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Thailand Paper Packaging Companies, Thai Cardboard Packaging Manufacturers


Thailand Paper Packaging Companies
, Thai Cardboard Packaging Manufacturers provide the 'final wrap' to export goods before shipment. An important process which protects the goods in transit and separates them into easily handled quantities.

For a list of all packaging products and companies please see Thailand Packaging Companies, Thai Packaging Manufacturers

In Thailand you can find the full range of paper and cardboard cartons,
corrugated boxes suitable for any and every purpose. The difficulty is firstly finding the right manufacturer, secondly communicating your exact requirements and specifications and thirdly getting the job done on time, on budget. This is where we can help.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For your cardboard or paper packaging needs please email with your requests.

  • Packaging Paper
  • Packaging Boxes
  • Packaging Bags
  • Paper Boxes
  • Food Packaging
  • Gift Packaging



Cardboard Packaging Foam Packaging Inserts Cardboard File Boxes
Plastic Coated Packaging Paper Gift Bags Heart Shaped Boxes
Paper Cups Corrugated Boxes Card Board Jewelry Packaging
Food Boxes Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper White Cardboard Packing Cartons
Chocolate Boxes Cardboard Packing Boxes Mailing Boxes
Featured Thailand Cardboard Packaging Manufacturers
C & H Paper Box (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand Taiwanese Company in Thailand manufacturer of Paper Packaging, Paper Boxes, Cardboard Boxes, Cardboard Packaging
Grace Greeting Co., Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Printed Greeting Cards, Hand-made Cards, Wedding Cards, Wedding Invitations, Gift Boxes, Gift Bags and Gift Wrappings
L & S Shibacon (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Japanese Manufacturers of plastic packing accessories with carton boxes and foam packaging, foam boxes, corrugated plastic board paper partition
Thai Cane Paper Public Co., Ltd Thailand Thai Cane Paper Public Co., Ltd is one of the largest kraft paper manufacturers in Thailand. We produce several grades of kraft paper and corrugated board packaging products. Kraft Paper Corrugated Board Manufacturer
Thai Cardboard Co., Ltd. Thailand Thailand manufacturer of Cardboard Packaging, Cardboard Boxes.
Thai Carton Industry Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand manufacturer of Corrugated Boxes, Cardboard Boxes and Cardboard Packaging
Thai Carton (Rangsit) Service Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand manufacturer of cardboard boxes and cardboard cartons for the packaging of products for export

A. R. Packaging Materials Ltd. Part.
Corrugated Carton Manufacturer. We offer cartons in various sizes and paper quality as per customer requirements. We are presently catering to various business sectors and do welcome all quantity orders and requirements.
Products: We offer all types of corrugated cartons both printed and without. We are presently catering to various business sectors and our quality and services have been well accepted by our customers.

Confident Publication Co., Ltd.
Our main business in Thailand is a corrugated carton box supplier. We have supplied to a world-wide shoe brand for their shoes boxes over 100,000 pieces each month with special corrugated colored liner grade flute.
Manufacturer of paper box:
1. Industrial supply such as shoes box. (Corrugated offset printed box)
2. Wholesale supply such as gift box. (Hologram, laminated, printed box)
We can customized and design for specific good that need a superior package.
We can supply worldwide as customer needed. If you are looking for a corrugated box manufacturer that can continuously supply you 7 days a week, please let us support you with our long run experienced.
Products: Packaging supplier, gift packaging, gift box, gift box, carton boxes, corrugated boxes, souvenir boxes, paper boxes, laminated boxes, pie boxes, wine boxes, shoes boxes, pillow boxes, jewelry boxes, apparel boxes

Ebusiness Today Limited Partnership
Ebusiness today limited partnership, is provided packaging & printing services on various materials as paper, film, plastic for any industry. Our company will service you with the best printing technology.
Products: Packaging, printing, design Service, Packaging Boxes, Food Packaging

Green Shell Co., Ltd.
In the upcoming era of health-conscious and environmental oriented market, Green Shell Co.,Ltd. Is established in order to offer an alternative packaging concept which is not only support you more on disposal management but also complies to everyday hectic life and ecological concern.
We are one of the leading manufacturers who promote everyone to use biodegradable packages to replace the conventional plastic ones. Created from tapioca starch into biopolymer, we can produce the same features as plastic but additively it can be composted naturally within 6 months.
Products: Starch, Biodegradable, Tapioca, PLA, Food packaging, Container, Box, Plate, Single use Tray,
Starch & Derivatives, Food Packaging, Paper Cups, Plates, Food Trays

Jarussang Press Ltd.
We are one of the largest manufacturers of Designed package made from card box, paper box, carton box and all kinds of paper packaging with fully experience over 30 years in Thailand. Also specialize in manufacturing mass production merchandise with competitive price. Lets' join us the trade and enjoy how effectiveness we can serve you!
Products: Paper box, Card box, Paper package, Packaging & Printing Service, Packaging Designing, Gift Packaging, Paper Box

Pm Printing Ltd.
We are printing company. Our main printed are packaging box for all product. We welcome all inquiry. We provide graphic design for customer. The product all finish in our company. Customer can have product delivery on time.
Products: Pen box, soap box, bag

Siam Carton Industries
Siam Carton is an established manufacturer of paper cone for carton packaging of yarn and textile accessory.
Products: paper cone for carton packaging

Siam Toppan Packaging Co., Ltd.
"Thailand", the center of Southeast Asia, is considered to be one of the countries in the world rich in raw materials, labor and efficient production. Packaging playing a very important roles in sales promotion has been increasing in both demand and quality. For these reasons, Siam Toppan Packaging Co., Ltd. Was established in 1990 with the joint cooperation of Siam Pulp and Paper Public Co., Ltd. Thailand's leader in pulp and paper industry, and Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. The Japanese and global specialist in printing and packaging. The company progressive policy is to employ its convenient location to produce folding carton by considering Quality, Cost, Efficient Delivery, Morality and Responsibility toward Customer Satisfaction. We will expand our production to meet the rising demand for packaging for all industries, not only in Thailand but also far and wide to other countries in the Asia-Pacific region as well.
Products: We are manufacturer of offset folding cartons and offset corrugated boxes.

Sirada Product Co. Ltd., Lampang
Sirada Product Group is a manufacturer and exporter of fine quality natural paper packaging for your products.
Products: Paper boxes made of Saa (mulberry) paper, natural straw paper, water hyacinth paper, banana paper, lotus leaves and natural fiber. Greeting cards.

Star Paper International Co., Ltd.
Established in the late 2003, Star Paper International Co., Ltd had moved rapidly as an integral part of Charoen Aksorn Holding Group. Being one of the leading paper importer & distributor, our main business is to supply commercial printing, publishing and packaging printing with the range of our high quality imported paper. Our products are Coated Art Paper/Board, Wood free, Copy Paper, LWC, Newsprint, Duplex Board, Folding Box Board, Kraft, VCI Paper, Synthetic Paper, Cast Coated Paper, Security Paper, Playing Card, MG, Carbonless & Thermal Paper. We are the local manufacturer of Nylon Coated Wire Comb & Plastic Comb for binding application. With the variety of our products & strong distribution network, we aimed to support printing industrial in Thailand.
Products: Paper, Board, Specialty Paper, Wire Comb, Pulp & Paper Agent, Packaging Paper, Industrial & Specialty Paper

Thai Compo Group Co.,ltd.
We would like to introduce ourselves as a leading supplier of packaging box container and corrugate box, sheet and raw materials to Thailand market. Our experience spans many years in the automotive, electronic and other industry is used the packaging container and we have Many contacts domestic a large distribution network.
Products: Corrugated materials, corrugated box, Packaging Boxes, Packaging & Printing Service

Thai Paper Co.,LTD
Thai Paper Company Limited (TPC), a company under main parent company, Siam Cement Public Company Limited (SCG); the largest industrial conglomerate in Thailand that was established in 1913, is the leader in printing and writing paper industry in Thailand which was established in 1983 with the initial capacity of 77,000 ton per annum.
TPC is part of total value chain in paper and packaging business in SCG that transforms very basic natural raw material into the most widely used media, paper, to carry information and knowledge to the people of the same and different generations. The value chain starts from plantation of trees which will be harvested and fed to pulp mills. The pulp is then used as a main raw material for TPC for making paper. TPC is the first paper manufacturer in Thailand to be certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TIS 18001 from Management System Certification Institute (Thailand). In the year 2003 TPC is the first company in Thailand who win the Deming Application Prize from Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE). TPC is not only emphasizing on the commitment with the customers but also the quality of the products, which make TPC being a real leader paper company in Thailand.
Products: Paper Cup, Paper Plates, Paper Food Trays , Paper Box & Bag , Packaging Paper, Waste Paper

Following you will find lists of paper packaging products from companies involved in the paper packaging business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a paper packaging company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Acid-Free Tissue Paper
Adhesive Fluorescent Color Paper
Aluminum Foil Paper Bag For Food Packaging
Art Paper Bag
Aseptic Packaging Material
Aseptic Packing Paper
Back Cardboards
Beverage Packaging Boxes
Black Cardboardsgrey Cardboards
Black Colored Pape
Blister Packaging For Toys
Blister Toy Packaging Boxes
Cake Boxes
Cake Paper
Cardboard Paper
Carrying Bags
Carton Packaging
Carton Packaging Materials
Cd Paper Sleeves
Cell Phone Packaging Box
Cellophane Paper
Chocolate Package Paper
Christmas Gift Bags
Chritmas Gift Wrapping
Chritmas Paper
Chritmas Wrapping Paper
Coffe Paper Packaging
Color Packaging Box
Color Paper
Color Paper Box
Color Printed Paper Bags
Colored Tissue Packaging Paper
Corrugated Cardboard Containers
Corrugated Paper
Corrugated Paper Packaging
Corrugated Papers
Corrugation Cardboard
Cosmetic Box
Cosmetic Packaging
Costume Packaging Box
Crimped Paper
Decoration Boxes
Display Boxes
Disposable Paper Boxes
Disposable Paper Chafing Dish Box
Double Wall Paper Cups
Drink Boxes
Dual Coated Paper Packing Box
Eco Friendly Boxes
Economical Paper Bags
Elegant Packaging Boxes
Embossing Paper Bag
Environmentally Friendly Packaging
Environmentally Friendly Paper Boxes
Environmentally Friendly Paper Shopping Bags
Folding Paper Box
Food Package Paper
Food Packaging
Food Packaging Bag
Food Packaging Boxes
Food Packaging Paper
Food Paper Packaging
Food Wax Paper
Food Wrap Paper
Foodstuff Packaging Box
Fruit Containers
Fruit Packaging
Fruit Packaging Box
Full Flocking Wrapping Paper
Gift Boxes
Gift Packaging
Gift Packaging Boxes
Gift Packaging Paper
Gift Wrapping Foil
Gift Wrapping Paper
Gift Wrapping Papers
Gift Wrapping Roll Paper
Glassine Paper
Glossy Paper
Gold Aluminum Foil Paper
Golden-Silver Cardboard
Grease Proof Paper
Greaseproof Food Packaging Paper
Hamburg Packaging Paper
Handle Packaging Bag
Handmade Papers
Heart Shaped Boxes
Heart Shaped Paper Pulp Box
Heat Transfer Printing Paper
Heat-Sealable Teabag Paper
Hemp Paper
High Quality Grease Proof Paper
High Strength Composite Paper Packing Bags
Holographic Paper
Holographic Paper Bags
Hosiery Paper Box
Hot Air Seam Wrapping Paper
Hot Packaging Bag
Ice Cream Packing Paper
Iridescent Paper Packing
Kraft Card Paper
Kraft Paper Bags
Kraft Paper Pouch
Kraft Release Paper
Laundry Paper Packaging
Lids For Paper Cups
Linen Packaging Boxes
Logo Tissue Paper
Medical Paper Packaging
Medicine Packaging
Metallised Paper
Metallized Paper
Microwaveable Packaging
Multi-Layer Boxes For Packing Beverage
Note Paper Box
Oil-Proof Paper
Package Boxes
Package Rolls
Packaging Bags
Packaging Boxes
Packaging Cartons
Packaging Cases
Packaging Coated Duplex Paper
Packaging For Fruits
Packaging Materials
Packaging Paper
Packaging Papers
Packaging Sleeves
Paper Bags For Food
Paper Box Set
Paper Boxes
Paper Cans
Paper Corner Protectors
Paper Folding Boxes
Paper Food Boxes
Paper Food Containers
Paper Gift Bag
Paper Gift Boxes
Paper Gift Packaging Bag
Paper Gift Packaging Boxes
Paper Hamburger Box
Paper Handbags
Paper Package Bag
Paper Packaging Boxes
Paper Packaging Products
Paper Packing Boxes
Paper Pillow Box
Paper Pulp Products
Paper Ribbon
Paper Shopping Bags
Paper Toy Box
Paper Tube For Pens
Paper Tubes
Parchment Paper
Patterned Paper
Pe Coated Wrapping Paper
Pesticide Packaging Bags
Powder Packaging Bags
Printed Gift Wrap Paper
Printed Paper Gift Nesting Boxes
Printed Paper Shopping Bag
Printed Tissue Paper
Promotion Boxes
Pvc Window Paper Box
Ridged Paper
Rigid Box For Greeting Cards
Rigid Cardboard Box
Rigid Cardboard Boxes
Rigid Paper Box
Rolls Package
Round Paper Tube Boxes
Round Shape Paper Tubes
Sandwich Paper
Self Adhesive Fluorescent Color Paper
Self Adhesive Paper
Shockproof Inner Packaging
Shopping Bag
Silver Aluminum Foil Paper
Soft Packaging Boxes
Standing Bags For Food Packaging
Stationery Packaging
Stationery Paper Box Set
Stuffing Tissue
Tea Boxes
Tea Packaging Bags
Thailand Cardboard Box Exporter
Thailand Cardboard Box Factory
Thailand Cardboard Box Manufacturer
Thailand Cardboard Box Supplier
Thailand Cardboard Box
Thailand Paper Bag Exporter
Thailand Paper Bag Factory
Thailand Paper Bag Manufacturer
Thailand Paper Bag Supplier
Thailand Paper Bag Wholesaler
Thailand Paper Box Exporter
Thailand Paper Box Factory
Thailand Paper Box Manufacturer
Thailand Paper Box Supplier
Thailand Paper Box Wholesaler
Thailand Paper Boxes Exporter
Thailand Paper Boxes Factory
Thailand Paper Boxes Manufacturer
Thailand Paper Boxes Supplier
Thailand Paper Boxes Wholesaler
Thailand Paper Packaging Exporter
Thailand Paper Packaging Factory
Thailand Paper Packaging Manufacturer
Thailand Paper Packaging Wholesaler
Titanium Paper Boxes
Towel Packaging Bag
Toy Packaging
Transparent Packaging Boxes
Valentine's Day Paper Bag
Vci Packaging Paper
Vellum Paper
Washing Powder Packaging Bag
Waterproof Paper Metallized With Aluminum
Wax Paper
Wedding Box
Wedding Favors Boxes
Wedding Gift Paper Box
Wet-Proof Paper
White And Colored Glassine Paper
White Cardboards
Window Paper Boxes
Wine Box
Wine Packaging Box
Wine Packaging Boxes
Wine Paper Box
Wood Free Handmade Papers
Wrapping Gift Paper
Wrapping Package Paper


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