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Thailand does not have the same reputation as maybe Switzerland or Bavaria for producing fine quality cuckoo clocks or Swiss carriage clocks. Thailand doesn't produce precision timepieces for the world's leading clock and watch companies like Rolex or Longines. Or do they?


Yes you can still buy your fake watches here in Thailand no matter what the copyright lawyers do or say. But the real stuff, where do you buy the real clocks and watches. The high class department stores such as The Emporium are full of designer shops. You can buy your watches and fine clocks there. However there is another avenue. The European clock manufacturers. the Swiss clock manufacturers have set up shop, not in the designer shopping Malls but on the industrial estates that are dotted around Bangkok.


Handicraft clocks made from local materials like rattan clocks, bamboo clocks and teak wooden clocks can be found at most giftware shows in Bangkok. The larger clock factories produce many different types of timepieces. Toy clocks for the kid's bedroom and a new product that is very popular an alarm pill clock that reminds you to take your medication. I had one customer who had a custom made alarm contraceptive pill box that held a strip of contraceptive pills and a spare condom!


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M. Pheeraphant Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Picture Frames, Cheap Clocks, Plastic Clocks, Round Clocks, Square Clocks, Octagonal Clocks, Picture Frame Clocks, Premium Clocks

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