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Chinese Companies can be found everywhere in Thailand. The Chinese have dominated business in Thailand for centuries. Thai history is closely tied to Chinese history. Some historians chronicle that the 'Thais' were a race that migrated south from Southern China, conquering everything and everyone in their path.


This may be a fanciful notion. There may have been a slow drift south of peoples from the general area of southern China but anyways let's leave the Thai history to the Thai historians.

It is difficult to make the distinction between Chinese owned and owners with a Chinese ancestry. Many Thais and especially Thai business people not only claim Chinese forefathers but also speak Chinese, sometimes better than Thai.



Of course with so many Thai businesses, companies and corporations being either headed or with a major proportion of senior management being of Thai-Chinese ancestry the Thai-Chinese chamber of commerce in Bangkok is very active. It was certainly a privilege a few months ago to have lunch with a former esteemed president of the Thai-Chinese chamber of commerce. Retired at an early age for Chinese bosses, he is in his seventies, he still keeps a watchful eye on his business empire now run by his sons and daughters.


A History of the Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce


Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce was found in 1910 by Mr. Gao Xue Xiu, the First President. The Chamber was firstly located on Chagkawat Road, then was moved to Sathorn Road in 1930. The opening ceremony of the new building on Sathon Road was honorably granted by His Royal Highness Majesty the King Rama VII alongside with Her Royal Highness Majesty the Queen on 14 January 1930.

At that time, apart from the Chamber's office, in the same area, there were a Chinese School namely Chung Hua College and Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce Auditorium. Many years later these two facilities were turned into the modern new sky-scrapper, ThaiCC Tower. For those who used to study in Chung Hua College, the images of two old buildings are still in their memory.

On 25 October 1995, another memorable day of Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber's office has been relocated from the old house to newly build sky-scrapper, ThaiCC Tower. The 35-floors height tower stands firmly behind the elegant Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce house which is now converted to Thaigin Restaurant. ThaiCC Tower was honorably opened by H.E. Prime Minister Mr. Chavalit Yongjaiyut on 8th November 1995. Since 1910, from the first President to the present President, Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce has known as the biggest Chamber of Commerce in Thailand with approximately 130 directors on the board and more than 1,000 corporate members.

Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce

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