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Looking for a Thai Wife, Thai Girl, Thai Woman?



Are you looking for a Beautiful Thai Lady as your wife or are you just looking for a Sexy Thai Girl for a holiday romantic fantasy? First of all. Do you really want a Thai girl as a wife or are you just trying to fill some oriental woman fantasy?


If you are not sure, absolutely sure then go away and think again. Think hard and think long.


OK so you have thought and you are 100% sure that you want to marry a beautiful lady from Thailand. Well in that case you are crazy but at least 100% positive crazy. So join the club. I must be 300% crazy because I am on my third wife now. Yes I have had three Thai wives (not all at the same time)


Do you have a picture of this fantastic Thai woman firmly fixed in your mind. If not then it is time to go away and come back again. Go and take a look at all those pretty 'mail order bride' sites. Look at the pictures and fantasize some more. More often than not you will need to live in a fantasy world because let's face it most of the girls you see are pure fantasy. Either they don't exist (except in a portrait photograph) they are well. frankly hookers or bar girls trying to make an extra buck or they are just out of your league.


If you believe all that hype about 'don't worry if you are over forty fat and Frankenstein like' the girls will love your personality (read money). If you believe this then go for it. You pays your money and you takes your chance.


If you have looked around this website, just a little, you will find I have thousands of contacts n thousands of businesses around Bangkok and its environs. My main business is matching buyers with sellers. Companies manufacturing a whole range of products with customers all over the world who require the right product at the right price.


SO where do Thai wives come into this? well the wife (Thai wife of course) has an idea. She has many friends. Many many friends and they are always asking 'can you get me a nice western husband like Mike'

I really don't know why because I am  fat forty and look like Frankenstein. The wife's friends fortunately don't look like Frankenstein's Bride. They come in all shapes and sizes and ages but they have expressed a genuine desire to marry a western guy.


Where are you going to look for that perfect sexy Thai woman?

Poor up-country Thai girls working on the golf course Not so poor Thai gogo girls Thai girls on the Internet (Risky - is it really a girl?)
Sexy Thai girls on the beach Thai massage parlor girls In your Christmas socking
Thai supermodels on the catwalk Thai dancing girls Pretty Thai nurses
Where Oh Where are the sexy Thai ladies Call the GirlBusters Make your dreams come true


A Perfect Wife
Meet beautiful single Thai girls and more mature Thai ladies from all areas of Thailand for pen pals, dating, romance and marriage. Your Thai lady is waiting for you. We have many beautiful Thai girls with good professional careers that are looking for a successful gentleman to spend the rest of their lives with. Choose as many of our Thai girls as you want to contact. The more girls you choose, the better your chances are of finding that perfect lady for you
From Thailand with Love Mail Order Brides
From Thailand with Love is a joint venture with Thai nationals and British expats (each of whom have lived in Thailand for at least 20 years). It has been created to help you find the kind of wife you've always dreamed of sharing your life with - a beautiful, intelligent, caring, affectionate, exotic Thai woman who is cheerful, giving and a real pleasure to be with. We help gentlemen of all nationalities find genuine romance and marriage with traditional Thai women.
Meet Thai Girls
The New dating service to find Asian soul mates and personals online. If you are interested in meeting lovely beautiful girls with an exotic touch you have reached the right place. Attractive Thai ladies from all social
backgrounds (teachers, nurses, clerks) would love to meet men from America, Europe or other countries of the world. Constantly updated with new profiles and real photos.

So guys this is where I am going to ask you to go away again. Think hard. Go visit a few 'Thai wife, Thai bride,' sites and get an idea and maybe a picture or two of your ideal woman. Then email to me and I will try to source your perfect Thai product - a perfect Thai Bride.



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