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Thailand is a good place to source electronic equipment and electronic components for use in the following applications: Industrial Equipment, Hand Held Electronics, Audio Studio Equipment, Environmental Instruments, Automation & Robotics, Computers, Personal Electronics, Office Equipment, Telecommunications Equipment.


That pesky little 'Made in Thailand' sticker is not always so obvious when you buy an item of electronics equipment that seems to have originated in Thailand, is comprised mostly of Thailand produced electronics components. Brand name manufacturers seem to get away with their 'made in Japan' labels or even 'Made in Taiwan' brings a little more kudos to the equipment or electronics instrument.


f truth be told, and often it isn't as the rules of place of origin of manufacture are often bent in favour of the foreign producer, much of the electronics equipment around the world and indeed flying around the world owes it's very existence either fully or in part to The Kingdom of Thailand.



The need to manufacture more and more computer chips, and electronic circuits has seen a great boom in the building of new factories on the industrial estates of Thailand's industrial heartland. Much of the financing of this new tech - hi-tech industry, according to BOI statistics comes from abroad. From Taiwan, Japan, Korea and The US.


If you are looking for electronic components made in Thailand then try this page: Thailand Electronic Component Manufacturers


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Industrial Equipment Hand Held Electronics Audio Studio Equipment
Environmental Instruments Automation & Robotics Computers
Personal Electronics Office Equipment Telecommunications
Featured Thailand Electronics Companies
ABB Limited Thailand Distributor of Engineering Supplies, Electrical Power Machinery, Switchgear Equipment For Distributing Electricity. Suppliers of motors, drives, boilers, furnaces, industrial power plants, industrial robotics and related products. Activities Produce and services include: gas turbine and combines cycle power plants, utility steam power plants, hydro and nuclear power plants and environmental system.
A.D.I. (THAILAND) CO,  LTD. Thailand Open-frame LCD monitor, Touch screen LCD monitor, Terminal with LCD Display, Flat CRT Monitors, LCD TV
CKL Electronics Co., Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Printed circuit board PCB, Silver Epoxy Printing, Carbon Ink Printing, Nickel Plating, Gold Plating
CMC Biotech Co., Ltd. Thailand Japanese Manufacturer of Medical equipment, diagnostic X-ray systems, medical X-ray CT systems, radiation therapy systems, diagnostic nuclear medicine systems, magnetic resonance imaging systems and diagnostic ultrasound systems
Elecon International Co.,Ltd. Thailand Manufacturer of Bedside control panel, Hotel Guestroom Energy Management Systems, Power saver systems, Digital Thermostats, Home Automation, Security Systems and Remote Controls.
F.A. Tech Co, Ltd Thailand Thailand Dealer and Distributor of dealer of Mitsubishi Factory Automation in Thailand including MMI and SCADA Software. Our products include Mitsubishi brand Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Inverters, Servo, CNC, Graphic Operation Terminals (GOT)
F.A.A. Aerotech Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand Aerospace Company Supplying Flight Information Display Systems, Air Field Lighting Equipment
F.C. Solution Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand manufacturer of electronic devices Security Access Equipment and Surveillance Equipment, Proximity Time Recorder Machine, Access control, Efficiency machine, Barcode Stocking Checking Machine, Barcode Equipment, Retail Shop customer counter machines
H.C. Starck (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand German Company in Thailand. Manufacturer of tantalum metal powder, tantalum compounds and niobium compounds for the electronic industry and optical applications
I.C. Intracom Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Personal Computer Manufacturer, IC-Sockets, Mat (Plastic), Adaptors, Electrical Components, Computer Hardware
K And N Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Distributor of Security Access Equipment and Surveillance Equipment, Lighting, Interior Luminaires, Exterior Luminaires, Classified Location Lighting, Special Purpose Lighting, Dimming Control, Sound and Video Circuits, Sound Reinforcement, Multimedia Equipment, Alarm Systems
K & P F.A. Center Co.,Ltd Thailand Measuring Equipment, Thermometers, Motor Gear, Motor Vibrators, Motors, Taper Bushes, Pulleys, Screw Conveyors, Loose proof Fastener Systems, Concrete Mixers, Screw Conveyors, Belt Conveyor, Butterfly Valves, Touch Screens, Signal Lights, Signal Phones, Plc, Eocr, Terminal Blocks, Interface Terminals, Plc Direct, Encoder, Proximity Switches, Switch Power Supply, Rotary Encoder , Servos, Digital Temperature Controllers, Digital Load Cells, Loadcells, Weight Scales, Weight Scales, Loadcell, Indicators, Truck Scales, Packing Scale Machines, Concrete Batching Plants, Mobile Concrete Batching Plants
K-NET International Part.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Electronic Equipment For Semiconductor Industry, Electronics Components, Inductive Components, Solid State Components, Rf Components, Power Cords, Quartz Crystals Oscillators, Cable, Switches, Relays, Connectors, Terminal Blocks, Solder Paste, Wire, Ribbon, Preforms, Solder Ball For Bga, Tacflux For Bga, Aluminium Bonding Wire, Apillary, Bonding Wedge, Tab Tool, Die Collect, Adhesive For Electronics Industry
N.B. Technology Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Distributors of Hi-Fi and other audio equipment such as: CD Transport, DA- Converter, Preamplifier, Dual Mono Power amplifier, CD Player, DVD Player, Integrated Amplifier, Radialstrahler, Hybrid System, Floor Standing Monitor
NEC TOKIN (THAILAND) CO LTD Thailand Japanese Manufacturer of Tantalum capacitor, Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery, Polymer Capacitor, Permanent magnet, Ferrite core, Electromagnet, EMI countermeasure parts, Noise suppression sheets, Proadlizer, Miniature Relays, Piezoelectric devices, Thermal Sensors, Reed switch, 3D Motion Sensor
Watford Control (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Distributors of UPS (Uninterruptible power Supply), UPS System, Automatic Voltage Stabilizers and Power Conditioners

Following you will find lists of electronics products from companies involved in the electronics business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with an electronics company or simply supply a list of these electronics then please email

acoustic components
acupressure apparatus
aerospace parts
aluminum electrolytic capacitor
amplifier microphone
amplifier teaching microphone
automotive electronic components
bathroom scales
battery charger
bead inductors
boom box
broadband communications
business equipment
car alarms
car electronics
car lcd monitors
carbon-composition resistors
carbon-film resistors
cellular telephones
cement resistors
chip inductors
chip resistors
color tv
computing scales
consumer electronics
control systems
cordless phone
cordless telephone
crt color monitor
crystal filters
crystal oscillators
crystal resonators
currency converters
desktop calculators
digital cameras
digital counter
digital phase protector
digital photo frames
digital still cameras
digital tv tuner
digital voice recorders
dimmer switch
display systems
door bell
double din dvd
dvcam camcorder
eas systems
electric bicycles
electrolytic capacitors
electromagnetic locks
electronic assemblies
electronic ballast systems
electronic body massagers
electronic calendars
electronic cigarette lighters
electronic circuit breakers
electronic components
electronic dartboards
electronic desktop games
electronic drum sets
electronic educational learning systems
electronic energy meter
electronic fluid-dispensing machines
electronic gates
electronic handheld game
electronic insulation materials
electronic organizers
electronic percussion instruments
electronic pest repellents
electronic production equipment
electronic production machinery
electronic products
electronic pulse massagers
electronic security systems
electronic signs
electronic spare parts
electronic stimulators
electronic toys
electronic transformer
electronic translators
electronic tuner
electronics manufacturing materials
electronics packaging materials
electronics rollers
eye massagers
fashionable mp3 players
fingerprintaccess control
flash disk
flash units
flat crt monitor
flat screen crt monitor
floatless level relay
food scales
foot massagers
fusible resistors
glass capacitors
gps systems
handheld game players
handheld massagers
handheld two-way radios
headrest lcd monitor
high-frequency transformer
home audio
home automation
home theater
household gas-fired alarm
industrial electronic scales
information appliances
infrared remote control
keyboard instruments
keyless entry locks
knockout boxes
laser diodes
laser pointers
laser printers
leaded inductors
led cylinder lights
led lights
marine electronics
measuring instrument
media players
mes current transformer
micro switch
mini camera
mini circuit breaker
mini stereo speaker
mobile accessories
money counters
mp3 players
mp3 watch
mp4 player
musical toys
navigation equipment
novelty calculators
novelty radios
oem electronic products
oem membrane switche
office electronics
office equipment
optoelectronic components
paper shredders
parabolic antenna
parking sensor
pcb relay
personal cassette recorders
photographic accessories
photographic equipment
piezoelectric ceramic element
pocket radios
pocket scales
point-of-sale systems
portable audio
portable dvd player
portable navigation system
portable radio
power inverter
power resistors
power switches
printed circuit board
programmable controller tools
pure flat digital control crt monitor
radio-controlled toys
rechargeable flashlight
rectifying valve
reflexology massagers
remote control
remote controls
resistor networks
security products
security systems
silicon bidirectional thyristors
single touch light switch
smoke alarm
smoke detector
smt machines
solid state relay
spare electronic parts
subassembly modules
testing instrument
thin-film resistors
three phase diode
thyristor modules
thyristor surge protectors
toning systems
torch keychain
toroidal power transformer
toy musical instruments
trimming potentiometers
tuner modules
two way radios
ultrasonic atomizing transducers
variable resistors
vcd player
vibrator motor
video camera
video cartridge game players
video games
video games systems
waterproof switch
wireless communications
wirewound resistors


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