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Thailand is a massive user of artificial gems & gemstones. There are not so many manufacturers of synthetic stones in Thailand. The manufacturers I know of produce high grade specialty gems rather than the mass produced variety.

Without doubt the most important segment of this market is the import of Cubic Zirconia for use in the fashion jewelry and garment industry. CZ as it is commonly known comes from four main sources: Austrian Cubic Zirconia, Eastern European Cubic Zirconia, Korean and Chinese Cubic Zirconia. The prices and quality vary widely depending on the origin of these artificial stones.

By far the best quality comes of course from the original makers of Cubic Zirconia - Swarovski. The second grades come usually from Korea and Eastern Europe and Chinese CZ is used normally in cheap low cost items like children's jewelry and for garment decorations.


There are of course many other artificial stones used here in Thailand. Artificial diamonds, emeralds and rubies are used as low cost alternatives to the real gems when set in costume jewelry pieces. I saw some really beautiful artificial opals the other week imported from Australia. These artificial gems are not normally used or sold as fake gems but just to give the buyer a low cost but high quality look alike jewel to use in their products.

There is of course the issue of gem scams. There are several unscrupulous gem shops in Bangkok who prey on the greed and naivety of tourists. However the gems used in these scams are not normally fake gems but rather real gems of inferior quality.

A  "synthetic" gemstone is laboratory-grown, or manufactured. All the chemical, physical, and optical characteristics of synthetic gemstones are identical to their natural counterparts. Good synthetics have been made since the early 1900s. Because they mimic natural stones so well, most synthetics are difficult to detect, even by experts. Often, the only clue is the physical perfection of the stone--synthetics are usually flawless.

If you are looking to buy artificial gems in wholesale quantities then going directly to the manufacturers in Europe, Korea or China is one solution. However gem traders in Bangkok can offer good deals on mixed stone lots that have been originally imported.

Maybe you are a manufacturer of artificial gems in which case you will be looking for customers in the jewelry business in Thailand. We can certainly help here. Bangkok Companies has an extensive database of jewelry companies in Thailand and Jewelry manufacturers in Thailand. We would be happy to work with you in your marketing efforts.

In any case please contact me with your requests.

If you are looking for artificial gems or jewelry of any type we have a full section covering all gem and jewelry products here Thailand Jewelry Companies , Thailand Jewelry Manufacturers

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Swarovski Crystal Color Chart

Following you will find lists of artificial gems from companies involved in the gems business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a gems company or simply supply a database of these gems companies then please email
Aquamarine Gemstones
Aquamarine Imitation
Aquamarine Spinel
Artificial Aquamarine
Artificial Corundum
Artificial Diamond
Artificial Diamonds
Artificial Gem Stones
Artificial Gems Factory
Artificial Rubies
Artificial Rubies And Sapphires
Artificial Ruby
Artificial Sapphire
Artificial Sapphires
Artificial Spinel
Atificial Gemstones
Black Spinel
Bridal Shoes With Swarovski Gems
Carbide Silicium Stones
Cheap Stones
Colored Cubic Zirconia
Concave Cut Cubic Zirconia
Concave Cut Gems
Created Stones
Crystal Stones
Cubic Zircon
Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings
Cubic Zirconia Jewelry
Cubic Zirconia Stone
Custom Made Jewelry With Artificial Gems
Cz Opaque In White
Cz Transparent
Diamond Imitation
Diffused Topaz
Faceted Tumbel Shapes Gemstones
False Precious Stones
Fancy Gems
Fancy Stones
Free Size Cab Gemstones
Gemstone Wholesale
Gemstones Factory
Glass Stones
Handcraft Beads
High Quality Glass Beads
Lab Alexandrite
Lab Amethyst
Lab Aquamarine
Lab Citrine
Lab Corundum
Lab Created Gemstones
Lab Diamond
Lab Emerald
Lab Garnet
Lab Gemstone
Lab Grown Gemstones
Lab Made Stones
Lab Ruby
Lab Sapphire
Lab Spinel
Laboratory Gems
Laboratory Grown Gemstones
Laboratory Grown Synthetic Gemstones
Loose Stones
Machine Cut Synthetic Spinel
Mexican Opal
Millennium Cut Cubic Zirconia
Natural Stone
Pink Coral Matrix
Rectangle Artificial Gems
Red Coral
Round Artificial Gems
Sapphire Beads
Sapphire Imitation
Semi-Precious Stones
Sexy Thong With Swarovski Gems
Simulant Gemstones
Simulated Alexandrite
Simulated Emerald
Simulated Gemstone Jewelery
Simulated Ruby
Simulated Sapphire
Simulated Tanzanite
Smoky Quartz
Square Artificial Gems
Swarovski Crystals
Swarovski Gems
Swarovski Gems Bridal Shoes
Swarovski Gems Corset
Swarovski Gems Sexy Thong
Swiss Topaz
Synthetic Aquamarine
Synthetic Carved Round
Synthetic Chips
Synthetic Corundum
Synthetic Crystal Balls
Synthetic Cubic Zirconia
Synthetic Diamond
Synthetic Diamonds
Synthetic Donut
Synthetic Facet Oval
Synthetic Facet Rondelle
Synthetic Facet Round
Synthetic Faceted Round
Synthetic Gem Stones
Synthetic Gems Factory
Synthetic Gemstones
Synthetic Heart
Synthetic Opal
Synthetic Oval Cabechon
Synthetic Power Bracelet
Synthetic Rough Opal
Synthetic Round
Synthetic Round Cabechon
Synthetic Ruby
Synthetic Sapphire Gemstones
Synthetic Spinel
Synthetic Spinell
Synthetic Stone
Synthetic Stones
Synthetic Tube
Synthetic Tumbled Faceted
Synthetic Tumbled Stones
Synthetic White Spinell
Thailand Artificial Gems
Tourmaline Imitation
White Cubic Zirconia


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