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Canadian Companies in Thailand
and more especially Canadian Expats in Thailand are not my flavour of the month.

I do business with many companies, Thai and foreign owned companies in Thailand. Usually these business associations go forward without too many problems or stress. My relationships and experience with Canadians however has brought so much grief in the last few years.

Adrian Kimmitt a Canadian scam artist from Calgary obtained a stolen copy of The Ultimate Thailand Contact Database and put it up online. Despite numerous emails and telephone conversations he refuses to take this down. This conman Adrian Kimmitt is a grade Pillock . A search of the internet shows he has ripped off many people on the Internet and is a scam artist who should be avoided.

Another Canadian bought a database, paid me 25% and then defaulted on the rest of the payments.

Finally I had many meetings with another Canadian who drained my knowledge of life and business in Bangkok and then backed off when it was time to pay money. What a load of time wasters.

I am sure there are many reputable Canadian business in Bangkok and reputable Canadian business people, I have just yet to find one.


I provide a link here to our page about the Thai Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Of course there is little information about the Canadian companies in Thailand as they keep their membership password protected. A secret society. I don't think so. Obviously they are more interested in people and companies purchasing membership of their Chamber of Commerce than providing freely available information available to the business public in Thailand and across the world..

If you are looking to do business with a Canadian company in Thailand or want to contact Canadian expatriates then we can help you. We have a comprehensive database of foreign companies in Thailand and an equally comprehensive list of Expats in Thailand. Please email for details.

  Canadian Companies in Bangkok  


If you are looking to source or sell Canadian products in Thailand then please complete the request form for more information or visit our main site Bangkok-Companies

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