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A.P.C. Industries Co., Ltd - Paint, Reflective Glass Beads, Thermoplastic Road Markings, Traffic Paints, Floor Paint, Tennis Court Paint

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A.P.C. Industries Co., Ltd. was established in 1969 by a group of Thai engineers to produce at first a jointless flooring materials with technology from Germany. A production plant was built on Ramindra Road in the eastern suburb of Bangkok. Gradually production was expanded to include emulsion paints, enamel paints, multi-coloured paints and several kinds of textured finishes for the building industries, and traffic paints and thermoplastic road marking materials for the road marking industries.

In 1973 another company, A.P.C.I. Co.,Ltd., was registered by the group to carry out painting and road marking contracts using A.P.C. Industries' products. A.P.C.I. is an approved road marking contractor to the Thai Department of Highways for Cold Paint, Hot Paint and Thermoplastic Road Marking Contracts.

In 1990 the company started a plant to manufacture reflective glass beads in Bangchan Industrial Estate, operating under the supervision of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, in Bungkum District of Bangkok. Eventually all the paint and thermoplastic facilities were moved from Ramindra to Bangchan where the company has a total land area of nearly 16,000 sq.m.

To meet increase in demand of its thermoplastic road marking materials and reflective glass beads, the group formed Prachin Traffic Products Co.,Ltd. to set up a factory for these products in Prachinburi, about 120 km. east of Bangkok, in 1996. After receiving the Thai Government Board of Investment promotional privileges, Traffic Products began production at the end of 1997.


Traffic Products
A.P.C. Reflective Glass Beads 4,000 MT/year

Solid, spherical glass beads for use as intermix and/or drop-on reflective materials with thermoplastic road marking materials and traffic paints on road and runway surfaces meeting Thai Industrial Standard TIS 543-2528: Glass Beads for Use with Road Marking Materials.

A.P.C. Thermoplastic Road Markings 8,000 MT/year

Thermoplastic material that is heated and applied hot as traffic markings on cement and asphalt road surfaces. Manufactured to Thai Industrial Standard TIS 542-2530.

A.P.C. Traffic Paints 3,000 MT/year

Ready-mixed, fast drying, acrylic based paint, normally without intermixed reflective glass beads, for use as traffic markings on cement concrete and asphalt road and runway surfaces, meeting Thai Industrial Standard TIS 415-2541: Traffic Paint.

Paints and Decorative Finishes

Acrylic Emulsion Paint (Decorex)
Semi-gloss Acrylic Emulsion Paint (A.P.C. 350)
Alkyd Enamel (Decoroil)
A.P.C. Epoxy
A.P.C. Floor Paint
A.P.C. Tennis Court Paint

Decorative Finishes
Trowelling Finishes (A.P.C. 200, 210, 240, 250)
Multi-colour Finish (A.P.C. 400, 450)
Spraying Finish (A.P.C. 500, 550, 570, 700)
Vermiculite Acoustic Insulation (A.P.C. 800, 820)
Vermiculite Fire-proof Insulation (A.P.C. 840)
A.P.C. Silicone Water-repellent Coating

Emulsion Paint




Contact: Surawat Kongsiri           


A.P.C. Industries Co., Ltd



2469/8-9 Petchburi Rd,

Lat Phrao,

Bangkapi, Huaikwang





[66] 02 318-2035-9


[66] 02 318-1995



40/3 Bangchan Industry Estate

Sukhapiban 2 Rd,


Bangkok 10230

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