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Thailand Electronic Component Companies, Thai Electronic Component Manufacturers


Thailand really started churning out electronic components about twenty years ago as an outsource manufacturing operation mainly for Japanese and Taiwanese companies. Nowadays these companies and others have switched a major portion of their manufacturing capability to Thailand.


So nowadays these electronic components are not just a stand alone product but an integral part of the electronics industry in Thailand as a whole. To reflect this we have amalgamated our lists of products and companies.



So if you want to find a master list of electronic component products and and the electronics equipment they are used in then please go to this page Thailand Electronics Companies

Switching Transformers Electrical Cables Semiconductor devices
Featured Thailand Electronic Component Companies
CKL Electronics Co., Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Printed circuit board PCB, Silver Epoxy Printing, Carbon Ink Printing, Nickel Plating, Gold Plating
DDK (Thailand) Ltd Thailand Japanese Manufacturer of Rectangular connectors, printed circuit board connectors, flat cable connectors, modular connectors, FFC/FPC connectors, coaxial connectors, terminal blocks and pitch connectors
HT Technology Co., Ltd. Thailand A Thai distributor of Computer Hardware, Hard Disk Drives, VGA Cards, Sound Cards, Ethernet LAN Card Adapter and Wireless LAN Adapter

Following you will find lists of electronic components products from companies involved in the electronic components business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with an electronic components company or simply supply a list of these electronic components then please email

a/v connectors
a/v sole-core jack
ac contactors
acoustic components
adjustable current earth leakage circuit breaker
adsl line transformer
aluminum electrolytic capacitor
as socket adapter
audio power amplifiers
automobile electronic wiring
automotive electronic components
automotive relays
battery isolator
battery terminators
bead inductors
bi-color top-view led
bipolar power transistors
bi-polar transistors
bonding transducers
car relay
carbon film resistors
carbon potentiometers
carbon-composition resistors
carbon-film resistors
cast metal parts
cement resistors
ceramic capacitors
ceramic filters
ceramic resonators
ceramic trimmers
cermet resistors
chip inductors
chip led
chip resistor
chip resistors
circuit breaker
circuit breakers
clamp meters
common fuse
compact power jack
compression springs
connector assembly
consumer electronic products
cover light switche
cover plate switches
crystal clock oscillator
crystal filters
crystal oscillators
crystal resonators
crystal units
current transformers
cylindrical fuses
darlington transistor
dc power socket
dc-dc converters
defrost timer
digital meters
digital transistors
dimmer switches
double actuator
drinking machine thermostats
earth leakage circuit breakers
efficatious rubber magnets
electric meters
electrical switches
electromagnetic buzzers
electronic components
electronic production machinery
electronic room thermostat
electronic transformer
emc components
epoxy coated ntc thermistors
fast recovery diodes
field effect transistors
flameproof acid metal film resistors
flat-pin big aluminum cap thermostat
fluorescent grid display
foil resistors
forward amplifier
four-leg led
full color led lamp
fuse bases
fuse isolators
fusible resistors
gas ignition electrode
glass capacitors
glass tube fuse
globular transmitting transducer
hall sensor
hdmi connector
high efficiency diodes
hrc fuse link
hybrid module
hydraulic thermostat
ic boards
indicator light
infrared forehead temperature sensor
infrared remote control transmitters
integrated circuit
integrated circuits
integrated connectors
intelligent blend switch
intelligent reactive compensation controller
jumper wires
kk fast thyristor
laser diodes
lcd monitors
lcd panels
leaded inductors
led array
led bulbit
led digital display
led diodes
light emitting diodes
light plate switches
light switches
light-duty torsion springs
lighting capacitor
lighting generator
load cell
low dropout voltage regulators
measurement hydrophone
metalized polyester film capacitors
mic connectors
micro fuse
mini circuit breaker
mini din connector
mini din connectors
miniature switch
mini-circuit breakers
mobile phone connector
module surge and lightning protector
monolithic crystal filters
motor starter
multi-layer pcb board
ntc sensor probe
ntc sensor probes
oem electronic components
oem membrane switches
open sensor
operation switch
operational amplifiers
optical receiver module
optical receiver modules
optoelectronic components
panel meters
pcb assembly
pcb board
pcb relays
piezoelectric buzzer
piezoelectric igniters
piezoelectric sensor
piezoelectric transducers
pilot lamp
pin jack
plastic parts
plate switches
power amplifier
power doubler amplifier
power inverter
power jack
power plugs
power relays
power resistor
power resistors
power switches
power transistors
power voltage regulator
pptc resettable fuse
precise resistors
pressure switches
pressure welding bar connector
printed circuit board
ptc thermal sensitive elements
pulse networking transformer
quartz crystal resonators
quartz crystal units
rca pin jack
rectifying tube
reed relay
resettable fuses
resistor networks
reverse amplifier module
rocker switch
rotary solenoid
rubber hoods
rubber isolation mounts
rubber parts
rubber rollers for electronic equipment
rubber shock absorber
saw filters & resonators
scart bloc
scart cables
scr transistors
semiconductor lasers
semiconductor material
ship used meters
silicon bi-directional diacs
silicon bidirectional thyristors
silicon diodesfeatures
silicon power transistor
silicon wafers
silicon wirewound resistors
silicone rubber parts
silver cadmium oxides
smd inductor
smd led
smd stereo earphone power jack
smd turning fork crystal resonators
smt machines
socket connector
solid state relay
sonic transducer
sound generator
splash-resistant toggle switches
stacked capacitor
stereo jack
strontium titanate
subassembly modules
subminiature metalized
super miniature electronic accumulative timer
surface mount diodes
surface mounted ntc sensor probes
surface zener diodes
surface-mount crystals
surge and lightning protector
tension springs
terminal blocks
thermal relays
thermal thermostat
thermoplastic-cased phone jack
thin-film resistors
three-phase capacitor
through-hole led
time relay
touch screens
transformers & coils
transient voltage suppressor diodes
trimming potentiometers
tubular solenoid
tuner modules
tuning fork crystal resonators
ultrasonic cleaning transducers
ultrasonic head for cosmetic instruments
ultrasonic welding transducers
usb connector
vacuum contactor
variable resistors
vibration absorbers
video & audio compression card
voltage comparators
voltage regulator
water level inductor
water pressure sensor
wirewound resistors


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