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Thailand does not have the same reputation as maybe France or Switzerland or Bavaria for producing fine quality watches. Thailand doesn't produce precision timepieces for the world's leading watch companies like Rolex, Brietling or Longines. Or do they?


Yes you can still buy your fake watches here in Thailand (sorry not from this website) no matter what the copyright lawyers do. But the real expensive designer timepieces, where do you buy the real watches. The high class department stores such as The Emporium are full of designer watch shops. You can buy your watches there. However there is another avenue. The European watch manufacturers, the Swiss watch manufacturers have set up shop in the designer shopping Malls but also on the industrial estates that are dotted around Bangkok.



Here is an example of one of the many manufacturing and trading companies involved in the clock and watch business in Thailand.


Company Name :
Novolux Watch Co., Ltd.
Address :
  354 Zone Export 3 Latkrabang Industrial Estate Lampathiw Latkrabang Bangkok 10520 Thailand

Tel :
Fax :


We have contacts with some of these watch manufacturers. We can buy watches wholesale or maybe you would like to offset some of your watch production to Asia - we can help.


We have a list of watch manufacturers in Thailand



Men's Watches Designer Watches Sports Watches
Bangle Watches Watch Straps Children's Watches
Novelty Watches Watch Movements Longines Watches
Featured Thailand Watches Companies
B.K. Jewelry Manufacturer Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Jewelry Manufacturer of Gems Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Watches

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abrasion-proof ceramic
air force watches
alloy case
alloy metal watch case
analog keychain watches
analog radio-controlled watches
analog watch exporters
analog-digital watch
analog-digital watch exporters
analog-digital watches
antique design watches
antique style
army watches
automatic watches
backlit digital watch
bangle watches
bracelet watches
brooch watches
built-in radio
cartoon watches
casio sport watch
ceramic watch bands
children watch
children's cartoon watch
christmas plastic watch
chrono alarm
classic watches
corporate anniversary watches
customized designs
cycle computer
daily alarm and hourly chime
day and date watch
designer watch
diamond and mother of pearl dial
digital radio controlled watch
digital radio-controlled watches
digital uv&t watch
digital watches
digital wrist watch walkie talkie
diving watches
dog tag watch
double movement watch
dress watches
dual time multi function watch
dynamic watch
electronic watches
emergency watch
expansion watch bands
fabric watch straps
fancy watch bracelets with rhinestone
fashion lady
fashion ornament watch
fashion watch
fashion watches
fashion women wrist watch
fashion wrist watch
fashion wrist watch for women
gate ball watch
genuine leather strap
gift watches
jewelry watches
ladies accessories watch
ladies' bracelet watch
ladies sports watch
lady quartz watch
lca watches
lcd calculator watches
lcd children's watches
lcd chronograph watches
lcd el backlight watches
lcd keychain watches
lcd metal watches
lcd multifunction watches
lcd pendant watches
lcd plastic watches
lcd sports watches
lcd talking/melody watches
lcd watches
lcd water-resistant watches
leather band
leather band watches
leather watch straps
led bracelets
luxury watch
manual-wind watches
marine watches
men's quartz watches
men's sport watch
metal watch bands
military watch
moonphase watches
multicolored metal alloy watch bracelet
multi-purpose sports watch
muslim prayer watch
navy watches
nurse watch
oem watches
panic watch
pendant watches
philippe marcel gold watch
philippe marcel ladies watch
plastic quartz watches
plastic watch straps
plastic watches
pocket watch with chain
pocket watches
precision watches
premium watch
promotion watches
pu leather band
pulse watch
quartz analog bangle watches
quartz analog children's watches
quartz analog chronograph watches
quartz analog compass watches
quartz analog divers' watches
quartz analog dual time watches
quartz analog metal watches
quartz analog novelty watches
quartz analog plastic watches
quartz analog sports watches
quartz analog talking/melody watches
quartz analog titanium watches
quartz analog tungsten watches
quartz analog water-resistant watches
radio digital watches
rechargeable mp3 watch
ring watches
rubber band watches
sapphire crystal
sapphire enhanced crystal
seiko mens chronograph alarm watch
seiko mens watch
seiko watch
seiko watches
self-winding watches
silicone watch bracelets
silicone watches
skeleton watches
solar digital watches
solid stainless steel watchband
souvenir watches
spinner watches
sport cover watch
sports type mp3 watch
sports watch with radio
sports watches
square quartz analog watch
stainless steel back case
stainless steel case and band
stainless steel case back
stainless steel plated
stop watches
surgical stainless steel case
swiss manufactured diving watch
swiss military watch
swiss movement
swiss watches
synthetic leather watch straps
thailand watches
time and calendar
timex chronograph
titanium casing
titanium watch
transparent watch
tungsten case
usb drive watch
usb flash disk watch
uv watch
voice recorder watch
watch bands
watch box set
watch boxes
watch bracelets
watch camera
watch mp3 player
watch presentation boxes
watch sets
watch straps
watch winders
water resistant sport watch
water resistant sport watch and calculator
water resistant watch + fm radio
water watches
waterproof ladies' mp3 watch
wide strap watches
wooden watches
world time watches
wrist-protective watch


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