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Thailand Plastic Film Companies, Thai Plastic Film Manufacturers


Thailand Plastic Film Manufacturers
produce all grades of Plastic wrap or cling film as it is known in The UK. This cling wrap is produced in large quantities in Thailand for domestic use in the food and packaging industries, as industrial packaging materials as well as for household consumption to cover and protect food placed in the refrigerator or freezer.


Also large quantities are manufactured purely for export. Plastic film for export s available in all grades from household grade to heavy duty industrial grade.


I have Spent some time over the last few weeks visiting plastic film manufacturers for a major European distributor of all plastic film and plastic bag products. Quite an eye opener I can tell you. I thought I knew a fair bit about plastic products but this past fortnight has been a sharply upward curve learning experience.


What has also come as a surprise is to see the knock on effects of the high price of oil. Plastic as a petroleum based product has seen sharp price increases in the past few years. Manufacturers are no longer able to absorb the costs  and are passing on the price rises to their customers. This is leading to many more importers and wholesalers to look for new sources of shrink wrap, plastic films and in fact all plastic packaging products.

I found one very good supplier of shrink wrap. Nice guy the boss he even gave me a sample of the shrink film for me to try out at home. We bought a freezer recently so I will put the plastic wrapping to good use. Even so it is such a big roll of industrial grade shrink wrap I think it will out last the freezer!!


Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your plastic film needs please email with your requests.


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Featured Thailand Plastic Film Companies
A.T.E. Maskati Co,  Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Pallet Stretch Wrapper, Packaging Machines, Fresh Ginger and Tamarind
F & C Enterprises Co.,Ltd Thailand Foreign owned company in Thailand specializing in Plastic Film Manufacturing Machines, Shrink Wrap Machines, Plastic Machines
K & J Enterprise Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Plastic Sheets, Pvc Thermoformed, Psp Thermoformed, Plastic Bags, Pvc Film
Thai Cast Film Co., Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Plastic Film and Plastic Packaging Materials

Following you will find lists of plastic film products and companies involved in the plastic film business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a plastic film company or simply supply a database of these plastic film companies then please email 

15 in. stretch film
15mic gloss film
18 in. stretch film
20 in. stretch film
30 in. stretch film
3-layer co-extrusion blown film
adhesive ability protective film
adhesive filmtape
air bubble plastic
air-tight films
a-pet films
auto pre-stretch pallet wrapper
automated packaging
automated packaging system
automated wrapping
automatic film stretching and wrapping machine
automatic shrink film labeling machine
automatic stretch film machines
automatic stretch wrappers
automation packaging
bag shrink wholesale wrap
bag shrink wrap
bakery packaging
base film
basket shrink wrap
battery shrink wrap
black hand film
blister packaging
blowing film
blown film machines
blown hand film
blown machine film
blown stretch film
boat shrink wrap
body cell fat shrink wrap
bopet film
bopet transparent film
bopp double-side heat sealing films
bopp film
bopp laser base films
bopp packing film
bopp plain film
bundling film
bundling stretch film
candy packaging
cast co-extruded hand film
cast pe film extrusion liner
cast stretch film
cast stretch wrap
catering film
cd shrink wrap
cd shrink wrap bag
cling film made from ldpe material
cling films
coating film,
coffee packaging
color film
color thin film
colored film
colored stretch film
composite packing membrane
computer protection film
continuous film sealing machine
contract packaging
double sided film
double-colored film
double-sided silicone polyester film
dvd machine shrink wrap
dvd packaging
dvd shrink wrap
easy-peelable lidding film
electronic packaging
engineered film
engineered stretch film
equipment shrink used wrap
extended core
extended core bundling film
extended core stretch film
film faced plywood
film faced plywood
film for agriculture
film laminated composite panel
film manufacturing
film pallet shrink wrap
films plastic packaging
flexible packaging
food packaging
food packaging films
food wrap film
gift packaging
gift shrink wrap
glossy carved holographic film
greenhouse plastic film
hand films
hand stretch wrap
heat shrink wrap
high density polyethylene films
high tension stretch wrapping film
industrial food equipment
industrial packaging
industrial shrink wrap
laminated film for drink advertising
laundry film
ldpe bubble film
ldpe film blowing machine
linear low density polyethylene
linear stretch film
liquid packaging film
liquid packing membrane
lldpe film
lldpe stretch wrap films
low density polyethylene films
low volume wrapping
low-temperature-resistant packing film
machine film
machine pallet shrink used wrap
machine pallet shrink wrap
machine portable shrink wrap
machine shrink system wrap
machine stretch film
macine shrink wrap
manufacturer shrink wrap
marine shrink wrap
meat packaging
medical packaging
metal packaging
metallized polypropylene film
metallizing film
micro-perforated film
mylar tape
natural packaging
one-side cling cast machine film
one-way vision film
packaging bag
packaging company
packaging consultant
packaging equipment
packaging machine
packaging machinery
packaging manufacturer
packaging material
packaging product
packaging supplier
packaging supply
packaging supply wholesale
packaging system
packaging tape
packaging tube
pallet shrink wrap
pallet stretch film
pallet wrapping.
pastic shrink wrap
pe blue protective film
pe film
pe film recycling
pe protective films
pe shrink film
pe stretch film
pe stretch wrap film
pe winding film machine
pe wrapping film
perforated film
pesticide powder wrapping film
pet agriculture film
pet film
pharmaceutical packaging
plastic covering film
plastic film
plastic film products
plastic film sealer
plastic film sealing machines
plastic film wrapper
plastic laminated sealing film
plastic laminating machine
plastic packaging
plastic packing factory
plastic protective film
plastic sealing films
plastic sheet protective film
pliant stretch film
pof packaging materials
pollution-proof film
polyester & laminating film
polyester color film
polyester film tape
polyester flame retardant tape
polyethylene film
polyethylene packaging
polyimide film
polyimide film tape
pp film
pre stretch film
press grain mold film
printed lamination type film
printing and lamination grade cpp film
printing film reflective sheeting
produce packaging
protective film for aluminum-plastic board
protective film for window
protective packaging
protective stretch film
ptfe film
pvc aluminium-plating film
pvc color film
pvc film
pvc films for foodstuff packaging
pvc hard films
pvc panels with film
pvc raincoat film
pvc soft film
rainbow film
retail packaging
rigid pvc films
sealer shrink wrap
self adhesive pvc film
semi-automatic stretch wrapper
shampoo wrapping film in roll
shrink packaging
shrink use wrap
shrink window wrap
shrink wrap
shrink wrap bag
shrink wrap boat
shrink wrap cds
shrink wrap company
shrink wrap equipment
shrink wrap film
shrink wrap material
shrink wrap packaging
shrink wrap plastic
shrink wrap products
shrink wrap supplier
shrink wrap supply
shrink wrap system
shrink wrap tubing
shrink wrapping
silicone coated pet film
single-colored film
skin packaging
small bundling wrapping
soap packaging
soft plastic wrapping films
specialty films
specialty packaging
stationery film
stretch film
stretch film dispenser
stretch film machine
stretch film machines
stretch film manufacturer
stretch film products
stretch film resources guide
stretch film supplier
stretch film wrapping machine
stretch wrap
stretch wrap film
stretch wrap for pallet wrapping
stretch wrap machines
stretch wrap machines supplier
stretch wrap packaging
stretch wrappers
stretch wrapping films
stretch wrapping machines.
thailand shrink film
thailand shrink wrap
toiletry packaging
transparent film
transparent protective film
transparent pvc films
transparent pvc sheet
tubing shrink wrap
used shrink wrap machine
uvi film
uvi stretch film
vacuum metallic polyester film
vacuum packaging
video packaging
vinyl sheeting
waterproof bubble film bag
white protective film
wholesale packaging
wholesale shrink wrap
wide pe film


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