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Singapore Companies in Thailand
, and Singapore Manufacturers are busy in Bangkok. I have even met some Singapore businessmen who commute almost daily from their homes and offices in Singapore to their offices or factories in and around Bangkok.

Yes with the drop in air fares due to low price air carriers it is now financially possible to do this. The main reason however is twofold. Firstly Bangkok and Thailand as a whole offers an attractive manufacturing base for Singapore companies. Secondly with the office rents in Bangkok being about a third of an equivalent in Singapore... well it just makes good financial sense to position your South East Asian hub in a more reasonable economic place.

I get several enquiries a week from companies in Singapore who are looking to enter the Thai market. Some want to manufacture, some to distribute their own products but the majority of calls come from companies who want to use Bangkok's conference and seminar facilities. More and more shows and trade fairs are moving from Singapore to cheaper Thailand alternatives.


Singapore and Thailand enjoy close relations on many levels diplomatic relations, business and economic relations. Both countries are active members of ASEAN and the various working groups that operate under the auspices of ASEAN.

"Singapore and Thailand have traditionally enjoyed a warm bilateral relationship. Both countries also co-operate closely within ASEAN and at international fora. Bilateral trade amounted to S$24.4 billion in 2004. Thailand is also an important investment destination for Singapore companies."

"The STEER was launched by then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong and Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra during then Prime Minister Goh's visit to Thailand from 18-20 February 2002, to promote closer economic cooperation between Singapore and Thailand. Under this agreement, Thai and Singapore agencies would meet regularly to foster closer economic integration and cooperation. The inaugural STEER meeting was held in Singapore from 25-27 August 2003. " -  Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs -

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Singapore Contacts in Bangkok, Thailand

Singapore-Thai Chamber of Commerce
193/8 Lake Rachada Office Complex, 1st Floor
Ratchadapisek Road, Khlong Toey, Bangkok 10110
Telephone : 0-2264-0680-4 Fax : 0-2264-0688

The Singapore Embassy in Bangkok
129 South Sathorn Road
Bangkok 10120
Telephone: 02 86 2111, +286 1434
Fax 02 86 6966

Singapore Companies in Bangkok    
Featured Thailand Singapore Companies
G&U Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand International Freight Forwarding Sea & Air, ISO Tank Container-Worldwide Service, Consolidation for Classified Cargo, Customs Clearance Import & Export, Transportation Nationwide, Warehousing for Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Goods, Chemicals and Dangerous Goods

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