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Thailand Bamboo Furniture Companies, Thai Bamboo Furniture Manufacturers


Thailand Bamboo Furniture Companies
, Thai Bamboo Furniture Manufacturers produce some exquisite pieces of oriental bamboo furniture as well as low to mid range furniture and bamboo accessories that are sturdy, weatherproof for outside use and above all affordable.

For export purposes most pieces can be in 'knock down' form packed into containers and easily assembled either for your showroom or ultimately by the customer.

If you are looking for furniture products of any type we have a full section covering all furniture products here Thailand Furniture Companies, Thai Furniture Manufacturers

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Featured Thailand Bamboo Furniture Manufacturers

We supply our products directly from factories in North Thailand. We have a large choice and many design.
We also accept your own design. Please contact us for further info.
Products: Bamboo Furniture, Teak Furniture, Teak Wood Products, Wood Carving, Thai Handicrafts, Thai
Dolls, Pashmina

Asian living concepts ltd. (al-concepts ltd. ) is an export trading company of rattan and water hyacinth and
teak wood furniture based in northern Thailand. Al-concepts ltd. Was founded in 2001and our competitive
advantage are strong ties to the local manufacturers to offer unique designed Asian furniture at a competitive
price. Our inspiration comes from the natural surroundings in terms of colors, shapes and materials in northern
Thailand to create a sense of harmony and casual elegance. We offer a wide selection of living furniture for
indoor and outdoor usage, developed by experienced and skillful designers. Al-concepts ltd. Is already
exporting to northern America and Europe.
Products: Rattan furniture, teak furniture, water hyacinth furniture, bamboo furniture

Art Of Living Co. Ltd.
Art of living Co. ltd. Is manufacturer and exporter of high end contemporary furniture and accessories since
1990 located in Bangkok. Our products are eco friendly and are made using natural raw materials like water hyacinth, rattan, old teak, palm leaf, yaimai fiber, Wood fiber, bamboo and many more local materials. We are also specialized in hospitality projects. Our products exclusive design and high quality heightens the beauty of place where they are used for furnishing. We offer totally coordinated solutions for the living room, dining room and bedroom. We were many times awarded the unesco-ahpada seal of excellence for handicraft products in southeast Asia.
Products: Handicraft Furniture And Accessories, Water Hyacinth, Rattan, Bamboo, Old Teak, New Teak,
Lightings, Paintings, Furniture

Bamboo Decor
BAMBOO DECOR is a factory of furniture of bamboo, we are located in the North of THAILAND: PHRAO. For BAMBOO DECOR the quality and the clients are the most important. Excellent quality, good service and price, make our product oversea.
Products: Furniture of bamboo, Decoration, Furnishings, Bamboo & Wooden Crafts, Bamboo, Rattan &
Wicker Furniture

Hiso PG Limited Partnership
We are the manufacturer of Native Handmade Furniture, Furnishing and Home Decorating products in
Thailand. Our factory is located in Chiangmai, the northern of Thailand. Our office and showroom are located in Bangkok. The company is founded in 2003. We are specialize in bamboo products, rattan products, wooden products, black banana rope products, water hyacinth products and etc. All products are handmade and can be built to order. Our main market is in northern America and Europe.
Products: Bamboo products, rattan products, wooden products, black banana rope products, water hyacinth products, etc.

Nature Corner Co., Ltd.
We, nature corner Co., ltd, are one of finest rattan furniture manufacturer and exporter in Thailand. Our factory locates in prachinburi province occupying 4, 000 sq. Ft of manufacturing from rattan synthetic through hand weaving processes by our hundred skilled workers. Established in 1995, providing wooden, bamboo, rattan & wicker furniture; Garden & patio sets. With very high expansion is market demand for both domestic and overseas and according to highly expand of our manufacturing capacity we are therefore looking for business relation worldwide.
We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you our outstanding line of product, synthetic rattan
furniture for your kind consideration regarding to possibility in our further business collaboration. Various
collections are available from in door to patio or all weather outdoor furniture. We also accept for customer
master design.
Attached please find sample of our product, should you have any question or require any more information,
please kindly let us know. We are very pleased to provide you more information; company profile, product
details, export price structure, etc. please kindly advise your interest in return. We appreciate your kind
attention and are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Products: Rattan Furniture, Synthetic Rattan Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Bamboo, Rattan & Wicker
Furniture, Bamboo & Wooden Crafts, Garden & Patio Sets

Roongrat Bamboo Shop
From the family background, they are doing bamboo fan for the past 20 years till now, we are the second
generation, we love bamboo, bamboo is part of our life here, so we create another products which made of
bamboo such as lamp, candle holder, box, tray, furniture etc feel free to ask for more information about our
bamboo products..
Products: Bamboo, cotton, weave

Thaican Enterprising Co.Th
Thaican enterprising Co. ltd of Thailand is located in the northern most province of Thailand (chiangrai) . We specialize in the manufacturing of all bamboo and wicker style furniture. We can ship any where in the world FOB Thailand.
Products: Bamboo, Wicker, Furniture, Blind, Shade & Shutter, Basketry

Thongthip Furniture, as a company, came into existence with a mission to conserve the precious natural
resource (wood) transformed into products of daily use (furniture). Our prime objective is to promote the
uniqueness and beauty of Thai furniture as well as display the skill and workmanship involved in manufacturing each piece. At the same time we try to preserve the art, that has been inherited from our ancestors. We manufacture quality "Hand Made" wooden furniture made from Root and Ox-cart. We use Hard Wood and Old Wood in our furniture. Our manufacturing facilities are based in two north-eastern provinces of Thailand. Our furniture can be collectively categorized under Outdoor furniture although they can even be termed as Patio, Garden and Lawn furniture depending on their usage and function. Despite the scarcity of raw materials (i.e.. Dead tree root and ox-cart) we are confident that we have the materials that can last for many years to come. You will appreciate the quality of workmanship involved in manufacturing each component of the furniture. Moreover, as this valuable type of furniture will be hard to find in the near future it would be a prized asset for those who possess.
Products: Outdoor furniture, garden furniture, patio furniture, country furniture, root furniture, ox-cart furniture, exotic furniture, rustic furniture

This is Tri2015. Fully supplied for the work on bamboo furniture, glass, ceramic and brassware. We can
product variety of products. Each piece is hand finished by skillful craftsmen. Each product is carefully
controlled in each production process so that it will become on excellent piece. We are ready to serve your demand.
Products: We are manufacturer on ceramic, glass, brassware and bamboo furniture, Furniture Parts &

Wind & Fire
Founded over 20 years ago in Bangkok, Thailand, is renowned for home furnishings, furniture and accessories, made from traditional materials including rattan, wood, bamboo and lacquer. Products are distinguished by their classic design and adaptability. They blend perfectly into both Western and tropical settings, yet maintain an Asian flair. Each exquisite piece is given a considerable investment of time and attention, individually designed and hand -made by skilled craftsman. This emphasis on human skill has created a distinct style; aesthetic yet functional, defined yet not overstated and always well made.
Renowned worldwide as a source of fine quality furniture and interior decoration. Enjoys a deserved reputation for maintaining standards of excellence in design and manufacture while capturing that certain elegance unique to Southeast Asia.
Products: Rattan, bamboo and lacquer furniture Business, Bamboo, Rattan & Wicker Furniture

Following you will find lists of bamboo furniture products from companies involved in the furniture business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a bamboo furniture company or simply supply a database of these bamboo furniture companies then please email

Antique Bamboo Furniture
Antique Style Cabinet
Bamboo And Rattan Furniture
Bamboo Arm Chairs
Bamboo Armchair
Bamboo Bar
Bamboo Bar & Bistro Table
Bamboo Bar Counter
Bamboo Bar Island
Bamboo Bar Stool
Bamboo Bar Thatch Roof
Bamboo Baskets
Bamboo Bed
Bamboo Bed Side Table
Bamboo Bench
Bamboo Benches
Bamboo Bistro Table & Chair Set
Bamboo Board For Furniture
Bamboo Boards
Bamboo Book Case
Bamboo Book Shelf
Bamboo Boxes
Bamboo Bunk Bed
Bamboo Cabinet
Bamboo Canes
Bamboo Canopy Beds
Bamboo Carpet
Bamboo Chair
Bamboo Chairs
Bamboo Chaise Lounger
Bamboo Chest
Bamboo Coffee Set
Bamboo Coffee Table
Bamboo Coffee Tables
Bamboo Combined Cabinet
Bamboo Console
Bamboo Craft Factory
Bamboo Curtain
Bamboo Design Furniture
Bamboo Desk
Bamboo Dining Arm Chair
Bamboo Dining Chair
Bamboo Dining Set
Bamboo Dining Table
Bamboo Factory
Bamboo Fence
Bamboo Floating Flooring
Bamboo Flooring
Bamboo Folding Chair
Bamboo Folding Chairs
Bamboo Folding Picnic Table
Bamboo Folding Screen
Bamboo Four Panels Screen
Bamboo Furniture Bedroom Sets
Bamboo Gazebo
Bamboo Hammocks
Bamboo Hand Rail
Bamboo House
Bamboo Ladder
Bamboo Lamps
Bamboo Laundry Baskets
Bamboo Lights
Bamboo Living Set
Bamboo Living-Room Set
Bamboo Matting
Bamboo Modern Chair
Bamboo Outdoor Furniture
Bamboo Outdoor Tables
Bamboo Patio Table & Chair Set
Bamboo Picture Frame
Bamboo Pillow
Bamboo Planters
Bamboo Poles
Bamboo Products
Bamboo Recliner
Bamboo Rectangular Dining Table
Bamboo Relaxing Chair
Bamboo Rocking Chair
Bamboo Rocking Chairs
Bamboo Round Dining Table
Bamboo Round Table Set
Bamboo Rugs
Bamboo Sauna Furniture
Bamboo Screen
Bamboo Screens
Bamboo Seats
Bamboo Shelf
Bamboo Shelves
Bamboo Side Cabine
Bamboo Side Table
Bamboo Side Table & Stand
Bamboo Sofa Set
Bamboo Sticks
Bamboo Stool
Bamboo Storage
Bamboo Storage Cabinet
Bamboo Table
Bamboo Table & Chair Set
Bamboo Table And Chair 5 Pcs Set
Bamboo Table Sets
Bamboo Tables
Bamboo Tiki Bar
Bamboo Tiki Hut Bar
Bamboo Tray
Bamboo Tray Tables
Bamboo Trunk Chest
Bamboo Tv Tray
Bamboo Vases
Bamboo Wardrobe
Bamboo Wine Bar
Bistro Furniture
Black Bamboo Screen
Black Bamboo Tiki Bar
Buffet Cabinet
Coiled Bamboo Bowl
Coiled Bamboo Trays
Environmental Bamboo Flooring
Environmentally Friendly Bamboo Furniture
Folding Bamboo Loveseat
Folding Bench
Folding Screen
Framed Black Bamboo Screen
Furniture Boards
Imitation Bamboo Furniture
Laminated Bamboo Furniture
Laundry Hamper
Love Seat
Natural Bamboo Furniture
Natural Bamboo Screens
Natural Coiled Bamboo Tray
Outdoor Bamboo Furniture
Outdoor Bamboo Tables
Patio Furniture
Premium Bamboo Tiki Bar
Rattan And Bamboo Furniture
Rattan Folding Screen
Round Bamboo Table
Thailand Bamboo
Thailand Bamboo Crafts
Thailand Bamboo Manufacturer
Thailand Bamboo Products
Thailand Coiled Bamboo
Three Panels Bamboo Screen
Tv Stands
Unique Bamboo Furniture
Wood Framed Bamboo Screen
Wooden Furniture
Yellow Bamboo Set


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