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Missing in Thailand

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Hundreds of foreigners go missing in Bangkok or go missing in Thailand every year. If you are looking for someone, a husband, son or daughter, loved one don't immediately go looking for a private detective or private investigation service. Most missing persons turn up after a few weeks or months. Some resurface years later returning home with their tails between their legs out of money but with a story to tell. Sit down gather all the facts and start using the internet as a search tool first.


Think and think hard about why they have disappeared. What happened just before you lost contact with them. What were they doing and where were they staying?


Why is it so easy to get lost in Thailand?

Reasons and opportunity. There are many reasons why people overstay in Thailand and there are many opportunities available to people, who may not have a lot of money or resources, to effectively disappear off the face of the Earth. There are many opportunities to have fun and fulfill one's dreams and fantasies. There are also opportunities to find work, usually illegally, to finance this fantasy lifestyle.


Reasons to go missing


Sex - Drugs and Rock & Roll



Without doubt the major reason for people to go missing is sex. They of course will call it love. They get involved with a sexy Thai girl (or sexy Thai boy) and think they can spend the rest of their life in their lovers arms. Read the stories on Stickman's site they will be an eye opener for you. Most times the relationship started with some encounter in a bar in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket. One night stretches into a few days, a few weeks and then a more permanent relationship when the girl/boy moves in with the farang (westerner) These relationships seldom work out in the long run - money runs out first. But the farang has now got the bug. Sex with a beautiful Thai girl twenty years younger is infectious and once infected there are no known cures in terms of antibiotics. The only cure is losing all your money returning home and suffering the long term withdrawal symptoms.



Not so easy for me to talk about this subject as I have much less experience than the paragraph above.

In Thailand drugs are cheap, cheaper than in the west. However the penalties for buying or using drugs is much higher. I am told that drugs are easy to obtain in places like Khaosan Road (the backpackers area of Bangkok) and on the islands in the south of Thailand. Popular movies like 'The Beach' portrayed this scene well. Too well if you ask me. All night Full Moon party on the beach, cheap booze and free sex. Sounds like the hippy days back in the 60's The reality is that after the parties and the booze then the revellers wake up with a big headache and empty pockets. I think it is the young people more than any who get involved in the drug scene in Thailand. I know of very few older people who use this as a reason for staying too long.


Rock & Roll

I am not thinking about the music although there is a an awful lot of music in Bangkok. I am thinking about the atmosphere of party till you drop. Doing what you want to do when you want to do it and be damned to the authorities and the older generation. Thailand is a playground, for young and all. Whether your liking is for all night beach parties, all night pool sessions or all night sessions in the bedroom with a nubile sexy Thai girl, Thailand has it all.



Looking at the reasons above - Sex - Drugs and Rock & Roll it is often the case of push and pull. Are they pulled and lured by the availability of cheap sex, drugs and alcohol and a freewheeling carefree life (doesn't always turn out to be so carefree or free at all) or are they pushed from their home environment by their high pressure job in the West, the pressures of society, family pressures or maybe there are further more serious pressures.


Maybe they are wanted by the Police or chased by debt collectors, child support agencies or just bad business deals that make living in the West seem less and less attractive.


More often than not it is a combination of some of these factors put together that drives people to leave home and start anew in some foreign land. I should know I did that myself years ago.



Finding a missing person in Thailand

First thing contact a private investigation service or hire a private investigator right?

Wrong - This is the most expensive option and if the missing person has gone to ground well enough even the best sleuth is not going to have much of a chance.


Search the Internet

Gather all your facts together. try using internet searches. If his name is Michael Wilson try putting "michael wilson" into Google. This will come up with 494,000 results. OK try "michael wilson" bangkok - 750 results - much better! Unfortunately the top results turn out to be a Harvard lawyer and a co-author of the movie 'The Bridge over the river Kwai'


Now maybe your lost friend changed his name a little. Seldom do people change their whole name or surname. So how about changing the first name. For Michael substitute Mike and try again "mike wilson" bangkok - 414 results and at number four in the Google search:


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Check out the link http://www.bangkok-companies.com/bcompanies_007.htm there is even a picture of the missing farang with his sexy Thai girlfriend.


Of course this is too easy right? wrong - 50% of people I have helped trace a missing relative have found them this way. Of course I am not trying to hide. If I was I would not make it so easy so what else can be done to trace a missing person in Thailand?



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