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A L K Precision Works Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing and developing precision metal parts, cutting tools and shop floor gauges to meet the tool requirements of customers as well as the needs of leading equipment manufacturers – all of whom choose A L K for its reliable high-precision equipment. It is a source of great pride to all of us at A L K that we not only provide customers with the highest standards and quality products, but we also play a significant role in their success by providing invaluable product quality advice via our team of experts and experienced engineers. In this way, A L K ensures that every single item produced achieves the highest standards and fully meets the demands of the customer.

As for the future, we aim to consolidate our technical proficiency. The company’s ISO 9001 version 2000 certification and Outstanding Technology Improvement Award, as initiated by the National Science and Technology Development Agency in 2003, firmly guarantee and testify to our consistently high manufacturing standard. We firmly believe that this will pave the way for the A L K logo to become a symbol of state-of-the-art high-precision tool manufacturing

Three Decades of Success A L K Precision Works Co., Ltd. was first established in 1976 under the name of “Anant Lohakit”. The company started by manufacturing precision, high-quality 0.01 mm parts for film projectors, using two basic lathes and a staff of just two technicians. Yet it was the determination of the company to manufacture products of the highest quality and reliability that truly set it upon the path to success.

Later, in 1990, the company was registered under its present name, A L K Precision Works Co., Ltd. At the same time, it expanded and relocated its plant to Phet Kasem 73 Road. In order to achieve better precision control, the company introduced CNC machines and grinding tools into its production processes.

Since 1995, A L K has enjoyed the support of the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) – support that has enabled the company to develop production technology in various projects. Since then, A L K has been selected as a model example of technological development by NSTDA. Moreover, in 1998, the company attained its ISO 9002 quality certification, later to be upgraded to ISO 9001 version 2000 in 2002. In 2003, A L K became the first ever organisation in Thailand to be presented with the “Outstanding Technology Improvement Award” from NSTDA. With nearly three decades of continuous success, A L K has gained broad based credibility and is well accepted by its growing base of customers. Above all, the company is determined to continue stepping forward and claim a leading position in precision, high-quality manufacturing.

Customers Are Our Partners A L K is well aware that its relationship with customers is of prime importance, and the basis of the company’s future success. With the firm belief that its customers are its partners, the company offers clients wholehearted help and support, with honesty and consistency at all times. A L K takes pride in its role as a true partner to its customers, ready as it is to share the task of problem analysis with clients, from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process. In this way, the quality and reliability of the product are further improved, while its lifetime is also extended. The result of this is minimised costs for customers and prevention of any loss that might occur during the manufacturing processes. Indeed, in partnership with its customers, A L K expects to overcome any obstacles encountered, to ensure their success for the future.Quality Exceeds Conditions Since its establishment in 1976, A L K has steadily accumulated widespread credibility among its customers, including Thailand’s leading automotive and electronics manufacturers. The company is proud to distribute its products worldwide via Minibea Thai Co., Ltd., Daido Electronics Co., Ltd. and Thai Merry Co., Ltd.


The key to the company’s overwhelming success is its ability to present all customers with products of the highest precision and quality. In line with its “unconditional quality” concept, the company is committed not only to meeting the demands of customers, but also to suggesting ways in which customers’ products might better perform their various functions. Such a service allows A L K to provide customers with both a superior service and exceptional quality standards every time. Modern Architecture for Ouality Work In the belief that the work environment plays a significant role in producing better work and enabling employees to reach their full potential, A L K has continuously expanded, improved and maintained the working area and its environment. Such efforts also help the company prepare for future expansion and enable it to deal with the launch of any new complex technology. A L K has renovated the entire production shop floor, creating a modern, air conditioned room. Meanwhile, an improved layout, made possible by the brand-new cutting tool building, allows for a better environment for all the company’s invaluable high-precision equipment. The exterior of the building is designed in contemporary style, with an emphasis on details that reflect the modern image of the organisation. Moreover, the building is equipped with noise absorption, dust-elimination and temperature control systems – all of which enable enhanced work precision. It is the belief of the company that “good quality work stems from a good working environment ”.State-of-the-Art Technology for Quality Products To achieve the highest quality and precision, A L K has brought advanced machines as well as new technological processes into its tool and machine component manufacturing processes, which demand particularly high precision work. Such advanced technologies are used both to meet the demands of the more complicated technology based market and to minimise customers’ costs.

A L K has consistently innovated and developed new manufacturing technologies. From its CNC machines acquired in 1992, the company currently boasts over 20 such machines, plus an array of other latest technologies. These state-of-the-art technologies offer guaranteed precision in every facet and dimension of each unit, and are even applied in some processes where there is actually no need for examination at all.

The company also arranges a wide range of measuring devices to best suit each product. Its precision-control machine, used for gauges in the calibration room, also guarantees customers high-precision products. The technology that makes A L K
stand out from the crowd, however, is the synthetic diamond, the exceptional density of which is used to produce the blades of cutting tools. Thanks to this advanced technology, the company is able to enhance the reliability of its products still further. A L K was the first organisation in Thailand to adopt this highly advanced technology in 1999.Apart from its emphasis on high precision, A L K pays a great deal of attention to the punctual delivery of products. In order to perform each task in the quickest and most systematic way, A L K utilises special software tools in its manufacturing processes for more efficient control and more effective monitoring of the work.
Building Quality Resources for Thai Society For almost 30 years, A L K has placed much emphasis on its human resources, who, the company believes, are its most valuable asset. In line with its management philosophy that focuses sincerity, the provision of equal opportunities and comprehensive human resource development, the company seeks intelligent, educated and professionally qualified staff to join its organisation.

A L K firmly believes that a peaceful society stems from unity, coupled with the moral integrity of every team member. Although only a modest-sized member of society, then, A L K focuses on the development of its staff which, the company believes, ultimately contributes to the development of the country. A L K aims to enhance the quality of life of its staff, and generate a sense of security and united commitment to the task at hand, much as if it were a member of the same family. In so doing, A L K hopes to promote the concept of good citizenry.


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Contact: Mr. Suntaya Chumsalee


A L K Precision Works Co., Ltd



33/11 Moo 12 ,

Petchkasem 75 Rd.







[66] 02 444-1900-2


[66] 02 421-9799

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