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Thailand Artificial Flowers Companies, Thai Artificial Flowers Manufacturers


Thailand is a great place to source Silk Artificial Flowers, Saa Paper Artificial Flowers, Mulberry Paper Artificial Flowers, Rubber Artificial Flowers, Clay Artificial Flowers and Plastic Artificial Flowers.

I remember that the notion of plastic flowers brought up images of cheap imitations cheap imitation flowers that were pretty but nothing like the feel, look and smell of real flowers. Of course longevity was an important factor. Plastic flowers lasted forever - or so we were told.

Nowadays the idea of plastic flowers or should we use the term artificial flowers has been taken far far beyond the original concept. My opinion has changes entirely. With the fantastic variety of artificial flowers and floral displays, the materials they are made from and the artistic talent employed in the design, manufacture, collection and display I am not shy to say that I think they are far superior to their natural counterparts.


Thailand is a country of great natural beauty. The mountains valleys and riverbanks are home to an amazing diversity of flora. The exotic blooms especially a myriad types of orchids found here are just that 'exotic'  Now artists, designers and manufacturers have come together to produce truly breathtaking examples of floral displays and floral masterpieces that will grace the best of dining tables, homes and offices and dare I say make a fundamental change to many western marriage customs.

No longer will the bride be tossing her wedding bouquet of expensive but short lived flowers to her bridesmaids - no she will be packing her bridal bouquet away to give as a valuable heirloom to pass on to her children and grand children.

Please browse through our web pages. Marvel at the beautiful artificial flowers - yes they are all artificial!!

I know I have many of them in my office and in my home. One of the privileges of being involved in product sourcing here in Thailand - I get to keep the best of the samples!!


Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your artificial flowers needs please email with your requests.

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Decorative Flowers on Boxes Artificial Orchids Artificial Flower Brooches
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Orchids in Glass Jars Artificial Wedding Bouquets Artificial Flower Displays
Featured Thailand Artificial Flowers Companies
A Gift From Nature Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand manufacturer and wholesaler of artificial flowers, dried flowers, craft dried flower, floral crafts, and paper vases
Grandlux Floral International Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Artificial Flowers, Artificial Fruit, Artificial Plants, Christmas Decorations, Candles and Decorative Items.
P & A Collection Co.,Ltd Thailand Manufacturer of fine Thai handicrafts, Flamework glass, ceramic miniatures, artificial flowers, beautiful and natural looking Thai silk flower arrangements.
R.A. Design Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Artificial Flowers, Hand Wrapped Saa Paper Flowers, Artificial Plants, Artificial Fruits & Artificial Vegetables

Vanda Gifts and Home Decorations
Thai manufacturer of artificial flowers made of clay. We guarantee of all manufacturing process and reasonable prices. They give natural touch and real look. Furthermore, we have ceramic gifts, aroma candles and soaps and others handicrafts. Our products are suitable as gifts for all occasions or as an decorative item for your beloved house. We sell for retail and wholesale
Lampang - Thailand

Innov8 International
We are a company based in Thailand, specializing in the exporting of artificial flowers. We have company members in the UK and Thailand who can deal with any enquiries you may have. We offer unique goods at very reasonable prices. The stems are of high quality, produced from natural materials including the rubber plant. don't hesitate to contact us for more information.
Bangkok - Thailand

Listed here you will find some of the high quality artificial flower products that can be  sourced from the best of Thailand artificial flower manufacturers. If you would like Bangkok Companies to source your artificial flowers then items please contact

Acorn Leaf
Arachnis Wild Plant
Areca Palms
Arrangement Artificial Christmas Flowers
Arrow Leaf
Artificial Birds
Artificial Branches
Artificial Butterflies
Artificial Cactus
Artificial Christmas Flowers
Artificial Craft Flowers
Artificial Floor Plants
Artificial Florals
Artificial Flower - Latex
Artificial Flower - Orchid
Artificial Flower Arrangements
Artificial Flower Bouquet
Artificial Flower -Fabric
Artificial Flower Made From Rubber Tree
Artificial Flower Orchid
Artificial Flower- Paper
Artificial Flower Plant
Artificial Flower Soap
Artificial Flower-Clay Fabric
Artificial Flower-Clay, Fashion Jewelry-Clay
Artificial Flower-Fabric
Artificial Flower-Glass
Artificial Flower-Hand Wrapped
Artificial Flower-Latex
Artificial Flower-Mulberry Paper
Artificial Flower-Plastic
Artificial Flower-Polyester
Artificial Flower-Rubber
Artificial Flowers - Clay
Artificial Flowers & Plants
Artificial Flowers & Trees
Artificial Flowers Arrangement
Artificial Flowers Bangkok
Artificial Flowers Bouquet
Artificial Flowers Distributor
Artificial Flowers Exporter
Artificial Flowers Manufacturer
Artificial Flowers Plant
Artificial Flowers Plant Silk
Artificial Flowers Plants
Artificial Flowers Stems
Artificial Flowers Supplier
Artificial Flowers Supply
Artificial Flowers Thailand
Artificial Flowers Wedding
Artificial Flowers Wedding Bouquet
Artificial Flower-Sa Paper
Artificial Flower-Silk
Artificial Flower-Wood
Artificial Foliage Plant
Artificial Fruit & Vegetables
Artificial Fruit And Berries
Artificial Fruit And Berry
Artificial Fruit And Vegetable
Artificial Grass
Artificial Handmade Flowers
Artificial Handmade Fruits
Artificial Leaves
Artificial Marble Products
Artificial Mini Tree
Artificial Orange Flavored Beverage
Artificial Orchid
Artificial Orchids
Artificial Palms & Trees
Artificial Perennial Flowers
Artificial Plant And Flowers
Artificial Plant And Trees
Artificial Plant Tree
Artificial Plant-Natural Trunk
Artificial Plant-Other
Artificial Plant-Plastic
Artificial Plant-Plastic Stems And Natural
Artificial Plants
Artificial Plants - Clay - Handmade
Artificial Silk Flower Arrangements
Artificial Silk Flowers
Artificial Silk Flowers Manufacturer
Artificial Trees
Artificial Tropical Flowers
Artificial Vegetables
Artificial Wedding Flowers
Artificial Wedding Flowers Arrangement
Baby Vanda Plant
Bamboo Branch
Bamboo Palms
Banana Palm Trees
Begonia Napkin Ring
Berries & Branches
Berry Holly Flowery Bow
Berry Holly Gold Candle Ring
Berry Holly Napkin Ring
Bird Leaf
Bird Of Paradise
Black Handmade Roses
Black Mulberry Paper Roses
Black Paper Roses
Black Roses
Black Saa Paper Roses
Black Silk Roses
Blue Berry Candle Ring
Blue Berry Flower Candle Ring
Blue Berry Foxtail Candle Ring
Blue Pansies
Bouquet Of Alstroemeria
Bouquet Of Handmade Roses
Bouquet Of Leaves
Bouquet Of Lilies
Bouquet Of Pink Flowers
Bouquet Of Purple Flowers
Bouquet Of Red And Purple Flowers
Bouquet Of Red Flowers
Bouquets & Clusters
Bouquets And Corsages
Bridal Bouquet Dark Pink Roses
Bridal Bouquet Hydrangeas
Bridal Bouquet Of Mauve Roses
Bridal Bouquet Of Dark Pink Roses
Bridal Bouquet Of Ivory Roses
Bridal Bouquet Of Light Blue Flowers
Bridal Bouquet Of Pink Roses
Bridal Bouquet Of Roses
Bridal Bouquet Of Roses And Hydrangeas
Bridal Bouquet Of White Flowers
Bridal Bouquet With Yellow Flowers
Bride And Groom Flower Set
Bull Bay Set
Burgandy Hydrangea Flower
Burgandy Rose Floral Arrangement
Bushes & Vines
Calla Leaf
Candle Holders
Candle Rings
Candle Rings And Wreaths
Carnation Candle Ring
Cattaleya Bunch
Chaang Kra
Chaang Orchid
Cheap Artificial Flowers
Christmas Decorations
Christmas Flowers
Christmas Rose
Christmas Rose Candle Ring
Clay Orchids
Corsage Pin With Ostrich Feathers
Corsage Pin With Tulle Netting
Craft Silk Flowers Artificial
Cream Handmade Roses
Cream Hydrangea Flower
Cream Mulberry Paper Roses
Cream Paper Roses
Cream Roses
Cream Saa Paper Roses
Cream Silk Roses
Crocus Napkin Ring
Curled Petal Peony Flower
Curled Petal Peony Flowers
Cymbidium Candle Ring
Cymbidium New Plant
Daisies Bouquets
Daisy Ball Pen
Daisy Flowers
Daisy Napkin Ring
Dark Green Glossy Leaves
Dark Pink Handmade Roses
Dark Pink Mulberry Paper Roses
Dark Pink Paper Roses
Dark Pink Roses
Dark Pink Saa Paper Roses
Dark Pink Silk Roses
Dark Purple Handmade Roses
Dark Purple Mulberry Paper Roses
Dark Purple Paper Roses
Dark Purple Roses
Dark Purple Saa Paper Roses
Dark Purple Silk Roses
Day Lilies Bouquets
Decor Hydrangeas
Decor Silk Trees Flowers
Decorative Bird Cages
Delicate Small-Size Handmade Roses
Dendrobium Brooch
Dendrobium Plant
Dew Berry Napkin Ring
Dried Flowers
Dry Rose Ball Pen
Dry Rose Candle Ring
Dry Rose Flowery Bow
Eucalyptus Branch
Exotic Thai Flowers
Fabric Aronskelk
Fabric Arum
Fabric Emu Brush
Fabric Feesia
Fabric Gloriosa Lily
Fabric Higo Camellia
Fabric Hydrangea
Fabric Mini Carnation
Fabric Mini Rose
Fabric Phalaend
Fabric Rose
Fabric Vanda
Fabric Vergeet
Fall Flowers
Faux Flowers
Fig Trees
Floor Plants
Floral Bouquet
Flower Arrangements
Flower Baskets
Flower Bushes
Flower Silver Candle Ring
Flower Vases
Flowering Trees
Flowers Artificial Wholesale
Flowers For Crafts
Foxtail Lily Candle Ring
Fruit Baskets
Fruit Trees
Garlands And Vines
German Iris Ball Pen
Giant Rose Bud
Giant Paper Tea Rose
Giant Preserved Palm Trees
Giant Rose Bud
Giant Silk Trees
Gift Baskets
Grape Candle Ring
Grape Napkin Ring
Green Hydrangea Flower
Greenery Sprays
Groom's Wedding Boutonniere
Hand Sculpted Floral Designs
Handmade Boutonniere
Handmade Eucalyptus Leaves
Handmade Flower Corsage Pin
Handmade Glossy Leaves
Handmade Grapevine Stems
Handmade Hydrangea Boutonniere
Handmade Hydrangea Leaves
Handmade Magnolia Leaves,
Handmade Maiden Hair Fern
Handmade Sage Green Leaves
Handwrapped Silk Paper Flowers
Hanging Baskets
Hanging Bushes
Heart Glass Bead Napkin Ring
Heart Mini Rose Napkin Ring
Heart White Rose Napkin Ring
Holly Napkin Ring
Holly Ball Pen
Holly Berry Candle Ring
Holly Candle Ring
Holly Flower Ball Pen
Holly Flower Silver Flowery Bow
Holly Flower Silverr Ball Pen
Holly Gold Flowery Bow
Hydrangea Napkin Ring
Hydrangea Bouquet Of Flowers
Hydrangea Flower Bouquet
Hydrangea Napkin Ring
Hydrangeas Bouquets
Hydrangeas Handmade Flowers
Imperial Lily
Ivory Handmade Roses
Ivory Mulberry Paper Roses
Ivory Paper Roses
Ivory Roses
Ivory Saa Paper Roses
Ivory Silk Roses
Lady Dancing Plant
Lady Slipper
Large Blossom Flowers
Large Leaf Bouquet
Lavender Hydrangea Flower
Lavender Hydrangea Flower Bouquet
Leaf Napkin Ring
Liciandthus Napkin Ring
Light Blue Hydrangea Flower
Light Green Ivy
Light Pink Handmade Roses
Light Pink Mulberry Paperroses
Light Pink Paper Roses
Light Pink Roses
Light Pink Saa Paperroses
Light Pink Silk Roses
Light Yellow Handmade Roses
Light Yellow Mulberry Paper Roses
Light Yellow Paper Roses
Light Yellow Roses
Light Yellow Saa Paper Roses
Light Yellow Silk Roses
Long Flexible Stem
Long Stem Hydrangea Flower
Lotus Leaf
Madam Ceasar
Madam Pom Ball Pen
Madam Pom Napkin Ring
Magnolia Leaves
Maiden Hair Fern
Mauve Handmade Roses
Mauve Hydrangea Flower
Mauve Mulberry Paper Roses
Mauve Paper Roses
Mauve Roses
Mauve Saa Paper Roses
Mauve Silk Roses
Metal Baskets
Mini Bamboo
Mini Cattaleya
Mini Cattleya
Mini Cymbidium
Mini Drendrobium
Mini Lady Dancing
Mini Oncidium
Mini Phalaenopsis
Mini Rose Candle Ring
Mini Rose Flowery Bow
Mini Vanda
Miniature Decorative Roses
Miniature Orchids
Mix Fruit Box Round
New Queen Protea
Oncidium Plant
Orchid Brooch
Orchid Candles
Outdoor Artificial Flowers Arrangements
Pale Blue Hydrangea Flower
Palms Under
Paper Candia Rose
Paper Daisy
Paper Ggenus
Paper Lilac
Paper Pink Mink
Paper Poppy Napkin Ring
Paper Rosa Hybriden
Paper Rose
Paper Rose Bud
Paper Rose Napkin Ring
Paper Sunflower Napkin Ring
Peach Blooming Roses
Peach Handmade Roses
Peach Holly Napkin Ring
Peach Mulberry Paper Roses
Peach Pansies
Peach Paper Roses
Peach Roses
Peach Roses And White Hydrangea Flower Bouquet
Peach Saa Paper Roses
Peach Silk Roses
Peony Flowers
Phalaen Napkin Ring
Philo Leaf
Phoenix Palms
Pin Cousion (Sh)
Pink Hydrangea Flower Bouquet
Pink Pansies
Pink Rose Floral Arrangement
Poppy Bud
Preserved Orchid In Glass
Purple Handmade Roses
Purple Hydrangea Flower
Purple Mulberry Paper Roses
Purple Pansies
Purple Paper Roses
Purple Roses
Purple Saa Paper Roses
Purple Silk Roses
Quality Silk Floral
Quality Silk Flowers
Red Berry Candlr Ring
Red Blooming Roses
Red Handmade Roses
Red Hat Rose Bouquet
Red Mulberry Paper Roses
Red Paper Roses
Red Rose Floral Arrangement
Red Roses
Red Saa Paper Roses
Red Silk Roses
Rosa Hungonis
Rose Brooch
Rose Bud
Rose Ball Pen
Rose Bouquet Box Heart
Rose Box Round
Rose Box Square
Rose Bud
Rose Bud Box Round
Rose Bud Napkin Ring
Rose Candle Ring
Rose Closed
Rose Flower Bow
Rose Flowery Bow
Rose Napkin Ring
Rose Open
Rose Single Box Round
Rose X 4 Ball Pen
Roses And Hydrangeas Bouquet
Rubber Flowers
Saa Paper Flowers
Sage Green Hydrangea Flower
Sage Green Leaves
Satin Long Stem Rose
Seasonal Items
Short Stem Hydrangea Leaves
Silk Artificial Flowers
Silk Decor Trees
Silk Floor Plants
Silk Flower Arrangements
Silk Flower Bushes
Silk Flowering Sprays
Silk Flowers
Silk Orchids
Silk Palm Trees
Silk Palms, Other
Silk Plants
Silk Rose Petals
Silk Roses
Silk Stem Flowers
Silk Sunflowers
Silk Tree
Silk Trees
Silk Tulips
Silk Wedding Flowers
Silver Leaves
Small Blossom Flowers
Small Handmade Roses
Small Tulip
Soft Blue Handmade Roses
Soft Blue Mulberry Paper Roses
Soft Blue Paper Roses
Soft Blue Roses
Soft Blue Saa Paper Roses
Soft Blue Silk Roses
Sunflower Box Heart
Sunflower Brooch
Sunflower Candle Ring
Sunflower Flowery Bow
Swags & Garlands
Taupe Hydrangea Flower
Tea Rose Closed
Topiary Trees
Tropical Silk Flowers
Tulip Flowery Bow
Tulip Napkin Ring
Vanda Brooch
Vanda Napkin Ring
Vanda Plant
Variegated Long Stem Hydrangea
Waratah Giant
Wedding Bouquet
White Blooming Roses
White Handmade Roses
White Hydrangea Flower
White Hydrangea Flower Bouquet
White Mulberry Paper Roses
White Pansies
White Paper Roses
White Rose Floral Arrangement
White Rose Napkin Ring
White Roses
White Saa Paper Roses
White Silk Roses
Wholesale Artificial Flowers Arrangements
Wholesale Artificial Flowers In Thailand
Wild Rose Candle Ring
Wild Rose Napkin Ring
Wine Holders
Xmas Berry Napkin Ring
X'mas Flower
Xmas Flowery Bow
Xmas Napkin Ring
Yellow Blooming Roses
Yellow Pansies
Yellow Rose And Hydrangea Flower Bouquet

3 D Corp, Ltd.
A Gift From Nature Co, Ltd.
A. Trade Power (Thailand)
A.S.L. Flowers Co, Ltd.
Actiwiz Co., Ltd
All World Flowers Co, Ltd.
Angkarb Bonsai Nursery & Potteries
Arco Decor Co, Ltd.
Arena Exports Co, Ltd.
Art And Steel Co.,Ltd.
Artflower Passon Co.,Ltd.
Artificial Flower Maker Group
Arti-Flora Corporation Ltd.
Ascorp Co, Ltd.
August First Interdependence Co, Ltd
B.K. Flower Co, Ltd.
B.K.K. Group Co, Ltd.
B.T.F. International Co Ltd
Bangko Corporation Ltd.
Bangkok Companies
Bangkok Corp, Ltd.
Bangkok Creative Flowers Ltd, Part.
Bangkok Dynamics Co., Ltd.
Bangkok Florist Centre Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Handwrapped Flowers Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Inter Trade Group Co.,Ltd
Bangkok Plastic Products Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Top Artificial Flower Factory Co, Ltd
Bless Trading Co, Ltd.
Bloombiz Co, Ltd.
Botanique International Co, Ltd.
Burapa Flowers Ltd, Part.
C.O.E. Co Ltd
C.S. Century Co Ltd
C.S.G. Co Ltd
Candyco Thai International Co Ltd
Capstone Potpourri
Cassia Fistula Corp Ltd
Central Art Flower Co Ltd
Chatkaew Co, Ltd.
Chin Fu International Co., Ltd.
Classic Crafts Corp, Ltd.
Classic Flowers International Co, Ltd.
Create Thai Floral Co.,Ltd.
Dapa Intl Co.,Ltd.
Display Tech (Thailand) Co Ltd
Domest Company Limited
Dr. Boo Co, Ltd.
Dunamis International Corporation Co, Ltd.
E.M.C.A. Co, Ltd.
East Asia Direct Co Ltd
Engreat (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Enlighten Co, Ltd.
Excel Industrial Group Co, Ltd.
Excel Multi Products Co, Ltd.
Far East Flowers Co, Ltd.
Finesse Flowers Manufacturer Ltd, Part
Finest And Beyond Co. Ltd.
Flora Passion Co.,Ltd.
Flora World Export Co Ltd
Floral Art & Home Decor Limited Partnership
Floral Fantasy Co, Ltd.
Floral Land Intertrade Co., Ltd.
Floral Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd.
Florapassion Co Ltd
Floraxotic International Co.,Ltd.
Floraxotic Intertrade Co, Ltd.
Florist Design Co, Ltd.
Flower International Co, Ltd.
Foundation Of Silpacheep
Four Star Industries (Thailand) Ltd.
Future Flora Co, Ltd.
G.T.G. Industrial Co Ltd
General Flower Co, Ltd.
Global Forla Co Ltd
Glory Flora Co Ltd
Goldengate Import-Export Ltd, Part.
Grace Home Trading Co, Ltd.
Grand United Trading Co, Ltd.
Grandlux Floral International Co Ltd
Greenery Co, Ltd.
Greenery Flower Import Export Co Ltd
Handicraft Industrial Limited
Heart And Mind Florist Co.,Ltd.
House Of Woods Co, Ltd.
Idea Crafts Co., Ltd.
Ideas And Beyond International Ltd.
International Scented Flowers Co, Ltd.
J.O. Import-Export Co, Ltd.
J.S. Flower Co, Ltd.
Jovan International Co Ltd
Joy International Co Ltd
K.J. Oriental Co Ltd
K.P. Universal Co., Ltd.
K.S. Green Co Ltd
Kaow Boun
Karanya Ltd.
Klangsoi Co, Ltd
L And S Flowers Co.,Ltd.
Lovely Art Flowers Co,.Ltd.
Lynn' Place Co, Ltd.
Mag & Poins International Co,Ltd.
Major Home Intertrade Co Ltd
Masco Intertrade Co, Ltd
My-Thai Co, Ltd
N.S.J. Export & Import Co.,Ltd
Natural Look Co Ltd
Nithchy Leo Ltd.,Part
Orchimex (Omyai) Co.,Ltd
Oriental Fine Art Co., Ltd.
P & A Collection Co., Ltd.
P.B.K. Artificial Flower Co Ltd
P.R. Thai Bronze Co.,Ltd.
P.S.T. International Trading Company Limited
Pacific Crafts Co., Ltd.
Perfect Library
Phal-Aen Co Ltd
Poly Designs Co., Ltd.
Polyart Co.,Ltd.
Polytree Co.,Ltd.
Prayoon Overseas Trading Co.,Ltd
Prima Artificial Flower Co.,Ltd.
Prima Collective (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Priss And Peach Co., Ltd.
Prosper Co., Ltd.
Q.C. Construction And Design Co Ltd
R.A. Design Co.,Ltd.
Rattanawon Export Import
Royal Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Royal Project Foundation Co Ltd
S. Floral Design Co Ltd
Sacha Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Sampanthmitr Co., Ltd.
Save Co.,Ltd.
Siam Art Flowers Co.,Ltd.
Siam Exclusive Collection Co., Ltd.
Siam Plants And Flower Manufacturers Co.,Ltd.
Siamclove Ltd. Part.
Siamrak Co.,Ltd.
Sichol Flowers And Handicrafts Co Ltd
Silver Rain Export Co., Ltd.
Siripat International Co.,Ltd
Sky And Flower
Solimac Co.,Ltd.
Somporn Industries Co., Ltd.
Southeast Polichem
Subkunpan Ltd.,Part.
Sulutia Co., Ltd.
Sun International Flower Co., Ltd.
Suttipant (Thonburi) Ltd., Part.
T .T. Flower Trading Co.,Ltd
T. Flora Import & Export Ltd Part
T.J. Pac Co Ltd
Tanakom Trading Co.,Ltd.
Tassie International Co Ltd
Test Rite International (Thailand) Ltd.
Thai Ark Co Ltd
Thai Artborne Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Thai Artflow Industrial Co Ltd
Thai Best Commercial Co.,Ltd.
Thai Chin Fu Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Thai Creative Industry Co., Ltd.
Thai Flower Industry Co., Ltd.
Thai Hua Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Thai Royal Project
Thai Value Added Products Co., Ltd.
Thongnatee Flowers Co Ltd
Tierra International Co.,Ltd.
Tonrich Plastic Factory (Thailand) Co Ltd
Top Biz Co.,Ltd.
Topic Craft Co., Ltd.
Tramaico Co. Ltd.
Triumph Trees Co., Ltd.
Tropical Floral Co Ltd
Tuangphorn International Co., Ltd.
U.K. Craft Co., Ltd.
Unikap Co., Ltd.
Union Artificial Flower Co., Ltd.
Union Polyester Flower Co Ltd
Universal Artificial Flower Co.,Ltd.
V.S. Flowers Association Co., Ltd.
V.S.P. Arts And Crafts Co.,Ltd.
Vassachol Limited Partnership
Vattanaporn Shipping
Wichanum & Family Co Ltd
World Bridaline Co.,Ltd.
World Forest Co., Ltd.
Y.P.O. International Co.,Ltd.

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