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A.P.K. Dawkoo (1988) Co., Ltd. - Clay Bricks, Sukhothai Clay Tiles, Chinese roof tiles, Terra Cotta Tiles

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A.P.K. Dawkoo (1988) Co., Ltd. is accepted by Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TIS),
Ministry of Industry for clay roofing tiles (No. TIS 158-2518), common brick (No. TIS
77-2517), facing brick (No. TIS 168-2531), and hollow brick (No. TIS153-2533). From
Department of Export Promotion of Thailand, A.P.K. Dawkoo (1988) Co., Ltd. has been
selected and approved to be Exporter List (EL) in 1999 and announced to The Thailand
Brand in 2001.

A.P.K. Dawkoo (1988) Co., Ltd. has contemporary style in natural surface for example the
tree bark surface, the slate surface. The material we selected both from terra cotta with
unglazed, glazed and from cement. In the other hand, the quality and technology in the
production alone is not enough, the design of the product is considering about the leakage
of water and drainage. A.P.K. roof tiles are acknowledged from No. TIS 269-2518 (roof tile)

Clay Bricks
Clay brick is one of the most important materials in architecture, interior decoration and
other arts. Bricks are traditionally use for wall in order to support the structure. However,
the texture of the surface are naturally suited the decoration both interior and exterior.
More than 40 years of product development, we are proud to announce that we have the
high standard technology in brick manufacturing for examples Hydraulic Pressing Machine
that press at 60-400ton, firing in the gas kiln with controlling the constant temperature up
to 1,300 degrees Celsius. By using advanced technology in our production, we can control
the quality and quantity to highest standard and approved by TIS. Besides the high
technology, we are also developing variety of designs in paver brick, common brick, facing
brick, hollow brick and refractory brick.

Terra Cotta Tiles
Wall and floor terra cotta tiles have both with natural surface and more than 100 glazing tile
color especially glass surface. The antique tiles are unique and valuable. There are more
than 80 standard colors and also unique colors category for example Classic, Earth tone,
Light tone, Two assorted, Two tones and Silver finishing material can create warm and
comfortable depending on designer's choices of material. That is the reason why we have
more choices of material for customers to choose to express his imagination.

Roof Tiles
The roof is very important part of the building not only architect has to use a right material
stand to the harsh weather but the roof is also play the important role in his design. A.P.K.
Dawkoo (1988) Co., Ltd. is the answer to all of the demand of our consumers to finish the
various styles of the roof tile. All accessories are well made to complete of the perfect roof.
There are more design in natural and glazing of terra cotta roof tile Terra Cotta Roof Tile
with hook (Rectangular clay tile, Circle roof tile, Sukhothai clay tile, Curve roof tile, Chinese
roof tile, Triangle roof tile)

Products: Clay Bricks, Rectangular clay tile, Circle roof tile, Sukhothai clay tile, Curve roof tile, Chinese roof tiles, Triangle roof tiles, Terra Cotta Tiles, Facing Bricks, Common Bricks, Hollow Bricks, Refractory Bricks, Paver Bricks, Edging Bricks, Terra Cotta Tiles, Glazed Tiles, Decorative Tiles, Roof Tiles, Roof Accessories, Cement Roof Tiles

CategoriesBuilding & Construction Materials, Tile & Ceramics Manufacturers in Thailand


Contact: Jindarat Soranarak           


A.P.K. Dawkoo (1988) Co., Ltd.


808/3-4 Pharam 5 Rd.,


Nakhon Chaisi




Telephone: [66] 02 668-5903

Fax: [66] 02 241-4306

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Hollow Bricks Glazed Tiles Edging Bricks
Roof Accessories Paver Bricks Refractory Bricks
Facing Bricks Roof Tiles Terra Cotta Tiles

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