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Thailand Water Companies, Thai Water Equipment Manufacturers


Thailand Water Companies
serve three main functions. Firstly they ensure a supply of clean water for domestic and industrial use. Secondly they supply bottled water, the water in Bangkok and most urban areas in Thailand, is not fit to drink.

Secondly as Thailand is still a largely agricultural society farmers depend a lot on irrigation systems and especially water pumps to ensure a constant supply for their crops and the right water levels in the paddy fields for the different seasons of rice production.

Thirdly, and perhaps the area which has seen most growth in recent times are environmental consultants and specifically water consultants who help to monitor the water supply and water conditions.

Another booming sector is concerned with providing water purification systems. These systems of course have industrial applications. However with a growing number of middle class Thais especially in the urban areas there is a growing demand for clean and potable water on demand.


These suppliers of water purifiers originally used imported equipment. Nowadays much more of  this equipment is being produced by Thai water purification equipment manufacturers. This equipment is generally of a high standard and meets most international specifications.

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Featured Thailand Water Companies
A.W.T. International (Thailand) Limited  Thailand Water and waste water asset management, flow gauging, Environmental management services, environmental monitoring, Trade waste management, waste tracking systems, maintenance management, non-revenue water reduction
B.J.T. Water Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Environmental Consultants, Thailand Water Consultants. Providing service for a better environment. Member group of Thames Water International Providing Sanitation Systems, Sewer Systems
DC Asia Co., Ltd. Thailand Environmental Consulting services such as: Water production and treatment, planning of water supply and distribution networks, water network management, operation and maintenance, leak detection, water loss reduction and rehabilitation of networks, waste collection and sorting; composting, waste incineration, landfill construction, environmental technologies, flue gas cleaning, ground water remediation, reclamation of polluted areas, Engineering, Architectural And Technical Services
K&N Thailand Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Reverse Osmosis Purification Systems, Water Filters, Water Filter Elements & Spare parts for Water Filters
Featured Company
Super Products Co., Ltd.
Super Products is a manufacturer of an impressive range of stainless steel irrigation sprinklers, micro irrigation equipment, drippers, filters, pressure regulators, valves, pipes and pipe fittings, fertilizer injectors, and fountain nozzles. Our products are manufactured from high quality materials and machine, inspected by our quality control team prior to distribution, thus customers are assured by our product quality, durable to all temperatures of weather. Super Product is the first brand received “Thailand Brand” Thailand for the all-around irrigation sprinklers. The company has over 200 distributors nationwide and also export to neighboring countries. The company is ISO 9001 certified.
Contact : Mr. Rattapol Laohavisit

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