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Thailand Home Decoration Companies, Thai Home Decoration Manufacturers


Thailand Home Decoration Companies, Thai Home Decoration Manufacturers
produce a whole host of products destined to adorn homes, offices, commercial properties and hotels around the world.

Decorative items although often small in size are big business for Thai exporters and manufacturers. Take for example a small lightweight item like pot pourri. One company that we do business with exports 20 containers a month. This is just one manufacturer. There are dozens of companies exporting pot pourri and incense products. There are dozens more artificial flower manufacturers in Thailand exporting similar quantities.

These are just two of the home decorative products on offer from Thai manufacturers.

Other products include: soft furnishings, furniture, ceramics, wooden ware, tableware etc. Below we have listed some of the Thai home decoration manufacturers that we can recommend. Some we have done business with in the past some we are dealing with now and some.... well we are just waiting for your orders.


We have many pages devoted to Home decor items. The pictures and links below will guide you.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your home decorative products please email with your requests.

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Interior Hardware Furnishing Textiles Leather Furniture
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Silk Cushions & Silk Drapes Nursery Furniture Teakwood Furniture

Featured Thailand Home Decoration Manufacturers

U& A Home Decoration Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thai manufacturer and exporter of home textiles and furnishings such as: Kitchen Textiles, Bedding, Satin Pleat Bedspreads, Wave Bedspreads, Kids Bedspreads, Furnishings, Aprons, Chair Pads, Amenity Sets, Indoor Chair Pads, Garden Chair Pads, Curtains, Bathrobes, Canvas Cushions covers, Oven mitts, Woven Fabrics, Embroidery, Towels, Quilted bedspreads, Placemats, Cloths Table Runners

1arts Limited Partnership
1Arts Limited Partnership is a professional manufacturer, specializing in garden and home decoration products in Terracotta. Covering an area of 5,000 square meters, we have workers of 50 people.
Our main products cover standing fountains, wall fountains, water fall fountains, birdbaths, vases, urns, pots, planters, pedestals, wall pots, candle holders, and other decorative items.
We can design and development new products constantly, or as your specific requirements. Our products are manufactured under strict QC control. Whether it is a small order or big order, we both take it seriously. We believe that your success is our success.
Products: Terracotta, planter, hand paint

3bs Co., Ltd
We design, manufacture and source home decoration and Accessories for the most established European retailers. You can check our in-house designs and Other pictures of already developed products for our customers are available for reference only.
Products: Home Accessories, Dinnerware, Tableware

Almost 20 years experience on mango wood manufacturer. Located In Chiangmai, Thailand. Our products was concern to all kind of mango wood working. Such as vase, bowls, trays, lamp base. True products and true services was always with us.
Products: Wood vases, wood trays, home decorative

99 Products Co., Ltd.
For more than 50 years, the company has supplied over 50,000 retail and corporate customers around the world with our finest quality golden teak furniture. With the manufacturing capacity and inventory area of 20,000 square meters, and over 300 skilled craftsmen and our standard teak inventory volume of 120,000 cubic feet of teak, customers can be assured that every order being placed with us will be delivered as agreed in the contract.
Whether the products are made for yacht, garden, home decoration or as signature gifts, they all have own unique characteristics which require specific techniques and attention to detail to manufacture lines of quality products. Splinted joints and dovetail corners are craftsmen special attention to detail which is rarely seen in today's mass production lines. We, however apply such technique and special attention in all areas of our products which require extra handle-strength and precision. Such technique is one of many other standard steps being applied in the manufacturing line.
Only legal and finest teak wood quality are selected by our Quality Specialists to be used in the manufacturing process. Teak wood which are kept in the inventory are kilned, dried and stored in controlled conditions in order to hold the moisture content at the rate of less than 12%. This standard process is to eliminate warping, cracking, or shrinking of teak in the inventory.
Products: Golden teak furniture, Wooden & Panel Furniture, Garden & Patio Sets, Outdoor Umbrellas & Bases, Dining Room Sets, Wooden & Panel Furniture

A-z Information Co., Ltd.
A-z information Co., ltd. Was established in 2002 with objectives to vertically promote the export of Thai products to Japan and support the import-export business in Thailand. Various types of Thai products have been introduced through our website, a breakthrough directory website showing product images, which sets us apart from other directory websites. The website is presented in both English and Japanese versions, and highlights the display of product lists, product details and company information. Product pictures are classified into 12 categories, for instance, home decor, leather goods, jewelry, cosmetics, hotels and spas, and several others.
Currently, we are expanding our business network by forming "a-z advertising Co., ltd. " to produce "from Thai magazine", in order to widen advertising and public relations channels via the print media. From Thai magazine is a free Japanese-language magazine, aiming to introduce popular Thai commodities to Japanese as well as provide readers with information on Thai exporters' products and services. It also features columns about the lifestyle of Thai people and a number of interesting topics about Thailand. The magazine's target readerships are Japanese residing in Thailand and Japan. In Thailand, our magazine is being distributed to several important spots such as leading department stores and bookshops, bts sky train stations, restaurants and hotels in sukhumvit and silom areas, department of exports promotion, tourism authority of Thailand and the Thai chamber of commerce. In Japan, the magazine is available at the Japanese chamber of commerce, jetro, supermarkets and shops selling Thai merchandises.
Products: Interior products, home interior, rattan, handicraft

Thailand is one of the countries renowned for variety of neat arts and fine cultures. Plenty of best quality natural raw material and human resources enable Thailand to create and export numerous handmade household products, gifts & crafts to supply all over the world. Not only all kinds of wooden items we also supplies Ceramics, Candles&Incenses, Miniatures From Luna Clay and Others for home decoration. We are proud to present our magnificent products. All are selected from places & parts of Thailand to suite your need and to be the best choice wholesale offered for your business.
Products: Wooden Handicraft, Wooden Kitchen&Tableware, Natural Gifts&Crafts

Aramand Co., Ltd.
We would like to introduce ourselves as your new alternative suppliers of wooden furniture and home decorative items from Thailand. We are the members of design and objects group and have been exhibited our products in both tiff and big in the past few years. Our team leaded by an outstanding designers and teak wood furniture manufacturer who have many years experience.
We have a strong intention to further expand our business globally especially into your market.
Therefore we would like to present our unique style wooden furniture and home decorative products
Under the brand aramand to you before anyone else in your market.
Products: Paintings, Photo & Picture Frame, Crafts Gifts, Paints Crafts, Paintings & Calligraphies

Art Room Gallery
The Art Room Gallery is European owned and based in Thailand. Our lines of reproduction Home Decor and Art are both unusual and distinctive, most is manufactured to our own designs and to the high quality that we demand. The range of artificial flowers are very popular especially in the UK and the Middle East, again very unusual and hand made to the highest standards using natural resources.
Products: Home Decor, Acrylic Paintings, Oil Paintings, photo frame,

Baan Chaan Export Co., Ltd.
Baan Chaan is an exporter of artificial flowers and design home decorative products in Thailand. At present we offer our artificial flowers made from local natural materials including Sa-noh, Para Leaf, and Silk Cocoon. Mango Wood products are also available i.e. Mango Wood Vases, which will go beautifully with our artificial flowers. All Baan Chaan products are handmade and hence are unique. We concentrate our efforts on natural materials and handmade techniques.
Products: Artificial flowers made from Sanoh and Para Rubber Leaves, Mango Wood Vases

Bazaar Trading Ltd., Part
Bazaar trading has exported variety of products from northern Thai wholesalers. Our product has been launching here in northern of Thailand. The product line are made from a pottery, Wood handicraft, House decoration, product, etc.
Products: Home Decoration, Decorate Item, Craft Handmade

Casa Decor Ltd., Part.
Casa Decor is an exporter of distinctive home decorations, decor accessories, garden statues, wood shavings sculptures and teak furniture. Our decor items are quite unique as each item is handmade individually. Now we have expanded our product lines to handmade bedspreads in which the design is easy to match with sheets and coordinates.
Products: Handmade bedspreads, design for easy matching with sheets and coordinates

Ceramic Hut Co., Ltd
Ceramic Hut Co., Ltd is firm producing Artistic and Decorative Ceramics, established in 1990.
Our major products are home decorations, aromatic spa supplies such as oil burner, candle holder,
Incense holder etc. And handicraft items. We are offering a high quality of handmade ceramics.
Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction through excellence in design
Products: Handicraft ceramic, aromatic spa supplies, household products Crafts Gifts, Pottery & Enamel, Ceramic & Porcelain Dinnerware

Chabatik Co., Ltd.
We are a manufacturer & exporter who create the high quality of Thai ikat silk (hand woven mudmee Thai silk fabrics) in various products for fashion accessories and home decorations such as: Scarves, shawls, fabric yards for dress making, wall hangings, table runners, ties, cushion covers, hand bags, Japanese bags, purses and etc. Our products combine traditional weaving methods with today's designs as well as got awards in seal of excellence for handicraft products in south east Asia (since 2003-2006) from unesco-ahpada which can approved for our high quality standard as you can trust.
Products: High quality Thai ikat silk, scarves, shawls, fabric yarns, wall hangings, table runners, home decorations

We are handicraft online store based in Thailand supplies Thai handicrafts, Thai scarves, wooden product, vases, candle, candle holder, basketry, cushion, coconut shell inlaid silver, sculpture, handmade bamboo lamp, handbag, Thai doll. All item of Thai handicraft are unique product that should be perfect gifts, collection and home decoration.
Products: Handicraft Thailand, Thai scarves, wooden product, wall decor, vases, candle, candle holder, basketry, cushion, coconut shell inlaid silver, sculpture, handmade bamboo lamp, handbag, Thai doll

Bringing traditional designs to contemporary living.
The travelers' niche has grown into a successful wholesaler / retailer carrying a range where over 80% of our product line are handmade using natural materials and fibers produced by traditional artists and craftsmen from South east and Central Asia. We have a wide range of ceramic giftware attractively packaged in silk boxes as well as furniture, home decor, hill tribe crafts, silver tribal jewellery and Buddha art. We are based in Chiang Mai, Thailand and are a Thai limited company run by a British couple. As the items are mostly handmade, we would like a limited number of long term customers.
Products: Boxed Dinner Sets, Mango Wood Products, Original Buddha Paintings, Stoneware, Ethnic Bags And Crafts, Textiles

East India Co. Ltd.
East India Co. ltd. Offers over 1000 fine Asian home decor items all made from natural materials. If you want to incorporate fresh ideas coupled with Asian interior design in your home or business then your search ends here. You can purchase handcrafted, high quality, unique and beautiful items from Burma, Laos, Thailand and Indonesia including limited edition of Asian art, home decor items and gifts.
Products: Asian Furniture, Baskets, Boxes, Candles, Ceramic & Porcelain Vases, Wooden & Panel Furniture, Cushions

Get Retro
Get Retro is Furniture and Home decoration item store located at Jatujak Market. We do both wholesale and retail. Our main product is bean bags which we can tailor-made by customer choosing color, material and size. We sell not only the large size furniture but also the small size of home decoration items such as Wall clock, Lamp, Postcard etc.
Products: Cushions

Handmade Home Co., Ltd
We are in Chiangmai Thailand , we create the finest handmade items and furniture for home decoration .Our main products are lamps which made of log teak , ceramic , mango wood and hill tribe fabric . Also we have teak furniture for varieties functions like daybed , garden bench . and etc. ex . cushion , candle holder , bowl holder in oriental style
Products: Handmade furniture, home decoration, lamp which, log, teak, ceramic, mango wood, fabric, teak furniture, functions daybed, garden bench, cushion, candle holder, bowl holder

Hiso PG Limited Partnership
We are the manufacturer of Native Handmade Furniture, Furnishing and Home Decorating products in Thailand. Our factory is located in Chiangmai, the northern of Thailand. Our office and showroom are located in Bangkok. The company is founded in 2003. We are specialize in bamboo products, rattan products, wooden products, black banana rope products, water hyacinth products and etc. All products are handmade and can be built to order. Our main market is in northern America and Europe.
Products: Bamboo products, rattan products, wooden products, black banana rope products, water hyacinth products, etc.

Home Decorative Item Sourcing Co., Ltd.
We are the sourcing and trading firm for home accessory from Thailand. We have the connection with many suppliers here and can offer you the competitive price. For example of our products are Asian style lamp, leather accessory product, candle holder, painted glass, cushion and home furnishing fabric from many source country ex. Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore.
Products: Arts designing, Candles & Holders, Crafts Gifts, Glassware

We are manufacturer and exporter. Our factory, was found in 1908, had originally manufactured silver ornaments to the market. Currently, we still are the expertise in silver ornamental manufacturer for over the century. At present, our main products are beautifully designed home decoration, namely tableware, silverware, which has been developing from the sophisticated and premium concepts. Our products are solely manufactured from hand made skillful workers in which we concentrate in every step and process, which differentiate us from other manufacturers. Consequently, we firmly ensure that we are only supplier who able to balance the production of natural materials and silver which creating beautifully designed products. You are firmly ensured that our products will fascinate and delight your receivers in countless special occasions. Moreover, our products also enhance luxurious and premium environment to your place. We strongly guarantee in our unmatched quality that we proudly offer to you as we have expertise workers who specialize in production for more than five decades.
Products: Sterling Silverware, Tableware, Shell, Pearl, Plate, Handmade Product, Gift Silver Dinnerware, Antiques & Collectibles

Jedi International, Ltd.
We at jedi international, ltd. Focus on international marketing and sales of handmade accessories, crafts and home decor items manufactured by skilled countryside artisans from local natural, renewable materials, originating mostly from the northern Thailand countryside.
Our client base ranges from importers and distributors worldwide to national and regional wholesalers, retail chains, larger and smaller retailers, hotels and restaurants and event organizers. We serve our customers through consistent quality, timely delivery, low pricing and the flexibility to serve your needs at all times. We have been doing so since early 2003 as a small intercultural team with long standing experience in working with both large international companies and small and medium sized entrepreneurs in the rural countryside of Thailand.
For certain product lines we also directly involve in product design, process organization, materials canvassing, packaging development, as well as on-the-job safety and raw materials origin concerns. Early 2006 we have added our own production workshop manufacturing high quality bamboo frames for folding hand fans, hand parasols and garden parasols.
You will not find too many items of wood in our portfolio, as we consider wood a not-so-quickly renewable material and its origins are often not easily verified. You will find quick growing bamboo, palm, sisal, wicker, in addition to ceramics, glass, steel wire, silver, cotton and silk.
Products: Bamboo Garden Umbrellas, Paper Parasols, Mulberry Paper Products Such As Folding Fans, Hand Fans, Lanterns, Note Books, Albums, Ceramics, Candles, Wire Art, Jewellery, Cotton, Silk, Textiles, Apparel

We would like to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer of wooden handicrafts based in Bangkok.
We focused on designing, making & providing the customers the best products of gift & decorations in reasonable prices. Each of our products are carefully crafted and undergoes stringent quality checks from conceptualization till the final stage of production which ensures that what you get are the best products in its range. We look forward to have opportunities to work with your reputable company and will be looking forward to your enquiries.
Products: Gift, Photo Box, Design Items. , Home Decor, Bamboo & Wooden Crafts, Photo & Picture Frame

Katasara Decoration And Design
Katasara decoration & design is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality antiques, antique reproductions, teak furniture and contemporary products in lanna style. We also sell carve, paint, and mould both wholesale and retail. Katasara derives from ratana house which is well known more than 20 years in chiang mai (northern part of Thailand ).
We mainly design home decorative items under classic and unique concept. Every items is handmade under our special intention to create high quality products. We also sell products which suite your house, hotel, room, garden and your own private corner design concepts.
Products: Wood craving, antique reproductions furniture, contemporary

Kc & L Industry Co. , Ltd.
Please let us introduce our company. Kc & L INDUSTRY CO. , LTD. As a manufacturer of home decorative and office desk accessory items, we are a specialist in metal products with over 15 years of experience in related fields such as premiums and p. O. P materials (point of purchase) , Most of our products and designs are made of powder coated steel. Apart from the products we have designed, we also provide exclusive design in order to make your premium or products more outstanding.
Products: Note Board, CD Rack, Magazine Rack, Book Rack

Kasmos (Thailand) company established in the year 2001. We are a factory that making all of wooden products for home decorations such as vases, candle holder, tray, etc from Thailand.
Products: Wooden candle holder, wooden vases

Laiya Limited Partnership
Laiya Ltd. Part. Was found since 1989. We are a quality manufacturer and exporter of the wide range wooden products. We are expert in the handicrafts, home decorative items, gifts and souvenirs. We are also the members of the "Selected List" and "Exporter List" of the Thai government's Department of Export Promotion (DEP).
Normally, our wooden products could be sorted to two categories. One is the carving wood, such as sculptures, wall panel, dolls, animals, and etc. Most of them are made from a monkey pot or acacia wood. The other is the turned-wood, which is made from a mango wood. It is turned with a lathe, to be a vase, bowl, plate, container and box shape.
Our unique and most modern designs, quality assurance and punctuality of delivery are our main policies. Most of products are produced with nature and environmental concerns in mind. Wooden materials, all we used, are the economic trees, which are grown to be replaceable and used for this purpose. High-grade raw materials are used with the finest craftsmanship and strict quality controls on every item.
Moreover, there are over 150 workers assigned to work in different stages of the production circles. Our company is not only in helping the villagers to be employed, but also encouraging them to preserve their local wisdom of the handicraft products by passing them from generation to generation.
Products: Mango wood, Sculpture, Handicraft

Lalida Living Co., Ltd.
We are a manufacturer of water hyacinth furniture, wooden furniture and mango wood products. Our company is located in Thailand. We always have the new products. We can help you to find business opportunity in Thailand marketplace.
Products: Home decoration, water hyacinth, mango wood, picture frames, seashell, chopsticks, tableware, silk, cotton scarves, furniture, vases, candle holders

Lamont Design Ltd
Home decorative products company mainly supplier to us, locate in bkk.
We produce various type of products e. G. Table lamp, floor lamp, hurricane lamp, furniture, tableware and pieces of art. The company is established in 1999.
Products: Lighting, Table Lamps & Reading Lamps, Ceiling Lights

Le Nord Co., Ltd.
Established in 2004, le nord is a supplier and exporter of home decorative items with simple yet elegant owned designs. We supply a huge range of unique, stylish home decorative items made from wood, silk, ceramics, bamboo and pewter. We are a member of department of export promotion of Thailand, northern handicraft manufacturers and exporters association, and chamber of commerce.
Products: Unique, simple yet elegant home decorative items. Handmade products made from mango wood, silk, pewter, ceramics, bamboo, and antique wood.

Mdi Home Products Industry Co., Ltd.
We are the manufacturer of home decorative items mainly in wallpaper (wall covering), border, and curtain rod. We are also an importer and exporter of wallpaper products. Our office location is in Bangkok, Thailand.
Products: Wall covering, border, wall paper

Miniature-Thai Company
Miniature-Thai is a handmade product company, source by Thai white-clay, local materials, create into miniature items such as fruits, food, shop, etc. With guarantee quality of otop of Thailand certificate. The real-proportional, scale, color, make our product unique and deserve to every occasions.
Products: Handmade craft & miniature product, home decoration, souvenir and premiums

Molecule International Co., Ltd
Molecule International Co. Ltd is an exporter of designed home decorative item, mainly candle products, under the brand Synch, established in 2001. Our items are our own design which provides product uniqueness, newness, and value to our customers. Our items includes all candles-pillars and designed candles, gift-boxes; dining room/living rooms items made of stainless, and ceramics. We have hundreds of items and selected styles to match our customers 's business needs.
Most of our items are handmade and can be customized in terms of colors/fragrances/gift-boxes and design modification to suit our buyers' need. Our corporate policies focuses on a long- term relationship with our customers and suppliers, hence our customers will receive not only good quality products but also good quality services. Simply please let us know your special needs, if any, we will see how we can help you.
Products: Home decorative products, mainly candle, candle, designed stainless steel tableware, designed ceramic tableware, cushion.

MS Benjarong
MS Benjarong was established in 1990 to produce and export top-quality Benjarong ware in different patterns. We provide an impressive range of Benjarong ware such as coffee sets, tea sets, floral vases, bowls and many more. Highly recognized for their exceptional quality, detail and unique beauty, our Benjarong ware can be used as graceful and luxury tableware, valuable collectibles, timeless souvenirs, as well as prestigious ornaments for home decoration. All pieces are elaborately crafted by master Thai artisans and available at leading shops throughout Thailand.
Benjarong is a type of Thai handicraft that originated in the 18th century. The word Benjarong means five colors including red, yellow, green, blue and black in Thai. It is a hand-painted enamel-over glazed decorated ceramic. At MS Benjarong, the art of making Benjarong ware starts with the painting of liquid gold, also widely known as Lai Nam Thong pattern on a vessel made from ceramic, porcelain or Bone China. The vessel is subsequently enamel-over glazed with colors and then fired in the kiln for several hours for color brightness. Usually, Benjarong ware is gilded to enhance the rich appearance.
Apart from the popular Lai Nam Thong design, MS Benjarong is capable of producing Benjarong in a variety of Thai adaptations using different painting techniques, for instance, the mixture of Benjarong-styled pattern and the gold patterned with protrusion technique on matt surface objects. Luster oil can be applied to some items before painting to add a glossy look.
Products: Coffee Set, Tea Set, Bowl, Vase Ceramic & Porcelain Dinnerware, Tea & Coffee Sets

Nangfa Thai Silk Handbags & Home Decoration
Manufacturer and exporter of textile products and wholesaler od silk fabrics
Products: Silk handbags, cushion cover, pillow cases, handbags, fashion garment, silk fabric, textile, jewelry bag, cosmetic bag

We are professional Thai trading company. We supply Thai products with the best wholesale price.
Products: Home Decoration, Antiques Imitation Crafts, lighting bulbs, Alarm, protection, ozone machine

Panya Thai
As a manufacturer of quality traditional Thai art and handcraft products, Panya Thai (formerly known as Nuchbutsabar) would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to new prospective businesses partners to expand our international network. Our company, Panya Thai, has more than a decade-long experience with the manufacturing of ceramics (dinnerware, bathroom products, etc) and Benjarong products, the classical Thai artwork famous for its unique design structure and quality. Benjarong, a royal art form heritage from the 18th century era, has never lost its exclusive character and, nowadays it is gaining great recognition as one the most exclusive Asian handcraft collections. Our products are being exported to several domestic and international markets.
To ensure the world-famous quality of Benjarong and our ceramics, an up-to-standard factory facility in Samut Sakorn (just outside Bangkok) is serving as basis for the manufacturing of a great diversity of products like dinner wares, tea sets and home decoration. All our products come with a guaranteed quality and are absolutely ready for the international market. Panya Thai is enjoying government support under the One Tambon, One Product (OTOP) scheme, which promotes local Thai products for every Tambon (similar to a province), encourage and promote Thailand down to Tambon level and generate a more equal income distribution to the rural people. Under this program, the Thai people are being supported while it also provides assistance to Thai companies and encourage internationalization of Thai traditional products. It is also a quality seal to ensure that all involved Thai companies under the OTOP scheme, including Panya Thai, are reliable and professional business partners.
Products: Thai ceramics, table, dinnerware, Ceramic & Porcelain Dinnerware, Crafts Gifts, Tea & Coffee Sets

Priss And Peach
Priss and Peach produces high quality cold-cast miniature clay flowers individually handcrafted by our skillful artisans. It takes at least a few months to train a worker to be able to master the skill of the clay flower craftsmanship and produce a nice simple flower. Our miniature flowers are all works of art, so unbelievably, lifelike and with astonishing perfect details. Besides being unique, our handcrafted flowers have several favorable characteristics that we would like to highlight as an added information on our products: Our miniature flowers are made under cold clay technique so they can be internally wired and yield more perspectives and natural look. We use premium fine quality clay which ensures the long-lasting effect and color fasting properties of our flowers. Our products serve as collectibles for flower lovers. We recently developed new beautiful displays to promote the sale of the products at the point of sale. Our full range of products is showcase at our very own website, including the Valentine Collections.
We also accept customization according to your needs. We can also do real size flowers by order basis. We are active in Japan, The Middle East USA. For Europe, we have export activities mostly in UK, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Portugal & Italy. We participate annually in various international gifts and home decors fairs. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Products: Miniature Clay & Porcelain Flowers For Decorative & Souvenir

Propdeco Co., Ltd.
We are small manufacturer and exporter of wooden chopstick. Our company established since year 2000 with the aim to produce quality products to consumer.
We are also an exporter of all kinds of household products and home decorative products. We can also help you to source some other products which we have relationship with them. Well, they are my friend. We do different kind of business.
Products: Wooden Chopstick

Rangsima Marketing Co, Ltd
We are Thailand's manufacturer for home textiles products, silks products, and home decorative items products. Our manufacturer is locate on the North of Thailand and our products that are mainly made from local natural materials. We can ensure our customer for our quality product, the most competitive price and on time delivery.
Products: Manufacturer are Bedding, Bedspread, Table runner, Tablecloth, Cushion covers, Place mats, Scarf, Home decorative items such as Candle holder, Vase, Bowl, Trays and etc

Sass Co., Ltd.
One of the newly listed members of The Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand. Our Company is established under the patronage of Department of Export Promotion of The Royal Thai Government. We are providing a wide range of home decorative items made of natural wood. Our exquisite products consisting of vases, lamp base/shades, boxes, bowls, candle holders, chandelier in various sizes and styles. We highly valued our craftsmen and their works to ensure the excellent quality of our products. Best of all, we also offer to accommodate your ideas and designs.
Products: Mango wood, bamboo wood, coconut wood, coconut shell, candle holder, fancy candle, lampshade, chandelier, vase, bowl, pot, plate, box, wooden picture frame, carving, games, spa accessories, natural body care product.

Siam Design Concept Co., Ltd
Siam Design established in the last century ( 1995 ), has set up a creative and unique home decorative products line. We produce our own designs but we also do OEM and create collections for you and special requests. We are selling in many countries from Asia to Middle East and Europe.
To direct customers as well as furniture stores chains, department stores and big wholesalers.
Products: Art mirror, designed mirror, art and decoration, Photo & Picture Frame, Bath Mirror, Mirrors, Hotel Furniture

Sp House Design (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sp House design (Thailand) co., ltd. Was established since 2004. We create ceramic, saa paper, wooden picture frame, and wooden furniture products for design craze. Sp House offer contemporary and trendy products as well as home decorative and gift items with superb quality.
Products: Cane Furniture, Ceramic, Products Of Mulberry Paper, Photo & Picture Frame

Sukanya Thaisilk Co., Ltd.
We' re manufacturer & exporter of all kind of silk scarves. Sukanya Thai Silk is the manufacturer of the elegant Thai silk products. They are ranging from scarves, shawl and souvenirs to home decoration items, such as table/bed runners, place mats, cushions, handbags and many more. We also use other materials for production including cotton, synthetic fiber, and suede.
Products: Scarves, decorative items, bags, bag, bag & accessories, cushion, lamp shade, place mat & coaster, table runner

Suwannahat Co., Ltd.
Suwannahat Co., Ltd. is an exporter of a wide variety of exquisite Thai handicraft products under the "Thai Golden Hand" brand name. Our product line includes wickerwork such as ladies' handbags woven by hand employing various weaving techniques, handmade ornaments such as tatting necklaces, and textiles such as woven scarves, shawls, and cotton pieces in different sizes for tablecloths and table runners for home decoration. Created by Thai master craftsmen, all of our handicrafts are the results of local people's intellectual heritage from communities all over the country. These products display the workmanship of Thai handicrafts and perfectly combine Thai identity, contemporary designs and practicability.
Suwannahat is proud to promote Thai handmade products to the global marketplace. Our exquisite handicrafts are attentively packed in well-designed packages. They are ideal as a memorable gift or souvenir from Thailand as our adopted slogan "Be Thai Spirit with Thai Golden Hand"
Products: Home furnishings, covering, cushions, covers, chair pads, curtains, bathrobes, kitchen textiles

Textile Gallery Co, Ltd
The company was established in 2002. We provide a wide selection of the best quality home decorating items including bedding, curtains, cushions, table linens, personal accessories and all kinds of home decorating products in various designs under the brand "PASAYA". The fabric has been exported worldwide such as USA, UK, Germany, Australia, etc
Products: Curtains, Beddings, Cushions, Table Linens, Personal Accessories

Thaimade Collection Ltd., Part.
Thai made collection is Manufacture from Chiang
Mai Thailand since 4 December 2540, we Export to U. S. A, HAWAII and EUROPE, also in Thailand for Wholesale only.
-rustic teak furniture product
-wagon wheel collection
-antique wooden from northern Thailand& Laos on stand
-wood carving from Chiangmai & Lumpang
-ceramic pottery
-reproductions antiques furniture from teak wood
-design for hotel, resort
Products: Home decor, rustic teak wood furniture, wood frame, wooden bowl & vase, wagon wheel chair, marble

Thai Paint Glass Co., Ltd.
Thai Paint Glass Co., Ltd. Is a producer and exporter of painted glass products in a great selection of designs. The company's product line covers tableware, home decorative items such as flower vases, water candle holders and wall decors, and cosmetic cases. Handsomely painted by master Thai craftsmen, the company's merchandise is highly-recognized both in terms of beauty and quality. A fact reflected by the achievement of the OTOP 4 Stars award and the Thai Community Product Standard certification. Apart from supplying top-quality painted glass items to the local market, the company is currently expanding its customer bases to the overseas market, encompassing Europe, East Asia and the Middle East.
Products: Tableware, Flower Vases, Candle Holders, Wall Decors, Cosmetic Cases

The Botanique International Co., Ltd.
Established in 1992, Botanique has set out to be a leading producer of the best quality potpourri. This year the company celebrates a 12 years anniversary of luminous success in the industry producing top quality scented home decorative products.
Production capacity at the moment is up to 400,000 units per month or at an equivalent of 20 X 20' containers. We are proud and confident to say that we are the number one potpourri manufacturer in Thailand producing brand names such as Wild & Meadow or Secret Garden.
Products: Potpourri, incense, candles

The Kings Pewter Co., Ltd.
Kings Pewter Co. Ltd. Specializes in manufacturing a wide range of pewter items catering to world-class retailers. Artisans will trained in the traditional method, assembly and delicate hand finishing of pewter that take years to acquire create these various handicraft and home decorative products.
With good sources of tin in Thailand, Kings Pewter is confident that its pewter ware products are quality products which have a tin content of more than 95% with 3-5% copper and antimony, and no lead. Kings Pewter products are handmade products without any toxicity that can are guaranteed 100% safe for containing food or for kid's toys.
The company's main exports comprise wine related item, hip flasks, tankards, flatware, stemware, house ware, tabletop, frames, candleholders, pitchers, figurines, and gift items. Our products require minimum, will not tarnish and last indefinitely. Custom designed and promotion products with your company's logo as corporate gifts are also available.
At present, the company has a high capacity of 400,000 pcs. Per year and a production facility of 1,200 square meters. The company has achieved-success through a commitment to customer satisfaction, providing flexible and creative solutions to serve business, office and home needs.
Products: Pewter gift items, pewter household items, pewter decorative items, tabletop pewter items

TIKTHAITRADE is a shop online website that do export, sell and also provide made to order Low Price but High of Quality we have collected some THAI Products such as art, craft, gifts, home decorative, antique furniture, saa paper & products, woodcarving, wooden products, metal art, handmade and etc. from directly Thai manufacturers and Thai local makers.
It is an impressive online market that you can directly meet and bargain for the best price because we provide to serve you as you come to shop here really with Manufacturers and Thai local makers.
Please do not hesitate to come to visit our website for take a look with high quality products but low of prices. Welcome to all retailers and wholesalers who need to buy or import goods that made from Thailand.
Products: Thai Products, Otop, Handicrafts, Crafts, Wooden, Wood Product, Handmade, Thai Tambon, Furniture, Tableware, Kitchen Utensils, Carving, Vase, Lamp, Ashtray, Paper, Metal Arts

U & A Home Decoration Co., Ltd.
U& A Home Decoration Co. Ltd. Is the manufacturer and exporter of home textiles from Thailand. We specialize in the production of a wide range of home furnishings covering decorative filled cushions and covers, indoor and garden chair pads, curtains, bathrobes, kitchen textiles, pajamas, as well as bedding items. Our products are available in a variety of international standard sizes, styles and fabric materials. Design service and custom-made products according to customer specifications are also welcome. Samples are available upon customer request. Since our inception, our company has been committed to providing customers with a comprehensive range of original, well-designed and top-quality products with competitive prices and prompt service. We currently serve customers in the worldwide market including Europe, Scandinavia, Canada, US, Middle East and Asia Pacific.
Products: Kitchen textile, aprons, chair pads, amenity set, indoor and garden chair pads, curtains, bathrobes

Vanda Gifts And Home Decorations
Manufacturer and supplier of artificial flowers made of clay. All fine manufacturing process are guaranteed with reasonable prices. Our products are suitable as gifts for all occasions or as an decorative item for your beloved house.
Products: Artificial flowers made of clay, wood crafts, aroma soaps and various kind of decorative items.


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