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Frozen fish
do not sell well in Thailand. There are several reasons for this. Firstly Thailand is blessed with an abundance of fresh fish caught along it's lengthy coastline and islands in the south. A mostly privately owned distribution system gets the fresh fish to markets on the coast and inland fairly efficiently so that even the areas farthest from the coast get a regular supply of fresh fish.


I work closely with a major frozen fish supplier in Thailand. They tell me the local market is growing but there are serious problems. The main problem is in educating the Thai consumer how to handle frozen food products. Shoppers buy the frozen products from the freezers in the supermarkets, put them in the shopping trolley, and wander round completing their shopping. Although the supermarkets are air conditioned the average temperature is still in the mid twenties centigrade. The shopping is then loaded into the car and taken home. A journey can take only minutes or sometimes over an hour if their is the ubiquitous traffic jam. Consequently by the time products are put in the refrigerator at home they have well and truly de-frosted.


This does not stop the frozen fish companies from experimenting and developing new products. Testing them on the home market and then adding them to their product lists for export. At the moment it seems that much of the frozen fish product goes to Japanese buyers.


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