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Thailand Incense Companies, Thai Incense Manufacturers


Thailand Incense Companies
, Thai Incense Manufacturers produce high quality incense products that are exported all over the world such as  incense sticks, incense cones, incense powder and incense burners and incense holders.

** We have recently joined forces with a major manufacturer of incense in Thailand**

More details of their fine incense products such as incense sticks, incense cones, incense gift sets, and hand made candles can be seen on our Thai Incense Manufacturer Blog and Thai Candles Manufacturer Blog.

The basic ingredients of our incenses are natural wood powders from managed plantations & hand cut bamboo splints. Added to this are the fragrant ingredients comprising resins, plant oils and aromatic herbs. The more expensive and exclusive the product, the more complex and varied are the additives which can be drawn from the whole gamut of natural and, in these modern days, laboratory formulated fragrances. The word “incense” has numerous connotations.

In its widest sense it refers to the material which burns (or releases a vapor) with a fragrant odor. It may also just refer to the fragrance produced in this way. In the classical days of the incense trade and the incense road, the word was narrowly and most typically related to the true frankincense from southern Arabia.

Metaphysical Origins
Akin to what a candle does to a darkened room, the aroma of incense offers warmth and tranquility to the senses of its enthusiasts. Thus, it serves as little wonder that its origins are deeply rooted in the spiritual and religious practices of the Orient. An essential element in virtually all Oriental religious offerings, incense can be found from Singapore to Shanghai, from Bangkok to Bangalore. It is seen in all Buddhist temples where fragrant smoke spirals up from countless sticks placed in front of the presiding Buddha spirit-houses honoring all manner of potent forces. The incense is constant, the ritual of its use however, is complex and varied. 

Thai Incense is such an important and often requested product that we have three main incense suppliers. One company supplies most of the incense sticks and incense cones. Another we turn to to supply incense gift sets and candles. Their packaging and range of items is very extensive. The third company produces a wonderful range of ceramic incense holders. There are other suppliers that we use sometimes for special items like aroma diffusers and aromatic oils.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your incense needs please email with your requests.

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Featured Thailand Incense Manufacturers

Aromago Incense
Manufacture of incense stick more than 20 years. WHOLESALE incense stick VERY CHEAP. We cater to small businesses offering a low 50$US minimum purchase.
Products: Manufacture of incense stick more than 20 years. WHOLESALE incense stick VERY CHEAP. We cater to small businesses offering a low 50$US minimum purchase.

ASRITI Co., Ltd.
Asriti Co.,Ltd. is a newly company that running for Aroma Incense products and it's accessories. Our philosophy is offer only a good quality products to our clients. Our product range are Aroma Incense Sticks & Cone, Ceramic Incense Accessories, Essential Oil, Massage Oil, Ceramic Oil Burner. We created our own product designed and custom made for clients, we offer both export and wholesales price for worldwide market.
Products: Aroma Incense Gift Set, Aroma Incense Accessories, Essential Oil and accessories, Massage Oil, Spa Gift Set, Ceramic ware

Balarama Enterprise
Manufacture and exporter of incenses in Bangkok Thailand.
It distributes to the main markets in USA and Europe. On discount stores and supermarkets. Its brands like spiritual sky and perfect scents are known everywhere.
Products: Incenses, Candles

Bangkok Incense Ltd.
Bangkok Incense LTD. A leading incense manufacturer, supplier, and Exporter of High-Quality incense sticks, cones and fragrance powders. Our Company is Located in Bangkok, Thailand.
Products: Incense, Incense cones, Specialty Fragrance Items

Charoen Chai Panich Joss Powder Co., Ltd.
We are one of the manufacturers and exporters of the raw material powder for the factories in many countries for incense product and mosquito coil product from the year 1950 till now. For the addition product we export all kind of incense stick, incense cone, incense coil etc. Produced from our own factory. And we also are one of the manufacturer and exporter of Pearl barley for the Health food industrial for 15 years with our best quality raw material.
Products: Incense powder, joss powder, charcoal powder, incense stick, incense cone, pearl barley milled), pearl barley with husk, raw material for incense industrial, mosquito coil industrial

Goldmax Technology . Co.,Ltd.
Pretty Incense products is an original leader manufacture of aromatic incense stick, incense cone, flower scents, incense soup, herbal products etc. located in Bangkok, Thailand. We have served our valued customer widely country and aboard. We export to many countries worldwide (America, Europe, Asia, etc.) with varieties of colors, fragrances and designs. With our high quality products, We well understand in all incense, aromatic and scent products and with our long experience we guarantee of high quality products to reach your satisfaction, competitive price and delivery on time. We welcome made to your order design.
New Release : Pearlescent Luster Cone Incense Quality Cone incense made from wood power and dyed Pearlescent Luster , FDA and BGA grade no lead, no saltpeter nor white clay. Easy to export.
Products: Pearlescent Luster Incense ,aromatic incense stick, incense cone, flower scents, incense soap, herbal soap

Siamesescent Co.,ltd.
We are a group of fragrance products such as incense, candle, soap etc. Designers and manufacturers in Thailand. Our company was established in 2005. We offer the highest quality fragrance products in Thailand in various styles and colors. Luxurious packaging designs, best quality products and affordable prices are our company missions. Our unique fabulous scents are created from the finest natural ingredients. We have expertise that have been refined and perfected for years.
Products: Gift, incense, spa

At shioma we produce a range of bath, body, spa, and aroma based products in a natural and rustic way. This is achieved by using only essential oils and using packaging from natural materials I. E pineapple paper, banana fiber etc.
Our range includes products from Thailand and Vietnam. All products go through a designing process by a team of free-lance designers, sourcing from an array of over 50 suppliers and factories, packaging from local villagers and factories and compilation by another team. These products are then carefully priced keeping only the wholesale market in mind and delivered to our clients. The above makes our products exclusive as they are not off-the-shelf. We work in two ways to provide the customer service our buyers need: Providing items with our brand or customizing to the brand of our buyers I. E using your own logos. We help you in creating your very own brand name!!
Our focus is on items such as incenses with holders in various shapes and sizes presented in themes such as relaxing, refreshing, romancing and revitalizing. Floating candles made of palm butter and bees wax with holder such as natural coconut shells etc.
Grey and white clay aroma burners with an array of essential oils (both international known smells such as lavender, orange, peppermint and Asian smells such as plai, lemongrass, cedar wood etc) Our potpourri range comes in international and Asian blends with holders and sachets. Bath items range from shampoos, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, soaps in different aromas brought on by essential oils. Soaps are presented in baskets, ropes and in several different shapes with dishes and holders. For the luxury of those wanting a bath with benefits we have essential oil based bath bombs, bath salts and sugar baths. An example of these would be the lavender bath salts which come with natural lavender inside. To compliment with sprays we have body, face and pillow spray.
The above summarizes our range of bath, body, spa and aroma based products. Due to popular demand of our packaging we also do boxes, bags, books and scented paper with natural materials.
Products: Candles & Holders, Incense & Incensory

Thai Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Our company is manufacturer and exporter of a quality natural handmade products as listed below;
-scented candle&candle case/holder.
-spa products&gift set/accessories
-silk products; handbag, jewelry purse/box, scarf, shawl and so on.
We can offer design to develop your products. Your own design is welcome.
Products: Candle &candle case/holder, incense, spa products, silk products

Thaisiri Incense Co., Ltd.
Buy direct incense from the real source of Thailand
We are manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of aromatic incense gift sets and all types of loose incenses like incense coils, incense sticks, Japanese incenses, flower incense, herbal incense, handmade incense sticks, mosquito repellent sticks, incense cones made from quality and natural ingredients. Our exotic fragrances come in different types like fruity, spicy, floral, fancy and herbal.
Our product lines also include handmade incense holders, aromatic candles, potpourri and scented gift sets.
Thaisiri incense originated 24 years ago (in 1981), combined with special ingredients and secret techniques that have been past on in one family and still maintains the title of Incense expert. The knowledge in the combination of fine wood bark powder, fine wood powder, fine white sandalwood powder, and ground dry herbs is measured to proficiency then the incense powder is dyed into color.
The elaborate hand-making techniques come in various designs. Using only fine quality essential oil, scenting skill and techniques for long lasting aroma are then passed on so that the inheritance of the talent continues. All of these are integrated to become exquisite aromatic handmade incenses.
Thailand unique gift set designs. The unique rich handicrafts of Thailand: Exquisite provable techniques are created from Thai women with many facets of the Thai culture. Choose from a variety of gifts that represent the unique culture of Thailand. Experience the beauty and exquisiteness of Thailand in a box with styles showing the beauty of Thai silk, teak wood, and mulberry paper wrap. We provide all the designs available in the market as well as make on demand.
Quality control
Our products are certified by the S. G. S. Institution, the company which is universally acknowledged in quality assurance. All products are manufacturing under strict in-house quality control system. We conduct quality checks on every stage of production processes from receiving orders to delivering products to ensure that we deliver high quality products to a global market. We constantly upgrade our products to meet the highest levels of expectancy of the market in terms of quality and choice. Continuous changes are made in the equipment and process as and when necessary to fulfill all requirements.
Customer services
The land of smile will put a smile on your face and you will want to buy from us. Which is why we have contracts with a variety of shipping companies to ensure quick delivery to you and reasonable rates. In addition to our many customers, we supply companies in other countries as well. Thai it and you will know the difference. Distributors cost money. We offer quality products with best prices through the internet. Investment with us and save extra cost. You have found the incense source.
Products: Aromatic incense gift sets and all types of loose incenses like incense coils, incense sticks, Japanese incenses, flower incense, incense cones, incense holders, aromatic candles.

Thoophom Lanna Co., Ltd.
First, we would like to introduce ourselves. Our company is Thoophom Lanna Co.,Ltd. We're a leading manufacturer of aromatic incense sticks, incense cones, flowers incense. Our factory located in Chingmai, Thailand. We export to worldwide market ( Europe/America/Australia ) With varieties of colors, fragrance and designs.
Products: Incense sticks, flowers incense, incense toys

U. P. H. Incense (Thailand) Ltd., Part
We are the exporter and manufacture of air freshener items in Thailand. Our main items are incense sticks, air freshener paper and air freshener gel. We use the high quality of fragrances.
Products: incense sticks, air freshener paper, air freshener gel

Wasila Co., Ltd
We would like to introduce ourselves as one of Handicraft company in Chiangmai, Thailand. We are an Exporter & Trading company and acting as buying agents for various overseas clients. We have our own factory for INCENSE and CANDLE. We also can support you for a special designs for all Handcraft product that are based on individual needs.
Products: Incense, Candle, Flower candle, Incense & Incensory

Following you will find lists of incense products available from companies involved in the incense business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a Thai incense company or simply supply a database of these incense companies then please email

Agarbathis Incense
Agarwood Chips
Agarwood Incense
Agarwood Incenses
Agarwood Oil
Agarwood Oils
Agarwood Powder
Aloeswood Chips
Antique Incense Burner
Antique Style Incense Burner
Aquilaria Malacenssis
Aroma Diffuser
Aroma Fragrance Diffuser
Aroma Lamp Oil Burner Incense Holder
Aroma Products
Aromatherapy Incense Sticks
Aromatic Scented Incense
Aromatic Set
Automatic Incense Burner
Bamboo Incense Burner
Bamboo Incense Stick
Bamboo Stick Incense
Bamboo Sticks Incense
Black Mosquito Repellent Incense Coil
Bottle Incense Burner
Bronze Incenser
Bundles Of Incense Sticks
Bundles Of Stick Incense
Capsicum-Shape Incense
Catalytic Fragracnce Lamps
Celadol Elephant Incense Burner
Ceramic Holder
Ceramic Incense Burner
Ceramic Incense Diffuser
Ceramic Incense Holder
Ceramic Incense Set
Ceramic Incense Sticks
Christmas Incense Set
Citronella Incense Sticks
Color Incense Sticks
Cone Incense
Cone Incense Set
Crystal Incense Burner
Designer Incense Sticks
Dragon Incense Burner
Electric Incense Burner
Elephant Incense Burner
Essential Oil Incense
Fancy Incense
Feng Shui Incense Set
Feng Shui Sticks
Floral Incenses
Fragrance Lamp
Fragrant Oil Burner
Fragrant Oil Incense
Frankincense Incense
Garden Incense
Garden Incense Sticks
Giant Incense Stick
Gift Incense Set
Gum Benzoin Incense
Hand Carved Incense Burners
Hand Carved Incense Holders
Herbal Incense
Herbal Incense Stick
Image-Show Incense
Incense And Candle Set
Incense And Charcoal
Incense Bundles
Incense Burners
Incense Candles
Incense Coils
Incense Coils Packed In Wooden Box
Incense Cone Burner
Incense Cones
Incense Fragrances
Incense Gift Set
Incense Gift Sets
Incense Holders
Incense In Mulberry Box
Incense In Silk Box Set
Incense In Thaisilk Box
Incense In Tin Packaging
Incense In Traditional Thai Mulberry Box
Incense Kits
Incense Lamp
Incense Made In Thailand
Incense Powder
Incense Rose In Glass Bottle
Incense Set From Thailand
Incense Stick Machine
Incense Sticks
Incense Sticks Manufacturer
Incense Tins
Indian Incense
Japanese Incense
Jasmin Incense Sticks
Joss Powder
Joss Sticks
Jumbo Incense
Leaf Shaped Incense
Long Incense Stick
Mini Aroma Spa Set
Mosquito Incense
Mosquito Repellent Incense
Mosquito Repellent Incense Coils
Natural Incense Sticks
Non-Perfumed Sticks
Pearly Frankincense
Perfume Oil Burner Gift Se
Perfumed Incense Sticks
Polyresin Incense Holder
Potpourri Stick
Rainbow Incense
Rose Incense
Rose-Shaped Incense
Sagar Incense Sticks
Sandal Incense Sticks
Sandalwood Joss Stick
Scented Gift Set In Wooden Box
Scented Incense Spiral
Scented Potpourri Ornament
Sensual Incense
Square Incense Sticks
Square Incenses
Terracotta Incense Burner
Thai Boy Incense Burner
Thai Handmade Air Fresherner Incense Stick
Thai Incense Sticks
Thai Sticks
Thailand Incense Cone Exporter
Thailand Incense Cone Supplier
Thailand Incense Cone Wholesaler
Thailand Incense Exporter
Thailand Incense Manufacturer
Thailand Incense Stick Exporter
Thailand Incense Stick Manufacturer
Thailand Incense Stick Supplier
Thailand Incense Stick Wholesaler
Thailand Incense Supplier
Thailand Incense Wholesaler
Thaisilk Gift Set With Incense And Candle
Tibetan Incense
Tibetan Medical Incense
Tower Incenses
Traditional Incense Sticks
Tube Incense
Unscented Incense Sticks
Vietnamese Agarwood Incense
Wire Incense
Wooden Incense Burner
Wooden Incense Holder
Wooden Incense Stick Holder
Yoga Incense Burner


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