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Viagra in Thailand - What's up guys?



Where do you buy your Viagra? Do you by Viagra on prescription from a doctor, Urologist, your local hospital or clinic or do you buy on the black market, perhaps you buy Viagra Online. Is it real Viagra or a cheap, fake or copy product?


Just some of the questions I put to my friends and work colleagues whilst doing research for this article. I needed to research because (I kid you not) I have never used this product or any of the similar pharmaceuticals. Never had the urge or rather I have the urge but never needed the know what I mean.


This morning a teacher called in to my office here in Bangkok. Bob is a 'bit of a lad' not really a lad anymore - he is over 50 but doesn't look it. "Bob I am writing an article, do you know anything about Viagra?" With a sly smile he pulled out a plastic bag from his pocket. "Well there is real Viagra, fake Viagra, Chinese Viagra and Viagra in powder form - take your pick"


I should not have been so surprised.

"I didn't think a guy like you would have any problem getting it up"

"I don't have any problem getting it up - I just want it to stay up a bit longer"

"take one of these 1,000 gram pills and you can stay up for 30 hours"

"I took one last night here feel this"

I declined his offer "I believe you Bob, I believe you.


Real Viagra or Fake? Local Thai Aphrodisiac Where can you buy Viagra?


I enjoy a beer now and again. Usually The Dollhouse in Soi Cowboy - happy hour 30 Baht for a beer. It is years since I was a regular on the Bangkok nightlife scene. I don't have the time any more and maybe don't have the urge. Hundreds of guys, nay thousands of guys are regulars though. There is a wide choice of entertainment venues here in Bangkok too. Bars, pool bars, go-go bars, massage parlors, clubs and discos  you name it there is a place to park your bum and enjoy a cold beer or three.


Many guys go home and wake up next morning with more than a hangover. They wake up with a strange girl. or guy or sometimes with a guy that last night they thought was a girl. How many use Viagra? and why?


Viagra and the Internet

I was prompted to look in to the use of legal and illegal pharmaceutical products with what seems to be an upsurge of postings in Thailand related forums on the Internet. Here is an example:


Buy Generic Viagra, Best prices, buy where?

I paid 400 baht for a pack of four or three packs for 1,000 Baht
However recently I was offered two packs for 500 baht at the same drug store however from a different person in the shop. Is this the real price for Viagra or was I ripped off?


I get this email quite regularly (every two hours or so)

Vlaagra - $3.3
Leviqtra - $3.3
Ciadlis - $3.7
Imitdrex - $16.4
Flomgax - $2.2
Ultrfam - $0.78
Vionxx - $4.75
Ambcien - $2.2
Valqium - $0.97
Xanadx - $1.09
Sopma - $3
Meribdia - $2.2
our website
Best regards,
Online Pharmaceuticals


Someone out there is selling Viagra or other substitutes. Are they real? are they fakes? who is buying the stuff? and where are they getting the pills in the first place.


I came across an interesting article which was a draft of the proceedings of some senate committee on something or other:

Working on the internet, we identified a Turkish national living in Thailand who was offering Viagra for sale. We made several covert purchases and then made arrangements to meet with him personally to close a major deal. Working with the Royal Thai Police Crime Suppression Division, we met with the individual, later identified as Gokhan Ozek, in March 2002. He delivered 150 bottles of counterfeit Viagra and stated that for the last 18 months he had been selling approximately 1,500 30-count bottles per week, primarily to the US and the Middle East. The Thai police, who also raided two operating factories and a warehouse, arrested Ozek. They seized 2,038,000 counterfeit Valium tablets and 80,150 counterfeit Viagra tablets, all believed to be under the control of Ozek.


So whoever is buying and using cheap generic Viagra is having some fun, or so it seems


The Go Go Dancer Who Stole My Viagra by Dean Barrett Take a close look at these two pictures and you will perhaps realize why I live in Bangkok and not England



Is Viagra legal in Thailand?

I know prostitution is illegal. Buying alcohol in the supermarket in the afternoon is illegal. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet is illegal. Driving a motorcycle without a drivers license is illegal.

On Sunday I was watching football on TV. Got a little thirsty so nipped down to the small supermarket at the end of the street. She knows me so she put the beers in a couple of plastic bags. As I was leaving a sweet Thai girl smiled and asked me if I was going home to drink the beers alone or did I need some company. "how much" I asked "up to you" she smiled sweetly.

Only 200 yards back to my apartment. Drove 50 yards and a policeman jumped out.

"Where are you going?"


What is in the bag?


"Why is your wife not wearing a helmet?

"she is not my wife - I just met her in the 7/11"

"Do you have a drivers license?"

"It is very hot out here I must get home quickly Liverpool is playing Manchester United"

I gave him a beer and 50 Baht, it was so hot outside.


Oh by the way policeman taking bribes is illegal in Bangkok also but who cares 'This is Thailand'


Warning Notice

So be careful out there. A final message from the Thai Ministry of whatever:


"To import Viagra pills into Thailand for sale or for any other commercial purpose is illegal. Anyone wanting to import Viagra for his own use must be able to show to Customs officers a medical certificate signed by a urologist.


Do you have any interesting experiences with Viagra or any other interesting experience in Bangkok or Thailand. Drop me a line, share it



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