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Thailand Security Companies, Thai Security Products Manufacturers


Thailand Security Companies, Thai Security Equipment Manufacturers provide a range of products and services that are essential not only to industries and business in Thailand but also for the general Thai public. Many of these products like locks, safes, security equipment and security systems are also available for export.

With the world plagued with worries about terrorism security equipment like baggage checking equipment and surveillance cameras are not now a luxury - they are essential.

I worked briefly a few years ago with the managing director of a company that is a major distributor of security cameras, CCTV, and other monitoring equipment. These products, at that time were mainly imported from Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

As is the scheme of things here in Thailand many of these products are produced here. They are not just copies of the imported equipment but in many cases next generation models that have much better capabilities and higher specifications than the originals.


We have kept our contacts with this company and indeed sourced many other security related products that are now being used around the world to make things a safer place for us all.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your security equipment needs please email with your requests.

We have a section devoted to Alarm Systems. Here you can find the companies and alarm products and alarm systems available from Thailand Alarm System Manufacturers



Alarm Systems CCTV Cameras Auto Alarm Systems
Automobile Security Locks Padlocks Window Locks
Hotel Safeboxes Biometric Locks Automotive Locks
Security Printing Security & Investigation Services Office Safes
Featured Thailand Security Companies
Bangkok Alarm System Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand  installers of security systems, access control systems, auto gate control systems, fire alarm systems
F.C. Solution Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand manufacturer of electronic devices Security Access Equipment and Surveillance Equipment, Proximity Time Recorder Machine, Access control, Efficiency machine, Barcode Stocking Checking Machine, Barcode Equipment, Retail Shop customer counter machines
K And N Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Distributor of Security Access Equipment and Surveillance Equipment, Lighting, Interior Luminaires, Exterior Luminaires, Classified Location Lighting, Special Purpose Lighting, Dimming Control, Sound and Video Circuits, Sound Reinforcement, Multimedia Equipment, Alarm Systems

AKCP Co., Ltd.
Akcp is the oldest and largest manufacturer of SNMP-based environmental and security
monitoring solutions. Over 25, 000 organizations use akcp solutions for disaster prevention and
infrastructure security, providing early warning of threats to the integrity of a company's data and
assets. Akcp serves the telecommunications, power, and consumer industries, corporate data
centers, wiring closets, hospitals, educational institutions, defense and aerospace, and many
more industries requiring the ultimate in natural and man made disaster prevention.
Products: Environmental Monitoring Solutions, Remote Monitoring Devices, Intelligent
Monitoring Solutions.

Apro Technology (Bangkok) Co., Ltd. Was established in 2003, supporting by the Board of
Investment of Thailand (BOI), subsidiary of Apro Technology Co., Ltd. In Japan. We have
expertise more than 20 years in developing high core technologies to biometric solutions. This
technology defines as automated method of verifying or recognizing the identity of a living person
base on a physiological or behavioral characteristic such as matching algorithm, fingerprinted in
any type of sensor, application hardware and software integration. We are a leader in the
biometric industry, provided to our customers with the highest quality and service through
continuous research and development.
Fingerprint OEM Products, BioPrima (Fingerprint Identification OEM Board) is able to implement
to Locker, Safe, Container, Car, and Cabinet, Time Attendance, Door Lock, BioSecre
(Fingerprint USB Key Identification Engine) is able implement to Fingerprint reader, Notebook,
PDA, Mobile, ATM, and Microwave, BioFord (Equipment Development Kit) Fingerprint Finished
products (OEM products and APRO brand) BioFlash (Fingerprint Flash Memory) BioStation
(Fingerprint Time Recorder) BioWall (Fingerprint, Door Lock and Safe Lock) BioShelt (Fingerprint
PC Security application) BioMis (Lives can Fingerprint Solutions use in criminal identification)
Products: Fingerprint, module, biometrics

Bangkok Alarm System Co.,Ltd.
We are installer of security systems/access control systems/auto gate control systems/fire
alarm systems located in Thailand. Our brands of product: Honeywell (intellisense, ademco)
Products: Surveillance equipment, alarm, locks, security products

Bangkok Electronics and Engineering Co., Ltd.
Bangkok electronics and engineering Co., ltd. Topview brand company for security solution,
analog and digital video recorder products Bangkok Thailand. We were import and development
deal security and network video.
Products: Surveillance Equipment

BIOAXS evolved from three different companies with R and D and expertise coming from all three
companies from different parts of the world.
SPC Development Co, Thailand has been involved in Hardware business since 1990 including,
Computer, Thin Client, Servers for Thin Clients, Fingerprint products, printing products as well as
CD, CDR, DVDs. SPC is an authorized distributor for many Hardware companies in Thailand
and Asian market. With so many years of expertise it has acquired resources to design a state
of the art equipment to support any software solution. Whether it is an embedded solution or a
PC Based system SPC knows how to save cost to the End user and create more ROI.
BIOMETRICSAXS, software integration firm in Pakistan has been in security business since
1998. It is innovating new ideas based on BIOMETRIC and RFID, Radio Frequency Identification
fields to make security more & more affective. BIOMETRICSAXS has installation base of
fingerprint solutions in Pakistan for more than 200 clients.
Mysystem is a Malaysian Firm, working on Remote logical Access Solutions. It has many
satisfied customers in Malaysia and around the World.
Products: Biometric access control, biometric time & attendance, ERP solutions

Century Mien (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Century Mien (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Is a reputable manufacturer and distributor of the Finger Scan
Time Recorder System, Door Security Card System (Proximity Card), Contact less Smart Card,
Key Card, and other security product systems; We work and develop on our products with
customer mind, which emphasize in what customers want and need in one product. We are fully
with experienced R&D team in the U. S. A. In addition, an experienced management team and
technical team which are resident in Thailand Head Office. With our plant and the latest
Technology available today, we are expanding our business with OEM to any interested buyer
under a concept "We are a leader in the Finger Scan System and Proximity Card".
Products: Finger print time attendance system, door access control system

Ddb Security Solutions Co., Ltd
We are specializing in providing a wide range of security products such as video door-phone
security system, metal detect system, perimeter sensor system, etc.
Product: Video door phone, security system and project

EON TECH was founded in 2003. The founder had many years of previous experience as
access control system and video recorder developers in surveillance system. These kinds of
access system and recorders require very high system technologies. EON TECH leveraged the
experiences to Access Control System and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) when having the
opportunity in 2003. EON TECH is a leading products of Access Control and CCTV/DVR
Security System (remote video web camera servers and accessories for remote video monitoring
and surveillance applications). Back in 2001, we started our development of Access control
system and LINUX PC-based CCTV/DVR processing technology for Security market.
Products: Access, CCTV

Far East Creation Ltd.,Part.
Far East Creation Provides all round IT services which include system development, solution
integrator, network outsourcing and IT consulting. We deploy CMMI software development steps
to ensure that out system development is complete and accord our client's requirements.
Worry over property security has been foremost of human needs. With today's technology
advancement and availability. We are able to eliminate this doubt. Far East Creation is offering
surveillance system that everybody can afford. We have deployed this system not only to
homes but to business establishment as well Far East Creation has the total package for your
IT needs. Whether it is customize system development, website design, network outsourcing, IT
consulting, or surveillance system deployment.
Products: CCTV System, Surveillance System, Security System

Intercom Security Company Ltd
This is an international security company, that provides adequate and authentic security and
protection of peoples properties, funds, materials etc. We are experts in all our services, with
most experts and experienced and qualifies both national and international workers.
Products Services: Security project

IT-Block Co., Ltd.
We supply CCTV, ACCESS CONTROL&Security Products. Our based is in Bangkok, Thailand.
We research&develop products for security integration of all security systems on IP network for
BUILDING AUTOMATION SYSTEMS. We have experiences in turn-key solutions of Security &
Communication Systems.
Products: CCTV, ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM & Security Products

Jowit Co.,Ltd.
Jointed venture between Thai & Japan investors. Main market is Japan and Thailand. Original r&d
product both in hardware and software. Products are security system such as surveillance
system and access control.
Products: Surveillance equipment

Mature Trading Co.,Ltd.
Mature Trading is the company supply digital door lock under the name of mature lock in
Thailand. We also provide the services concerning security to our customer country-wide.
Products: Digital Door Lock, Door Handle, Hotel Lock

Nano Spectrum Technology( Asia Pacific ) Co.,Ltd.
We established in 1921, has been offering solution to both government and private companies.
Initially concentrating on classic security printing, we have expanded our capacities to meet
today's requirements and we offer complete technical solutions including information.
Products: Security label, passport, security printing product

Neonic evolution ltd. Was founded in 2004. It's we have experienced in security field under
"okami" brand name. We do installation and service in CCTV system. In Thailand, we are the
leader and specialist in network digital CCTV system, Central video management system. Our
products include CCTV cameras, wireless cameras, digital video recorder and any other high
technology products.
Products: CCTV, DVR, alarms

OSK INTERTRADE, the distributor of a comprehensive range of architectural and security glass
products. Our products cover the design and production of bullet proof for building and vehicles.
Osk offers strategic protection of existing glass from a range of security problems ranging from
explosives to ballistics and burglary. These include products like high performance bullet proof
glass and high security performance products for blast mitigation solutions, and our exclusive
burglary proof glass the reliable burglary resistant glazing product. Osk also offers the solar
control and security film product i. E. High transparent IR rejection film for building and vehicles.
Products: Solar Control Film Security Film Bullet Proof Glass Burglar Proof Glass

Polygraph center provides local and foreign companies with a number of specialist services
including polygraph sales and apa accredited training for examiners, polygraph testing for fact
finding, periodic and pre-employment screening, computerized integrity tests for high volume
recruitment selection process, graphology service commonly used in forgery analysis cases and
a growing range of security products.
Products: Military supplies, surveillance equipment, security products

Raiton Lock Marketing Co Ltd
A 20-year Thai supplier Established in 1982, Raiton Lock Marketing Co Ltd specializes in the
manufacture of a wide range of auto security locks and is receiving growing orders from the
export market. Our major products include automotive security locks such as car steering wheel
locks, car steering wheel and brake/clutch locks, car pedal locks, car door locks and gear shift
locks. Tough, tempered designs We can design and build to comply with your market's
requirements. Our security products are made of tough, tempered steel for anti-drill, anti-saw
protection. OEM and OBM offered. At present, we handle orders from international OEMs, as
well as market under our own Raiton brand.
Products: Our major products include automotive security locks such as car steering wheel
locks, car steering wheel and brake/clutch locks, car pedal locks, car door locks and gear shift

Safetimax Sales&Service (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
We are Safetimax Sales&Service (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. We are the company that focus on the
home security system market. Our service are consult, design, sales, installation, service. And
now we are looking for home wireless security system to serve our customer that do not want a
wire security system.
Products: Home Security System

Thaisyn Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.
Thaisyn Advanced Tech. Is a leading Importer and Engineering company in Thailand. We are
own professional experience of system integrator for system design, installation and
maintenance services for Telecomm. Digital Loop Carrier System (DLC) , Security Digital Video
Recording System (DVR) , CATV Broadcasting Head-End system, Fiber Optical / Coaxial
Networking system and Accessories.
Products: CATV, CCTV, Telecommunication equipment

Thinknet Corporation
We are currently running our business in software industry relating to an area of biometrics,
security access, and home / building automation. Our main sector of customers are the
government agencies, and corporate real estate companies who own 5-star condominium and
houses. Just for this year, we put our main focus in security market; especially on an IP or
network camera and other related products.
Products: Surveillance Equipment

Time Access Solution Limited Partnership
Leading fingerprint scanner and security system in Bangkok Thailand are pleased to welcome
you to our company where you'll find everything fingerprint technology. Looking for "fingerprint
lock, Fingerprint Time Attendance System". Whatever fingerprint and biometric security
solutions for homes and offices.
Products: Time Recording, Fingerprint, finger scan, Access Control

TTN Sales and Services Co.,Ltd.
We are a company that develop and manufacturer in GPS Tracking Devices for vehicles from
Thailand. We develop this system since 2002. Our product are useful for business sections
such as Logistics, Transportations and security project. It support CDMA, GPRS, GSM
systems also Google Earth with real time and off line.
Products: GPS / GPRS / GSM / CDMA, Car Security, Logistics Management

Versatile Electronic Co., Ltd.
We are a system integrator that supply security (CCTV, Intrusion, Fire System, Access Control)
& communication system (PA system, Conference, MATV), Audio and Visual systems to
satisfy customers' requirement.
Products: CCTV system, Intrusion system, Fire system

Wasp Security
Established to fill a gap in the Thai market for the installation of electric security fencing. We
specialize in the manufacture and supply of electric security fencing and specialist perimeter
protection systems and prefer not to be involved with other areas of security such as gates,
alarms and IR or Laser beams.
Products: Security Products, Security Fencing

We, centurymien (Thailand) Co., ltd are a hi-tech company holding with main business lying in
research and development on biometric technology, especially in fingerprint identification
technology and its applications. Powered with its fingerprint identification key technology, we
have successfully developed a series of fingerprint application system: Finger scan time
attendance system, fingerprint door access control system, door security card system
(proximity card) and other security systems.
Products: Safety products, security products

Following you will find lists of security products and security equipment that is available from companies involved in the security business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a company or supply a database of these companies then please email



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