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Thailand Furniture Companies, Thai Furniture Manufacturers

Thailand furniture manufacturers
are in great demand. So great in fact that you would be forgiven for thinking that most of them have gone into hiding. I get so many request for Thai furniture. The problem is that so many Thai furniture factories are just not set up to handle or even communicate with foreign buyers.


Great News! - I went to Pattaya for a few days holiday. Well that is not so great for you if you are living in a cold and miserable European or American climate. Still gave me a few days to look around. I discovered some fantastic furniture. We stayed in a friend's condo near Jomtien Beach. There are lots of condo's there including many new developments. Low and behold lots of shops opening to cater for the new home owners.

I found one store doing a great range of rattan furniture. The quality was first class and the range of furniture items included the normal stuff - rattan sofas, rattan beds and living room dining room sets. However it was some of the more unusual items that caught my eye. Superb rattan lamp standards, a rattan bar and even a set of matching rattan bar stools.


When I enquired about the factory another surprise was in store. The rattan furniture factory is just a few streets away from my office. Any one up for some rattan furniture?  Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your furniture needs please email with your requests.


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Bangkok Companies has the most an extensive contact database of Thai Furniture companies, These companies produce their ranges from many natural wood products and synthetic materials. We can source almost any furniture products or wooden items. Here is just a selection from the best of Thailand furniture manufacturers


Rattan Furniture Office Furniture Patio & Poolside Furniture
. .
Living Room Furniture Board Room Furniture Designer Furniture
Bedroom Furniture Occasional Furniture Massage & Spa Furniture
Kitchen Furniture Wooden Furniture Auditorium Furniture
Hotel Furniture Laboratory Furniture Leather Furniture
Teak Furniture Teakwood Furniture Teak Wood Furniture
Home Office Furniture Bathroom Furniture Nursery Furniture
Plastic Gazebo Plastic Patio Furniture Plastic Poolside Furniture
Cotton Lace hammock Silk Furnishings Bamboo Furniture
Metal Furniture Steel Furniture  
Featured Thailand Furniture Companies
A.C.T. LEATHER (THAILAND) CO, LTD. Thailand Leather furniture, Classic Sofas, Contemporary Sofas, Modern Sofas, Leather Sofas, Recliners
ACME INDUSTRIES CO, LTD. Thailand Thai manufacturer of Furniture, Wooden Products, Dinning Set, Small Furniture, Home Office Furniture, Bowl, Server
ACMEN INTERNATIONAL CO,  LTD. Thailand A Thai Manufacturer of Built-in Furniture Office Furniture , Interior Decoration , Furniture For Laboratory , Beam Seating ,bronze & Fiber Sculpture, Manufactured Casework, Specialty Casework, Bath Furnishings, Bedroom Furnishings, Institutional Furniture, Residential Furniture, Desk System Furniture
A.D.R. Co.,Ltd. Thailand

Thai Company that manufacturers and distributes auditorium chairs, theater seating, partitions, and sound absorption materials. Operable Wall Systems, Acoustical Doors, Machinery Enclosures, Anechoic Chambers,  Silencers, Acoustical Treatment, Acoustical Insulation and Sealants, Acoustical Barriers, Acoustical Wall Treatment, Partitions, Wire Mesh Partitions, Operable Partitions, Theater and Stage Equipment, Sound, Vibration and Seismic Control

B.K.-Trading (T) Co.,Ltd Thailand A leading Thai exporter of wooden ware, Wooden Furniture. Exporting Wooden Products worldwide
Bangkok Ai-Toa Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Kitchen Furniture, Picture Frames, Household Furniture & Various Types of Hooks and Furniture Hardware
Green Furniture Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thailand Manufacturers of Synthetic Timber Garden Furniture, Plastic Lumber Furniture, Plastic Garden Accessories, Gazebo' and Playground Equipment
Hammat-Sby Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Cotton Lace hammock, Swing Chair, Basket Love Seat, Hammock Chairs, Garden Hammock and Poolside Hammocks.
K. Corner Co.,Ltd Thailand Bangkok Carpet Shop, Rug Dealers, Furniture & Furnishing Products, Interior Decorators & Interior Designers
Q.C. Parawood Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Wooden Furniture Manufacturer, Rubber Wood Furniture, Beech Wood Furniture Manufacturer
Thai Casa Bella Ltd., Part Thailand Thailand Exporters of Teak Furniture and Wooden Kitchenware

Below you will find some of the high quality furniture products that we can  source from Thailand furniture manufacturers. If you want Bangkok Companies to source your furniture items please contact

3 piece suits, accent tables, antique furniture, armoire, asian, asian carved furniture, asian furniture, asian wood furniture, audio cabinets and towers, baby furniture, bakers racks, bamboo furniture, banquet furniture, banquet seating, bar, bar stools, bars, bars stools, barstools, basket racks, bean bags, bedroom, bedroom furniture, bedroom sets, beds, bench, benches, blanket racks, bombay chests, book stands, bookcases, boardroom, brochure displays, buffets, bunk beds, cabinet, cabinets, call center chairs, cane furniture, card tables, carts, carved doors, carved exterior doors, carved furniture, carved wooden doors, cd and multimedia storage, cedar chests, chair mats,  floor mats, chairs, chest of drawers, children's bedroom sets, children's computer chairs, children's furniture, classical, clock towers, coat racks, cocktail cabinets, coffee room, coffee tables, computer chairs, computer desks, computer furniture, computer room, conference tables, conference chairs, consoles, counter height chairs, country, country furniture, cupboards, curio cabinets, custom built furniture, custom doors, custom made doors, custom made furniture, customized furniture, data cabinets, daybeds, design doors, design furniture, designed furniture, designer sink cabinets, desk dollies, desk groupings, desk organizers, desks, dinette sets, dining chairs, dining room, dining room furniture, dining room table sets, dining rooms, dining tables, double doors, drafting, drawing tables, drafting stools, dressers, eastern antique furniture, end tables, entertainment center, entertainment centers, entrance doors, entry, bench, entry doors, ergonomic, exclusive furniture, executive, executive fabric office chairs, executive furniture, executive leather, office chairs, exotic, exterior doors, external doors, file cabinets, file pedestals, rolling carts, filing systems, floor lamps, folding chair, trucks, folding chairs, folding table dollies, folding tables, forms storage, futons, floor cushions, game tables, garden, garden furniture, guest seating, hall chests, hall trees, hat stands, hand carved doors, hand-carved teak furniture, handcrafted doors, handcrafted furniture, handmade doors, handmade furniture, hanging panel organizers, hanging shelves, home, home office chairs, home office desks, home office furniture, home theater seating, hope chest, hospitality, hospitality carts, hospitality chairs, hotel, hyacinth furniture, jewelry armoires, kids, kids bedroom furniture, kids furniture, kitchen carts, kitchen furniture, kitchen islands, kitchen storage, kitchen units, knock down furniture, lab stools, laboratory, lacquer, laquer wood, lamps, leather furniture, leather sofa, lecterns,  podiums, library, living room, living room sets, lounge seating, lounge suite, loveseats, luxury doors, luxury furniture, magazine storage, main entry doors, marble furniture, massaging chairs, medical seating, meeting room, microfibre chairs, mirrors, monogram oriental, mother of pearl furniture, mother-of-pearl, multimedia storage, night stands, oak furniture, occasional tables, office, office decor, office furniture, oriental furniture, orthopedic seating, outdoor furniture, outer doors, outside doors, parawood, patio, plant stands, plastic chairs, poufes, pub tables, quilt racks, ranch furniture, rattan accessories, rattan furniture, reception furniture, recliners, reproduction furniture, resort, restaurant, restaurant seating, root furniture, rosewood furniture, rubber wood, rustic,  solid wood furniture, safes, school chairs, school desks, science tables, seating, serving carts, settee, shelves, side chairs, side office chairs, sideboard, sink vanities, sofa, sofa tables, sofas, speaker stands, stack chairs, stereo stands, stools, storage bins, storage chests, storage units, table lamps, table sets, teak doors, teak furniture, teak garden furniture, teak root furniture, teakwood doors, teakwood furniture, telephone stands, three piece suites, traditional, trunks, tv stands, vanities, wall art, western furniture, wine cabinets, wine racks, wood doors, wood furniture, wooden chair, wooden doors, wooden furniture, wooden garden furniture


3 n industries co,Ltd.
3d interiors company ltd.,
99 products co,Ltd.
a & associates design group co.,Ltd.
a.c.t. leather (thailand) co,LTD.
a.d.r. co,LTD.
a.m.e. wood supply co,Ltd
a.m.f. (thailand) co.,LTD.
a.n.m. (thailand) co.,Ltd.
a.p. rubber co,Ltd.
a.r.p. international co,Ltd.
a.s.e. co,LTD.
a.t. furniture limited partnership,
aashirwad international co,Ltd
abc furniture co.,LTD.
acem industaies co.,LTD.
achelis (thailand) limited,
acme industries co,LTD.
acmen international co,LTD.
ad-ex (thailand) co,Ltd.
adina co,Ltd.
aesthetic studio co,LTD.
age furniture ltd.,Part.
agro mats co,LTD.
aim production co,Ltd.
akarawuth co.,Ltd.
alfresco (thailand) co,LTD.
all intertrade co.,LTD.
all under heaven co.,LTD.
american building product co.,Ltd.
amornkij phanich,
anan panich,
andaman dreams corporation ltd.,
apex unitrade co ltd,
apina industry co,Ltd.
arachnes co.,LTD.
aramand co.,LTD.
architectural products co,Ltd.
ardesia co.,LTD.
arrow pack import export co.,LTD.
art icon co.,Ltd.
art of living co,LTD.
artomax inter-trading co.,LTD.
aruna co,LTD.
asadshin bangkok co,Ltd.
asalon co,Ltd.
ase co.,LTD
asia door & furniture co.,Ltd.
asia fine wood industry co.,LTD.
asia parawood co,Ltd.
asia spring mattress (thai) lp,
asia timber ltd,PART.
asoke international trading co,LTD.
associated merchandising,
astral co,LTD
atsource (thailand) co ltd,
aumnaj chaiyakij bangkok co.,LTD.
aviva decor limited,
ayou soft co.,LTD.
b.b. home design co,Ltd.
b.b. star co,LTD.
b.c.f. furniture industry co,LTD.
b.c.f. international co.,LTD.
b.c.m. living co.,Ltd.
b.k.-trading (t) co,LTD.
b.l.s. express co.,LTD.
b.n.s. wood industry co,Ltd.
b.p.s. milcom co.,LTD.
b.u.f. co,Ltd.
bagodd co,LTD.
bangkok ai-toa co.,LTD.
bangkok cabinet co,LTD
bangkok casa co,Ltd.
bangkok chareonmit (1972) co.,LTD.
bangkok companies,
bangkok decor metal co.,LTD.
bangkok franchise co,LTD.
bangkok furnitech co.,LTD.
bangkok heritage 2000 co,Ltd.
bangkok home plus co.,Ltd.
bangkok interfurn co,LTD.
bangkok kasa co.,Ltd.
bangkok office furniture co.,Ltd.
bangkok press parts co,LTD.
bangkok siam products ltd,Part.
bangkok specialty products ltd,Part
bangkok wooden business co,LTD.
bangkokai - toa co.,LTD
bangpakong wood co,LTD.
bangsai fiber board co.,LTD.
bangsai timber plus co.,LTD
bea teck long ltd.,PART
beau sofa co,LTD.
becker acroma (thailand) ltd.,
bed & bench co.,LTD.
bed and bench co,LTD.
benja collection co.,Ltd.
bestec pacific co.,LTD
billiard import and export co.,LTD.
blue square group ltd.,
bofa international co,Ltd.
boon prakong co.,LTD
boon vanit co.,Ltd.
boonchai furniture factory,
boonma cargo co,Ltd.
boonyaratanakornkit industry ltd,PART.
boripat safe & steel furniture ltd,P.
boriphat safe & steel furniture lp,
bout co.,LTD.
bright neon co.,LTD.
brilliang system co.,LTD.
british colonial furniture,
bronzesmith co.,LTD.
broripat safe & steel furniture ltd,PART.
bura rak tannery co.,Ltd.
c. best furniture & design co.,LTD.
c. wannakij industry co,LTD.
c.b.k. group co,LTD.
c.g. petrochemical co,Ltd.
c.h. star co ltd,
c.h.h. industry co,LTD.
c.i. inter corporation co,Ltd.
c.m. commercial co,LTD.
c.s. enterprises co.,Ltd.
c.t. furniture co,LTD.
c.v.s. technology co,LTD.
canna intertrand co,LTD.
capstone (far east) co.,Ltd.
carpenter thai co.,Ltd
cartediem galleries co.,Ltd.
center furniture & engineering ltd.,Part.
c'est la bee co.,Ltd.
ceta supply co.,Ltd.
chadathip parawood co.,LTD.
chai watana tannery public co,LTD.
chaialek co.,LTD.
chaicharoen multi trading co,LTD.
chaifar furniture ltd.,Part.
chair maker co,LTD.
chairister enterprise (thailand) co,LTD.
chaiwan furniture co,Ltd.
chaiwat wooden chair lp,
chaiyo furniture co.,LTD.
chamni furniture co,LTD.
chanch gallery international co,Ltd
chang heng co,LTD.
chanintr fine furnishings ltd.,
chankij tanning industry co,Ltd.
chaophraya mark co,LTD.
charoen peter furniture & son co.,LTD.
chayathorn wanlee furniture co.,Ltd.
chew nguan heng furniture co,Ltd.
chia yeh enterprise (thailand) co,LTD.
chian gui furniture,
chin international holding co ltd,
chin tee hua tannery co,LTD.
china wood ltd.,PART.
chinteik brothers trading co ltd,
chokchamiuern sanphakij,
choojak furniture co,Ltd.
choti supply co.,LTD.
chow siam children cars and toys ltd,PART.
city products (thailand) co,LTD.
city wood co,LTD.
classic chairs co.,LTD.
color expert co.,LTD
column international co.,Ltd.
combitex corporation co,Ltd.
concord city corp,LTD.
construction cost consultants ltd.,PART.
content intertrade co,Ltd.
crafactor co.,LTD.
create furniture group co.,LTD.
create living co.,Ltd.
creative design limited partnership,
creative furniture co,LTD.
cre-ful co.,Ltd.
cubist concept co.,Ltd.
cytech solution,
d.d. allwood part,LTD.
d.k. industry co.,Ltd.
dansk furniture co.,LTD.
darling mattress co,LTD.
data home products co.,Ltd.
decatron corporation co,Ltd.
decor center furniture co ltd,
decoration 2 co,Ltd.
decorature co.,LTD.
decornition & furniture ltd,PART.
decoy plant co,LTD.
deelerd karnchang fctry,
deelert woodline co.,LTD.
deesawat industries co,LTD.
dejo shianghai furniture & construction co.,Ltd.
delight furniture co,Ltd.
denchai parquet factory co,LTD.
denki international co,LTD.
design one import & export co,LTD.
diamond sofa co,LTD.
didi directions co.,Ltd.
disa (thailand) co. ltd.,
divine decoration co.,Ltd.
doctor wood co,LTD.
dong chong co.,LTD.
dragon thai lumber co,LTD.
driessen aircraft interior systems (thailand) ltd.,
drive-in furniture ltd,PART.
duroform co,LTD.
durospan co.,LTD.
dynamic promotion co,LTD
e.c. plastics,
e.g.g. enterprise co.,LTD.
e.l.e. everyday life elements co.,LTD.
e.p. genius import export co ltd,
e.p. handling co,Ltd.
earth & fire co,LTD.
east coast design co,LTD.
east coast industry co ltd,
eastern blend co.,Ltd.
eastern concepts co.,LTD.
eastern heritage ltd,PART.
ecofurn co.,Ltd.
ekwiriya co ltd,
ele everyday life elements co.,LTD.
element international co.,Ltd.
elephant house co.,LTD
enholco industries co,LTD.
ergo design & manufacturing co ltd,
euro - thai engineering co,LTD.
euro asia furniture & office chair components co.,
euro house co,LTD.
euro plan office (1999) co.,LTD.
euro thai interfurniture co.,LTD.
european textiles co,LTD.
euro-thai furniture co,Ltd.
exac intertreat co.,Ltd.
exact intertrade co,LTD.
experience thailand,
expert intertrade co.,LTD.
extraform manufacturing co.,Ltd.
f.g.c. furniform co.,LTD.
f.t. industry co,LTD.
fancy designs co,LTD.
fancy wood industries public co,LTD.
fineline industry co.,LTD.
first steel furniture & safe co,LTD.
firstrate (thailand) co.,LTD.
flender singapore pte. ltd. representative office,
flexiplan design co,Ltd.
fortuna safe & steel furniture ltd.,PART
forward group of companies,
forward wood industry co.,LTD.
four b rubber co.,Ltd.
four star industries (thailand) ltd.,
froebel (thailand) co,LTD.
from fabric co,LTD.
frontline furniture co,LTD. (PANANIA)
fuji boeki co.,Ltd.
fur & fish co.,LTD
furni thai co,LTD.
furnia co,Ltd.
furni-lux co.,Ltd.
furnimart co,LTD.
furnish board co.,LTD.
Furnist Industry Co.,Ltd.
furnithai co,Ltd.
furniture and construction center ltd,P.
furniture j l v co.,Ltd.
furnitures thai dot com,
furnustry co.,LTD.
furtech international co,LTD.
future design co,LTD.
g. doulatram & sons (thailand) ltd.,
g.b.o. asia co,Ltd.
g.w. (1996) lp,
garant mobel,
gerson & sons ltd,
global hotel supply co,LTD.
global soft co.,Ltd.
global trend co,LTD.
glory oak products co.,Ltd.
gold bell furniture l.p.,
gold salotti leather company limited,
golden (thai) teak co ltd,
golden classic furniture co.,Ltd.
golden spot international co.,Ltd
grain furnish co.,LTD.
grand built co.,Ltd
grand industries co,LTD.
grandis co,LTD.
grandness co.,LTD.
grandtech parawood co.,LTD.
great foam products co,LTD.
green furniture co.,LTD.
greenacts co,LTD.
gummi lawana co.,LTD.
h.l.wood company limited,
h.p. furniture manufacturing co ltd,
h.p. industries co.,LTD.
Habitat (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Habitat Industries (Thailand) Corp.. Ltd.
Habitat Interior Design Consultants Co.,Ltd.

haco group (1991) co.,Ltd
hammat-sby co.,Ltd.
hanetech (thailand) co.,Ltd.
happy home furniture co,Ltd.
hawaii thai export co,LTD.
helem thai co,Ltd.
hermanos kaybee (thailand) co.,Ltd.
hi-class equipment co.,LTD
hi-class furniture co,LTD.
hjellegjerde asia co,LTD.
hockey international co ltd,
home crafts co,Ltd.
Home Design And Manufactury Co.,Ltd
home guide furniture & design co.,Ltd.
home safe & steel furniture co,Ltd.
home thoughts (thailand) ltd.,
hong kong furnishing factory co.,LTD.
hong lee heng tannery co.,Ltd.
horeca intertrade,
hotel and interior supply co,LTD.
house of decoration co.,Ltd.
house of woods co,LTD.
hove d.k. co,LTD.
hp furniture mfg co.,LTD.
hsiang mei enterprise co.,LTD.
hwa lang ceramic hardware factory co,LTD.
hygge co.,LTD
hymix company limited.,
idea decoration co ltd,
ideas design collection co.,Ltd.
idia industry factory co.,LTD.
ikea trading (thailand) ltd,
image intermarketing co.,Ltd.
impartial intertrade,
ind.desing co,LTD.
indi co.,LTD.
industrie natuzzi spa,
infra resource co,LTD.
ingo de bangkok co.,LTD.
insee marketing co.,Ltd.
inspire sofa co ltd,
intel choices co.,Ltd.
inter comfort co,LTD.
inter valued product (thailand).,
interbella ltd,P.
interfurn co,LTD.
inter-hides & leather co.,Ltd.
interior image co.,Ltd.
inter-krai co,LTD.
is delight co.,LTD.
italy furniture,
j. thai international co.,Ltd.
j.c. penny purchasing corp,
j.s. united co,LTD.
janpipat co.,LTD
jansen international hong kong ltd.,
jaroen phol furniture ltd,PART.
jay hayashi plc.,
jeng-heng sae han office,
jew ngun heng furniture,
jina manufacturer thai co ltd,
johjoon co,Ltd.
Jong Charoen Furniture Shop Bangkok
Jong Charoen Rattan Furniture Co.,Ltd.
jong pattana co ltd
jongjaroen co.,LTD.
jongluck furniture industry,
k.c. furline co.,LTD.
k.c. lee ltd part,
k.k. wood industry co.,Ltd.
k.k.p. bronze and brass co ltd,
k.t. thai local products co,LTD.
kai kee furniture ltd,P.
kaitsense design co.,Ltd.
kanok furniture & decoration co,Ltd.
karnyang yeen yong industry co,LTD.
kaseminterior co.,LTD.
kasemsiri furniture co.,LTD.
katoji thai co,LTD.
kelang furniture ltd,P.
kenkoon co,LTD.
khon kaen fishing net factory co.,LTD.
kiam viwat ltd.,PART.
kingsgate furniture co.,LTD
kingstar furniture co.,LTD.
kingstar metal products co,LTD.
kitchen tech co,Ltd.
kiti co.,LTD.
kitso co,LTD.
kitthavorn factory co,LTD.
klaeng products woodtrade co.,LTD
koizumi sangyo (thailand) co.,LTD
kongchai aluminium ltd,PART.
kongka manufacturer co,Ltd.
konnok co ltd,
koraphat intertrade ltd.,PART
korex co.,LTD.
kowsupamonkol export co,LTD.
krasae-para co.,LTD.
kri-full co.,LTD.
krykad co.,LTD.
kuen min enterprise co,LTD.
kumpun and decharkit,
kunakij furniture industry co,Ltd.
kuru tannery co,LTD.
kusamai bamboo co,LTD.
kweepoj co ltd,
l brothers co ltd,
l.c.r. trading ltd.,PART.
lai vichit ltd.,PART.
leather comfort co.,LTD.
Leather Gallery Co.,Ltd.
Leather Studio Co.,Ltd.

lee housing interior product co.,LTD.
leeco sankei (thailand) co.,Ltd
leerungruang steel co,Ltd.
lersilp furniture co.,LTD.
li & fung (thailand) co,LTD.
lion express ltd.,
liv-better industries co,LTD.
lohaprateep industry co,LTD.
lohprateep industry co.,Ltd.
louis t. leonowens (thailand) ltd.,
luangthavon furniture co.,LTD.
lucky child co,LTD.
lucky safe steel furniture co,LTD.
luckyworld group co,LTD.
lux alliance co ltd,
lynn' place co,LTD.
m. wa (thailand) co.,LTD.
m.b.a. export product co.,LTD.
m.d.e.c. international (1999) co,LTD.
m.p. particle board co.,LTD.
m.s.c. parawood products co.,LTD.
madera products co.,LTD.
mae yai co.,LTD.
magic furline group co,LTD.
mahamongkol furniture co.,LTD.
man group international co.,Ltd.
mano international ltd.,PART.
mansin steel furniture co,Ltd.
marine woodwork co.,LTD.
master wood co.,LTD.
maxfurniture limited partnership,
maxima bangkok co,LTD.
maya intertrade co.,Ltd.
me dee co.,LTD.
mekin furniture co.,Ltd.
melamine thai co,LTD.
metro m.d.f. co,LTD.
meyer industries ltd,
micron industries co,LTD.
migh rungsit sawmill co.,LTD.
millennium marketing (thailand) co.,Ltd.
minami and verbena industry co.,Ltd.
ming's co,Ltd.
mini system co ltd,
misumi (thailand) co. ltd.,
mitsea furniture co,LTD.
mitsukura thai co,LTD.
mobel woodwork co.,LTD.
mobilia co.,LTD.
modern furniture ltd.,PART.
modern furniture plaza,
modernform group public co,LTD.
modul casa co.,LTD.
modular samko co.,LTD.

molar wood products co.,LTD


moma collection co,Ltd
mongkol siam leather co,LTD.
moramax co ltd,
mosaic furniture,
msr trading co.,LTD.
mutiara co.,LTD.
n plus furniture co.,Ltd.
n.c. wood co.,Ltd.
n.c.c. image co.,LTD.
n.k. ferniclass co.,Ltd
naa'im holdings co.,LTD.
naics furnishing co.,LTD.
nak (thailand) corp ltd,
national furniture ltd.,Part.
natura co.,Ltd.
neoterra enterprises (thailand) co.,LTD.
nettrend products co.,Ltd.
new furniture co.,LTD.
new life sculpture co.,LTD.
new modern home co.,LTD
new muang thong furniture (1993) co.,LTD.
new yong seng rattan factory co.,Ltd.
nichapa co.,LTD.
nikka parawood co.,LTD.
nitas & assocates ltd.,
nithchy leo ltd.,PART
num seng factory co ltd,
numfon publishing co.,LTD
nuntawan design co.,LTD.
nuovopovero ltd,
ocean k. furnitrade co.,LTD.
odst maker co.,LTD.
office depot (thai) co.,Ltd.
omniact co.,LTD.
oriental look co.,Ltd.
oriental wood products company ltd,
ozcon interiors co.,Ltd.
p. center design & furniture co.,Ltd.
p. inter marketing & manufacturing co.,LTD.
p.a.s. classic steel co.,LTD.
p.c. samson (thailand) co.,LTD.
p.g. furnitech co.,Ltd.
p.g. steelfurn co.,LTD.
p.n. furniture co.,Ltd.
p.p. parawood. co.,LTD co.,LTD
p.p.k. trading co.,LTD.
p.s. furniture international co.,Ltd.
p.s.c. furniture ltd.,PART.
p.s.l. design ltd.,Part.
p.s.n. furniture co.,LTD.
p.s.p. furniture & design co.,LTD.
pacific carpet co.,LTD.
pacific design ltd.,PART
pacific point international co.,Ltd.
pacific wood co.,LTD.
pairoj tannery co.,Ltd.
palai art and craft co.,Ltd.
palazzo co.,LTD.
pan industrial products co.,Ltd.
pan inter foods co.,LTD.
pan mechanic engineering co.,Ltd.
pan siam express ltd.,PART.
panania co.,Ltd.
panda thai wood product co.,LTD.
para eastern industry co.,LTD.
para world furniture co.,LTD
paragon oa furniture co.,LTD.
Parawood Center (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Parawood Co.,Ltd.
parawood design industries co.,LTD.
paraworld furniture co.,Ltd.
parinya decoration ltd.,PART
pat republic co.,LTD.
pataya furniture collection co.,LTD.
pathom furniture (1994) co.,Ltd.
pattaya cane and fabric co.,LTD.
pattaya furniture collection co.,Ltd.
pemchet co.,Ltd.
perfect library,
perfect office furniture co .,LTD.
performax co.,Ltd.
peter & son furniture co.,LTD.
peter furniture & son co.,Ltd.
peter trader group holding,
phaisan karnchang (factory),
phanaporn international co.,LTD.
phancharoen panichakarn & industries co.,LTD
Picotee Interior Center Co.,Ltd.
Picotee International Co.,Ltd.
pimpen co.,LTD.
pin international co.,LTD.
pin interwood co.,LTD.
pinkarjai industry co.,LTD
pinkrajai industries co.,LTD.
pipop pinyo ltd.,Part.
pitisawat furniture co.,Ltd.
plan 2711,
planet furniture (thailand) ltd.,
ply mount international (thai) co.,Ltd.
podium holding group co.,LTD.
polloyds international (thailand) co.,LTD.
polywood (thailand) co.,LTD.
pongsin woodwork co.,LTD.
pornpol co.,Ltd.
pornthep parawood samyan ltd.,PART.
postforming industry (thailand) co.,LTD.
pracktika co.,LTD.
practika co,Ltd.
prakran enterprise (1999) co.,LTD.
prarimart co.,LTD.
prasan furniture limited partnership,
prayuenyong associates co.,LTD.
premier inter furnish co.,LTD.
premio home decor co.,LTD.
president office furniture co.,LTD.
prisma collection co.,LTD.
progress international industry co.,Ltd
progressive industries corp.,LTD.
promarketing home & decor co.,LTD.
psyche graces product co.,Ltd
punnasorn co.,LTD.
pupattana co.,LTD.
pure one co ltd,
quick & sav systems co.,LTD.
r.r.r. co ltd,
ratana trading co.,LTD.
ratchada marble co ltd,
rattan house co.,LTD.
raum sang stainless steel work co.,LTD.
rayong bangkok rubber co.,LTD.
rayong particle board co.,LTD.
raysons and associates co.,LTD.
rebirth industry co.,LTD.
relact industry co.,Ltd.
resonance co.,Ltd.
richtek co.,LTD.
right angle design and manufacturer.,
rockwood co.,LTD.
rockworth public co.,LTD.
rompothong furniture ltd.,PART.
rong jiann international co.,LTD.
royal kingdom industry corp.,LTD.
royal master corp. ltd.,
royal wood & design co.,LTD.
ruam chang veichabsand,
ruang utai wood industry co.,LTD.
rung ruang parquet industry,
rungcharoen safe & steel furniture co.,Ltd.
rungkij intertrade co ltd,
ryma inter trading (thailand) co.,Ltd.
s. kijchai co.,LTD.
s. mahasilp furniture ltd.,PART.
s. praphasilp industries co ltd,
s. sukijprasert co.,LTD.
s.b. furniture house co.,LTD.
s.b. furniture industry co.,Ltd.
s.c. leather co.,LTD
s.c.i.c. limited,
s.c.r. furniture co.,LTD
s.c.s. furniture ltd.,PART.
s.f. furniture co.,Ltd.
s.i.a. furniture,
s.i.s. barter trade co.,LTD.
s.i.t. (international) co ltd,
s.j.i. marketing co.,LTD.
s.k. furniture design co.,LTD.
s.k.j. furniture co.,LTD.
s.k.t. furniture co.,LTD.
s.kijchai co.,LTD.
s.p. chokeamnouy furniture co.,LTD.
s.p.k. marketing co.,LTD.
s.p.n. industry co.,LTD.
s.p.s. cooperate,LTD
s.p.s. industries co.,Ltd.
s.p.v. furnitect co.,LTD.
s.r.m. parawood co.,ltd.
s.s. furnitech co.,LTD.
s.t.a. group (1993) co.,. LTD.
s.t.a. mdf co.,LTD.
s.v.b. steel product,
sa-bai living co.,LTD.
saeng charoen pattana enterprise co.,LTD.
saeng fah paint and furniture co.,LTD.
saengfahpaint & furniture co.,LTD.
saha madee co.,LTD.
saha saeng charoen tannery ltd.,PART.
saha sayam victory co.,LTD.
saha seiren co.,Ltd.
sahapan furnishing ltd.,PART.
sahapattanasilp furniture ltd.,PART.
sahapiyanut thai co.,LTD.
sahathaiprecision metalpart co.,LTD.
sahawattakee factory,
sajjapholchai co.,Ltd.
sala-tanum co.,LTD.
sang thana furniture ltd part,
sankho kaihatsu co ltd,
santisuk furniture,
sappawatana co.,LTD.
sarassa gift gallery co.,LTD.
satin textiles co.,LTD.
scale-concept living co.,LTD.
scan thai trading ltd.,PART.
seangfa paint and furniture co.,Ltd.
selectform furniture & son co.,LTD
senshukai (thailand) co ltd,
sevengold marketing co.,LTD
shanghai timber and furnishings (thailand) co.,LTD
shouei furniture co.,LTD.
shun thai co.,LTD.
siam a & c co.,Ltd.
siam chitose co.,Ltd.
siam design furnishing co.,Ltd.
siam development supply ltd.,PART.
siam elegance wood co.,LTD.
siam furnitech co.,LTD.
siam global co.,LTD
siam global house co.,Ltd.
siam interframe ltd part,
siam interior product co.,LTD.
siam kingdom marble furniture co.,LTD.
siam kudos,
siam marry textile co ltd,
siam merchandise sourcing co.,LTD.
siam mobler co ltd,
siam okamura international,
siam okamura steel co.,Ltd.
siam richwood co.,LTD
siam steel furniture ltd.,PART.
siam steel international public company limited,
siam steel service center public co.,LTD.
siam tanadon,
siam tani furniture co.,Ltd.
siam techno industry co.,Ltd.
siam tewa co.,LTD.
siam tree development co.,LTD.
siam wicker co.,Ltd.
siam wood furniture co.,Ltd.
siamtaksilp co.,LTD.
siamthanee furniture co.,LTD.
siamvista co ltd,
silom shanghai furniture & construction co.,LTD.
simacharn intertrade co.,LTD.
simon and associates ltd.,
sinsutha co.,LTD.
sinthai parawood co.,LTD.
siphaya furniture & construction,
siphya furniture co.,LTD.
siphya international co.,LTD.
sippotai intertrade ltd.,PART.
sirithana furniture co.,LTD.
sleepwell industries co.,LTD.
smile furniture ltd.,PART
sofa maker co.,LTD.
somboon art gallery co.,LTD.
somerville (siam) co.,LTD.
somporn furniture,
son para tech co.,LTD.
songvut furniture factory,
sophia furniture co.,Ltd.
sophol furniture,
sophon shop,
sri chareon international co.,Ltd.
sri makavarnphund co.,LTD.
srithai superware public co.,ltd
srithanachai co.,LTD.
st. john furniture l.p,
standard rubber ltd.,PART.
standard universal international co.,Ltd.
starmark manufacturing co.,LTD.
steelcase inc.,
stone & steel co.,LTD.
suaysompol engineering co.,LTD
suimex plastic industries co.,LTD.
sukapan center,
sukhumvit 43 co.,LTD
sukreuangrong import export co.,LTD.
sumit furniture co.,LTD.
sumitra woodwork co.,LTD.
sun bird manufacturer thai group co.,Ltd.
sun cabinet co.,LTD.
sun wood industries public company limited,
sunshine furnish co.,LTD.
sunti furniture,
supan furniture 1995 co.,LTD.
supratrend co ltd,
surina industries co.,LTD.
suriya quilting co.,Ltd.
suttirojn co.,LTD.
suwan supply cast alloy art forever co.,LTD.
sweethouse furniture co.,LTD.
swire & maclaine co.,LTD.
system form co.,LTD.
t & t furniture co.,Ltd.
t & t opening co.,LTD.
t. form inter design,
t. taveesin furniture ltd.,PART.
t. thaweesin furnishing ltd.,Part.
t.c.k. interplas co.,LTD.
t.e.o. union co.,LTD
t.j. furniture international co.,LTD.
t.k.c. furniture co.,Ltd
t.p.s. garden furniture co.,LTD.
t.p.s. wooden products co.,LTD
t.v.p. intertrade,
t.v.t. co.,Ltd.
t.w.c. furniture co.,Ltd.
tadcha design and construction ltd.,PART
takashimaya (thailand) co ltd,
tamuilai development co.,LTD.
tanasiri co.,LTD.
taradol asso co.,LTD.
task co.,LTD.
teak furniture l.p.,
teak sawmill and wood product,
tellus systems ltd.,
test rite international (thailand) ltd.,
tetrad (thailand) co.,LTD.
thai asia industry co.,LTD
thai bamboo and wood products co.,Ltd.
thai bison cabinets co.,LTD.
thai casa bella ltd.,PART.
thai continental mattress co.,Ltd.
thai daiso intertrade co.,LTD.
thai eastern wood (1987) co.,LTD.
thai eizen co.,Ltd
thai fancywood co.,LTD
thai fukuvi co.,LTD.
thai furniture art co.,Ltd.
thai furniture co.,Ltd.
thai furniture industries association,
thai furniture industry co.,LTD.
thai horizon co.,LTD.
thai intertrade co.,Ltd.
thai itoki co.,LTD.
thai jirapat co.,LTD.
thai kodama co.,LTD.
thai kongo co.,LTD.
thai lim wood co.,LTD.
thai living center co.,Ltd.
thai living pleasures co.,Ltd.
thai maruni ltd.,
thai maruni lumber co.,LTD
thai mikimoku co.,LTD.
thai n.g.s 1999 co.,LTD.
thai orix leasing co ltd,
thai p.p. seat co.,LTD.
thai plastic and petrochemical business development
thai sadakari co.,LTD.
thai soft woods co.,LTD.
thai steel furniture co.,LTD.
thai style and associates co.,LTD
thai superior wood co ltd,
thai systech kyowa co.,LTD.
thai taiyo co.,LTD.
thai teak furniture l.p.,
thai therapy table co.,LTD.
thai tradecare co.,Ltd.
thai union p.u. co.,Ltd.
thai universal office products co.,Ltd.
thai visavalux ltd.,PART.
thai wanaphan co.,LTD.
thai wood furniture,
thai wood industrial co.,LTD
thai wood productions co.,LTD.
thai wood work co.,LTD.
thaicharoen furniture,
thaicil co.,Ltd.
thai-formable industrial co.,LTD
thaiphil intertrade co.,LTD.
the classic chairs c0.,LTD.
the element presentation,
the living place co.,LTD.
thelma co.,LTD.
tho & max trading co.,LTD.
thomas biel and associates ltd,
thong thai,
three dimension co.,LTD
three's co.,LTD.
tiantong furniture ltd.,PART.
tiger techwood co.,LTD.
tilico co.,Ltd.
toa-dovechem industries ltd.,
toa-union paint (thailand) co.,LTD.
token interior & design co.,Ltd.
tokyo nissin trading co.,LTD.
tokyo para wood (1986) co.,LTD.
tong chen furniture co.,Ltd.
tong mong furniture ltd.,PART.
tong wa heng co.,LTD.
topten furinture,
toscano furniture collection co.,LTD.
tota co.,Ltd.
toway intertrade co.,Ltd.
toyo shutter co.,LTD.
trade thai co.,LTD.
trim international co.,LTD
triple five trading co.,LTD.
triplex trading,
twoway intertrade co.,LTD.
u.c.k. company limited,
u.n. wood co.,LTD.
ub-haworth (thailand) co ltd,
udom furniture ltd.,PART.
union brother group co.,LTD.
union charoen frniture industy co.,LTD.
union forest co.,LTD.
union pan exhibitions co ltd,
unique design co.,LTD.
united pacific trading co.,LTD.
united steel work co ltd,
universal parawood co.,LTD.
ureka alliance (thailand) co.,Ltd.
usa economic development co.,LTD.
uthitasarn packing limited partnership,
v.p. plastic product (1993) co.,LTD.
v.p.s. industries company limited,
v.s. furniture industry samutsakhon co.,LTD.
v.s. industry furniture samut sakorn co.,LTD.
vanachai group public co.,LTD.
vanacharoen co.,LTD.
vancom co.,Ltd.
vanguard interiors (thailand) co.,Ltd.
vasan housing products,
verbena intertrade co.,LTD.
Verbena Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
vichai furgo 1995 co.,LTD.
viriyakit plastic industry co.,LTD.
viset karnchang shop,
vision interior design group co.,LTD.
volksmoebel co.,LTD.
voraphan furniture co.,LTD.
w.d.i. (thailand) co.,Ltd.
w.j.c. co.,LTD.
w.v.k. group ltd.,
wanakorn maithai co.,LTD.
wannarat rungrueng furniture co.,Ltd.
watap (thailand) co.,LTD
wattana mongkol group co.,LTD
we are product & house co.,LTD.
welcraft products co.,Ltd.
welma furnitech co.,LTD.
western heritage part.,LTD.
willy comfort co.,LTD.
wilsonart (thailand) co.,Ltd.
win win plus business co.,LTD.
winnersport co.,LTD.
winsome co.,LTD.
wintex international co.,LTD
wirunsuk furniture co.,Ltd.
wiwatsan co.,LTD.
wong invention co.,LTD.
wood mart co.,LTD.
wood preservation plant,
wood product factory,
Wood Sales & Development Co.,Ltd.
wooden world co.,LTD.
woodtek international co.,LTD.
woodworks thai (1980) co.,LTD.
woody & sons wood products: co ltd,
worakarn bronze & art co ltd,
world decoration group co.,Ltd.
world plaster co.,Ltd.
xoho bangkok co.,LTD.
yannawa furniture,
yoki furniture co.,LTD.
yong hah seng furniture & construction limited par,
yothaka international co.,LTD.
yu shan enterprise co.,LTD.
yumark bangkok co.,Ltd.
yupin furniture co.,Ltd.

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