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Thailand Plastic Companies, Thai Plastics Manufacturers

(Plastic Companies in Thailand)


Thailand plastics manufacturers
produce a full range of plastics raw materials, plastics chemicals and finished plastic products for the home market in Thailand as well as export abroad. As well as the basic plastic raw materials finished products are easily sourced such as Plastics Machinery, Plastic Products, Plastic Film, Plastic Boxes, Plastic Pipes, Plastic Toys, Plastic Furniture, Plastic Packaging and PVC Floor Coverings.

Where would we be without plastics? Where would industry be without a ready and constant supply of cheap and durable plastic components? Where would Thailand be without industry? Where would I be without a regular pint of John Smith's?

So Thailand and plastics go hand in hand. My childhood memories are of cheap plastic toys with a 'Made in Hong Kong' sticker. Modern kids are more likely to have a plastic encased Gameboy or iPod I wonder if these items have a 'Made in Thailand' sticker.

Chances are your Benz or BMW has a 'Made in Germany' sticker. Chances are that many of the plastic components, grilles, dashes, wheel trims, even the fenders and mirror casings originated a long way from Europe.


Thailand has a voracious appetite for things plastic. Thousands of Thai factories churn out these items hourly. Many of these plastic components are then packed and shipped abroad.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your plastics needs please email with your requests.

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Plastics Machinery Plastic Products Plastic Film
. .
Plastic Boxes Plastic Pipes Plastic Toys
Plastic Furniture Plastic Packaging PVC Floor Coverings
Featured Thailand Plastic Companies
A & P Poly Pack Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Plastic Packaging, Manufacturer of Blow Molding , Injection Molding , Extruding Thermoforming , Foam Cup , Expanding PE-PS, PE-Foam net , Rigid Sheet , Toy , Spare Part, PP-PS Cup , PE Bubble Paper , Product Design and Mould Maker
A.M.C. Motor Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thailand Plastic Auto Parts Manufacturer producing: Automotive lighting, Plastic Auto Parts, Rear Lamps, Tail Lamps, Side Lights, Amber Corner Lens, Corner Lamp, Fog Lamp, Front Lamp, Front Lens, License Lamps
A.O. Chemicals Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Plastics Chemicals, PVC Plasticizers - Dop (Dioctyl Phthalate) and Dinp (Di-Isononyl Phthalate)
B.K. Industry Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Autoparts Manufacturer Suppliers of Plastic Auto Parts, Plastic Automotive Parts
D.B. Chemical Industrial Co, Ltd Thailand Taiwanese Company In Thailand Manufacturing Glue, Paint, Adhesives, PVC Compound Adhesive Product, Plastic Compound, Glue, Stick, Chemical, Thermoplastic Rubber, Polyurethane Paints
E.A.K Charoen International Enterprise Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Plastic Pipes & Plastic Pipe Fittings, PVC Pipes, PVC Pipe Fittings
E.C. Plastics Co., Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Artificial Leather, Vinyl Leather, Commercial Vehicle Seating, Passenger Car Seats, Sofas, Interior Decorations, Upholstery.
E.P.E. Packaging (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Thailand A Japanese Company providing the following: Packaging Design, Packaging Manufacturing, Polyurethane foam (Sponge), Polyethylene, Polypropylene foam packaging, Bubble-bags, Air-bags, PP Corrugated Box, Hard Disk Drive Trays.
Eastern Polypack Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thailand Plastic Packaging Manufacturer of Drinking Cups, Tray Sets, Disposable Polystyrene Plates, Ice Cream Containers, Yoghurt Pots and Lunch Boxes.
F & C Enterprises Co.,Ltd Thailand Foreign owned company in Thailand specializing in Plastic Film Manufacturing Machines, Shrink Wrap Machines, Plastic Machines
Future Pack Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Blister packaging, Clamshell Packaging, Plastic Vacuum Forming Tray, Folding Boxes, Plastic Packaging, Thermoforming Products, Electronics Trays and Chip Carrier Tapes.
Green Furniture Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thailand Manufacturers of Synthetic Timber Garden Furniture, Plastic Lumber Furniture, Plastic Garden Accessories, Gazebo' and Playground Equipment
Hanwha Chemical (Thailand) Co Ltd Thailand Korean Manufacturer of PVC Cushion Sheet, PVC Floor Covering, PVC Tarpaulin, Sponge Flooring, PVC Fashion Tiles, PVC Coated Fabric, PVC Coated Mesh, PVC Placemat Mats and PVC Decorative Sheets.
Hitachi Chemical Automotive Product Thailand Co Ltd Thailand Japanese Manufacturer of Plastic Automotive Parts, Instrument Panel, Foam and Injection Mold, Door Trim, Bumper, Radiator Grille, Console and Interior Trim.
HMC Polymers Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Polypropylene Plastic Resins, Polymers, Polypropylene Resins, Film Grade Resins and Fiber Resins
K & J Enterprise Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Plastic Sheets, Pvc Thermoformed, Psp Thermoformed, Plastic Bags, Pvc Film
K & K Quality Product Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Plastic Resins (Epoxy Resins) Rigid Plastic Packaging, Vacuum Plastic Packaging
L & S Shibacon (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Japanese Manufacturers of plastic packing accessories with carton boxes and foam packaging, foam boxes, corrugated plastic board paper partition
P & R Plaspack Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Plastic Kitchenware, Plastic Household Products, Plastic Household Utensils, Plastic Boxes, Plastic Packaging
Q-BEST ENTERPRISE CO. LTD Thailand A Taiwanese company trading in Chemicals for polymer manufacturing industry. Power liquid type stabilizer for PVC, Additives for Polymer production
Thai Caprolactam Public Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thailand Manufacturer and Distributor of Caprolactam and Ammonium Sulphate and Nylon raw materials.
Xaloy Asia (Thailand) Ltd Thailand Manufacturer of Fasteners, Plastification Systems, Melt processing equipment, Bimetallic barrels, High-performance screws, Non-return valves, screw tips, barrel end caps, nozzles, Liquid additive system, Melt pumps, Screen Changers, Shut-off Nozzles, Chillers, Cleaning Ovens, Pelletizers and  Temperature controllers.
ZIP PAC CO., LTD Thailand Thai Manufacturer of PE garbage bags, T-shirt shopping bags, and zip-lock bags, HDPE, LDPE, L-LDPE Printed Bags tamper evident specimen bags or antistatic re-closeable bags

Following you will find lists of plastic products and companies involved in the plastic business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a plastic company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Plastics Companies in Thailand Plastics Products
25 industrial products co, ltd
2t thaikoon co, ltd.
3 d co., ltd.
3 k plastic industry ltd., part
3tm plastics co ltd
a & c electric equipment co, ltd.
a & p poly pack co, ltd
a. yang thai manufacturing 1992 co, ltd
a.a. nuphila
a.b.g. chemtech co.,ltd.
a.b.p. plastic industry co., ltd.
a.h.t. rungruang co., ltd.
a.j. plast public company limited
a.j.a. products import-export ltd.,part.
a.n.j. international (thailand) co., ltd.
a.p.a. industries co, ltd.
a.p.c. industries co, ltd.
a.p.s. products co., ltd.
a.s. plastic industries co., ltd.
a.s.b. pte (thailand) co.,ltd
a.s.p. permkij ltd.part
a.t.h. rungruang co., ltd.
a.t.m. plastic trading co., ltd
a.u. pongcharoen plastic factory
a.u.t. company limited
a.w. rung rueng panich ltd., part.
able industries co;ltd
access industrial technology
acme international (thailand) limited
acron plastic industry co, ltd.
adcomat (siam) ltd.
advance intertrade and service co., ltd.
advance packaging co.,ltd.
advance polymers & chemicals co, ltd.
advanced polymer technologies co, ltd
agipac manufacturing co, ltd.
agro-plastic products co., ltd
aida pacific co., ltd.
aim pack (thailand) co ltd
akao (thailand) co, ltd.
alcan packaging strongpack public company
alfa chemical and technology co., ltd.
all mixed industrial co., ltd.
alon siam co, ltd.
alpha optical co, ltd.
alphasource manufacturing solUtion
alpla (thailand) ltd.
altech asia pacific co., ltd.
amcor containers packaging (thailand) ltd
american building product co., ltd.
american standard sanitaryware (thailand)
american windows & doors co, ltd.
ampacet asia
ampas industries co, ltd.
ampelite manufacturing co., ltd.
ampolene (thailand) co., ltd.
angel international co, ltd.
aom yai sirichai (1991) co., ltd.
aou seng huad plastic factory
apec film co., ltd.
apex petrochemical co.,ltd.
apex plastics co.,ltd
apple film co, ltd.
applied chemical industries co., ltd.
aqua cooler international co., ltd.
aqua nishihara corp ltd
arcon plastic industry co., ltd.
armstrong rubber & chemical products co, ltd.
aroonsiam p.v.c. co, ltd.
art industry co, ltd.
arti-flora corporation ltd.
artpack display co., ltd.
arunsiam p.v.c. co, ltd.
asada chemical co., ltd.
asahi omni (thailand) co ltd
asahi somboon shippo moulds co, ltd.
asahikasei plastics (thailand)
asia amro industry co., ltd.
asia container factory co, ltd.
asia fluoropolymer co., ltd.
asia kangnam co, ltd.
asia kendy engineering co., ltd.
asia merchandise (thailand) co, ltd.
asia paiboon wong co., ltd.
asia plastics industry (1983) co., ltd.
asia polymer industrial co., ltd.
asia precision mold co.,ltd.
asia shellac ltd., part.
asian chemfin co., ltd.
asian foam tech co, ltd.
asian group of companies
asian tape & lable
aspac co ltd
asta intergroup ltd., part.
aswakowit co., ltd.
aswin dyeing & finishing co ltd
atami international limited partnership
atico international co, ltd.
atofina (thailand) ltd.
atrium plus co., ltd.
attasap company limited
audace industries co., ltd.
autoliv (thailand) ltd.
b.c. trading co.,ltd
b.d. straw co., ltd.
b.h.g. limited partnership
b.k. industry co, ltd.
b.k.c. trading co, ltd.
b.k.p. plastic industry co. ltd.
b.n. brothers limited partnership
b.p. rungrueng ltd., part.
b.s. factory ltp.part
b.s. rung siam ltd, part.
b.t.b. industry (thailand) co., ltd.
b.u.f. co, ltd.
b.v.p. industrial ltd, part.
bag & pack industry co, ltd.
bags and gloves co., ltd.
baivan ltd., part.
bakelite shoji (thailand) co, ltd.
balls r us
bandai and k.c. co, ltd.
bandai industrial co, ltd.
bang bon industry co., ltd
bang trading 1992 co, ltd.
bang wua fiberglass co, ltd.
bangbon plastic group co., ltd.
bangkok ai-toa co., ltd.
bangkok b.p. pipe co.,ltd
bangkok carbide industrial co., ltd.
bangkok cassette co, ltd.
bangkok christmas decoration export co, ltd.
bangkok companies
bangkok diecasting and injection co, ltd.
bangkok fastening co, ltd.
bangkok fiberglass industry ltd, part.
bangkok first pack co., ltd.
bangkok foam co, ltd.
Bangkok Metal Plastic Aluminum Co.,Ltd.
bangkok p.v.c. ltd., part.
bangkok paiboon pipe co, ltd.
Bangkok Plastic & Supply Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Plastic Chemical Lp
Bangkok Plastic Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Plastic Products Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Plastic Shop Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Plastic-Motor Industrial Ltd.Part
Bangkok Plastics & Supply Co Ltd.
Bangkok Plastics And Supply Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Polybulk Company Limited
Bangkok Polyester Public Company Limited
Bangkok Polyethylene Public Co Ltd.
Bangkok Polyfoam Co Ltd.
Bangkok Polyglass Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Polysack Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Polysheet Co Ltd.
Bangkok Polytarp Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Polytech And Supply Co Ltd.
bangkok precise products co., ltd.
bangkok pvc group co, ltd.
bangkok sarn co., ltd.
bangkok synthetics co, ltd.
bangkok taiyo trading co, ltd
bangkok telecom co, ltd.
Bangkok Thai Poly Plastics Co.,Ltd.
bangkok tokyo polymer co., ltd.
bangkok tools and mold co, ltd.
bangkok vinyl profile co., ltd.
bangkok yont siri wat lp.
bangna kasob co., ltd
banyong engineering ltd, part.
bara windsor co, ltd.
basf (thai) ltd.
bata shoe of thailand public co, ltd
bath star marketing co., ltd
bayer laboratories co, ltd.
bayer polymers co, ltd.
bayer thai co, ltd.
beautippack co, ltd
bedd sipaya co., ltd.
before, lp
benchathep co., ltd.
benjakamon union co, ltd.
benjamit packaging co, ltd.
berli prospack company limited
berlin pharmaceutical industry co, ltd.
best form design co., ltd
best plast industrial co, ltd.
best plastic co, ltd.
best plastics technology co, ltd.
best precision ltd.
best product export co., ltd.
bestak chemical co, ltd.
bestic thai industry co, ltd.
beta plastic co., ltd.
bettastyle co, ltd.
bever medical industry co, ltd.
bhanuman thai ltd.
bhasicharern cord industry co., ltd.
Bis Pipe Fitting Industry Company Limited
blow pack co., ltd.
blucher co, ltd.
blue & white 1989 ltd, part.
blue international co, ltd.
blue light industrial co, ltd.
bodibutr co., ltd.
boonnarong plastic industry co., ltd.
boonya industrial & products co., ltd.
boonyachode trading co., ltd.
bornnet corperation co, ltd
bosny group co., ltd
bredero price pipecoaters (thailand) limited
breezeway industrial co., ltd.
buathong watana ltd, part.
Burapa Plastic & Printing Ld.Part.
Burapa Plastic (A.T.M.) Co Ltd.
Burapa Plastic Industrial Co.,Ltd.
burapathep limited partnership
burapha plastic industrial co., ltd.
c & t (holdings) co, ltd.
c. gigantic carbon co, ltd.
c. mahakit palsan co., ltd.
c. vasanakij plastic ltd., part.
c.a. petrochemical co, ltd.
c.b.c. (thailand) co., ltd.
c.c. plastic co, ltd.
c.c.g. er bunnity co., ltd.
c.c.i. automotive products co, ltd.
c.e.e. lp
c.g. petrochemical co, ltd.
c.h. star co ltd
c.h.l. group co., ltd.
c.h.p. group co., ltd
c.i.c. co., ltd.
c.k. & richard intertrading co, ltd.
c.k. phatanakit co.,ltd.
c.m. industry co, ltd.
c.m.c. plastic co., ltd.
c.m.i.-thai services co, ltd.
c.n.c. international co ltd
c.n.c. plaspack co., ltd.
c.n.p. group co, ltd.
c.n.s.l. (thailand) co., ltd.
c.p. moulding co, ltd.
c.p. packaging co., ltd.
c.p. packaging industry co., ltd.
c.p. poly industry co, ltd.
c.p.p.c. decorative products co.,ltd.
c.s. century co ltd
c.s. plastics ltd.
c.s.p. plastic co.,ltd.
c.s.s. plastic co., ltd.
c.t. international chemicals co., ltd
c.t. petrochemical co, ltd.
c.t. plastic design co, ltd.
c.t.c. plastic co, ltd.
c.t.c. supply co., ltd.
c.v.p. plastic ltd, part
can-asia products co., ltd.
canon engineering (thailand) ltd.
cap and cro thai co., ltd.
capstone (far east) co., ltd.
carbon kings co, ltd.
carbotex co ltd
caretex asia ltd.
carnaud metal box (thailand) public co, ltd
cbc (thailand) co.,ltd.
cementhai chemicals co, ltd.
centasia co, ltd.
centerpoint manufacturing (thailand)
central plastic co.,ltd
central toys & novelties co., ltd.
central worldwide co., ltd.
century crafts co, ltd.
ch. chaiwattana plastic ltd., part.
ch. industry co., ltd.
chaang wet co, ltd.
chai burapa co., ltd.
chai charoen plastic factory ltd., part.
chai mongkol industry co., ltd.
chai plaspack co., ltd.
chai wattana plastic co, ltd
chai yong rubber industry ltd., part
chaichanakol ltd, part.
chaimongkol plastic factory co., ltd.
chaiplastpack co.,ltd.
chaisiri nylon canvas factory co, ltd.
chaiyaphan international trading co, ltd.
chalerm sak trading r.o.p.
chamnan plastic co., ltd.
chan chareon foam co, ltd.
chan musical co, ltd.
chanlert co ltd
chareankan ltd., part.
chareon taworn plastic co., ltd
charoen pokphand petrochemical co., ltd.
charoen sethakij trading co, ltd.
charoen wattanan engineering (1992) co, ltd.
charoenkij industrial plastic co., ltd.
charoenkit plastic ltd, part.
charoenpong plastic ltd., part.
Charoensilp Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Charoensilp Toyland Co.,Ltd.
chartermate (thailand) ltd.
chat tip metal ltd., part.
chatphet wattana co., ltd.
chavanaphat co, ltd.
chemdal asia ltd.
chemical house & lab instrument co, ltd.
chemstar plastic industry co, ltd.
chennart ebteroruse (thailand) co., ltd
cherachai international co., ltd.
chiao fu enterprise co, ltd.
chief long resin chemicals (thailand) co., ltd.
chiem patana synthetic fibers co., ltd.
chin huat plastic co., ltd.
ching cheng wire material (thailand) co, ltd.
chinnavorn plast co., ltd.
chithai industrial co, ltd
cho seng plastic co.,ltd.
chok anant plastic co, ltd.
chokanant plastic co.,ltd.
chokchai seree plastic co., ltd.
chokchaiseri plastic ltd., part.
choke chai seree plastic co, ltd.
chokjaroen plastic co., ltd
chonburi paper co., ltd.
chongthai rungruang ltd, part.
chor charoen plastic ltd., part.
chotiphanta plastic industry co.,ltd.
chotkij industrial lp
chow siam children cars and toys ltd, part.
chuan thai hsing industrial co., ltd.
chuchob enterprises ltd, part.
chula industries co, ltd.
chulapat plastic co, ltd.
chung cheng plastic (thailand) co, ltd.
chung seng huat co., ltd.
chusang plastic factory thailand
cigfil thailand co., ltd.
cine color lab co., ltd.
circuit services (thailand) ltd.
city foam co, ltd.
city toys & gifts co, ltd.
civica (thailand) co, ltd.
civica industries co, ltd.
civilzed lawana co, ltd.
cjao wattana plastic co., ltd
clariant masterbatches (thailand) ltd.
classic intertrade co, ltd.
clean enterprise limited partnership
clearpack thailand co, ltd
Colon Footwear (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Colon Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
colossal plastic industrial co, ltd
comform co, ltd.
comment group co., ltd.
complast plastic co.,ltd.
complete autoparts co, ltd.
comrade & col. co, ltd
conimex co, ltd.
connell bros co (thailand) ltd
conplast plastic co., ltd.
construction accessories co, ltd.
contco plastics co, ltd.
continental rubbers technic co., ltd.
cotco plastics co, ltd.
creative plastic co, ltd.
crestline asia co, ltd.
crown cork and seal (thailand) co ltd
crown seal public company limited
cryovac (thailand) co, ltd
d. wer company limited
d.s.i. corporation co ltd
d.t.c. industries public co, ltd.
d.z. thailand ltd.
daesung engineering (thai) co ltd
daido manufacturing (thailand) co.,ltd.
daidong electronics (thailand) co, ltd.
daiichi jitsugyo (thailand) co ltd
dai-ichi packaging co., ltd.
dainichi color (thailand) ltd.
dainippon ink & chemicals (thailand) co, ltd.
daiwa kasei (thailand) co, ltd.
dang and yuk co.,ltd.
danudej trading co., ltd.
dap u.v.
daramic (thailand) ltd.
dash international (thailand) co, ltd.
data products toppan forms ltd.
de ster-thai airline products co, ltd.
decon fiber glass industry lp.
dee thai chemical industry co, ltd.
deemark industry co, ltd.
deesawat industries co, ltd.
deethavorn international ltd., part
delta thai plastic co., ltd.
diaglas company ltd
diamon plastic products co., ltd.
diapolyacrylate co, ltd.
dido plastech co., ltd.
digital press co., ltd.
director toys company limited
distar electric corporation public co, ltd.
dong yang magnet wire (thailand) co, ltd.
double nine co., ltd.
dr. boo co, ltd.
dream inter pack co., ltd.
dupont (thailand) co, ltd.
dura crete co, ltd.
durapak co, ltd
dynamic century company limited
dynamic chemicals co., ltd.
dynamic polytech co, ltd.
dynamic promotion co, ltd
dynamic toy co, ltd.
dynea (thailand) co., ltd.
dyno enterprises ltd.
e m c-imex international co., ltd.
e.c. plastics co.,ltd.
e.o.c. polymers (thailand) co, ltd.
e.p. genius import export co ltd
e.p.e. packaging (thailand) co.,ltd.
e.t.s.t. co ltd
eak chareon international enterprise co, ltd.
eak service supply co., ltd.
eason paint products co, ltd.
east asia plastic industrial co, ltd.
east asiatic (thailand) public company limited
eastern abric international co., ltd.
eastern car liner ltd
eastern foam products co., ltd.
eastern packaging co, ltd.
eastern polymer industry co ltd
eastern polypack co., ltd.
eastern premier co, ltd.
eastern pu form industrial co. ltd.
eastern shade (thailand) co., ltd.
eastern tech packaging co., ltd.
eastern thaipipe co, ltd.
eastern toho foam co, ltd.
econosto (thailand) limited
eiamaroonkij plas-pack ltd., part.
ekachai pvc co., ltd.
ekasilp bangkok co., ltd.
elastofill (thailand) co ltd
elastomix (thailand) co., ltd.
emco (thailand) co., ltd.
emstrade co, ltd.
enchant enterprise im-ex co., ltd.
encore thai originals ltd.
engineer plastic products co., ltd.
engineering plastic co, ltd.
envious delta system co, ltd.
Eternal Petrochemical Co.,Ltd.
Eternal Plastics Co.,Ltd.
Eternal Resin Co.,Ltd.
euro thai door industries
europ continents thailand co, ltd.
ever great machinery (thailand) co., ltd.
ever lasting pack co., ltd.
ever win bags co., ltd.
everbright packaging co., ltd.
everlasting (thailand) co., ltd.
everred co., ltd.
ex seng huad industry ltd., part
excel packaging and printing co, ltd.
extreme packaging co., ltd.
eyu yong hong co., ltd.
f & c plastic co., ltd
f.m.t (thailand) co., ltd
family glove co., ltd.
family thai interplastic (2000) co., ltd.
Fancy Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Fancy Plastic Industries Co.,Ltd.
fantasy plastic co ltd
fanuc thai limited
farco international co., ltd.
fashion avenue co., ltd.
faster enterprise co, ltd.
fasti (asia) co, ltd.
fasttech united ltd.
ferko industrial co, ltd.
fiber line co, ltd.
fiber tech co, ltd.
film master co, ltd.
finesse flowers manufacturer ltd, part
first feel international co ltd
first magic ltd., part.
First Mannequin Co.,Ltd.
First Pack Co.,Ltd.
First Plastic Co.,Ltd.
First Plastic Laminate Manufacturer
firstpack co., ltd
five stars plastic co., ltd
fixwell co, ltd.
floor industry co., ltd.
flussig chem co., ltd.
Foam Technic Co.,Ltd.
Foamex Asia Co.,Ltd.
focus (thaisandee) co, ltd.
foilmaster (thailand) co.,ltd.
folinees co, ltd.
fon industry co., ltd.
fontip plastic co., ltd.
food pack co, ltd.
forefront group co.,ltd.
formatex industries (thailand) co, ltd.
formosa organic chemical industry co., ltd.
formplas industries (thailand) co., ltd
fortune parts industry co ltd
forward freeland co, ltd.
forward wood industry co., ltd.
fosroc (thailand) ltd.
four major plastic co., ltd.
fresh to home co., ltd.
friendly bags co, ltd.
friendship works co, ltd.
fuji ace co., ltd.
Fuji Photo Film (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Fuji Poly (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
fukui kasei (thailand) co., ltd.
fulfill international co.,ltd.
furnia co, ltd.
furtherance intertrade (1963) co, ltd
future pack co, ltd.
future plast (94) co., ltd
g. doulatram & sons (t) ltd.
g.e. plastic co., ltd.
g.i.f. engineering co, ltd.
g.m. enterprise co., ltd.
g.s.e. lining technology company limited
garasu co, ltd.
gemmy international ltd.
general chemical industries ltd., part.
general coating group co ltd
general electric international operations company
general product co, ltd.
gift export co.,ltd.
gift land co, ltd.
glasspack co., ltd.
global connections co.,ltd
glory development ltd., part.
glory marketing co, ltd.
golden first lines co., ltd.
golden house design co, ltd.
golden products group industry co., ltd.
golden rose co, ltd.
golden top international co.,ltd.
goshu kaset co., ltd.
grace & glamour (thailand) co, ltd.
grand polymer co, ltd.
grand rubber co., ltd.
grand siam composites co, ltd.
grand-bonanza (thai) co, ltd.
great wall industrial co., ltd
greater vet co., ltd.
green furniture co.,ltd.
green industry services co, ltd.
green shell co., ltd.
gwang heng huad plastic co., ltd.
h.b. fuller (thailand) co, ltd.
h.m.-asia rolladensysteme co., ltd.
h.m.c. polymers co. ltd.
h.m.t. polystyrene co., ltd.
h.t.p. press co., ltd.
hah shung heng rubber co, ltd
halla climate control (thailand) co., ltd
hamaka (thailand) co, ltd.
han phoenix enterprise co., ltd.
hanky panky toys thailand co ltd
hanwha chemical (thailand) co ltd
harmo (thailand) ltd
harmony tec co., ltd.
harvey computer products co, ltd.
hawaii thai export co, ltd.
health care & beauty co., ltd.
heatec co. ltd.
helm mahaboon limited
hermanos kaybee (thailand) co., ltd.
hexa color (thailand) ltd.
hexacalcination co., ltd.
hi-clean co., ltd.
high grade plastic co., ltd.
high land industry co., ltd.
high progress co., ltd.
high-tech zipper bags co, ltd.
hi-pak co., ltd.
hi-plas industry co., ltd.
hi-q plas co.,ltd.
hiraiseimitsu (thailand) co, ltd.
hitachi high-technologies (thailand) co., ltd
hitech cnc machinery co.,ltd
hi-tech label co, ltd.
hi-touch intertrade co, ltd.
hk godo international co., ltd.
ho thai plastic co., ltd.
Hoei Electronics (Thailand) Co Ltd.
Hoei Polymer (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
hollow fibre (thailand) co, ltd.
home thoughts (thailand) ltd.,
home ware industry co, ltd.
homeware plastics co.,ltd
hong heng huat product co., ltd
hong kong industries co., ltd.
hong yiah seng co, ltd.
ho-thai plastic co., ltd.
hoyo (thailand) co., ltd.
hsieh chia plastic enterprises (thailand) co, ltd
hsin mei kuang (bangkok) co., ltd.
hua hong seng co., ltd.
hydro plast co , ltd.
hymix company limited.
hymold (thailand) ltd
i. c. l. trading co., ltd.
i.c. intracom manufacturing (thailand) co, ltd.
i.c.p. co ltd
i.t. plastech co., ltd.
i.w.a. packing industry co., ltd.
idea square laboratories co.,ltd.
ikari trading (thailand) co ltd
imco pack corporation ltd.
imerys honaik (thailand) co., ltd.
imperial thai toy co, ltd.
inabata thai co, ltd.
inca plastic (thailand) ltd.
inca plastics (thailand) co, ltd.
indo poly (thailand) ltd.
indoo poly (thailand) co.,ltd
inducel industri (thailand) ltd.
industrial krungthai co., ltd.
industry umauoychai co, ltd.
ineos asiatic chemical co., ltd.
inkco plastic ltd, part.
inno mind co.,ltd
innovation group
integrated power group co, ltd.
intel inter marketing co., ltd.
inter chai pattana plastic co.,ltd.
inter kappa corporation ltd.
inter p v c co, ltd.
inter plama (thailand) co, ltd.
inter plastic import & export co , ltd.
inter profile co.,ltd.
interchaipatthana plastic co., ltd
Interplast & Print Co.,Ltd.
Interplast & Trading Ltd.Part
Interplast Corp. (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Interplast Corporation (Thailand) Co Ltd.
Interplast Moulder Co.,Ltd.
intraporn pack co., ltd.
invigor incorporation limited
j. art ltd., part.
j. dcor enterprises and manufacturing co., ltd.
j. jaroen plastic factory Thailand
j. jeang plastic co., ltd.
j. wing (thailand) co., ltd.
j.c.c. ltd part,
j.c.j. international co, ltd.
j.c.p. plastic ltd, .part.
j.r. carton co., ltd.
j.r.l. industry ltd., part.
j.s.b.y fiberglass products co, ltd.
j.s.l. plastic co, ltd.
j.s.w. plastics machinery (t) co., ltd
ja tu choke plastic co., ltd.
jax paints (thailand) co., ltd
jea hong seng plastic co., ltd.
jeeseng marketing (pornsiam plastic) co., ltd.
jet industries (thailand) co, ltd.
jet- thai plastic industries co, ltd.
jiasern plastic (thailand) co., ltd.
jin zhong (thailand) co., ltd.
jiramai co, ltd
jirawat plastic company limited
jitti plastic factory
joaw jwee co., ltd.
jokato (thailand) co.,ltd.
jordan co., ltd.
jsw plastics machinery (s) pte ltd
jumbos toy international  (bangkok) co, ltd.
k & j enterprise co, ltd
k & k quality product co, ltd
k & k united co.,ltd.
k. international packaging co, ltd
k. kajohnrat ltd, part.
K.C. Plastic Co.,Ltd.
K.C. Polymer Co.,Ltd.
k.c.p. co., ltd.
k.c.p. master thai co, ltd.
k.h.a heng plastic co, ltd.
k.h.i. vanich group co, ltd.
k.i. enterprise co., ltd.
k.k. marketing co, ltd.
k.m. packaging co, ltd
k.m. plast pack co, ltd.
k.m.c. kitachai machine co., ltd.
k.p. printing co., ltd.
k.p.n. plastics public company limited
k.p.n. technotools co., ltd.
k.p.p. plastic ltd., part.
k.t. manufacturing co, ltd.
k.t.l. kohbunshi (thialand) ltd.
k.u. nomura thai limited
k.v.j. union co, ltd.
k.w. chemi co., ltd.
k.w.s. packaging products co., ltd.
kaew fah industry ltd, part
kaewfa industrial lp.
kai heng co., ltd.
kana thai industrial co., ltd.
kanagata (thailand) co.,ltd.
kang thai hong plastic ltd., part.
kangwal polyester co, ltd.
kano co, ltd.
kansai felt (thailand) co, ltd.
karat mastier pack co., ltd.
karat sanitaryware public co, ltd.
karnjanaburi rubber co., ltd.
karnyang co., ltd.
karnyang yeen yong industry co, ltd.
kasem plastic industries co., ltd.
kathaphand industrial ltd., part
kawasumi laboratories (thailand) co., ltd.
kemwater (thailand) limited
ken max (thailand) co., ltd.
kiangthai plastech co., ltd.
kiat siampiwat lp.
kiatsilp aquarium shop
kij charoen oxygen (1994) co., ltd.
kij rung ruang plastic factory
Kij Rung Ruang Siam Auto Ltd.Part.
kijthavorn plastic co., ltd.
kim pack co, ltd.
kimpai lamitube co, ltd.
king bag co.,ltd
king pac industrial co.,ltd
kingjun plastic co, ltd.
kishimoto sangyo (thailand) ltd.
kittiwatana hose industry co, ltd.
kitwattana puppet co., ltd.
kitworapat international co., ltd
kloeckner pentaplast (thailand) limited
kobe mig wire (thailand) co ltd
kobhunshi (thailand) co., ltd.
kohbunshi (thailand) co ltd
kongsakdi plastic co, ltd.
koola international co., ltd.
korat saisan co., ltd.
korita packaging co.,ltd.
korn screen and printing ltd.
kosmik polymer co., ltd.
kovit printing co.,ltd.
krauss maffei asia pacific pte. ltd.
kreetha marketing co.,ltd
kriangpat co, ltd.
kriangthai plastech co ltd
krieng thavorn containers co., ltd
krung thai intercontinental co, ltd.
krungtep union manufacturing co ltd
krungthai plaspack co, ltd.
krungthep plastic factory ltd., part.
kubota corporation
kueng seng ltd.part
kulsiriplaspac co.,ltd.
kumi (thailand) co., ltd.
kuriyama - ohji (thailand) ltd.
kwang heng seng limited part.
kyoden products (thailand) co., ltd.
kyowa industry co., ltd.
l & s shibacon (thailand) co., ltd
l. box co., ltd.
l. film co, ltd.
l.e.e. chemical products co.,ltd
l.l.h. printing and packaging co, ltd.
l.m. industry ltd, part.
l.n.r. associates co., ltd.
l.p. plast co.,ltd.
l.s. plastic co., ltd.
l.t. (liang tai) plastic co.,ltd.
l.t.c. international co., ltd.
labtech engineering co., ltd.
ladda co, ltd.
laemthong plastic industry co, ltd.
laemthong product plastic ltd., part.
laen fong plastic mold co., ltd.
lamda research co., ltd.
lampthong plastic co., ltd
lao liang hua (1991) co, ltd
lao peng kee co, ltd.
laperth (thailand) ltd
lapps hygiene & protection co, ltd.
l'aquatech co, ltd.
laser commercial co., ltd.
lavinyl (thailand) co, ltd.
leamthong plastic-poly industry co., ltd.
lee ngiab seng ltd., part
lenso terminal co, ltd.
lenso vinyl co, ltd.
lertkul plastic co ltd
lerttanapat co., ltd.
liack seng trading co, ltd.
lion containers co, ltd.
lion corporation (thailand) co, ltd.
litegin industry co, ltd.
loa ching tong oxygen & acetylene co., ltd.
logo motion east co, ltd.
lor chingtong oxygen & acetylene co, ltd.
louis adhesive tapes co, ltd.
lucky gift co., ltd.
lucky plastics & chemicals co. ltd.
lucky star weaving co, ltd.
luckyware co.,ltd.
luen yau plastic (thailand) co, ltd.
m. kasei co., ltd
m. merry factory thai toys co, ltd.
m. thai industrial co., ltd.
m.a.d.e. (thailand) co, ltd.
m.b.j. advanced polymers co, ltd.
m.c. industrial chemical co, ltd.
m.c. plastics co, ltd
m.c.i. mould co, ltd.
m.c.j. and son co., ltd
m.c.k. industries co., ltd.
m.e. nikkiso co., ltd.
m.e.p. technical center asia ltd
m.m.p. packaging group co, ltd.
m.r.c. asia (thailand) ltd.
m.r.c. resins (thailand) co., ltd.
m.v.s. trading ltd, part.
macro cutting board co., ltd.
magnum accessories co, ltd.
mahajak-fuji technology co, ltd.
mahatanee production co., ltd.
maitree industry co, ltd.
mala chemical industries co., ltd.
malaplast co., ltd.
mallavee lp
manacleanse co., ltd.
manee mongkol import export co, ltd
mantsuna (thailand) co., ltd.
marino international co, ltd.
mary commercial supply co, ltd.
master form industry co., ltd
matangi dyestuff industries ltd.
matcom co., ltd.
matcom international trading co.,ltd.
material plast
matsui (asia) co, ltd.
matsushita electric works (ayuthaya) ltd.
matsushita electric works (thailand) ltd.
matsushita technolgy (thailand) co., ltd.
maxi plast co., ltd.
maxking import & export co, ltd
medical device manufacturer (thailand) co ltd.
medicos co., ltd
mee pattana import-export co., ltd.
mega bangkok co., ltd.
mega labels co., ltd.
megas sticker & print co., ltd.
meiki (thailand) co, ltd.
meiwa mold (thailand) co., ltd.
melamine thai co, ltd.
meng seng plastic co ltd
metro fiber co, ltd.
metropolitan plastic industry co, ltd.
micro pack & print co, ltd.
micro pack ltd.part.
microtek products co, ltd.
midstar magnetic co, ltd.
millennium plastic products co., ltd.
million manufacturing co., ltd.
million polyseal industry co, ltd
min an latex industrial co., ltd.
mine chem co., ltd.
ming dih chemical co., ltd. (thailand)
mintech enterprise co., ltd.
miracell co., ltd.
mishinuo mold and die technology co, ltd.
mitarun industries co., ltd.
mitmongkol industry co., ltd.
mitsiam plastics co ltd
mitsuwa toys (thailand) co, ltd.
mittrapol plastic co., ltd
mizuno plastic co., ltd.
mizuya industrial co, ltd.
modic co, ltd.
modular compound co, ltd.
mongkol pisarn plastic industry co., ltd
mongkol plastic ltd, part.
monkkutkarn plastic co, ltd.
moteco co, ltd.
mould and die manufacturing co, ltd.
mulford plastics (thailand)
multibax co., ltd.
multiple asset co., ltd.
muramoto electron (thailand) public co, ltd.
mutsui (asia) co., ltd.
mykie co., ltd.
n & e (thailand) co., ltd.
n.c.r.-trb industry co., ltd.
n.c.s. (thailand) co., ltd.
n.e.p. realty and industry public company limited
n.i. (thailand) co., ltd.
n.j. industry co., ltd.
n.k. mechatronics co., ltd.
n.m.t. limited
n.n. plastic group ltd., part.
n.s.c. plastic ltd., part.
n.s.k. plasticthai co., ltd.
n.s.l. industry co., ltd.
n.y.c. industry co.,ltd
naeslund international co.,ltd
nagase thailand co., ltd.
nam ngai hong ltd., part.
namchai p.v.c.
namrung industry co. ltd
nana international co., ltd.
narachemi industry co., ltd.
narai packaging (thailand) co.,ltd.
narai superbag co.,ltd
naraipak co.,ltd.
narong industries public co ltd
nasa lab co., ltd.
natee plastic co.,ltd.
national petrochemical plc.
national thai co., ltd.
navanakorn plastic co., ltd.
nawaplastic industries (saraburi) co., ltd.
nawarat patanakarn public co.,ltd.
nelson industry co., ltd
new design fiber co.,ltd.
new modern super pack co., ltd.
nic powder coatings co., ltd.
nice and rich creation co.,ltd.
nichicon (thailand) co.,ltd
nihon max (thailand) co.,ltd.
niigata engineering ltd
niji (thailand) co ltd
nikon (thailand) co., ltd.
Nippo Automotive Co.,Ltd.
nippo mechatronics parts (thailand) co., ltd.
nippo sangyo (thailand) co., ltd.
nippon pack (thailand) public co.,ltd
nippon pigment bangkok co., ltd.
nissei active co.,ltd.
nissei plastic (thailand) co ltd
Nissei Precision (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nissei Sangyo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nissei Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nissen Chemitec (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
nissin brake (thailand) co.,ltd.
nissin electric (thailand) co., ltd.
Nitto Denko (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nitto Denko Materials (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
niyom thai plastic factory
nodern accessories ltd.
nop chai plastic co., ltd.
noppachai plastic factory
northeastern printing & packaging co., ltd.
northern thai pipe co., ltd.
novochem co., ltd.
numyang trading co., ltd.
nuntakul interproducts ltd., part.
nuovopovero ltd
o & c plastic co., ltd.
o.k.k. (thailand) co., ltd.
o.t. chemical & plating jigs ltd., part.
o-alai parts center ltd., part.
ocean k. furnitrade co.,ltd.
ocean plastic intertrade co., ltd.
odd & even co., ltd.
okitsumo international (asia) co., ltd
olic (thailand) ltd.
on star industrial co.,ltd.
one with trading co., ltd.
onpa international public company limited
opanayikul co., ltd.
optech co., ltd.
oriental ace fiber co., ltd.
oriental interpoly co., ltd
oriental wood products company ltd
orient-surat rubber latex co., ltd
overseas technology co.,ltd.
p & p plastic ltd., part.
p & r plaspack co., ltd.
p & u brothers co.,ltd.
p & w plastic supply co., ltd.
p. charoen industrial product ltd., part
p. hiab nguan co., ltd.
p. narong & p n i co., ltd.
p. pataravijai co., ltd.
p. screen co., ltd.
p.a. plastic factory co., ltd.
p.c. container co., ltd.
p.c. plastics ltd.,part.
p.c.k. pigment co., ltd.
p.d. modernplas co., ltd.
p.e. container supply co., ltd.
p.e.k. engineering co.,ltd
p.e.t. (thailand) co., ltd.
p.h. hardware product co., ltd.
p.l.o. container co., ltd.
p.m. plastic ltd., part.
p.m.k.-central glass co ltd
p.n.g. group co., ltd
p.p. cartin co.,ltd.
p.p.i. co.,ltd.
p.p.s. polymer (1989) co., ltd.
p.s. co.,ltd.
p.s.t. fiber pro co., ltd.
p.t.c. plastic co., ltd.
p.t.t. petrochemical co.,ltd
p.t.y. enterprise co., ltd.
p.u. foam insulation & trading co., ltd.
p.v.c. promotion co., ltd.
p.w.k. engineering & construction co.,ltd
pacific asia trading corp. ltd.
pacific color co., ltd
pacific plastic sack industrial co., ltd.
pacific plastics (thailand) co., ltd.
pacific precision plastic co., ltd.
pacific rubber co., ltd.
pack air co., ltd.
pack all plastic co.,ltd.
pack plus product co., ltd.
pack printer co.,ltd.
packpals co., ltd.
packserv co., ltd.
paiboon enterprise co ltd
palco interpoly co., ltd.
palitsilp co., ltd.
palo alto plastic (thailand) limited
pan asia footwear co.,ltd.
pan mechanic engineering co., ltd.
pan thong thai pack co., ltd.
panjawatana plastic co., ltd
panu plastic ltd., part.
panvatana co.,ltd.
parker engineering (thailand) co ltd
pastina co.,ltd.
patankit group co., ltd.
pathanakit printing & dyeing co.,ltd.
pathanasuk capital co., ltd
pattana rubber co., ltd.
pattana technolgy co.,ltd
pattanakit spare parts industry co., ltd
pazax service & technology co., ltd.
peace metal (thailand ) co., ltd.
penrung bath fitting co., ltd.
pensiri plastic co., ltd.
perfect library
perfect top international co., ltd.
perm poon patana industry co., ltd.
perpac thailand co.,ltd
pestaway co. ltd.
pet co.,ltd., the
petform (thailand) ltd.
petpak co.,ltd
petroleum petrochemi co., ltd.
phaisan plastic co., ltd.
phanphong brothers co., ltd.
phansiri co., ltd.
pharmacare limited
pharmasant laboratories co., ltd.
phattanaphan chemitech co., ltd.
phien charoen plastic co., ltd.
phitak sakorn plastic limited partnership.
phitphisarn co., ltd
phra arthit co.,ltd.
picnic plast industrial co.,ltd.
pinklao plastic co., ltd.
pioneer industrial corporation ltd.
pioneer marketing co., ltd.
pioneer packaging supply co., ltd.
pioneer zippack co., ltd.
pisak enterprise co., ltd.
pitaksakorn plastic ltd.,part.
plaschem (thailand) co., ltd.
plasess (thailand) co., ltd.
plasmac co., ltd.
plastech siam co. ltd.
plastic container co., ltd.
Plastic Drum Industries Co.,Ltd.
Plastic Engineering Center Co.,Ltd.
Plastic House Co.,Ltd
Plastic Product Co.,Ltd.
Plastic Solution Co.,Ltd.
Plastic System Co.,Ltd.
Plastic Tank Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Plastic Tip Co.,Ltd
Plasticon Clear Light (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Plasticon Kialte (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Plasticpanich Co.,Ltd.
Plasticphan Co.,Ltd.
Plastics Thai Co.,Ltd.
Plasticthai Co.,Ltd
Plasticthip Co.,Ltd.
Plasticworld A&E Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Plastiment Precision Co.,Ltd.
Plastimer Co.,Ltd.
Plastimer Precision Co.,Ltd.
Plastmate Industry Co.,Ltd.
Plastomer Technology Co.,Ltd.
Plastrap Co.,Ltd.
Plastworld Intertrade Co.,Ltd
Plasworld Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
playtown co., ltd.
poly business ltd., part.
Poly Foam Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Poly Hitechs Co.,Ltd.
Poly Kunstoffe Co.,Ltd.
Poly Lite Corporation Ltd.,
Poly Moulder Co.,Ltd.
Poly Olastic Co.,Ltd.
Poly Plant Co.,Ltd.
Poly Plast (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Poly Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Poly Prefab & Glass Co.,Ltd.
Poly Seal Tract Co.,Ltd.
Polyfelt Geosynthetics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Polyfoam Industries Co.,Ltd.
Polyfoam Industry Co.,Ltd.
Polyfoam Kanayama Appliances Co.,Ltd.
Polyform High-Tech Co.,Ltd.
Polygon Chemical & Adhesive Co.,Ltd.
Polylon Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Polymat Co.,Ltd.
Polymate Co.,Ltd
Polymatech (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Polymech Co.,Ltd.
Polymed Apparel Co.,Ltd.
Polymer Engineering & Trading Co.,Ltd.
Polymer Engineering And Trading Co.,Ltd
Polymer Form Co.,Ltd.
Polymer Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Polymer Industry Co.,Ltd.
Polymer Innovation Co.,Ltd.
Polymer Lens Co.,Ltd.
Polymer Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
Polymer Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Polymer Solution Co.,Ltd.
Polymer Manufacturer Company Limited
Polymers Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Polypipe Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Polyplastics Marketing (T) Ltd
Polyplex (Thailand) Public Co Ltd
Polytree Co.,Ltd.
Polytron (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Polytron Industry Co.,Ltd.
Polywin Co.,Ltd.
Polywood (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
pongpattana equipment co., ltd
pongwat plastic ltd., part.
pontex (thailand) co., ltd.
popular products co., ltd.
poranunt co.,ltd.
porn siam plastic factory co., ltd.
porn vilai international group trading co., ltd.
pornsirichai co., ltd.
posa plastic co., ltd.
posh co., ltd.
powerful plastic co., ltd.
prakarn packing industry co., ltd.
praphan plastic factory
prasarn plastic product ltd., part.
prasit industrial co., ltd.
prasit plastic co., ltd.
prat industrial co., ltd.
precha plastic industrial ltd., part.
precisco pro packaging co.,ltd
precise engineering co., ltd.
precision interplas co., ltd.
preecha plastic industry ltd., part
Premier Plastic And Design Ltd.Part.,
Premier Print & Products Co.,Ltd.
Premier Products Co.,Ltd.
prepack thailand co., ltd.
president toy co., ltd.
priew co., ltd.
print master co.,ltd.
printing solution co.,ltd.
prodigy co.,ltd.
progress plastic co., ltd.
pro-makers international co.,ltd.
promax machinery co., ltd.
prompt pac co.,ltd
prospack industry co., ltd.
proton intertrade co., ltd.
pro-way industry co.,ltd.
pure chem co., ltd.
pure laboratory co., ltd.
pydolphos nathaphom co., ltd.
pyramind supply & engineering co.,ltd.
q.m. ishihara co., ltd.
q-best enterprise co. ltd
quality minerals co., ltd.
queen bee international co., ltd.
quick pack pacific co.,ltd
r.c.s. co., ltd.
r.k.y. rubber factory co., ltd
r.l.p. international co.,ltd.
r.m. pack co., ltd.
r.m.c. metalwood co., ltd.
r.p.t. asia ltd
r.s. film reproduction co., ltd.
rain mart co., ltd.
raja glazing film co., ltd.
ratanasuwan industrial ltd., part.
ratchada static co., ltd
rattanakosin plastic co., ltd.
rayong olefins co., ltd.
reco plastic co.,ltd.
reco-tech co., ltd.
recycle engineering co.,ltd.
rehau co., ltd.
reliance plaschem co., ltd.
reotex polymer co., ltd.
repax construction co.,ltd.
rhodia thai industries ltd.
rian thong plastics international co.,ltd.
rianthai interplas co., ltd
rianthai rungruang plastic co., ltd.
riengthai plastic manufacturing co., ltd.
riken (thailand) ltd
rinchokechai co., ltd.
rinol (thailand) co., ltd.
rock heat engineering (thailand) co., ltd.
romphotiyoke co., ltd.
romsai tire electrical ltd.part
roon saeng plastic factory
roong sak intertrade co.,ltd.
rosti (mala) co., ltd.
rotex ltd.,part.
roung - roj plastic ltd., part
royal ace co., ltd.
royal craft ltd.
royal industries (thailand) public co., ltd.
royal king infant products co.,ltd
royal kingdom industry corp., ltd.
royal plastpack co., ltd.
ruam zub chareon (1997) co., ltd.
ruamrung plastic ltd., part.
ruamtanakij industry (1990) co., ltd.
ruang thong import export limited partnership
ruangsit co., ltd.
rungroj moldplas co.,ltd.
rungsuphakij co., ltd.
rungthavee plastic industry co., ltd.
rungtip plastic ltd., part
s & d premier co., ltd.
s & l commercial co., ltd.
s. chaiyo rubber co., ltd.
s. poly pack & print co., ltd.
s. pongwat industry co., ltd.
s. prasopchoke 1991 co., ltd.
s. rattana plastic co., ltd.
s. sampan panich plastics
s. viwat press co., ltd.
s.a.p. paint and chemical co., ltd.
s.b. asian plastics co., ltd.
s.c.g. industry co ltd
s.c.i.c. limited
s.c.p. plastic co., ltd.
s.c.t. co., ltd.
s.c.t. plastic co.,ltd.
s.d. plastic kranprim,
s.d.k. eiwa (thailand) co., ltd.
s.e. product ltd.,part.
s.e. technology co., ltd.
s.g. factory (thailand) co., ltd.
S.K. Plastic Industry Ltd. Part
S.K. Polymate Co.,Ltd.
S.K. Polymer Co.,Ltd.
s.k.b. creative co., ltd.
s.k.j. industries company limited.
s.l. plastic industrial co., ltd.
s.m.b. co,ltd
s.m.e. chemical co., ltd.
s.n.c.-lavalin international inc
s.n.p. parts manufacturing co., ltd.
s.o. modern plastic manufacturing co.,ltd
s.p. international co.,ltd.
s.p. petpack co., ltd.
s.p. plastic (2530) trading ltd.
s.p. plastic industry co.,ltd.
s.q.i. petrochem industries co., ltd.
s.r. toy (thailand) co., ltd.
s.r.t. plastic co., ltd.
s.s.d.c. (tigertex) co., ltd
s.v. machinery ltd.,part.
s.v.s. (1990) co., ltd
s.y.b. group co.,ltd.
sadtakij wattana karnyang co., ltd.
saeng mongkol pacific co., ltd.
saeng roong mahachai plastic co.,ltd.
saha burapa group limited partnership
saha charoen metal plastic product co.,ltd.
saha karnchang co., ltd.
saha pracha panich rop.
saha sehwa co., ltd.
saha union public co., ltd.
saha wattana plastic (thai) co.,ltd.
saha worakit co., ltd.
sahachai marketing & industrial co., ltd.
sahachit watana plastic industry co.,ltd.
sahakij comos ltd., part
saha-mit polifoam co., ltd.
sahapaisal industry co., ltd.
sahapanich plastic thai co., ltd.
saha-roong upakorn ltd., part.
sahasilp hitech co., ltd.
sahawanish plastic and trading co.,ltd.
sahawattana plastic (thai) co.,ltd.
sainamthip plastic co.,ltd.
saint louis plas mold co., ltd.
saint-gobain vetrotex (thailand) co.,ltd.
sak chaisidhi co., ltd.
salee industry co., ltd.
samruay engineering co., ltd.
sanami (thailand) co., ltd.
sand and soil industry co., ltd.
sanda industry co., ltd.
sang ah (thai) co., ltd.
sang rung mahachai plastic ltd., part.
sangthongchai plastic co., ltd.
sankei giken (thailand) co., ltd.
sankho kaihatsu co ltd
sanko gosei (thailand) ltd.
sanko gosei technology (thailand) ltd.
sanyo kasei (thailand) ltd.
save co.,ltd.
sawarintr ltd., part.
sea foam co.,ltd
sealed air (thailand) ltd.
seidai kasei (thailand) co., ltd.
seikenhei co ltd
seikenhei mark co., ltd.
semperflex asia ltd.
semperform pacific corporation ltd.
seri plastic supply ltd., part.
sermnimit plastic co., ltd.
sermswat plastic co., ltd.
service engineering co.,ltd.
sheng cheng (thailand) co., ltd.
shi plastics machinery (thailand) ltd
shikaishi (thailand) co., ltd.
shimoda trading (thailand) co.,ltd.
shin heung co., ltd
shin max systems co., ltd.
shinko electronics (singapore) pte ltd.
shiraishi (thailand) co., ltd.
shonan gousei (thailand) ltd.
shuen huei (thailand) co., ltd.
siam brothers corporation co., ltd.
siam cast nylon co., ltd.
Siam Caster Wheels Co.,Ltd.
siam cement public co.,ltd.
siam chaichareon industrial co., ltd.
siam city tile & pipes co., ltd.
siam eikou co., ltd
siam fiber plast co., ltd.
siam fiberglass co., ltd.
siam fine chemicals co., ltd.,
siam inabata co., ltd.
siam industrial wire co., ltd.,
siam industry and manufacturer co., ltd.
siam interplas co., ltd.
siam konjac co., ltd
siam micro mould co., ltd.
siam mitsui pta co., ltd.
siam mould & part co., ltd.
siam nawaphan co., ltd.,
siam oil & fat co., ltd.
siam okamoto co., ltd.
siam p.v.c. international co., ltd.
siam paint industry co., ltd.
siam pamacal inc co., ltd. (pamagarden)
siam phomprathan co., ltd
siam plants and flower manufacturers co.,ltd.
siam plastic co., ltd.
Siam Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Siam Plastic Products Co.,Ltd.
Siam Plastic Recycling Co.,Ltd.
siam polee (thailand) co.,ltd.
Siam Poly Bag Co.,Ltd.
Siam Polyethylene Co.,Ltd.
Siam Polypack Co.,Ltd.
Siam Polystyrene Co.,Ltd.
siam pvs chemicals co.,ltd
siam sindee co.,ltd.
siam stationery industrial co.,ltd.
siam sticker trading co., ltd.
siam styrene monomer co ltd
siam sunrise enterprise co ltd
siam suphapun ltd., part
siam syntsepic latex co., ltd.
siam technics ltd., part.
siam tire cord company limited
siam united hi-tech co., ltd.
siam world group co ltd
siam yamato industry co., ltd.
siam zip 1992 co., ltd.
siamchai plastech co.,ltd
siament industry co., ltd
siammodern plastic industry co., ltd.
siamnet industry co., ltd
siamount plastic corporation ltd.
siampak industry co., ltd.
siamtex ninetynine co., ltd.
siegwerk ink (thailand) co., ltd
siew lamination co., ltd.
sigma paints (thailand) co., ltd.
sika (thailand) ltd.
silathip saraburi co., ltd.
silpfa plastic industry co.,ltd.
siltech polymer co.,ltd.
silverstone poly co., ltd.
simapac co., ltd.
sin charoen rubber factory
sin huat plastic co.,ltd.
sinanant plastic co., ltd
sinco technology co., ltd.
sinthai balloons factory
sip lohakij factory
sira poly industry co., ltd.
sirikomol enterprise co.,ltd.
sirikomol interplas co., ltd.
siripairin plastic co., ltd.
siriphan chemical co., ltd.
siriwan plastics co.,ltd
sitex industry corporation co., ltd.
siva supply co., ltd.
sky world co., ltd.
skyworld co., ltd.
soft pairer (thailand) co., ltd.
soko srithai co., ltd.
solarlens co., ltd.
solpower (thailand) co., ltd.
sombatchai industry plastic co., ltd.
somboon plastic factory
somboonchoke kitchenware co.,ltd.
somchai plastic ltd., part.
song sawad (1998) co., ltd.
sonoco (thailand) limited
sook thai rubber industry co., ltd.
soon ei co., ltd.
soon hock co., ltd.
soon thorn plastic co., ltd
sor plastic ltd., part
sothorn plastic factory
Southeast Polichem Co.,Ltd.
spa industry co., ltd.
spec-crew siam co., ltd.
special coating (thailand) co., ltd.
specialty tech corporation co., ltd.
srang sern co., ltd.
sri rung ruang plastic co., ltd.
sri supkul plastic bag factory Thailand
sri thai thana autoparts co., ltd.
sri wattana plastic ltd., part.
sriayudhya product co., ltd.
srijaroen latex co., ltd.
srisaeng-thai saraburi ltd., p.
srisamrarn glass ltd., part.
srislip press co., ltd.
srisuwan conveyor belt and rubber co., ltd.
srithai miyagawa co ltd
srithai superware public co.,ltd
srithepthai corporation co., ltd.
srithepthai plaschem ltd
srithong electrochemetal ltd.,part.
srup anan plastic co.,ltd
srupanan plastic co., ltd.
standard foam rubber factory Thailand
standard manufacturing co., ltd.
standard universal international co., ltd.
star color co., ltd.
star polymer corporation co.,ltd.
star seiki (thailand) co., ltd.
star telephone (thailand) co., ltd.
star universal co., ltd.
stline marketing ltd., part
streamline co., ltd.
style and technology 2000 co.,ltd.
subsoonthorn industry co., ltd.
subthaweechai plaspack co.,ltd.
suchat karnyan factory
sui lee plastic ltd., part.
suimex plastic industries co., ltd.
sukhum inter products co., ltd.
sum hitechs co ltd
sumitech (thailand) co.,ltd.
summer sun co.,ltd.
summit steering wheel co., ltd.
sun pack co., ltd.
sundy co., ltd.
sunflag (thailand) ltd.
sunpac co.,ltd
sunprene (thailand) company limited
sunsea plastics p.s. co., ltd.
sunshine plastic co., ltd.
sunshire plastic co.,ltd.
sunsui tech co., ltd
sunthorn thurakij co.,ltd.
suntor co.,ltd.
sup product co., ltd.
supact co., ltd.
supaporn plastic co., ltd.
super fine works co ltd
super made products co., ltd.
super products co., ltd.
suphaporn plastics co.,ltd.
supra corporation limited
suraboon co., ltd.
suthichai polymers co.,ltd
synegy plaschem co., ltd.
synergy marketing co.,ltd.
synergy systems co., ltd.
t & t opening co., ltd.
t and t leader co., ltd.
t. charoen electric limited partnership
t. charoen industry co., ltd
t. charoen plastic
t. krungthai industries co., ltd.
t. vijit plastic factory
t. wijit plastic factory
t.c. motor industrial co.,ltd.
t.c.k. interplas co.,ltd.
t.c.p. co., ltd.
t.d.k. (thailand) co., ltd.
t.e.c. pack co., ltd.
t.e.o. union co., ltd
t.f. international co., ltd
t.f.m. packaging films co., ltd.
t.g.m. plastic product co., ltd.
t.h. boyler co., ltd.
t.i.k. manufacturing co ltd
t.j.c. chemical co., ltd.
t.k. siam plating co., ltd.
t.k.c. color manufacturing co., ltd.
t.k.s. enterprises plc.
t.k.s. metal works ltd., part.
t.k.s. technology public co.,ltd.
t.k.t. plast pack co., ltd
t.m. associated engineering equipment co., ltd.
t.n.h. import and export co., ltd
t.n.p. industry co., ltd.
t.o.a. plastic industries co., ltd.
t.p.a. plastic co.,ltd.
t.p.c. co., ltd.
t.p.i. plastic co., ltd.
t.p.i. polyol co., ltd.
t.p.s. wooden products co., ltd
t.r.c. polypack co.,ltd.
t.r.t. plastic produce co., ltd.
t.ruam kit ltd., part.
t.s. group
t.s. industry co.,ltd.
t.s. paper tube ltd., part.
t.s. plastic co.,ltd.
t.s. poly products co., ltd.
t.s. trunking co., ltd.
t.s.k. engineering (thailand) co.,ltd.
t.s.t. plasspack co., ltd.
t.t. interrubber co., ltd.
t.t.c. industrial corporation ltd.
t.t.h. plastic co., ltd.
t.t.s. industrial corporation ltd.
t.t.s. plastic co., ltd.
t.w.i. co., ltd.
t.y.k. inter ocean markting co., ltd.
ta yong resins chemical co., ltd
tactic marketing co., ltd
taesam long co., ltd.
taguchi overseas co., ltd.
tai - earn plastics ltd., part.
tai huad plastic factory
tai kin standard mold base co., ltd.
tai sing plastics co., ltd.
tai yuan plastic co., ltd.
taiei chemical products ltd.
tai-fong international co., ltd
taisho seiki (thailand) co., ltd.
tak mining co., ltd.
takahashi plastic co.,ltd
takahata precision (thailand) ltd.
takashi plastic co., ltd.
takei hi-tech co., ltd.
takei plastic (thailand) co., ltd.
tanee plastic co., ltd.
tang chai huad 1988 co ltd
tang charoen industry co., ltd
tanya industry co., ltd.
tapaco public co., ltd.
tarntana co., ltd.
tarpi co co., ltd.
tassie international co ltd
tawankitcharoen co.,ltd
tea tek hong plastic co., ltd.
teah chan sheng industry co., ltd
team tec worldwide public company limited
tech - well plastic co.,ltd.
technic gravure co.,ltd
technic industry ltd., part.
techno green (thailand) co., ltd.
techno heel co., ltd.
techno polymer (thailand) co ltd
technology media co., ltd.
teck heng lee plastic factory co., ltd
tectrade co., ltd.
tee technology co., ltd.
teeramit industrial co., ltd.
teijin polyester (thailand) co., ltd.
tepvijit industries co., ltd.
tera trading (thailand) co., ltd.
terolit olympus co., ltd.
testing instrument co.,ltd.
texchem group of companies (thailand)
texchem-pack (thailand) co., ltd.
tha thai co., ltd.
thai abs co., ltd..
thai acrylic co., ltd
thai art wearing ltd.,part.
thai asahi glass public co., ltd.
thai asia polymer co., ltd.
thai branta mulia co., ltd.
thai bright enterprise co., ltd.
thai british security printing public co.,ltd.
thai cast film co., ltd.
thai chan import-exprot (92) co., ltd.
thai charoen plastic and printing ltd., part.
thai chori co., ltd.
thai coating industrial public co., ltd.
thai containers industry co.,ltd.
thai cubic technology co., ltd.
thai decal co.,ltd.
Thai elastic co., ltd.
thai electronic (1989) co., ltd.
thai electronic industry public co., ltd.
thai epoxy and allied products co., ltd.
thai ever plastic co., ltd.
thai fah pisan plastic co., ltd.
thai fashion plastic industrial co., ltd.
thai feng co., ltd.
thai film industries public co., ltd.
thai flexible pack co.,ltd
thai formosa plastic industry co., ltd.
thai formosa plastic industry co.,ltd.
thai fpc co., ltd.
thai fukuvi co., ltd.
thai gci resitop co., ltd.
thai general packing co., ltd.
thai german plastic co.,ltd.
thai gow gai group co., ltd.
thai griptech
thai hirota co., ltd.
thai hong industrial co.
thai hoover industry co., ltd.
thai horng exterprise
thai hua intertrade co.,ltd.
thai hydraulic machinery (1987) co., ltd.
thai jendong plastic industry co., ltd.
thai kamaya co ltd
thai kitahara ltd.
thai kk industry co., ltd.
thai kodama co., ltd.
thai lamp co., ltd.
thai lucky plasticware co., ltd.
thai masterpack co.,ltd.
thai max plastics co., ltd.
thai mfc co. ltd.
thai mitchi corporation ltd.
thai mitsuwa co., ltd.
thai mma co., ltd.
thai modern plastic industry public co., ltd.
thai mul import ltd parts
thai n.o.k. co., ltd.
thai nam plastic public co.,ltd
thai nam polypack co., ltd.
thai nato packing tape ltd., part.
thai nihon seals co., ltd.
thai nisca co., ltd.
thai o p p public co.,ltd.
thai o.p.p. (republic) co., ltd.
thai ocean printing co., ltd.
thai oh sung electronics co., ltd.
thai olefins co., ltd.
thai oleochemicals co., ltd.
thai oriental (r& n) co., ltd.
thai otto plast co.,ltd.
thai pack group co., ltd.
thai para poly co.,ltd.
thai parapoly co.,ltd.
thai paraxylene co., ltd
thai perfection plastic ltd., part.
thai pet industrial co.,ltd
thai petrochemical industry public company
thai petroleum pipeline co., ltd.
thai pigeon co., ltd.
thai pipe industry co., ltd.
thai plaspack co., ltd.
thai plastic & chemical co.,ltd.
thai plastic (1961) co.,ltd.
thai plastic and chemicals public company limited
thai plastic and petrochemical business developmenT
thai plastic bags industries co., ltd.
thai plastic film co., ltd.
thai plastic handicraft co.,ltd.
thai plastic industries association
thai plastic industries ltd., part.
thai plastic industry factory ltd. part
thai plastic kappa ware
thai plastic packing co., ltd.
thai plastic products co., ltd.
thai plastics film co., ltd.
thai plastwood co., ltd.
thai poly acrylic public co.,ltd.
thai poly coating ltd., part
thai poly plastech co., ltd.
thai poly products co., ltd.
thai polyacetal co., ltd.
thai polycarbonate co., ltd.
thai polyester co.,ltd.
thai polyethylene (1993) co.,ltd.
thai polyfabrication industry co., ltd.
thai polymer lens co., ltd.
thai polymer supply co.,ltd.
thai polymer textile co., ltd.
thai polyphosphate & chemicals co., ltd.
thai polyplastech co.,ltd
thai polypropylene co. ltd.
thai polystyrene co., ltd.
thai pvc film co., ltd.
thai quality pack (1989) co.,ltd
thai rayon public company limited
thai rotary plastic co.,ltd.
thai rung sang industry plastic ltd., part.
thai saeng charoen polymers co., ltd.
thai samut plastic
thai sare kolkarn co.,ltd.
thai scantube co.,ltd.
thai sekisui foam
thai sheng plastic industry co., ltd.
thai shinih co., ltd.
thai shinkong industry corporation co., ltd.
thai showa paxs co., ltd.
thai silp dyeing factory
thai simon safety industries co ltd
thai sincere co ltd
thai slip southeast industry co., ltd.
thai solder industry corp ltd
thai starlite manufacturing co.,ltd.
thai summit autoparts industry co., ltd.
thai summit hi-tech plastic co., ltd.
thai synthetic rubbers co., ltd.
thai systech kyowa co., ltd.
thai takahashi plastics ltd.
thai technique plas-mach co., ltd.
thai techniques industry co., ltd.
thai titanium industries ltd
thai to-a industries co., ltd.
thai tokai carbon product co., ltd.
thai toyofoam industry co., ltd.
thai union p.u. co., ltd.
thai union plastic & machinery co.,ltd.
thai united plastic industry company limited
thai united polymers co., ltd.
Thai Urethane Foam Co.,Ltd.
Thai Urethane Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Thai Urethane Plastic Co.,Ltd.
thai vatana plastic co., ltd.
thai vetrotex co., ltd.
Thai Vinyl Co.,Ltd.
Thai Vinylon Canvas Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Vinytech Co.,Ltd.
thai viscount co., ltd.
thai vivat plastic factory
thai wah lg chemical co ltd
thai wee theparak industrial co., ltd
thai welltex international co.,ltd.
thai yamatech co., ltd.
thai yazaki electric wire co., ltd.
thai yokohama kako co., ltd.
thai-burapha plastech co., ltd.
thaicharoen urethane ltd., part
thaicil co.,ltd.
thai-german special steel center co.,ltd.
thai-german tannery co., ltd.
thaikij trading co.,ltd.
thailon six six co. ltd.
thaimax plastics co., ltd.
thai-meco co., ltd.
thai-nam plastics co., ltd.
thai-nichi industries co., ltd.
thaiprasert plastic co., ltd.
thaiprasit muanchunplast co., ltd.
thaiprasit textile co., ltd
thaisilp plastic printing co., ltd.
thaison pvc co., ltd.
thaitoy co.,ltd.
thaiwa plastic co., ltd.
thammasorn engineering co., ltd.
thanakom injection co., ltd
thanakoon international co., ltd.
thanaparn paper co., ltd.
thanapol plastics ltd., part.
thantawan industry public co.,ltd.
thavee roong ltd., part.
thaveekit plastic print co.,ltd.
the plastic product co., ltd
thep mongkol plastic trading co.,ltd.
thepkitti co., ltd.
thepprathan plastic co., ltd.
thepthunyatip co.,ltd.
th-fa tech co., ltd.
thi sin century marketing co., ltd.
th-martino intertrade ltd., part
thonburi advertising co.,ltd.
thong heng (1992) co., ltd.
thong sin enterprise co., ltd.
thongbai plastic co.,ltd.
thongthai pipe & chemical co., ltd
thongtoon plastic co., ltd.
Three Bond Tec Pte Ltd
Three Bond Technology (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Three Bond Viv (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Three Bond Viv Sales (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Three Class (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
th-triton intertrade ltd.
thunder electric industrial co.,ltd.
thyssen polymer (thailand) co., ltd.
tia teck hong plastic co., ltd.
tiara product (thailand) co., ltd.
tigerpoly (thailand) co., ltd.
timbo products (thai) co., ltd.
tinwat plastic co.,ltd.
toa chemical industries co., ltd.
tokai eastern rubber (thailand) ltd.
tokiwa a.p. (thailand) co., ltd.
tokyo byokane (thailand) co.,ltd.
tomy (thailand) ltd.,
tong roongroj industry co., ltd.
tong thai rubber co., ltd.
tong wa heng co., ltd.
tonrich plastic factory (thailand) co ltd
top flight co., ltd.
top hightech (thailand) co., ltd.
top paint perfect co., ltd.
top polymer co., ltd.
top trend manufacturing co.,ltd
topsearch pcb (thailand) ltd.
Toray Fibers (Thailand) Ltd.
Toray Industries (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toray International Inc
Toray Nylon Thai Co.,Ltd.
tostem thai co.,ltd.
toyo plastic co., ltd.
toyo shikisai (thailand) co., ltd.
toyoda gosei (thailand) co., ltd.
tradicon supply and services co., ltd.
traxair (thailand) co., ltd.
tre-atthaboon industry co.,ltd.
trisom plastic industrial co., ltd.
tri-tech industry co.,ltd.
triton co.,ltd.
triumph industries (thailand) co., ltd.
trongcharoen plastic industry co., ltd
tryba (thailand) co., ltd.
tunson & co., ltd.
tuntex (thailand) public co., ltd.
tuntex petrochemicals (thailand) plc
tuntex textile (thailand) co., ltd.
tustic limited partnership
u. thai kij polybag co.,ltd
u. thaweekij polypacking co., ltd.
u.b. chemical industries co., ltd.
u.b.e. nylon (thailand) ltd.
u.b.f. co., ltd.
u.d.i (thailand) co., ltd.
u.h.m. co.,ltd.
u.l. plastic industry co., ltd.
u.s. plaster co., ltd.
U.S. Polytrade Co.,Ltd.
u.t.t. engineering co., ltd.
ube (thailand) co., ltd.
ubis (1983) ltd.
udom - suk plastic ltd., part.
udom pipatmongkol (upm) ltd., part.
udompanich industrial co., ltd.
ultima ltd.
ultima polymers co.,ltd.
uni g co.,ltd.
unify indus co., ltd.
unilever thai holdings co ltd
union agriculture co., ltd.
union button corp., ltd.
union carbide thailand ltd
union nifgo co., ltd.
union plastic co., ltd
union plastic public company limited
Union Polimer Co.,Ltd.
Union Polyester Flower Co.,Ltd.
Union Polymer Co.,Ltd.
union precision engineering co., ltd.
union property co., ltd.
union spinning mills co., ltd.
union star plastic co., ltd.
union thai-nichiban co., ltd.
union tsl limited
Uniplastics Co.,Ltd.
Uniplast Industry Co.,Ltd.
unique plastic industry co., ltd.
united coatings co., ltd.
united colors corporation ltd.
united fishing net industry co., ltd.
united intercable factory co., ltd.
united silica (siam) co., ltd.
unity commercial co., ltd.
unity mtts co., ltd.
unity techno products co., ltd.
unity thai products co., ltd.
univentures public co., ltd.
universal forms industry co., ltd.
universal metal drum co.,ltd.
universal plastics industries co., ltd.
universe balloon ltd. part
urai phanich co., ltd.
v. powdertech co.,ltd.
v.c. industry co., ltd.
v.p. - i.c. co., ltd.
v.p. plastic product (1993) co., ltd.
v.p. structural panels co., ltd.
v.r. plastic co., ltd.
v.s. treatment chemicals ltd.
vacharakarun co., ltd
vacpac services (thailand) co., ltd.
vandapac co., ltd.
vannaluck foam company limited
varaporn plastic co.,ltd.
varnnakit co., ltd.
vatana phaisal engineering co., ltd.
vatchara packing products co., ltd.
veera plastic ltd., part
veka plastics (thailand) co. ltd.
venus button co., ltd
vianova resins ltd.
vicchi engineering co., ltd.
victor packaging co., ltd.
victory industrial co., ltd.
victory toys manufacturing co., ltd.
vigor merger co.,ltd
vinai amnuayphol co., ltd
vinythai public co., ltd.
vinythai public company limited
viriya khanyang ltd., part.
viriyakit plastic industry co., ltd.
viscount plastics (thailand) ltd
vision ware co., ltd.
visteon (thailand) limited
viwat visavakij co., ltd.
vorakit plastic ltd.,part.
w. plastic 89 co., ltd.
w.m.e. 1990 (thailand) co., ltd.
w.t.f. co., ltd.
wacharat supply co., ltd.
wah tech industrial company limited
wajana plastic co.,ltd.
wang pack co., ltd.
wang-in plastic co., ltd.
wangpetch plastic co., ltd.
wannaluk foam co.,ltd
wannaprapai international co., ltd.
waraporn plastics ltd., part.
wasant group
watana bhand packaging system co., ltd.
watana vinyl tile co., ltd.
watanakit printing co., ltd.
wattana luckyware co., ltd.
wattanakit industry co., ltd.
wee grand plastic co.,ltd.
wei ming co., ltd.
well grow printing co., ltd.
well pack industry co., ltd.
well plas co., ltd.
wellgain precision products (thailand) co., ltd.
wepaco co.,ltd.
western plastic co.,ltd.
wheaton co., ltd.
white group public co ltd
white henna ltd., part.
wichien dynamic industry co.,ltd.
wiik & hoeglund factory
wiik & hoeglung public co., ltd.
wilsonart (thailand) co., ltd.
win harvest electronic co., ltd.
winbest plastic industry (thailand) co., ltd.
winimax industrial co., ltd.
winner's pack col., ltd.
wirecut machine center co., ltd.
wireform a.m. (thailand) ltd.
withit factory group co., ltd.
wonder toys manufacturer co.,ltd.
wong plastic & rubber co., ltd.
wong wai vit co., ltd.
wongkamol ltd., part.
wongpin co.,ltd.
worakit-auto shrink pack co., ltd.
worakulchai package seal co., ltd.
work-rite international co.,ltd.
world container lp.
world magnetics co., ltd.
world packaging industry co., ltd.
World Pigment Chemical Co.,Ltd.
World Pigment Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
World Pigment Industries Co.,Ltd.
World Plant Center Co.,Ltd.
World Plast Import Export Co.,Ltd.
World Plast International Co.,Ltd.
World Plaster Co.,Ltd.
World Plastic Printing Co.,Ltd.
World Poly Craft Co.,Ltd.
World Polysac Co.,Ltd.
world sibo-tech company limited
world wide brush co., ltd.
worldware international co., ltd.
worldware polyproducts co., ltd.
wuthisiri ltd., part.
xaloy asia (thailand) ltd.
y.m. trading co., ltd.
y.p.a. (thailand) co., ltd.
ya thai chemical co., ltd.
yahata fastener thai co.,ltd.
yamahatsu (thailand) co., ltd.
yamao-esulon (thailand) co., ltd.
yamato esulon (thailand) co.,ltd.
yamato international (thailand) co., ltd.
years bright industrial co., ltd.
yelowcare ltd.
yen jyei (thailand) co., ltd.
yii chih industrial co.,ltd.
ying charoen paint industry co., ltd.
ying charoen plastic industrial co., ltd
ying yong plastics glass co., ltd.
yoadjarust intertrade co., ltd.
yokoo thai co., ltd.
yong boonheng co., ltd.
yong fa industrial corp. ltd.
yong lee plastic (thailand) co., ltd.
yong long enterprise co., ltd.
yong man co., ltd.
yong seng jun factory
yongfa industrial co., ltd.
yongfa industrial corp.,ltd.
yoshino moong pattana (thailand) co.,ltd.
young original group co., ltd.
yuan deng industrial co., ltd.
yuen yong enterprises co., ltd.
yung shing plastic co., ltd.,
yung yuen plastics (1972) ltd., part.
zendec (thailand) co., ltd.
Zip Pac Co.,Ltd.
Ziplas International Co.,Ltd.
Ziplas International Company
Zip-Pac Co.,Ltd.
Zippack Co.,Ltd.


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