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Product Sourcing in Thailand & Asia - Buying Agents 


Bangkok Companies is a Thailand product sourcing company, and sourcing agent active in the Thai, Cambodian, Chinese and other major Asian markets. We assist firms in establishing new product sourcing channels through our network of business relationships with Asian factories, Cambodian manufacturers and Thailand manufacturing companies. In addition to our product sourcing service we also act as buying agents.

We have a fairly unique service here in Bangkok. Customers send in their orders and we find suitable wholesalers or sometimes manufacturers who often have stock lots for disposal.

Asia and especially Thailand and Cambodia is a great place to source your products. However the pitfalls are many  language and cultural differences - government regulations - time difference - etc.

Bangkok Companies has a multinational bi-lingual staff. As the boss i am the one ultimately responsible to communicate your ideas. I have been doing business in Thailand for 20 years. I have lived here permanently for the past ten years. I can speak Thai - not perfectly!! but enough to get the job done.

Bangkok Companies know the culture and work ethics of Thai companies - we work with them to meet your targets and quality specifications.

We have dedicated staff who are familiar with local regulations - quotas, export regulations - taxes - as well as the ability to deal with those tricky on the spot negotiations that occur from time to time that help smooth out problems and expedite the process.

Bangkok Companies is here! 6 hours ahead of Europe, 12 hours ahead of The States. Our office is manned from 6am until midnight local time (we have to sleep sometime) so your requests and problems can often be dealt with on the same day. 

Need Something Manufactured? Need a Sourcing Agent?


Through our comprehensive Thailand contact database and our extensive network of reliable suppliers and Thai manufacturers we have the capability to find an appropriate manufacturer and supervise production on your behalf.


Given an engineering drawing or sample of your required product, we can locate an appropriate and skilled Thai manufacturer who can produce it to your desired specifications, quantities and packaging requirements.

Depending on the type of product, the use of several manufacturers and suppliers may be required with a designated lead manufacturer performing final assembly and quality control.


At Bangkok Companies we have the capability to coordinate multiple manufacturers and suppliers for the production and assembly of any given product.


By working with the manufacturer, we can typically reduce production unit price substantially and insure on-time production, while still maintaining quality. Depending on the product, on the average we can supply a product proto-type to a client within one-month of receiving a engineering drawing or sample.


Being here in Bangkok gives us a huge advantage in our ability to locate these top-quality manufacturers and locally verify on-time production, desired quality control, packaging and on-time shipping.


Manufacturing Sourcing Process

  • Bangkok Companies receives details on product type, specifications, amounts and target delivery date from the client.
  • We go into the marketplace, contacting Thailand Manufacturers, to establish production capability, availability, quality and unit price.
  • Bangkok Companies provides a product price quote showing each Manufacturer's fob price with our recommendation on which Manufacturer to go with.
  • If price and quality parameters are acceptable by the client we ask the Manufacturer to produce appropriate samples proto-types for approval.
  • Once samples are approved and product order is placed, Bangkok Companies can verify all manufacturing, payment and shipping logistics upon client's request.

For most initial product runs, we can often negotiate smaller amounts than the manufacturer's typical minimum. Additionally, we can insure quality control, material and component availability and protect any design and intellectual rights of our clients


Products we source already


We supply companies across the world with products such as Bridal Wear, Bridal Jewelry, Tuna, Sandstone Statues, Bathroom Accessories and much much more


Do you want a new product designed and manufactured or just want to outsource your manufacturing to a cheaper location? 


Send me your specifications


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Source Products


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Business Consultant Service in Thailand

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Let Bangkok-Companies be your office in Thailand



Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company. We can source your products from the best of Thai manufacturers. Listed here are some of the products and services offered by Thailand manufacturers and Thai service companies.

Please select the product or service you require and email me with the full details of your requirements including product specifications, sample pictures, technical drawings and if possible a sample price. We will respond within 24 hours.

There are literally thousands of products and services that can be obtained from the best of Thailand manufacturing companies and Thailand service companies. Listed here are just a few of them. If you do not find the product or service you require in our product directory then send an email and we will endeavor to source the product for you.

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