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Alarm systems
and security systems are big business all over the world. Thailand is no exception. The scale of installation of these systems is still quite small in comparison to more affluent western countries however the scope and range of facilities needing to be fitted out with these systems are pretty much the same. A special Tsunami alarm system has been installed in the areas hit last year by the massive waves which caused so much destruction and loss of life.

Home security systems, home alarm systems

Burglary and theft of goods from homes has historically not been a major issue in Thailand. With Thai people mainly living in small communities 'moo baans' have been protected by community security and a general feeling of everyone knowing everyone else. Nowadays however the Thai social structure is changing. In the suburban areas of Bangkok High class and middle class housing developments are springing up next door to areas of relative poverty. The 'Have' and 'have not' gap is widening and the poorer elements of society are striving to narrow the gap by relieving their richer counterparts of their material possessions.

To overcome this local security systems are installed whenever a new housing development is started. Labour is cheap here in Thailand. The security business is huge. Hundreds of small security firms and some large players supply thousands of security guards to protect every type of establishment. Security appears to ne tighter and more noticeable during the construction phase, probably to discourage the theft of the building materials by the construction workers. Upon completion a guard post is manned at the entrance to the housing estate and maybe a mobile patrol instigated. The security guards look smart in their pressed uniforms and shiny boots but don't seem to be too smart in the head. They are recruited usually from up-country rural communities. I am not so sure that poor up country security guards guarding rich city folk houses is a smart option.

Commercial security systems, Commercial alarm systems

As with the the explanation above with regard to housing developments commercial buildings, industrial properties, factories and offices need to be protected also. There is also the problem of internal security. With Thai workers getting such low wages and salaries compared to the goods that they are producing theft by employees can be a major problem. CCTV in the workplace and in rest areas is now common in Thai factories and offices.

Personal security systems, Personal alarm systems

Thank goodness Thailand does not suffer the scourge of carjackings, hostage taking and general mayhem that seems to beset many third world, developing, countries that are found in the Middle East, Africa and Central America. Bangkok although huge can not be compared to Mexico city or Sao Paulo in terms of personal security nightmares.

Alarm system manufacturers, Importers, Exporters

It is difficult to quantify if Thailand is a net importer or exporter of alarm systems and security systems. The technology and know how is often imported however increasingly nowadays the electronic systems are being produced in Thailand for domestic use and for export.

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Featured Thailand Alarm Systems Companies
Bangkok Alarm System Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand  installers of security systems, access control systems, auto gate control systems, fire alarm systems
F.C. Solution Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand manufacturer of electronic devices Security Access Equipment and Surveillance Equipment, Proximity Time Recorder Machine, Access control, Efficiency machine, Barcode Stocking Checking Machine, Barcode Equipment, Retail Shop customer counter machines
K And N Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Distributor of Security Access Equipment and Surveillance Equipment, Lighting, Interior Luminaires, Exterior Luminaires, Classified Location Lighting, Special Purpose Lighting, Dimming Control, Sound and Video Circuits, Sound Reinforcement, Multimedia Equipment, Alarm Systems

Following you will find lists of alarm systems products and businesses, companies and manufacturers involved in the alarm systems business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with an alarm systems company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Access Control
Access Control Equipment And Accessories
Access Control Software
Access Control Systems
Alarm Battery
Alarm Control Panel
Alarm Exporter
Alarm For Automobile
Alarm For Automotive
Alarm For Boat
Alarm For Car
Alarm For Factory
Alarm For Home
Alarm For House
Alarm For Motorbike
Alarm For Office
Alarm For Truck
Alarm Manufacturer
Alarm Security System
Alarm Supplier
Alarm Suppliers & Exporters
Alarm System
Alarm System For Your Home
Alarm System Kits
Alarm System Manufacturers
Alarm Systems
Alarm Wholesaler
Alarms Hardware
Alarms Software Design
Analog Travel Clocks
Anti Hijack
Anti Hijack System
Anti Loss
Anti-Shop Lifting Device
Audio-Visual Equipment
Auto Accessories-Alarms
Auto Dialer Alarm System
Automobile Alarm Systems
Automobile Alarms
Automobile Electronic Security Systems
Automobile Security Systems
Automotive Alarm Systems
Automotive Alarms
Automotive Electronic Security Systems
Automotive Security Parts
Automotive Security Systems
Baby Phone
Bell Boxes
Bike Theft Prevention Alarm
Bilge Alarm
Biometric Readers
Biometrics Devices
Boat Alarm Systems
Boat Alarms
Boat Electronic Security Systems
Boat Security Systems
Building Automation And Control
Building Security System
Burglar Alarm System
Burglar Alarm Systems
Burglary Alarm Equipment And Accessories
Burgular Alarm
Burgular Alarm & Security System
Cabling And Wire
Car Alarm Security System
Car Alarm System
Car Alarm Systems
Car Alarms
Car Electronic Security Systems
Car Immobilizer System
Car Immobilizers & Bypass Modules
Car Park Management
Car Reversing Sensor
Car Security Systems
Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor
Card Technology Systems
Cctv Camera Systems
Cctv Equipment And Accessories
Central Control Stations,
Central Station Equipment
Central Station Monitoring
Ceramic Buzzers
Closed Circuit Tv Monitoring System
Co Gas Detector
Communication System
Cool Gadgets
Current Sensor Shock Sensor
Customizable Security System
Detection Equipment
Digital Travel Clocks
Digital Video Recording And Network Transmission
Display Systems
Door / Window Contacts
Door Alarms
Door Chimes
Door Hardware
Driveway Alarms
Dummy Cameras
Earthquake Advance Detectors System
Earthquake Detector System
Eas Systems And Accessories
Electrical Supplies And Accessories
Electrical System
Electrochemical Sensor
Electromagnetic Buzzers
Electro-Mechanical Hardware
Electronic Security Devices
Electronic Security Systems
Electronic Sirens
Emergency Lights
Enclosures, Cabinets And Boxes
Engine Immobilizer
Engine Start Car Alarm
Environmental Security
Environmental Sensors
Factory Alarm Systems
Factory Alarms
Factory Electronic Security Systems
Factory Security Systems
Fasteners And Support Hardware
Fingerprint Car Immobilize System
Fingerprint Immboilizer
Fire Alarm Equipment And Accessories
Fire Alarm System
Fire Alarms & Smoke Sensors
Fire Detectors
Fire Extinguishers
Fire Protection Specialties
Fire Protection System
Fire/Smoke Detectors & Alarms
Gas Bell
Gas Detection And Protection Products
Gas Detectors
Gas Detectors & Alarms
Gas Leak Detectors
Gas Safe
Gas Sensor Breakdown Alarm
Gas/Water Alarms & Accessories
Glass Break Detectors
Glass Break Detectors
Gsm Based Alarm Monitoring
Gsm Car Alarm
Guard Services
Handheld Metal Detectors
Hardwire Alarms
Heat Sensors
High End Alarm System
Home Alarm Systems
Home Alarms
Home Automation
Home Automation Controls And Modules
Home Electronic Security Systems
Home Security Systems
Home Theft Prevention Alarm
Home Wireless Security Alarm System
House Alarm Systems
House Alarms
House Electronic Security Systems
House Security Systems
Household Gas Detector
Industrial Alarm Systems
Industrial Alarms
Industrial Electronic Security Systems
Industrial Security Systems
Intercom Equipment And Accessories
Intruder Alarm System
Intruder Alarms & Sensors
Intruder Sensors
Intrusion Alarm System
Laser Parameter Sensors
Lcd Alarm Clocks
Led Alarm Clocks
Lightening Protection System
Lighting Control
Lightning Protection
Intruder Alarm Systems Access Control Systems.
Lp Gas Detector
Luggage Alarms
Mace & Pepper Spray
Magnetic Sensor For Alarm
Magnetic Strip Card
Mechanical Alarm Clocks
Moisture Sensor
Motion Detectors
Motion Detectors & Alarms
Motorcycle Alarm
Motorcycle Alarm Systems
Motorcycle Alarms
Motorcycle Electronic Security Systems
Motorcycle Security Alarm
Motorcycle Security System
Motorcycle Security Systems
Multifunctional Keychains
Natural Gas Detector
Night Vision Equipment
Nurse Call Equipment And Accessories
Nurse-Call System
Office Alarm Systems
Office Alarms
Office Electronic Security Systems
Office Security Systems
Office Wireless Security Alarm System
Online Telephone Alarm System
Panic Siren
Parking Lot Equipment
Personal Alarm Systems
Personal Alarms
Personal Assistance
Personal Electronic Security Systems
Personal Portable Alarm
Personal Security Systems
Personal Shrill Alarm
Photoelec Beam Detector
Photoelectric Beam Detector
Photoelectric Sensors
Piezoelectric Buzzers
Portable Gas Detector
Portable Intruder Alarms
Power Fence
Power Supplies & More
Power Supplies, Timers And Relays
Power Utility Panel Controls
Professional Spy Cam
Proximity Card
Proximity Reader
Quake Alarm
Quartz Analog Alarm Clocks
Remote Control For Car Alarm
Remote Monitoring Systems
Remote Security Solutions
Residential Equipment
Response Monitoring
Retail Security Products
Safes & Security Locks
Security Access And Surveillance
Security Alarm
Security Alarm Kits
Security Alarm Wireless Lock
Security And Consultancy
Security And Vault Equipment
Security Cameras
Security Detector
Security Doors
Security Entry Doors & Intercoms
Security Products
Security Services
Security Software
Security System
Security Systems
Security Systems Specialist
Security Wireless Zones
Seismic Alarm
Shock Sensor
Sirens & Strobe Lights
Small Alarm System
Smart Building
Smart Card
Smoke & Fire Detectors
Smoke Alarms
Smoke Detector
Smoke Detectors
Sound Alarm
Sound Equipment, Commercial And Residential
Spy Camera
Spy Clock Camera
Structured Cabling Systems
Surge Protection
Telephone Alarm
Telephone Autoalarm
Telephone Equipment And Accessories
Test Sprays
Tilt Sensor
Time Switch
Truck Alarm Systems
Truck Alarms
Truck Electronic Security Systems
Truck Reversing Sensor
Truck Security Systems
Tsunami Alarm
Use And Many Other Types Of Sensor Too
Vacuum Systems
Vandal Covers And Guards
Vehicle Security System Components
Vehicle Tracking Systems
Vibration Shock Sensor
Video Surveillance Systems
Walkthrough Metal Detectors
Warning Of Seismic Activity
Warning Signs & Decals
Warning Strobe Lights
Water Leakage Alarms
Water Overflow Alarms
Wire & Cable
Wired Intruder Alarms
Wired Intrusion Alarm System
Wireless Alarm
Wireless Alarm System
Wireless Alarm Systems
Wireless Anti-Burglar Protection
Wireless Burglar Alarm System
Wireless Camera
Wireless Cameras
Wireless Intercom
Wireless Intruder Alarms
Wireless Products
Wireless Security Alarm Product
Wireless Security Alarm System
Wireless Security System
Wireless Spy Cam
Wireless Spy Camera
X-Ray Screening Equipment
Zone Alarm Package

A.J. Electronic Co.,Ltd.
A-Biotech Technology Co., Ltd
Ac-Cas Group Co, Ltd.
Advance Tools Center Co, Ltd
Air Block Corporation Ltd.
American International Industries (Thailand) Ltd.
Anti-Fire Co., Ltd.
August International Co., Ltd.
Automatic Business Group Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Alarm Systems Co, Ltd.
Boswell Connection Group Co, Ltd.
Buscons International Company Limited
C.M.S. Control System Co., Ltd
Cauley International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
City Max Enterprise Co., Ltd
Computer Support System Co, Ltd.
D.K. Trading Co, Ltd.
Despac Security Alarms Systems Ltd.
Draeger Safety (Thailand) Ltd.
E-Innovations Engineering Co., Ltd.
Emunics Co., Ltd.
Ergo Design & Manufacturing Co Ltd
Espreme Co, Ltd.
F.C. Solution Co., Ltd.
Fire Killer Engineering And Service Co, Ltd.
General Electronics System Co, Ltd.
General Express International Ltd., Part.
Graf Sale And Service Co., Ltd.
Guardfire (Thailand) Ltd.
Gunno Co., Ltd.
I.S.M. Securitech Co., Ltd.
Innate Technologies Co., Ltd.
Intech Alarm Center Co.,Ltd.
Intelligent Systems Management Co, Ltd.
Intellinks Co., Ltd.
Inter National Samety Alanm Co, Ltd.
Intertech & Communication Ltd, Part.
Inter-Tech Alarm Systems Co, Ltd.
It Security System Co, Ltd.
J.N.V. International Supplies Co, Ltd.
K.P. Trading Group Co., Ltd.
L.P.G. Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Louis T. Leonowens (Thailand) Ltd.
Magpie Blazetech Co, Ltd.
Medica Ltd,
Nakatel Corporation
Namsin International Co Ltd
Narai Defensive & Alarm System Co., Ltd.
Photoscan System Co.,Ltd.
Primus Co., Ltd.
Process Engineering Services Co.,Ltd.
Royaltec International Co., Ltd.
Safeland Cc Tv Co,.Ltd.
Sense Center Co., Ltd.
Sintorn Trading & Engineering (1994) Co., Ltd.
Site Preparation Management Co.,Ltd.
Smart Alarm Sale & Service Co .,Ltd.
Statdes Pac Security Alarms Systems Co., Ltd.
Thaisecom Pitakkij Co Ltd
Trisak Automation Co., Ltd
Tyco International (Thailand) Ltd.
U.S. Film Co.,Ltd.
U.S. Marketing Co Ltd
Uniwave Co., Ltd.
V.A.C. Electro Technic Co.,Ltd.
V.C.V. Stainless Co., Ltd.
Worachak International Co., Ltd.


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