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Thailand manufactures a whole range of elastic products from elastic bands to elastic tapes for the garment industry.. Traditionally elastic bands are produced from pure natural nowadays artificial plastic products are often a more cost effective substitute. They are strong, thick and suitable for many purposes such as fastenings, stationery, and hair accessories like ponytail ties, etc. They are available in a myriad of sizes, colors, textures and strengths.

  • Manufacturers of elastic used in the garment industry.

  • Manufacturers of elastic used in the medical supplies business

  • Manufacturers of elastic used for industry and office supplies

Manufacturers of elastic used in the garment industry

The garment industry of course is a major user of elastic and elastic products in many forms such as stretch lycra and Spandex fabrics. Traditional knicker elastic and elastic used in many underwear related products like bras and slips. Elasticated bands, wristbands, waistbands and ankle bands. There are many other products - see the list below of products that use elastic as a major or minor component such as sportswear headbands and  sweatbands


Manufacturers of elastic used in the medical supplies business

The elastic bandage of course is a vital constituent of every emergency first aid kit and supplied in huge quantities to medical and hospital supply companies.



Manufacturers of elastic used for industry and office supplies

The industrial use of elastic for webbing, straps and other securing systems.

Rubber is a natural product now produced in large quantity not only in rubber plantations in the south of Thailand but increasingly as a cash crop in the much poorer provinces of the north east. With a large production of natural latex and subsequent rubber, elastic products and especially rubber bands of all sizes and strengths can be sourced quite easily at very competitive prices



Elastic Garment Accessories Elastic Bands Elastic for Socks
Elastic Bandages Spandex Fabrics Rubber Bands
Elasticated Sportswear Elastic for Underwear Bra Accessories
Crochet Elastic Elastic Tapes Ladies Underwear Elastic
Featured Thailand Elastic Manufacturers
U-Thong Elastic Co.,Ltd Thailand A Thailand manufacturer in the knitted elastic industry supplying quality Jacquard Woven Elastics, Laces & Tassel Cords Elastic Tapes and Elastic Screening.

Following you will find lists of elastic products from companies involved in the elastic business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with an elastic company or simply supply a list of these elastic manufacturers then please email

adhesive elastic tape
air covering yarn
antistatic bands
antistatic wrist strap
baby elastic
braid trimmings
braided elastic bands
braided rayon
brassiere accessories
bungee cords
bungee webbing cords
cable ties
car seat covers
cargo nets
cinch bows
clear elastic fiber
cohesive elastic bandage
conductive bands
crochet knitted elastics
double spandex covered yarn
dyed covered spandex yarn
elastic abdominal belt
elastic adhesive
elastic adhesive tape
elastic ball
elastic band trimming
elastic band with embedded text highlights
elastic bandage
elastic bands
elastic bands for underwear
elastic bands in assorted colors
elastic belts
elastic braid
elastic braids
elastic cement
elastic cordage
elastic cords
elastic covering yarn
elastic crochet tapes
elastic cuffs
elastic fabric
elastic lanyards
elastic loop
elastic man pants waist
elastic medical bandage
elastic nonwoven fabric
elastic polyester nonwoven cloth
elastic ropes
elastic rubber straps
elastic shoelaces
elastic stretch loops
elastic stretching loops
elastic strings
elastic tape
elastic tape for sofa
elastic tapes
elastic thread
elastic trimmings
elastic trouser
elastic webbing
elastic webbing bands
elastic webbing for shoes
elastic yarn
elastics braided
elastics knitted
elastics narrow
exercise bands
eyeglasses cord
fancy beaded braid
fashion accessories
flat elastic
flexible cohesive bandage
furniture elastic webbing
garment accessories
hard tension elastic material
heavy elastic straps
jacquard elastic tape
jacquard elastic webbing
jacquard piping
knitted double-sided stretch fabric
knitted elastic braid
knitting elastic
knitting elastic tape
lace elastic
latex elastic bands
latex elastic thread
latex elastic threads
luggage strap
luggage tag strap
lycra covered yarn
medical bandages
cohesive elastic bandage
nylon elastic covering yarn
nylon spandex covered yarn
nylon webbing
odm elastic
oem elastic
pallet bands
personalized luggage strap
plush elastic webbing
polyester braid trimmings
polyester covered yarn
polyester fabric with spandex
polyester with spandex stretch fabric
printed bands
pvc band
reflective elastic cords
rubber bands
rubber elastic bandage
rubber products for packaging
rubber products for stationary
safety belts covers
self-adhesive elastic bandage
single-color elastic bands
slinky fabric
spandex cotton stretch greige twill
spandex covered with nylon
spandex covered yarn
spandex covering yarn
spandex elastic bandage
spandex stripe fabric
spandex twill fabrics
steering wheel covers
stretch acrylic fur
stretch fabric
stretch mesh fabric
stretch yarn
tie down straps
trimming tapes
twisted cord for garment
underware accessories
underwear elastic
uu cord trimming
uu tapes
warp elastic stretch cloth
webbing tape
women's elastic undershirts


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