial estate,32 kilometers from Bangkok. It is equipped with hot forging machines, automatic lathes, cnc-lathes and many special purpose machines. We export via grand D. K. Export Co. Ltd. Which is our affiliate, has the same address.
Products: Service Valve, for split type air conditioner; Access Valve (Schreder valve); Flare Nut; Half union; Flow control (Restrictor)

Nsl Brass Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Our company is a leading manufacturer of brass wire, brass rods and brass forging parts in Thailand since 1964. We serve various industries such as sanitary, automotive, hardware, electronics, etc. Our main clients are global well-known manufacturers. Our product ranges are machining grade, hot forging grade, and cold stamping grade. We also act as OEM manufacturer upon request.
Products: Brass rod, brass wire, brass strip. Machined brass hot forging parts,Non-ferrous Metal, Cast & Forged, Non-ferrous Metal Alloy, Non-ferrous Metal Products

Prospered Trading Co., Ltd.
We are steel import trading house of special steel for more than eight years. Our Steel handling items are
HR Carbon Steel to S45c HR Alloy Steel to SCM440 Hot Forge Alloy Bar to SCM440 Stainless Steel, Seamless and Welded Pipe Most our buyers are steel import stockist.
Products: Special steel

Qd Huixing Metals Co., Ltd
We introduce ourselves as famous supplier of metals products, such as eyebolt/nut, forging products, hooks and shackle. We have our own production mill and experienced experts for quality control, hope can build long term relationship with all customers.
Products: Iron & steel, cast & forged minerals

Smk fitting established on 1983, to be manufactured of brass fitting parts
In wide variety of industries, which ranging from: Furniture, Waterworks, Air condition, Sanitary ware, Pneumatic, Gas, Agriculture and hydraulic. We also manufacture as per buyers requirement. Our utmost 20 years milestones, was guaranteed the expertise of free Cutting, machining and forging. Most of our materials are dealing with the exact dimension as well as Precision in order to fit in our client's product. Especially, most of them Are the safety- related products, for examples, gas and air conditioning. Nowadays, smk fitting handle more than 100 number of accounts currently, Meanwhile the absolute satisfaction of customer is our goal. According to Our substantial growth in the volumes and accounts. Smk fitting has continuously developed its technical as well as production Process. We have employed all the hi-tech and up to date machines, Incorporate with the r&d team, whereby the experienced staff, are all the Function keys that handle the absolutely completed production profile. Recently, we extend some of ourselves brand product, smk fitting is gaining Good response in the market. Generally, our routine procedure is begun with
The refinement raw materials from the creditability supplier, manufactured Under the qualified machine, controlled by the experienced engineering Staff, finally testified with the quality control. In fact, smk fitting assured you that both OEM and smk brand are perfectly Performed the perfect fit in to all the brass fitting profile, or said Precision, quality and duration is the character of smk fitting.
Products: Brass fitting

Thaitsuki Co., Ltd
The Thaitsuki Japanese Samurai Katana Series keep true to the samurai code, "To strive for perfection". All Katanas produced by the family run Thaitsuki Forge are all handmade with the highest standards and attention to detail. All of our sword craftsmen and artisans have served for years in apprenticeship under the master sword smith, Mr. Sivarat. Each katana is made following the same traditional methods that the family run Thaitsuki Forge has been using for over 200 Years. From the perfectly wrapped Ito, to the handmade Kashira, Menuki, Tsuba and Fuchi, each piece is made from skilled craftsmen that specialize and take pride in their art. The Habaki, Menuki, Fuchi and Kashira are handmade from quality silver. The Tsuka is skillfully wrapped with only the leather or silk and only genuine Ray skin is used. The Saya is crafted from hard wood then carefully lacquered and the Koiguchi is made from genuine black horn. The blade is hand forged from only the best High Carbon - Japanese Steel and perfectly balanced. Each Japanese Katana comes with it's own individual serial number and certificate from Thaitsuki Nihonto so you can trace it back to when and by whom it was made. Each katana is handmade and the fittings are handcrafted so no katana will be ever be exactly alike. Each katana is it's own, one of a kind, work of art.
Products: Katana, Japanese sword, iaido, iaito, samurai, sword, Japanese, martial art, martial, craft, art

Following you will find lists of forging products from companies involved in the forging business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a forging company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

aluminum alloy forging
aluminum alloy forging and forming parts
aluminum alloy forgings
aluminum alloy hot forged parts
automotive front wheel hub
brake camshaft
brass forging parts
brass ball valve
brass chrome-plated joint
brass flange valve
brass forged parts
brass forged parts used as pipe fittings
brass forging part
brass gas valve
brass stop valve
buckle slide
carbon steel forged bent shafts for motorcycles
carbon steel forged parts
check valves
coat and hat hook
coat and hat hook made of brass with lacquer finish
cold forged machine parts
copper forging parts
crank shaft pulley
diecast forged part
diesel engine part manufacturers
diesel engine parts
drop forgings with cataphoresis surface treatment
fastener forged part made of carbon steel
flow and control valves
forged alloy and carbon steel parts
forged aluminum parts
forged and machined industrial parts
forged and machined spindle for trailer axles
forged auto parts made of alloy steel
forged blank in brass
forged blank in copper
forged blanks
forged flange manufacturers
forged flanges
forged heatsinks
forged hose elbow
forged iron baluster
forged iron baluster manufacturers
forged machined part
forged magnesium parts
forged metal parts
forged metal parts for hand tools
forged mold-making services
forged part in carbon steel
forged part in magnesium
forged part in titanium
forged part manufacturers
forged parts
forged parts for construction equipment
forged parts made of carbon steel
forged parts made of stainless steel
forged parts manufacturers
forged parts with annealing
forged rigid brass parts
forged valve
forged valve distributors
forged valve exporters
forged valve manufacturers
forged valve products
forged valve suppliers
forged valve wholesalers
forging and machine parts
forging distributors
forging manufacturers
forging part
forging part manufacturers
forging part vehicle
forging part vehicle manufacturers
forging suppliers
forging wholesalers
forgings made different types of steels
fork welding manufacturers
gas cooker valve
gear shaft set
gears & shafts manufacturers
high-grade brass forging part
hooks and links
hot forged blanks in brass
hot forged blanks in copper
hot forged machine parts
hot forged parts made of aluminum alloy
hot forged parts made of titanium
induction furnace heated forged hardware
iron cold forging part
isolating valve with forging brass body
lockable bibcock
machine fittings
machine part manufacturers
machine parts in aluminum
machine parts in brass
machine parts in steel
machine tool part manufacturers
machined parts form forging blank
machinery part manufacturers
manifold forged stainless steel machine parts
metal parts
motorcycle parts made of gray and ductile iron
nickel-plated brass ball valve
oem forged parts
pipe fittings
platform ladder manufacturers
port brass ball valve
precision aluminum forged part
precision aluminum forged parts
precision brass machining parts
precision cnc machined parts
precision disc brake rotors
precision forged parts
precision forged parts made carbon steel
precision forged parts made of alloy and carbon steel
precision forged spindles
precision forging exporters
precision forging manufacturers
precision forging products
precision gears
rigid brass forged part
rigid brass forging part
socket-welded forged steel ball valve
square buckle slide
square head plug
stainless steel forged parts
stainless steel machining parts
stamping and forging parts
steel ball valve
steel forging parts
steel scaffolding
steel scaffolding manufacturers
steering parts
titanium hot forged parts
transmission parts


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